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Manguni Squad   
About: Manguni Gang is a first-person-shooter (FPS) release. Selecting premium weapons, every target has its own challenges. This war is accompanied by few recipients in one squad. This release is a tactical FPS to war armed drug dealer mobsters. Users will nonpaid the hostages, crush bandits, and restore castle peace. Manguni Gang Informations: - first person shooter (FPS) release - realistic environment - true shooting result - different types of weapons - varied missions - many weapon choices - cool backsound and charming results - leaderboard - no banners.
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: Big Dade
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Manguni Squad Reviews and Comments:

Grafis lumayan bagus, tapi controlnya lumayan ngeselin. Overall release ini cocok lah bagi yg mau ngerasain fps
~ A Google user
setting grafik tidak berfungsi di asus zenfone live l1 dan zenfone go
~ Victor Vidiarto
ini release ofline atau tidak?
bagus, map indonesianya mantul, misinya bagus, cuman kontrolnya agak nyusahin, banyakin lagi mapnya
~ Draco Kaiken
Mantap...release ini mendidik kita utk cinta tanah air dan udara NKRI....di dunia internasional...stage2nya menggambarkan ragam lokasi2 heritage yg indah di Indonesia....banyak yg baru dan seru2....😀🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩💪💪💪💪bravo Manguni team...tambah lagi karakter jagoannya dgn nama2 nusantara yg unik...😎😎😎 Sip...
~ Ardian Infantono
saran nih kalo recoil mending senjatanya yang ke atas ke bawah daripada pelurunya
~ Tezar Alfath
4 kali install di 3 perangkat. setiap kali maso misi ke-2 langsung force close. kita kira sebagai anak sulut kita mo bangga dg ini release, pendo reen. buang-buang pulsa deng kuota jo.
~ Ryan Lembong
greget pak ntapz djiwa . kalo bisa ditingkatkan buat edit HUDnya pak . terbaik manguni team
~ A Google user
ya release nya lumayan bagus grafik nya gakterlala masalah tapi control nya yang kurang enak coba kalau ada pengaturan maping control sama sensitifiti
~ alanizo chanel
Grafik keren, lokasi kece Indonesia banget.. tapi klo kontrol & tombol2 bisa di customize letak dan ukuran ny pasti lebih keren.
~ Agus Wiratmaja
great😎 saya suka banget release ini Karna map control nya sangat baik perkembangkan lagi
~ Iqbal Ytcars
Pertama tama, gamenya ok-ok aja. tapi masalah grafiknya.. saya pake xiaomi redmi 4a hape yang menengah,optionsnya juga udah Poor sama asap juga udah dimatiin.. masih ngelagg hampir gabisa dimainin. Tolong benerin,mungkin bisa dengan adanya "range of view" yang berfungsi untuk jarak pengelihatan si pemain,supaya gak terlalu ngelagg serta tidak seluruh map di-load. Gamenya sih baik aja tapi kalo tentang frame per second itu gamenya naudzubillah. Ada juga (banyak) kesalahan penggunaan bahasa inggris.
~ Yu AS
kadang peluru enggak nyampe di musuh pas lagi nembak fix bug nya yah and masalah controlnya tolong di fix biar bisa di kostum yang lain udah oke lah
~ Nathan First
Keren gamenya per scene, grafik lumayan tingkatkan lagi, bisa ngiter2 map juga atau bug jatuh kebawah map, dan kalau bisa animasi reload p90 nya diganti dgn yg seharusnya :v
~ 4 2
Control nya parah banget, kayaknya gk perlu pakai accelerator yg aim weapon, jadi pusing dan susah yg ngarahin tembakan.. Baku tembak jarak 10 meter, tapi teman 1 squad gk mati-mati..
~ Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas
Grafik standard release Mobile namun lumayan, namun controlnya ngak begitu enak dan saya harap kamu memberi opsi untuk menggatur keymappingnya biar bisa di ubah-ubah, namun semuanya lumayan, so far so nice.
~ Rayner Handrian
For Ms.Melisa R
~ Fred Tangkilisan
Hold modernization please..
~ Panji Prasetya
i fought the release was about alien fights like only users versus mutated monters and stiff but cute lame
~ xFushin / empty_Tomb / Sadness
black screen fix the bug : )
~ Bbm Baru
Screen is too busy. Has bugs still.
~ Damon Bowles
Great release... please create movement smooth
~ irnaldo fitrah
Please Create The Recoil More Smooth, Thank You
~ 2plus3 is
the finest release ever great graphics simple control nice weapon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
~ Antar Sniper
Please add checkpoint in leak map, its idea too hard and when you die you are spawned in first spawn
The finest FPS release from Indonesia specially from manado Sulawesi utara, so proud... Great 👏👏
~ Virgil Lumabiang
Slow on my device. Getting faster one quick.
~ Brian McDonald
Lag on 1 GB Ram but this release so cool !! please fix it lag/ruin on 1 gb ram
~ NesRoyy
No enough challenge..i'm finish all..all clear scene.so what the next?very easy..very simple
~ Doraemonz Fans ID
Nice release, but is still to massive for my device. I wish graphic setting for the modernization
It's a nice Indonesian release like what I wish. But, can you guys please adding Surabaya map. Thx, this is nice release
~ Griz - Eldi
Improve the graphics, and more informations, and I'll give you 5★ (five stars)
~ Boy Erlando Santoz
Wow AWESOME . . Absolutely Nice Graphics, Sound and Storyline. The finest FPS release for me Personaly. Nice Job. Love This. .!!
~ Andria Wahyudi
the lvl super hard
~ Dzaki Fadhil
the AK with scope is now SVD in this release, P90 icon is wrong it FN F2000 icon and AWM reload is type of weird because its bolt action rifle why the animarion not pull the bolt ?. overall need more improvement
~ Herni Savitri
Horrible control, For a release with 600mb+, the amount of setting is just horribly lacking, doesn't worth the dollars if it's not on 90% discount
~ Jizhi Huang
Nice Actually please add more target.
~ jack jil
Lag even lowest setting sd 820 but gameplay was nice. Gamepad help not nice enouge example can't zoom or running in gamepad. So suggested use octopus if wish use gamepad
~ Azraei Halim
release looks nice , nice textures nice animations, but one thing ( ITS NOT OPTIMIZED AT ALL at minimal graphics my old device cant give me even 25 fps ,its run in 15-20 fps, developers plz fix this .) release has a nice potential
~ Maxim Negara
This is nice shooting release but i can test only 1st target because of graphic trouble. I tried to set graphic ultra,high,medium and weak but the graphic turned very weak than i thought and i can only 1st target but i tried the others target and it got lag..so that is a trouble and my device is Oppo Neo 7 and please fix this trouble and add auto aim too....
~ Zwe Thura