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About: Paradise: a mysterious globe where dead souls gathers. Actually that the end of the paradise is imminent because of the vampires who were ruling the frontiers, only the lord of the paradise can save it from the crisis. Actually, an journey is to become the lord of the paradise launches. [Product Informations] Strategic Combat Your own constructive strategic war by using the terrains in turn-based fights. The fights are carried out in a party-test basis, and the aspects of the war will change depending on the positions and terrains of the party that you have configured. In addition, skills of your companions are the main factor that affects in the war. Suspicious Dungeon Progress Lad or Vampire includes different dungeons that are created randomly. Map exploration is essential in order to escape a dungeon. Beware of the dungeon boss, that appears out of nowhere and ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 71MB Developer: HIDEA
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Man or Vampire Reviews and Comments:

it's a great release,i really like it,but for some reason the shop doesn't work,it's just empty,i run the release on bluestacks btw actually the shop keeps loading,i can't go to any shop tabs either,they're grayed out and those 30 gem videos don't work either
~ hornet 490
I dont often post my opinions/reviews, but this is Shockingly Nice, reminds me of Lara Croft Go, but with it's own special storyline, mythology even, it's marvellous tiny self-contained universe of sorts, and it's adorably precious; just want the originators should add a tiny more song, maybe voiced dialogues for fuller immersion..? ...and more to the target, I rather search it shocking that this release doesn't have more rave reviews or publicity for that matter!?
~ Alexander Zhmurov
This is the kind of release you'll love to hate. Being a F2P user, and having finally acquired 10 grade 5 seal stones; oh lad dis gonna be nice. Used on Betty, surprise - only had one lvl increase. Seriously. What the actual rng is this type of roll. Jeez.
~ Alex Kueh
it is stuck on the title screen loading profile stats and keeps popping back the verror_100 . it did that for google log in, i uninstalled and reinstalled and tried Fb login. both failed. please fix and i will test and give an honest review. thanks in advance.
~ Luna Panda
VERY INTERESTING AND UNIQUE!!!!! The translation needs a bit of work to create it sound more like a native English speaker wrote it, and the comments from the companions while adventuring got old, really speedy, lol. But, overall I think this release is cute nice!!! Edit: I had a couple of buy troubles, but they fixed them within the day!!! These guys are GREAT!!!!!
~ Joel Bell
Giving 3 stars, because Google Test achievements don't seem to work for some reason. I have finished all the stages, but haven't gotten a single achievement. Also, revival time of 5 star companions is ridiculous. 2 weeks?! That's just insane. Cost of updating skills is also high, not to mention the extremely weak chance of success. Please fix these troubles ASAP and I will give you 5 stars.
~ Mohammed Omer
It started out so unbelievable..each aspect of the release is nice..but the grind sets in after only a several missions, when you realize you're going to be scraping small amounts of gold at a time for days and days, at a complete standstill in release progression to buy just one high star superhero..and you just don't log in again.
~ Richard Martin Hansen
I haven't played much yet, but so far the gameplay is really interesting. There's a lot of mechanics to learn, combat is easy and fun, the art style is beautiful, but dialogue is cute terrible and the menus are clunky and hard to understand at first.
~ Kevin Sebastiao
It's alright, but very repetitive and slow. You obtain a several options, though the mechanics aren't clear, and the main hero is basically pointless. Your main hero can only leech lvls or abilities, meaning rare finds are sacrificial and a waste of resources to acquire. The lvls are gigantic, but very linear and time consuming, plus, this release eats your battery life.
~ Jack Kenley-Wright
- P2W release. - Leveling skills is one of the worst experiences, tried 10 times at 55% chance and only got fails, this was not one time thing, it happens a lot of times. - Grade 5 Stones are really hard to obtain, lets claim 1 each 30 runs in hell maps. - Superhero at level 196 Full lvl and have to spend 30 Stones to obtain to 200 is just stupid because I was "unlucky". Would be much better if we had to spend 1 stone per lvl, seen how hard is to obtain them. - Didn't obtain 5 run card from finished meeting.
~ Paulo Dias
I have been pleasantly surprised with MoV so far. The mechanics of leveling for the humans and vamps is neat. The war system is strategic enough to stay interesting while being easy enough to not obtain drawn out. Interesting characters and stories so far. My largest gripe would be the frequency of failure when leveling up skills. Overall, a nice small iso TB RPG. Highly Suggested!!
~ Scott McKenzie
One of the finest dungeon walkthroughs releases i have ever played. The art is beyond appealing, and the gameplay feels crisp and casual, despite being by the ebook. Your team grows with newest gear and modernized skills. The globe is light hearted, yet true. I am actually a gigantic fan of these devs and can't wait to see what else they create. What a gem. Only downside would be how tiny everything is(resolution), but even that adds to the clean experience.
~ Coltniss Evergreen
I really enjoy testing this release however there are some things that I would change, such as the death system. I understand that it is type of a 'information' but having to wait days to obtain a hero back in the beginning is really harsh, I honestly thing that if I didn't run with Weapon C or any another farmer I would be screwed and have far more deaths than what I have at the moment. I hope you either decrease the respawn time or increase the effectiveness of the revival flasks. Nice release 👍🏻
~ Bernardo Simões de Abreu
The release is really nice, a turn based action journey release. Graphics and controls are fairly simple. The main trouble is that the interface is really tiny. So it would be suggested to be played on a device or bigger. All in all storyline and gameplay is magnificent.
~ Daniel Matthew
Nice fun release, and you don't have to pay to victory - but a couple of the early purchases do support. It's just a shame that the Dark Realm offers such terrible rewards for the work required, and that I can't watch any of the videos (in-release or for nonpaid gems) on my device (OnePlus 5T). The videos work on my device and Chromebook, but nothing happens when I test on my device.
~ Donnie Darko
Doesnt work on note8. tap press to run and it freezes. have to force close or it will hold testing intro song in background. edit: reinstalled, works half the time. not willing to bond accounts due to excessive permission requests. so I lose all time each install. what happened to the nice old days of no permission and no tracking. everything is so invasive actually.
~ Daniel VanRenselaar
Gameplay is nice, in release visuals are easy but nice, hero art is pretty, abilities feel nice to use, leveling feels nice, monetization platform seems nice. My only trouble so far, is a bit of dialogue in chapter two. Why was I asked if I was "usually female"? The question added nothing, it just caused unnecessary discomfort. I hope this is a translation error of some type, but I'm scared it might be some type of transphobia? I can't help the possible hate, so for actually, three stars.
~ Katarina Anonymous
Edit 2: Hidea's autoreply bot is a scam. They havent done anything about the poorly maintained servers. It now looks like I can no longer access my server (Sever 3 - Global). Original message: Absolute trash release - dead release. No upgrades, servers disconnect constantly, extremely shallow content (storyline mode has 2 lvls, like 4 mins of gameplay). Not a bit challenging. I spent under 3 months and essentially no dollars and ended up as top 10 on my server - thats how terrible this release is.
~ Chue Yang
OK granted the name is cute terrible, but don't be fooled. The release looks stunning with pretty art style, the release test is smooth and rewarding and the soundtrack is crucial and has connection to the release rather than just background noise. Worth the test.
~ Jorell Tan
unbelievable but abandoned. i had a lot of fun and was excited to search a newest format of release to invest in. however it has not modernized since december. edit: lol the automated responses create this so much worse...
~ Xi See
lad or vampire is a nice release, it's interesting, it's action packed , it makes you think ! however it is a very connection massive reliant release, who makes them like that anymore ? if you need to fart you need connection "we don't approve your fart please check your internet connection" *after checking the connection and assuring myself all another online releases are working fine I come back* "please check your internet connection, you can't transport that single step please check your internet connection"
~ Blaster XL
I would give this a 5 star because the release is really nice and i like it but my trouble here is the controlls. You need to click on the zone you wish your hero to go to right?but theres times where i hold clicking on that one spot but the characters wont go there.
~ Kizuri's Art!!
The release is nice, with limitless possibility to create your characters stronger. However, the release is currently at a stalemate, as there are no newest upgrades in couple of months already. Nevertheless, I suggest this release for those who wants dungeon-based releases.
~ hey ikki
Was really enjoying the release until English server 4 went down on 5/29/19 and when it came back I can no longer access my hero. Edit: My hero is still not available, contrary to the developer's remark. edit 2: fixed it on my own. sadly only Fb login saves release content. changing rating. 5* release with 1* help so 3*s.
~ stripe1000
I think this should be an awesome release. I'm still early on in it but it's been enjoyable thus far. Nice gameplay and interesting storyline but I'm not sure what's going on quite yet. It seems to have quite a bit more depth than I initially realized. I'll have to come back and edit this once I have more experience with the release. But I cant imagine any RPG lover not enjoying this release.
~ Lawrence Brown
I love this release it's so entertaining. the graphics are nice. but sadly there is a bug somehow the characters can't obtain XP points even though they are the one who killed the aggressor. There is only one hero who can obtain XP points the others can't obtain it and can't lvl up.
~ Sekar Arum
Im super picky about releases, but this one is simple to obtain. fun combat, simple mechanics. my favoured thing is the hero system. You cute much obtain nonpaid rolls, and then depending on how nice the hero is, you can buy them for the price their worth. cute solid release
~ Jonathan Ramos-Bueno
God such a fun release. But has troubles. Like it keeps claiming me sometimes to check internet connection when connection is running smoothly plus it suddenly logs of in the middle of arena sending me 1 st page and asking to sign in. It's creepy and I feel is it protected to test or not. Otherwise it's one the finest SRPG out there. please fix the bugs or whatever the trouble is.
~ Shruti Banerjee
Product is nice so far. Although the rechanging to grace wasn't essential. But i kinda found it funny. Instead, maybe just slash that part out and claim something like this is grace. And also, the story seems to stop at section 2. Which is really the main target of why I wanted to test. Edit #1 The arena is so not fair! Placing level 25-60 hero squad to a level 120-180 squad on the the first fights!
~ Ali Rhodes
it's interesting! no after an hour testing, it's now nice! it's turn based, but it's speedy! which makes this really nice, i really like this system. There's only one trouble that occured, my touchscreen doesn't work in your release after watching an banner. Maybe take a look at that.. my device is asus zenfone full pro m2.
~ Mr Felix
Takes time to grow on you, seems confusing at first, not that interesting , but if test a several hours and test to absorb and learn as much as you can. This release opens up, it becomes a nice release the more you test amd one of the finest tile based journey releases on the test shop. Looks superb the further you obtain into release also. One trouble im having is in arena fights, my lvl 20 are being matched versus lvl 200 users and im dead after one hit.
~ Colin
A nice release, the developers have truly created a refreshing and addictive release. Just that, even with 4G net the release works for some time with high speed internet but then suddenly the internet speed stagnates at a very weak rate only in this release, in another apps the speed increases automatically. Please fix this trouble. It's preventing me from truly enjoying this unbelievable release.
~ Aarya Dhutmal
this release storyline is very interesting and it got alot of things to do. it won't bore you for the next 2 years. it's a walkthrough releases, sometimes you will use urr braincells to its limit. I'm a true user and I'm a picky users too. install this releases if are a really users😎🤛👊 bro fist 👊(everything is nice enough for you to test. graphic,release control and release test.)
~ Penh Sophay
Tricks US user in favor of South Korea. bat scrolling time is only 10 seconds in the US, but is 35 seconds in South Korea - yet the users still verse one other. very fun release, pretty, but nonexistent customer service (they literally respond to customer service correspondences with a short "we cannot support you" response), and again unfair gaming practices depending on the country server used.
~ Noel Dickover
really nice release with a really nice idea. the release has a very special asthetic that flows very well with minimal loading time. hero are very special from every another every offering special release test and interaction. the finest part about this release is the hero gacha system. i never felt like i required to place any dollars into the release since the release provides plenty of options to obtain newest characters.
~ An Le
This is one of the finest RPG's I've found on small. It's extremely addicting and fun and simple to waste hours on this release. It's also cute simple to obtain gold and diamonds without spending dollars for nonpaid-to-test users, but there are optional hero skins and whatnot if you chose to throw in a several dollars. Would highly suggest for RPG lovers out there, especially if you like releases such as Diablo or Wakfu. Only draw back is that the release doesn't seem to obtain modernized that often.
~ Rowan Perdue
Logged in to search that my server is gone and all of my hero progress is gone as well. Nothing on the web and no stats anywhere. Server 2, global, gone fully? If this is fixed along with my progress I'll change my review. [UPDATE] Thank you. Server is back up. Maybe version notes when servers are down? Review from one to four stars.
~ Bo Wood
from the tiny bit i've played, it seems quite high quality. the controls work well enough, the wars are speedy, movement and unit placement are important with different characters having their own range, passives, and active abilities. My only trouble is the main menu being rather hard to navigate i've only played a tiny bit though, and these are just my first impressions. I might modernization this later. :)
~ Joshua Rice
i found out his release is very nice,but when i started bitting my 5-star dude,the level is too weak and i was very dissapointed,how can i obtain a 5-star dude with high exp when create it into vampire? because my 5-star dude is level 47 human but when i create it into vampire it goes 13? i hope you'll give me an action because i love this release very much and i test it entire day just to obtain higher grade dudes .And actually i'm scared to create it vampire again,pls support
~ meme nimetor
This release is nice enough that I uninstalled it, regretted it, and reinstalled it. If you love diablo and final fantasy you will love this. The art is wonderful, the summoning is controlled by you and you see them and decide whether or not to buy something you can see and check skills on beforehand. The levelling and vampire system is as much a nice idea as the buy something you can see first summon system. A gotta have!
~ James Key