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About: Comfortable release test mahjong tile release to remove the same picture with no time limit. [Informations] - Difficulty is classified as simple, normal, hard, you can pick according to your skills. - Added into five other Mahjong tile picture kind is available. - You can match with other user in the globe. - Add map will be unlocked when you won multiplayer. - Hacks and shuffle equipment can be used indefinitely. - Helps Achievements and Leaderboards. - Helps device devices. Blog : ?id=4864673505117639552 Fb : YouTube :
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: mobirix
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About: Presenting new title by 1C Wireless Mahjong 3! There are three game modes for you to enjoy: Classic - Original Mahjong Solitaire. Play as long as you want! Time Attack - Clear all matching tiles as quick as possible! Challenge - For Advanced players. You have limited time to choose your Tiles. The faster you select the Tiles, the higher will be your score for the move! Full version without commercial advertising. Features: Large and clear graphics of mahjong tiles! Bes...

Developer: 1C Wireless [email protected]

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About: Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room V" is coming ... It is a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge must not miss it! The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape ... Humane tips, the key moment will be pleasantly surprised,Make you successful escape. If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge. 50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to ...

Developer: HKAppBond [email protected]

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About: Logic Puzzle fans, meet your nemesis! Created by a team of puzzlers who have been completing these grid-based logic problems for decades, the Logic Professor challenges you to work your way through level after level of his brain-teasers. Can you beat his time for each logic puzzle and win bragging rights, or will you be the recipient of another of his intellectual wisecracks? 5 STARS from AmyVitalo. Love this. So addicted been waiting for a decent logic app for a long time A+++++ 5 STARS f...

Developer: Twin Wizards: The Logic Puzzle Experts [email protected]

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About: Escape from the room. Short Escape game. -- The second game has been released! VR Escape Game 2 Check this in developer's apps page. Watch the spots where the point becomes the circle. You can play with VR goggles. When you play, you do not need to touch the screen. You can goal by only watching. Images or sounds by - Silhouette Design - ZENRIN City Asset Series #!/content/36810 - Arrows Design - Balloon Design - Sound effect lab - Maou damashii ...

Developer: Blacksmith DoubleCircle [email protected]

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About: Can You Survive!? VR mode (playable with Daydream, Google Cardboard or any other virtual reality headset) Regular mode (playable with device) In this VR room escape game your goal is to find the answer to the question - Can You Survive? Experience your escape in Virtual Reality. Find your way out through two rooms full of puzzles, hidden objects, locked doors and hints. But hurry up as there is a creepy guy outside and it seems he has some freakish plans for you... If you accept...

Developer: Goblin LLC [email protected]

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About: Full brick puzzle game with perfect operability Graphic and sound utilizing the retro feel! System that can enjoy normal mode and challenge mode! Clear all Challenge Stages. Rotate and move the block to complete the line. [Game Features] - Rules that everyone is familiar with! - Nice to hear familiar sounds! - Compete in response to Google leaderboard! - A low capacity game of 30Mb or less!... Developer: BLAZER Games [email protected]

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About: Easy rule but unlimited fun! Bunny Pop is a funny & addictive bubble shooting game, you wont stop playing! Rescue the baby bunnies caught by the wicked wolves! HOW TO PLAY Tap where you want to throw! Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop! Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass those tricky levels. Pop all bubbles with minimum shoots to win higher scores Don't worry! No time limits! FEATURES Shoot through bubbles! TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS - Over...

Developer: BitMango [email protected]


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About: Professor Rat created Robby but gave him a weak battery, which is why our hero has to constantly recharge and participate in crazy experiments. Take the robot through all the experimental puzzle rooms of Professor Rat to release him from the charger! Features: More than 180 levels! 4 game modes 20 physical objects Realistic physics High-quality graphics A lot of cartoons! Game achievements & leaderboards Follow Us: Facebook: Google+ : +Radbrothers Twitter: _B...

Developer: RAD BROTHERS [email protected]

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About: Kids Puzzles - Animals, Shapes, Vehicles, Birds is a free educational game for your baby kids Want to make your kid learn about animals, vehicles, sweets, flowers, birds, nature, sea animals, shapes, bugs, monsters in shape of wooden blocks? We came with jigsaw concept where your toddlers / babies will learn and enjoy at same time. Kids puzzles is one of the best way to educate your baby for coming challenges in pre-school education. Some of the wooden jigsaw puzzle blocks your baby w...

Developer: Skycap [email protected]

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About: Explore the Newmaker Plane and save Care!...

Developer: The Wandering Newmaker [email protected]

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About: Greetings, living one. Are you ready to tackle this new Solitaire adventure with a twist? Take a deep breath and dive into this fantastic journey on "Dia de Los Muertos", the Day of the Dead - Find collectible cards to customize your own deck and decorate a cemetery to welcome the souls from the Land of the Dead. - 20 chilling Day of the Dead decorations to purchase - Decorate a cemetery to welcome the souls from the Land of the Dead - Over 35 collectible cards to customize your own de...

Developer: Green Sauce Games [email protected]

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About: Puzzle Union is coming! This is a collection of several puzzle games. All puzzle games are in one. Do not need to find and download one by one. We made Puzzle Union for you to experience the blast of casual games. Spend your time and challenge your speed, we are fighting for vision, intelligence, experience, plus a little bit of luck! Come for now! Introduction of the game Puzzle Union game contains a variety of small puzzle games. Each game has been carefully designed to give you a differen...

Developer: ReJoy Studio [email protected]

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About: Purgatory Inc. Bubble Shooter Story Play Purgatory Inc. the new bubble shooting game with an amazing storyline! Crush the evil forces and meet great friends along the way. Do you accept the challenge? We are taking you on a journey through purgatory! Enjoy the most exciting bubble blast of 2018! Purgatory Inc. is the first game in the series. Our main hero - Lily - was changed into a demon now she needs your help to get out of purgatory. She might be nice but she is dangerous too...

Developer: Altenberg Dynamics [email protected]

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About: Your mission within the Happy glass Sad glass is to brainstorm and find a solution to make the cube full of the liquid because its the only way to transform the sad glass to a happy glass, its a kind of puzzle game which make you relax and turn on your reflection. Spill It! Happy glass, draw line is an amazing game for refreshment and for killing time. just be sure that the glass is not filled with water and keep the glass happy. Drop balls to knock over glasses and spill everything!...

Developer: World Tech [email protected]


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About: Over 10 million installs so far! Classic Labyrinth 3d - The wooden maze funny game with the steel ball everyone knows from the childrens' room comes to your mobile device! Enjoy this classic marble maze labyrinth. You control the ball by tilting the labyrinth maze or with the new joystick. 102 handmade levels from multiple designers, all increasing in difficulty as you progress. Navigate and balance the ball through the maze and try and get the best time, but watch out for the holes! 39...

Developer: Cabbiegames [email protected]

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About: This is a very nice and simple application for people to train their memory. The app includes a lot of similar symbols and it makes people feel more difficult to find out the correct pair of symbols. Players are having so much fun to find matching pairs. After the game, player can submit their score to the server, and see the top 100 player in this game. Lets download this application and challenge the world of gamer....

Developer: nullmicgo [email protected]

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About: Lucky Shot - Game in which accuracy and agility are very important. Shoot the right places and collect the coins. You can either pass levels or try to break the level record. In Lucky Shot, you are the brain of the game, you control it 100%. Forward to the victory ! Lucky Shot has a wide variety of game modes, including: Brain Games - You need to think it over, think with your head, Just turn on the logic. Brain Games - Fun Games That Train Your Mind ! Brain it on - When you shoot wher...

Developer: Boxgame [email protected]

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About: Writounce...

Developer: Sireto Technology Pvt. Ltd [email protected]

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About: Fun Block Games Hexa Puzzle I think everyone know this hexa puzle block games. Simply drag the given fun hexa puzzle to fit into blank space! Fun Block Hexagon is an amazing style puzzle game. It's an addictive fun block puzzle. Simple and easy is the reason why that game is very popular. Let's drag pieces to board and fill up all grids. This Fun Block Games Hexa Puzzle comes with 4 difficulties Beginner, Advanced, Master and Expert. This app contains 240 levels in total. Let's p...

Developer: Nu Money [email protected]

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About: This is a good that children and adults can enjoy fun. [How to] - select the color boxes with matching numbers - pinch with two fingers to zoom a picture till boxes with numbers appear - use long tap to paint faster...

Developer: Paleblue [email protected]



Mahjong King Reviews and Comments:

love this release....just wish to know if you can restart it to test it over again because I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and it doesnt run over
~ Bridget G
have Mahjong Boss on all my devices.. test it each night before bed... love it
~ A Google user
The release keeps closing regardless of which puzzle I picked. Decided to uninstall
~ Nicole Guenette
Have played this release off and on for a couple of years...remains interesting when you change out the patterns on the tiles.
~ Luci Reif
fun to test and isnt boring...keeps your mind busy.
~ Connie Morris
nice release! Really enjoyed it. Highly suggest it. Nice for all ages.
~ Linda Munn
Interesting. Only played 1st set so judgement not accurate at this scene.
~ P Story
Mahjong Boss is a brilliant release very entertaining. And fun. The only fault is it needs more background. And more designed tiles to pick from
~ Avril Sedgwick
lots of options and lvls to hold you busy and challenged. I think it one of the better apps out of all the others
~ William Pierson
i like there is no time limit no pressure i would maybe in the future a tons of back ground song would be great
~ Frances Paolillo
this release is fun even my 70 year old mom likes to test and she can't see very well
~ Teofila Fragoso
Want it's more challenging. The hard lvls aren't really hard. But it's over all cute fun
~ bleedjelly B
i really like it its not like the rest you can pick you puzzle few great designs and its almost never ending. very great
~ robert aflac
i enjoy the release but the multiplayer is just rubbish. if the another user leaves the release why do i lose?!
~ Rachel Victor
Test was so much fun I didn't wish to stop. Nice Job hold it cominng C. l. D.
~ corine Daniels
Plenty of releases & graphics to hold things interesting & captivating !!!!! Love it!!!!
~ David Jones
Want it was full screen. And want the song was more random and relaxing.
~ Carol Maxwell
I usually have fun with Mahjong Boss. when I have nothing to do I test the release.
~ Charles Willis
I like this release. It gives you choices for your ability as well as the formation of the tiles. Hold up the nice work. Lynny
~ Lynny Taylor
Nice release but I can't turn the song off without turning the sound results of as well.
~ Steve Crouch
Really like this one. Especially love that it doesn't shuffle the board in the middle of the release.
~ Don Webb
this is a nice release and relaxing when you turn the timer off. nice graffic's and smooth release test. a very pleasant release to test.
~ Daveene Lloyd
It's okay. Have a trouble getting the keys to "pick". Maybe my fingers are too large. Otherwise I like it. HAD to turn sound down. does it ever score? or is because I am in simple?
~ Sharon Orantes
Lots of fun, challenging, and supports improve reaction time and short-term memory!
~ Janice G Powers
I want you would upgrade Mahjong Boss so I can test Push It seems to turn itself off each time I test to test I like that release a lot
~ Joanna Mango
Just started testing this release, it's lots of fun so far. Love testing mahjong anytime, to quick to give review.
~ Corene Williams
I like the release test and graphics. Testing this release is a nice idea to version some stress and is a welcome to all the match three releases.
~ Galaxy Boy
Most Pretty!!!! I really like the many options Various views Lvls of complexity Multiple choices within the lvls Of all the releases, this us the most pretty which supports decrease stress Finest option of playstore mahjong
~ Jenna Lyndly
nice release, but you obtain 3 stars no matter how long it takes to finish one screen. I like the tons of the screens.
~ Ida Riffel
I love Mahjong, but Mahjong Boss allows you to finish with auto scramble when there are no matches.... this is my favoured !
~ Mog Wiltscheck
I really enjoy this release because, as I am growing older I search that I need to stimulate my mind more. I feel that this release does that, plus its fun.
~ A Google user
Very simple puzzles, but, once finished you only obtain one newest puzzle each day. My 6 year old grand daughter has no troubles completeing the hardest lvl but wants more than 1 a day
~ Mark Conely
nice mahjong. simple to see with my old eyes. banner banners are outside the test territory. lots of arrangements to pick.
~ Jack Olicious
I like this release a lot. I have many Mahjongg releases and I probably test this one the most! I especially like being able to change the tile theme!
~ Deborah Rak
This is my favoured Mahjong release. I've tried another mahjong releases but I usually come back to this one. It's nice easy entertainment without overload.
~ peter hotrum
Extremely absorbing release. Very time consuming but addictive. Don't test it unless you wish to obtain hooked.. Thank you to the developers!!!!!
~ Judy Harrigan
it's one of the finest versions of the release out there by far I love that you can pick the design what you like I just don't understand how you gain stars and song can give you a headache if played to long but all in all I like this release of the release definitely than others
~ chantel Mongan
1. So far so nice but I'm only starting off by doing the simple ones. This review may change if I haven't chucked it in before reaching the harder ones. It is annoying having those banners continually popping up across the top of the screen. 2.Ten releases and I've closed thirty banners. Not worth it; uninstalling actually. Would rather pay if it meant these incessant banners would stop.
~ Helen Crowe
No interest in giving the actual release a chance. POP-UPS/ADS GALORE. The permissions for this mahjong release release are fewer than some, but still more than essential- There ARE APPS that don't rape you of your nonpaid will. Plus, I prefer the classic board anyway. This has an abundance of boards to pick, but not the classic ...As for the classic layout- some (nice) apps are able to create any board a challenge, even for the hard core user.
~ Fading Frost
of all the mahjong apps i have used thus far, this one is pleasant to test. i am not pushed by a timer, nagged to test through the day, and i havent had any glitches. the highlighted launch tiles is a great information, and the designs are simple to read.
~ Doreen Jackson