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About: Mahjong, also known as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, is the most known board puzzle release in the globe. Match launch pairs of identical tiles and remove all tiles to complete a board! Mahjong Informations: - Over 1000 nonpaid boards - Pretty graphics and different layouts - Smart nonpaid tricks - Infinite nonpaid undos - Regular Challenge - Auto Fit - Customizable backgrounds - High scores and personal details - Sound that can be turned on/off - Designed for Android and device help - No WIFI? No Trouble! You can test offline anytime. - And so much more! Test the #1 FREE MAHJONG board puzzle release on Mobile actually and see for yourself why so many others love this release!
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 10MB Developer: CanaryDroid
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About: The brand new puzzle game that trains your brain! How to play: Click the number on the chessboard to plus the hand cards number Three or more adjacent cards of the same number will be cleared, and then turn to a new card with its number plus one. Upon each triple-clear, you will get a new hand card. Share to your friends, and see whose number is biggest The game is over, when you have 0 hand cards. Features: Hammer can eliminate numbers you don' want; Rainbow can eliminate al...

Developer: Galina2345 [email protected]

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About: Match magical jewels in this extraordinary puzzle game! You are one of the wizards or witches in this magical world! Go on quests and adventures to help your fellow wizards and witches collect magical items such as jewels, treasures, and more! Are you hungry for some magical adventures? They are waiting for you! Magical Features: - Free to play - Addictive match-3 gameplay - Many levels of magical fun for you to experience - Amazing combo boosters and power ups to give yo...

Developer: SUPERBOX.INC [email protected]

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About: Pipe Dreams is the only app where you can MAKE REAL MONEY PLAYING FREE VIDEO GAMES! We have already given away TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to lucky players just like you! All you need to do is play any of our games and collect at least one ticket to be entered into the frequent cash prize draws. The more tickets you collect the higher your chance of winning the cash prize! Check back at draw time to see if your name is on the winning ticket! The winning prize is paid out through a Payp...

Developer: WINR Games Inc [email protected]

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About: Wellcome to the Math Game: Basic Education of Trump in School Learning Math & Basic Education in School with scary teacher Trump Download FREE now!!!...

Developer: Solitaire 2019 [email protected]

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About: Logic Brain Puzzle is a brain challenging game that includes over 1000 levels of puzzles and is able to train people's memory and logical patterns. Want to exercise your brain or test your memory skill? Logic Brain Puzzle is exactly the best game that will facilitate your memory capability by solving each of those puzzles. If you want to test your brain, this is your right destination. This game is both suitable for parents and children. For beginners, it is really helpful for them to dist...

Developer: Joy Bauman [email protected]

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About: A bandicoot was a very beautiful way to see it. The bandicoot was a very intimidating pace. It is a dry in the palace that is a very unseen. It is your duty to save the places where the bandicoot is where the pork is safe. The bandicoot is to help you find out where you are from the plant. The gang and the puzzles are all you can seek to be hidden from the bandicoot and this giggle is very desirable. This game is very desirable to get the peace of mind. Good luck and have a fun !... Developer: Best Escape Game [email protected]

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About: There was a different town. A clash girl lived in that city. There was a house where the clash girl was staying. One day the clash girl was unexpectedly stuck in a room there. It is your duty to save the clash girl there from there. To help the clash girl get out of there, it will help you find the hidden clues. Find all the hidden clues there and save the clash girl out there and congratulate you to win the game. Though the tricks and puzzles are hard to find, it's anxious to find somehow. ...

Developer: Best Escape Games [email protected]


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About: CheeseCraft is a tile-based puzzle game. The core challenge is to place a given number of tiles so that they fill in the blanks which leads the little mouse get the cheese and escape from the finish point....

Developer: SHEN ZHOU [email protected]

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About: Help the Tingles of Tangle Town build the least efficient public transit system ever. Play your tiles, cross the colors, and make the Tingles happy!...

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About: There were a few houses in a beautiful and magnificent village. The location and the housing was very beautiful. There was gentle monkey in that place. The gentle monkey was unexpectedly stuck in a house in a day. Your loyalty is to save the gentle monkey from there. It will help you to find the hidden clues in order to save the gentle monkey from there. Find all the tricks and save that gentle monkey from there and congratulate you to win the game. The tricks of the trick are a little harder t... Developer: Kavi Games [email protected]

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About: Thomas Puzzles and friends Thomas is a Thomas game with over +20 beautiful pictures in a wide variety of categories. You can also create Thomas Puzzles and friends Thomas from your own photos. This premium quality app is the perfect choice for lovers of jig sawThomas Puzzles and friends Thomas. In Thomas Puzzle you can travel all around the globe, see majestic landscapes, experience the seasons of the year and the wonders of the world, all from the peace and quiet of your own home. F...

Developer: mobdol [email protected]

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About: Switch and match candies to devour all the sweets! Featuring the internet's #1 candy enthusiast rainbow-riding nyan space cat in this casual match 3 puzzle game! Nyan Cat: Candy Match takes your favourite switch and match game mechanics and nyans them up to an intergalactic level. Are you a candy enthusiast? We got you covered! Do you love cats? Good news: cats love you too! Fan of rainbows? We got 'em! Always wanted to be more Nyan? Look no further! Enjoy the crazy colorful candy adventur...

Developer: isTom Games [email protected]

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About: Harvest your sap, run your machines and sell your Maple Syrup. Sell the most Syrup and become the Maple King...

Developer: True World Games [email protected]

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About: Divide is a quite unique puzzle game with using division. When you place a block, if the block is able to be divided by next blocks, the block will be divided. Consider the placement, there are very limited space. You can also make a chain and get high score! It is good for learning division and improve calculation ability. If your child play this game, he or she will become a genius of mathematics soon! Features -Simple rule! Anyone who understands division can play this ga...

Developer: waken [email protected]


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About: Take a Road Trip across the beautiful landscape of the United States of America in this relaxing hidden object game with fun puzzle mini games 20 stunning scene locations to visit Multiple hidden object modes: - Word - Riddle - Scramble - Missing Vowels - Silhouette - Night mode! Can you find the items in the dark with just a flashlight? 4 mini game puzzles - Match 3 - Mahjong - Block slide - Spot the Differences Plus, find all the shields in every scene location to un...

Developer: Max the Cat Studios Ltd. [email protected]

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About: Looking for jigsaw puzzles suitable for the whole family? Happy Easter 2018. Easter Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful easter scenery! It is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Free jigsaw puzzles such as this cool and fun app are the best creative games and brain teasers for you. Everyone who likes relaxing games and fun brain games will enjoy playing this beautiful and cute app Jigsaw Puzzles Easter Games. The Easter Bunny is Coming to you in a Fantastic Jigsa...

Developer: Free Educational Games [email protected]

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About: Ideal for fans of mix and match diamond or jewel casual puzzle games or for anyone who wants to have fun exploring a fantastic land of witches, spells, potions and pumpkins. Get ready for a magic adventure where the witches bring the environment to life! Features of halloween witch puzzle world: - Amazing and powerful boosters to experience in harder levels - Combine enchanted items and create magical experience - Easy to learn but hard to master match 3 game - Sorcery in the halloween ga...

Developer: Jewelery Studio Create Fun [email protected]

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About: How good can you draw? Draw Story lets you draw your way out of trouble. This Draw Story is filled with love, romance, adventure, and drama. Wouldnt it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Draw Story lets you do just that with tons of levels to draw through! Draw Story is an interactive drawing game that lets YOU draw your way through an epic story. How does it work? Simply use your finger to draw each objective Try to get out of school! Discover all of...

Developer: GAMEJAM [email protected]

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About: The little eif has no intention of breaking into a garden of flowers. The colorful spring makes her fascinated. Collecting flowers has become her greatest pleasure. Are you willing to help her? Candy Garden Elf is one of the best match-3 games! Plan your moves by matching 3 or more petals in a row, using boosters wisely in order to overcome those extra sticky levels! Candy Garden Elf is completely free to play! Have fun with family and friends for a wonderful game time! Game features: ...

Developer: mmy4508 [email protected]

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About: BLOCK PUZZLE Block Puzzle is a quite simple, classic game that excites as much which can be enjoyed by everyone. Fill the empty blocks with wooden stones so as to earn points. Fill the empty blocks, complete the horizontal and vertical empty blocks and then destroy them all. Consider your move thoroughly. Add excitement to the game and achieve the highest score. HOW TO PLAY Drag the given wooden stones and place them into empty blocks. complete the horizontal and vertical empty bloc...

Developer: Ecem Games [email protected]



Mahjong Reviews and Comments:

It's really nice! I've usually loved mahjong, and this release doesnt fail my expectations. I love the fact that the release zooms in on the remaining tiles as you clear them. I easily test this for prolonged periods without even knowing. Nice job originators!
~ Shamekia Bell
this comes up in a find for no banners, but it most definitely has banners. A LOT of banners, and really loud and obnoxious even when sound is turned off. gave more than one star because the release is really well done otherwise.
~ Paula Bellenoit
the release is nice, but after two lvls it prompts you to rate five stars and won't allow you close the prompt or press "later". If you rate it, it won't let you to resume to release still. there's no idea to continue testing.
~ Jessica Lynne
Really enjoyed the release. But I'm Uninstalling it because of the amount of banners. One after every board runs, and every reshuffle also other. If we had a idea to pay one reasonable value to unblock an banner-nonpaid ver, I'd pay. I'm moving to a paid Mahjong release for this reason.
~ Diego Kober
Its nice! Unfortunately I do not really like it when they light up. It is ment to be useful but is inaccurate. Another than that the release is nice and that one thing is nothing wrong with the release, just a personal preference. thanks it is fun Joe Gillis
~ A Google user
This is a nice Mahjong release. Well designed and enjoyable. Sounds of the pieces stacking is really rewarding and it's great that the test zone automatically shrinks to the size of the remaining pieces, really well thought out. It gets my 5 stars because the banners are not greedy, they're short and bearable.
~ Rafi Khanjian
The release works well and had great soothing song. What I don't enjoy are the banners in between each lvl and then again at the bottom of the screen while testing. They're bright, annoying, and distracting. This destroys the soothing experience of the release.
~ Christine Lloyd
oh I wanna master this Product, I just love it and it's the only Product I test,can you give me some solution on how to really test the Product,I just been guesting on how to test.
~ Mary Jacobs
Why would you use a bait and switch on the font for the tiles. I downloaded your release because of the cool font style battleaxes, lad that's just cool, yet when I went to the options and named up the different fonts available, I was shown with the same old tiles! What gives lad, I would recommend you fix the mistake! Thank you.
~ Glenn Miller
I like it. It's addicting The song was annoying after a while, even though I like that type of song, but I was able to turn it off. I guess the target of the release is just to obtain through all those lvls to obtain to the end. It's speedy moving because of the time, even though I'm not sure what part time plays in the entire scheme of things It just never really comes up another than that the end of a release.
~ A Google user
Too many political banners. I don't know if the originators have any control over the advertising content allowed, but many banners I was shown contained political content. I don't mind banners (originators could create dollars from their product), but the banners could be neutral.
~ Andi McKenzie
My last Mahjong mysteriously vanished from my cell, which made me have to obtain other one. In doing so, I downloaded this one and am I glad that I did. This Mahjong is much better. Much more entertaining. ­čĹŹ
~ Daniel L
there are idea too many banners not enough gameplay it's really frustrating but I have place up with it do all the boards three stars on each board and the last board claims coming quick there's nothing else for me to test on here it just keeps testing the same boards over so I'm ready to delete it's not worth continuing to be aggravated I'm waiting to see what coming quick is going to be why is there no more boards
~ Country Classics & More Hooker
the only reason I downloaded this was because of the photos depicting landscape mode. there is no landscape mode. no setting for it in the release, does not react to device settings. if not for this, I'd give more stars.
~ Greg Howman
The releases are nice, when you can test them without having to wait for all the frustratingly annoying banners to run. I'm using my time waiting for banners to finish, banners that are 100% unrelated to anything i would be interested in. This is a sad thing because it so annoys me i'm uninstalling the release.
~ Paul Gandesa
awesome build but needs higher difficulty. please increase tile placement randomization. I figured out a technique that works on each lvl allowing me to be sure to beat the lvl in most topics, and usually in under 2 min. I would buy, but need slightly higher failure rate before I do. it's too simple.
~ Andrew West
This is a really nice release with lots of different layouts. Yes there is an banner after every lvl, but that's a tiny price for the amount of fun you obtain. My only request would be to be able to tilt the viewing angle - preferably while testing otherwise in settings. Suggested.
~ A Google user
UI is awesome. All tiles are visible at all times and simple to see. Resides in extendable memory on SD, saving memory. Unfinished releases are saved so you can pick up where you left off. Doesn't seem to eat up a lot of cpu cycles. Adverts aren't to terrible. Don't think they come any better for the price.
~ Jeff Herman
would had been 5 stars except that after each lvl i have some annoying banner that i can't even skip without a certain amount of time having past. but otherwise a nice release and a nice time waster. im particularly fond of how it highlights the tiles which are available. it makes it simple to obtain through the lvl quickly.
~ A Google user
I don't understand all the positive reviews. I had to uninstall because idea too many banners. i would expect one for perks (like the nonpaid reshuffle), and maybe one each 3-5 releases (each five releases being a glad compromise for nonpaid ganeplay and each three being on the irritating edge of uninstalling)... but being bombarded by a long video commercial after each single short release is just idea too much.
~ Robyn Hovey
It's a really fun and addictive release, a nice idea to pass the time. However, it has idea too many banners that end up taking away from the experience. It would also be great if the lvls had different backgrounds that correspond with the lvl name instead of the same background for all lvls. It would create me idea more excited to progress through the lvls when there's now something newest.
~ Tori Tucker
this is an addicting kind of release, i have problem with the tiny pieces so i am never getting to the end of the time. is it set for a certain time or by the release,?this is jus my preference but i do not like spiders,or reptiles, so when you flash on the screen with a pitcher of spiders crawling around, i will close the release down & not test.
~ Carole J Painter
Nice release! love the oriental background song. It's so soothing and makes you feel you're in China. love how the tiles click when you've matched a pair, giving you a sense of completion. I love how the screen enlarges automatically as the tiles lessen. Lovely informations which create for a pleasant gaming experience.
~ Amraya Baptiste
So many adds!!! after your first 3 releases, the entire screen cuts to an add break that you can't close until the add finishes testing, in between each single release! And they test sound even if you change all the settings in the release to silent. I do expect some adds but when every release only takes 30 seconds to test, you end up spending almost as much time watching adds as you to testing. needless to claim, I am deleting this release
~ Mark Bartek
Used to be a nice release, and it has honed my mahjong skills. Occasionally, the banners would block out internet radio stations. This got better, but actually, often the banners lock up the release when they appear, making the release unusable for an indefinite period of time. it appears to be currently 2 banners for Propeller Health that seem to be locking the release. The jamming continues, but actually it's stuck on lvl SAND-30, cycling between 2 layouts.
~ J.G. Campbell
The release is fairly straightforward. You pair blocks to remove them from different shaped stacks. It works fine, no glitches. What really bugs me though, is the amount of absolutely inappropriate banners in between the lvls. At one target it showed me an banner depicting a pregnant girl walking in on her cheating husband and asked me if the hero could kick them out or join them. What the bloody hell? Screen your banners, morons.
~ hippsixy h
I love Mahjong! But I like it finest when there are different types of flowers on the tiles. I test that theme most, cause it makes me feel nice /glad. I like the delicate song that accompanies your puzzles and I respect your use of traditional themed tiles. The numbered ones are especially nice and simple to see. I like how you offer up short puzzles first. It felt like the great warm up. Well, I am looking forward to browsing around in your release. That's a nice thing.
~ Judi Azar
Actually, when I test releases like this, I expect to have to watch some banners. This release makes you watch an banner after each lvl, not only that but it it gets stuck in a loop, testing banners over and over until I just close the release and slay it, then re-boot it. I would gladly give four, even five stars if they would fix the banner trouble. I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind watching one banner each several lvls.
~ Ashley Benshoof
I'm very nice at these I see all things that most recipients miss. This one is a terrific idea to spend down time while waiting for public transit, or the waiting room of the OBGYN to search out if you and your lover is pregnant.
Bla bla banners... No worries, I don't care about the banners. I can click them away after 5 seconds. I don't need reshuffles, because your release tiling is flawd. If I remove the tiles layer for layer, I never obtain stuck because they're tiled that idea. No challenge in testing this release therfore... Fix it, create the tiling fully random like in (true) Mahjong
~ Elmar N
I went through ten rounds with no banners, if you don't know how then continue reading. obviously... I played it offline. you don't have to worry about banners, idiots, if you just go offline. It's a cute nice mahjong, nothing really premium so far that I've seen but that's just because most mahjong apps are cute much the same. does a really nice job though and I'm not complaining. mahjong is mahjong, and that's the reason i got the release.
~ Allison Hawkins
Love testing Mahjong and I never mind banners in between releases but this one you have to watch a video in the middle of each release and sometimes two videos. If you don't watch it will never advance on. The farther you test to test the more videos.
~ Cathy Wiewel
the releases alright except the there's a ton of commercials. plus i got stuck in a loss loop on a lvl that wouldn't allow me pass until I watched yet other commercial. Then a " reshuffle" happens and in two moves I victory. Lame guys really obtain over the commercialism. If you decide upgrade to a paid commercial nonpaid ver I might download again. it's not fun enough to justify the cheating algorithm that forces more commercials down your throat tho.
~ Chris Taylor
it was ok but.. the constant videos after each board gets old speedy. I beat all the lvls with 3 stars plus went back and did all the dailies till Sept (as far back as it allow's you go) I've been waiting 2 months for newest lvls. when are they coming out???
~ Jennifer Tasman
A fun release. However, an option to obtain rid of the banners would be great. I am about to delete it because the banners are too many and too long. They are all releases I have zero interest in. Turning on my audio with each banner is unacceptable. Having to watch a 30 second video to obtain a shuffle is the main reason for getting rid of it. My husband has already deleted it because there is no option to just test the release without a time limit.
~ A Google user
It is a easy release with easy informations. My only complaint is that there are too many banners and no idea to even pay to remove them. I played about 5 rounds without an banner and then I started getting banners after each release for the next 10-15. It got to the target that I was moving through lvls faster than the banners were running so I spent more time watching banners than testing. If they reduced the banners or even offered a $.99 banner removal fee - I would rate it higher.
~ Blake Teeple
Test. Advertisement. Test. Advertisement. Test. Advertisement. the release looks great and it plays decent. but I have two troubles with it. First, it's the excessive banners. I understand this is how they are supported and I do wish them to create dollars, however an banner between every release (the release lasting 20 seconds to three mins, then the banners lock you down for 10 to 60 seconds is excessive as compared to another related releases. second, I didn't like that I should not disable the timer.
~ Thomas Farrington
One star. Not because the release is terrible, but because the frequent popup asking you to rate the release has the option of "later" or "5 stars". Ialso haven't found a idea to buy an banner-nonpaid experience in this release so having an banner pop up each lvl (sometimes during the lvl) gets very annoying.
~ Trig Trig
My absolutely favoured release to test! It both keeps my eyes active but it also keeps my mind acute. I suggest it for those having memory troubles but I also suggest it for recipients who like to "beat the clock" because some of the puzzles are very hard to solve. Definitely 5 stars!!
~ Sam Bissell
i originally i rated this release 5 stars. But that was because i had just downloaded it and hadnt gotten the chance to test before beong asked to give a 5 star rating. Since testing this release, ive come to realize the release is nice, however, there is WAY to many Adverts! And to top it off, in order to obtain a shuffle of tiles, you MUST watch YET ANOTHER AD! I understand the need for banners, ppl need to create dollars, however, this many is OVER THE TOP!
~ Cindy Hazelip