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About: Magic Tiles Magic Tiles 3 is one of the most loved piano releases among thousands of nonpaid releases in 2018 which has more than 80 million users around the globe. Highlight upgrades: - NEW 5 albums: fully newest theme and results of the gameplay and nice songs. The first time vocal songs are in Magic Tiles 3 . Additionally, Globe Cup is in the release. Allows see! - Starter Box: the chance to obtain Coins + Diamonds + Remove Adverts with 75% off. Dont hesitate, just come and grab it! Further, the release also collects all newest and known nice songs each week in its weekly songs chart. Furthermore, when the speed is high enough, you can accumulate Easter Eggs with hidden presents inside. Thus, this is a premium ver with different categories of piano releases combining diverse instruments such as guitar, drum, and especially piano! Magic Tiles 3 was one of the most known new ... Show more
Genre: Music Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: AMANOTES
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Magic Tiles 3 Reviews and Comments:

This looked fun, however... theres no guide and while it seems self explanatory, its not. Newest material drops that you couldnt be ready for. Im convinced this is their dollars making walkthrough; to obtain you to watch as many 30 second banners possible. It doesnt even run off slowly. Ive watched so many banners in the first 40 minutes of release test I instantly deleted the release. Screw off with your BS. I hope this review deters others.
~ A Marie
The release's structure is really nice and it supports song lovers a lot. But my trouble is usually download newest songs the spinning sign comes claiming 30% downloading note time but often I test to download newest song it's not downloading in my device usually it comes as this "please create sure the internet connection is stable with the device". So it's really hard to test this release without newest songs. I have only 3 songs actually so if we wish to test some song I have to download. Please solve this.
~ A Google user
A true shame. So many nice songs destroyed by developers that have no concept how to properly intergrate banners into their release in a non-intrusive idea. The fact that some of their banners launch the test shop without even being clicked is a serious trouble. The idea the banners have been added to this release makes it unbearable, and if the developers could be ashamed of allowing banners that automatically launch the test shop.
~ Dan i
I really wanted to like this release but oh my goodness! It made my device obtain super hot, took up a bunch of zone. While testing a song if you create one mistake it's like 15 seconds of adds each single time you create one mistake. Plus the release lags so even if you're doing nice the delay will throw you off and it's back to other 15 seconds of watching adds. Then there were the times it got stuck on an add and the only thing it would do is take me to the shop and I was done. Uninstalling.
~ C. J.P.E.
Great release. Nice graphics not very nice but really "Not terrible". Very addictive! I dont understand the terrible reveiws because it a fun addictive release.
~ Madison Crowley
The release is quite addicting. I enjoy testing it a lot. But, the only trouble with this release is that it has toooooooooo many banners! And, I am not even exaggerating. Each time there comes an banner- before testing the release then after testing the release, sometimes the banner is 2 times in a row which frankly gets very irritating. Please fix it!
~ Anandita Kaushal
the release is fun,but to test some of the more known songs like "thinking out loud" you have to watch banners, which I dont mind there just hardly ever any for you which for you to access the song. In with the another ones, you have to pay around $2, not terrible if they had the some options like earning points to test them. $2 for 5 or 4 is not terrible, but that can add rather quickly .😕
~ Jachandara Jackson
It is really really fun! It makes me feel like I actually know how to test the piano! I love how the song gets faster and faster and faster!!
~ Lisette Mead
I have usually loved the the piano and never had the chance to learn so this release is the next finest thing. I love it, love it, love it!!!
~ Tesia Barner
this release is nice you guys could also obtain trying out I'm on lvl 7 I'm still gonna be on lvl 10 just when I started and I love it cos you have to exercise your finger it's nice so go ahead and test it it is nice and go ahead download it trying trying to beat my high school my high school is 857 thank you for listening bye
~ Cheetah Lover 75
there are times where i know for a fact i hit the actually yet it claims i didn't, and i can't obtain any of the another prize boxes after i launch one of them
~ James Bays
the release is "nonpaid" until you test to obtain something for nonpaid by watching an banner, then it Claims you there are no banners, please give us dollars instead...what?
~ Matthew Clarke
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~ Saldi Hassan
It's a great amd nice release! I love it! No banners and its with song, and a war mode oh what I need else to claim that its the finest release ever!!!!
~ Mariam Ahmed
So fantastically release I love the song~Women like you~♥♥ thanks for the release love it I test it many times but I test after one year and I modernization it then I test it today it has random songs wow love this release♥♥♥
~ tariq tariq
Absolutely poor. Its not now controlling the song when you tap, its just testing the song without any type of player input. Dont waste your time on this lads
~ Matthew Souter
This release is really fun but it can be a bit hard when recipients are on the speedy bit on Magic Tiles three I love the release so much who ever came up this release is a genius you run on Shape Of You by Ed sheeran i love the song so much Shape of you is one of my favored song my dudes test it as well
~ Emily Carter
This release's very great. But the songs are not sung by the original artists. They are sung by someone else.So that is why i will give it just 2 stars
~ anil joshi
I like how it quickens up the pace. It really makes it challenging and very, VERY fun!
~ Gacha_life Vampires
I love this! Especially because THIS, contains the vocals from originals too! I'm never going to give you a rating below 5. So that literally means that I'm giving you 5 STARS boi!
~ Hussain Zihaan
nice apps but. the banners got 44sec. u guy already has much income on google banners sense so please remove banners that has more 30sec. and requesting newest song: MACROSS FRONTIER LION , MOANA ., there theme song
~ Jess Han
really so nice thank you so much.🙂🙂 i hope so that there is one in this type of the title song is" pretty life" i cant search it to the another apps that why im very sad.😥😥😥
~ Rhonamae Sabino
This release is awsome i know recipients cqnt obtain too the crown but i can. I hold up with the speed with my fingers. I think that each woman is gonna like this release. :3
~ Michelle Black
I really enjoyed Magic Tiles 1 & 2, i was able to obtain furious high scores, however i can't even obtain half idea through a song on this release without it fully ignoring my tap on a note. Even on slow songs i am having to double tap, its silly.
~ Jay meh
it's so speedy that I love it. l love any release that makes my fingers go so speedy plus making my writing faster too.everyone please download this release or release. it's the finest release ever ≧∇≦¯\_(ツ)_/¯
~ Roselyn Elsa Bibin
Product itself is okay, but the amount of banners is unbearable.. Firstly it asks you if you wish to watch a video to test from where you lost; you click no and they still shows the banner! (which is 30s and more).
~ Ieva D
I absolutely love this release! It now matched the beat it a Has nice quality and you can test versus others! I love the informations and how it gives you a challenge to go speedy or slow I 100% suggest this wonderful release!
~ Gacha Emerald
This release is trash isn't I obtain to the 3rd Crown on the frozen allow it go song because idea too speedy my eyes is at speedy enough to catch up for one and for 2 I can't even hold up with the friggin tiles with my thumbs and 43 my eyes go blurry after the frickin suck at Crown on the allow it go from frozen so it's rather you fix the or I'll die gonna give you no rabies that all how about that
~ Ethan Halsted
I like it but the release is to speedy can you create it slower and in one of the banners there a gun in it. can you do better! !!!! and why in release buy ing why do you need recipients's dollars don't be greedy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Eriana Molina
this release is ABSOLUTELY awsome! I saw this release on a banner and thought it would be fun so I downloaded it and I was RIGHT! Also,I'm thanking the banner for showing me this AWSOME release! so thank you banner! and thank you release for being AMAZING!!!AND thanks originator/originators who made this release the finest! its probably my newest faviourte release that I own,
~ Miles Stelasphere
OK first of all a nonpaid trial is a spouse to be nonpaid . So what are we doing anything to pay. To many banners. this release is too challenging and the tiles go too speedy and no one can see the screen.
~ Amber Dore LMT
I love this release but.....I worked so hard to obtain 3 crowns on the wedding piano song. But I failed and actually I'm pissed. Why do you have to speed up the song?! It's a nice release but why the speed? It'd be easier if you didn't create it sound Nightcore. I am so disappointed right actually. Gonna be great and give it a 3 star. I applaud you for making the release nice, but this is ridiculous! 😔
~ Fluttershy The Pony
I think this is a really nice release. It is also a nice release for when your waiting or have a couple mins to be on your device. Nice songs, known ones, like ed Sheeran, sound quality is nice.
~ Look At My Adorable Profile Pic
the release is really nice, i enjoy it a lot..but i just hate being forced to watch an banner before and after each lvl..its really annoying
~ Aphile Ngema
In the ad that we viewed, it showed a BTS song. However, when we now installed the release, we couldn't search any song by BTS. This makes me feel like you're using BTS for clout and I will report this release if that is now real. I hope you would add some BTS songs just like you've shown in the commerical or else there would be consequences.
~ Chandra Aditya Varma Rudraraju
Here's the most honest review you'll see. If you have any slight screen hurt, this isn't the release for you. This release takes your hand-eye coordination skills to the next lvl. Offline or online modes available. Users have also been known to lose saved release time, resulting in many unhappy users. This is an honest review as I am an experienced user, I used to test this release everyday, and actually I am unable to without getting frustrated. Fix the release.
~ Anne Terry
It deserves 5 stars! I saw my brother testing this release so I got so Jealous...then I downloaded this release instantly, and ofcourse it didn't allow me down at all! I like the graphics and the content is so entertaining. Thanks!
~ Ricardo Coronel
Overall this release is okay? the release is very smooth and I do love the multiplayer aspect of this release and also love the results. But my troubles are the banners. soo many of them it's unbearable. you click on something and there's an banner, you lose there's an banner. banners everywhere. I also don't like the leveling system. leveling up gives you A song. completing it won't lvl you up. so you're forced to replay the another songs that aren't equal to your lvl and it gets boring doing that all the time.
~ thisrandomguy1
This release is awsome..I never though they will sing together as we test the piano...Thank you so much for this release..I love it so much...I just download it a several mins ago and I already claim I love it...Tq tq tq......I am a song lover...And this release is just awsome enough for me...
~ Premkumar Kannan
Fun, seems more accurate than the first. Reason I'm giving it 2 stars is for the inundation of banners. I obtain testing one to continue the song. Even to unblock it. But testing one after quitting it to run over when you fail (or upon completion)? It's just one banner too many. Seems to be a common trouble lately with releases, like more coding prepared to testing banners than the releases themselves.
~ Tye Lemming