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About: Ever wanted to build and manage a magic school? Expand your school and upgrade classes. Enrol newest students and watch them graduate. Do quests, war dragons in journeys, go mining, and test match-3 to gather materials! Test with dudes to support every another out! FEATURES - Build and customise your own dream magical school from the ground up! - Lots of classes, facilities and decos at your fingertips! Elements, Potions, Broom Flying, Totems, Kage Bunshin, take your pick! Upgrade them to change their looks, details and results! - Enrol newest premium students and watch them progress from newest freshies into potent professors after graduation! - Test match-3 to gather materials and upgrade your classes! - Be the finest magic school and present off on the leaderboard! Create your dudes envious! - Add your favored dudes and trade support with them! - Cast magic on your school a ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 26MB Developer: Happy Labs
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Magic School Story Reviews and Comments:

addicting! hoping for more upgrades :> I recommend your squad place cursors on the mini releases for gathering stones bc it's hard to go back to the easier releases.
~ A Google user
quite fun for some recipients but maybe others might think its a tiny boring, but still, not terrible
~ Victoria Tu
I just downloaded this. And just like in some reviews, I cannot click the hero asking for directions. or even the stats booth. it's a nice release, IF you fix the trouble.
~ Wyna Cruz
supers beautiful and fun! to buy the lad students (cost 5000 coins) gives you time to obtain use to the release and buy the things for them. the gems are at a right range of hard to obtain-simple and the graphics are spot on!
~ Cindy Lampe
It's a very great release im newest with this release but I already addicted 😊😘Plss support my school grow like and follow my school (Referral ID - APPQSPZ) And I would love to like and follow your school too. 😊😇
~ Geraldine Pulido
I'm absolutely loving this release! I'd suggest it to anyone who enjoys tycoon releases. The art style, the tiny dialogues the students and professors have, and the references here and there are so beautiful!!
~ TheLife4Jesus
I do love this release but when you do the gather mini releases, if you victory and it goes to premium dont allow the screen go off as the release forgets the victory and runs you again. Also to test adds it can freeze and the videos don't work so tou can't obtain gifts
~ Rachett Quinn
I love this release. It's a wonderful release,but the only thing is how can we build on the second floor? It usually shows no walkpath.Otherwise this release is magnificent..So I am giving 5 star rating..
~ A Google user
I really love this release! I've been testing it for awhile and I really enjoy it. however I've been having a trouble with the 3rd floor. my second floor has like 8 portals but no matter what I do none of them will connect to the 3rd floor. am I doing something wrong or is there a bug?
~ Abigail Donahue
Why can't i touch the hero? I'm tapping them, but there's no sign of where could they wanna go. I also can't able to touch the stats desk. It's hard to test if i can't able touch and look my student's need.
~ A Google user
Hello, I Am Back From Reviewing This Soft. As I can See, You Added More Facilities! Like i Just Wished! This release Is Excellent! I Would Suggest This Soft To My Colleagues! 9/10. The Only Trouble Is That It sometimes Glitches But I Guess Its Fixed Actually.
~ MarkLautz
i buy 1200 gems and i place that gems into worker.. and after 1 minute i doing relog, the worker that i just bough is missing.. any solution for this?
~ Jaka Gumilang
really love the release!! something that would create it better would be to be able to expand more than 16x16 and/or create more floors 💕
~ Elvira It Is
I really like this release, it's so addictive. One thing bugs me though. There could be an option to pick all the coins available, instead of picking every individually. The more rooms there are, the more coins come and it gets frustrating. They come up before you even finish picking them all.
~ DadoPanda
now it is a very nice release. I love this release very much. I test this release all the time .now I am addicted with this release in this release. I didn't like only one thing that there is a option named social when we tap on that we can see one reward if we invite our dudes to that we will obtain some reward but I don't know how can I invite my dudes that only one disadvantage ok but I am really like this release very much I like you also to download this release
~ Parvathy S Nair
this release is nice , but why did some of the students turn into black fuzzy hair with circle glasses and some will leave the school ?
~ cupeu cakeu
I love the release but it would be even better that when we reach out to do gifts for orbs and meetings we now do some journeys with our professors and students. To test the journeys ourselves and pass them, because I have passed the gathering releases and I've nothing to do anymore but accumulate coins. Those journeys would indeed be fun to do
~ Teodora
after i modernization for a newest ver my release hold making me furious bc often i create a newest building, and launch it again the release create like I never build any building and it's hold happening to me for more than 10 times. can u claim me why?
~ Nu fa
its a beautiful release that went wrong with one bug. after they claimed me to use spell for the first time, suddenly i cant touch the student with an exclamation sign above her head. i also cant touch the stats building either!! how am i suppose to expand the school if i cant even bring up the stats screen?
~ Gatot Triosialo
Can't dorms be upgraded to house more students? I would like to build the school the idea I wish, but they hold asking for dorms.Also, why do the students hold claiming "No meal/ toilet!" when I have them? Another than that, I love this release.
~ Sharmaine E.
This release has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it is very buggy. You can't pick most of the equipment placed on the map. Which means you can't advance the release. Im not able to launch the stats booth or pick characters asking for support. Also, guides test multiple times. I would obtain the same solution more than once. The art is adorable and I love that there is other release within so you can waste time while waiting for things to finish. With more work and playing I think it can be really nice.
~ Deanna Brockert
I remember writing about the trouble my release was having, but actually it's alright. Turns out i had weak battery and thus my release was glitching. I'm really sorry for disturbing you'll. Anyway, I love this release very very very much and have to claim I'm hooked. This is so fun to test, every and each single thing about this release. I love it and I very very highly suggest it!
~ Meghna Debnath
I really like this release. I've been testing this on my old device and when I gt a newest one, I thought the datas and all the things I worked hard for will be gone but luckily this release allow you sign up using google profile or facebook profile. I am so glad to have my school back.
~ Alexandra Efren
Adding 1 score/ star because more floors and buldings, more interesting release. But still I feel like something's missing. Cheaper building is nice but will only fasten gameplay which lead to boredom. Slow gameplay also not a nice concept if less fun experienced along it. I have no concept about it but opening a room for users to deliver their concepts sound nice.
~ Slayerzhunter
Pretty tiny release for idling, and I'm a sucker for such releases. Here's to more buildings coming quick. :) For recipients having troubles with building on upper floors, there are two ideas: go to the floor you wanna build smth on before opening the build tab or once you've picked a building, transport floors while the building is picked. Ez (This would be easier to explain if I had pictures) Also create sure to have portals on the upper floors. It's a magic school after all. ;)
~ Deanne Pascual
I really love it! The release is so alive and not boring! and hey! if you wish to obtain 10 more gems use my referral code APZTLMQ😊
~ Mary Clair
i love this release. the song and the vibe it gives me feels relaxing. an simple tiny release for someone who needs some refreshment after work 😂
~ Red Scarf
It was GREAT. The graphics, release and all. The characters are soooo beautiful!😬😘 You could install this!☺
~ Jice Emerald Intong
I personally love this release! so addicting and fun! And the newest upgrades just hold making it a non-stop fun experience! actually i have a request for the next modernization! Please create classes based on cultural differences. as an exaple I'll take my Japanese culture for this. create like a class to maybe learn the language or create sushi or something like that. or for france you should do learn how to cook. please and thank you of you do so! hold this nice release full of fun!!
~ Karate Kat Playz
A very beautiful release where you can make, build, customize and more for your tiny students and have the ability to be one of the finest schools.
~ owo -3-
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVEERR!!!!!!!! u have so many recipients in it or could I claim apprentices idk lol anyway I love it so much!!! #MagicIsReal
~ Gaming Panda
This release is really entertaining. I just have 1 concern regarding the controls, it it not accurate. Please fix it asap. Thank you.
~ Joyce Robles
very addictive and wonderful release.i liked very much. but one trouble. i can't do second floor work. or else it's a nice release
~ shylaja vh
very fun. it would be nice if we should copy the layout of one lvl to other. It's hard to obtain enough coloured gems to lvl buildings but that's what makes it fun. Can we have a 'support' or mini 'guide' button that explains everything in the release. Having to learn as you go and some things are not simple to figure out. Thanks
~ Lorna J
This is an awesome beautiful release. However in the mini release, I already have plans on what I'm going to do but the system does something else. Another than that, it's nice.
~ Bella Lestrange
When its lights off. Create all facilities turn their lights off and allow them sleep.(by i mean facilities, I meant libraries, potion market, wand stores and etc). i wish a prodigy professor walk around the school so that it feels like a "school". But it only stays at one floor. i wish to see a professor walk around, visits floors and stores. when assigning a professor it runs with the professor walking around. and when we assign them to a class. i wish to see the professor WALK towards that class.
~ Violet Mistress
Everything is nice so far. I dont have a trouble with long farming. The trouble is that the dorms they continuously changing all the time loosing the buffs from adjacent buildings. Please do something about it. Its kinda annoying.
~ maryann laguerta
It is really super ! From this I didnot test school storyline releases . It is really so nice . I am so glad from it . It's facalities is so unbelievable . And it's some another releases is very intresting .
~ Ashok Mehta
the touch controls in the school need fixing. I touch to accumulate and nothing happens. usually have to click few times in different territories. The gather missions after 5-2 are stupidly hard. like you can only create 3 mistakes and then you fail cause some objectives require you to create nothing but fairies to beat them. If you allow recipients buy 3 faeries for a dollar you might be rich. the premium recipients you obtain aren't nearly as cool as the recipients walking past.
~ Azinye Fantasy
Very beautiful release! I'm so excited that you released a newest release. Been a fan of Satisfied Labs' releases since the beginning of Satisfied Pet Storyline's large debut. This release has a recent newest feel. Everything was great until the touch control's axis was a bit off. When I tap a certain icon, the touch sensor would detect it on the further right of my finger. So for short, each tap I create would miss the desired icon I'd like to interact with. I hope this will be fixed quick.
~ Luz Anne Ortiz