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About: GARRUK'S REVENGE EXPANSION NOW AVAILABLE! Walk in the footsteps of the Multiverse's finest hunter. Featuring bonus campaign lvls, challenges, and newest cards to accumulate, you take on the role of Garruk and hunt your prey across the planes! -Search the fan-favoured plane of Alara to unblock potent newest cards -Take on the role of Garruk and use his evolving deck to hunt your prey -Victory War Boosters through Multiplayer to expand your card collection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Early Bird Gift: Users who bought the Complete Bundle, Card Collection Bundle, or any Additional Boosters for Magic 2015 prior to 11/5/2014 automatically obtain the Garruks Revenge expansion campaign added to their profile as a premium! Simply modernization Magic 2015 to the newest ver, run the release, a ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: Wizards of the Coast LLC
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About: Test your skill and logic in game of Spades! Spades is a very popular card game. The flexible AI adjusts to any player. Easy-to-use, responsive controls. Three levels of difficulty History The goal of Spades is to reach 500 points with your team. Players sitting opposite each other play as a team. The game begins with a round of bidding. You try to predict the number of "tricks", or turns, you will win. The combined bids of two partners make a "contract". Once the bidding is...

Developer: 1C Wireless

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About: NOTE: This is the paid version of Ten. If you are looking for the free version, it is available below under More from developer. This paid version does not have any ads and does not require any permissions (in the free version, the permissions are only required for the ads). Ten is a new trick taking card game that has similarities to Euchre and Spades. If you enjoy playing Pinochle, Bridge, Hearts, Whist, Pitch, or other card games, you will love Ten! Mastering the strategy and twists...

Developer: tencardgame

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Developer: Corvid Apps

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About: The most anticipated Persian game of all time is finally on Android. And its amazing. Played by millions worldwide, Hokm is a card game where your partner depends on your every move. More challenging than Poker and more engaging than Blackjack, once you learn the techniques and strategies behind Hokm, you'll be hooked. Hokm v1.0 includes: - Single Player Gaming - Resume Game - Beautiful Persian Music as you play - Choose from dozens of amazing game Carpets - Beautiful graphic...

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About: a.k.a. "Setback" or "High Low Jack" 1.19 Update: Non-touch screen Chrome OS Support Play 4 Point Pitch, 5 Point Pitch, 10 Point Pitch or just about any other type of pitch against three computer opponents. - Bid to win option - Trump only play option - Deal 6 or 9 cards - Who gets Low point option - Declare trump/choose trump options - Play to 11, 21, 52 or any other score - Play with or without partners (Cutthroat) - See Point options below As a 4 point pitch player, please e...

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Developer: Fuzzy Mobile Games


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About: This game is Spades card game. Play the famous Spades plus against opponents simulated by advanced artificial intelligence. Now play Spades. It is known ace of spades and also spades offline. Play Spades offline. Spades free brings this classic 4-player contract trick taking card game to Google Play, created to the same high standard as the rest of our games, Spades plus supplies classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more! Play Spades free. Spades download. ...

Developer: Fuzzy Mobile Games

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Developer: SNG Games

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About: Cng game BAY777.CLUB l ni giao lu ca cc game th vi nhng game bai online dn gian truyn thng kt hp game hin i nh slotmachine. BAY l s kt hp phong ph gi truyn thng v hin i vi h thng minigame phong ph bc nht hin ny He thong minigame phong phu - Xc a IQ, chn l - Bu Tm Cua C beme (Tom Cua Ca) - Tin Ln Min Nam (Tien Len Mien Nam Dem La) - Binh (Binh Xap Xam) - T L - Phm - Ba Cy 3 cay cm chng - Chn Online, ...

Developer: Dang Ninh Cao

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About: Dear customers, After many times we play and lose in tongits game, we decided to make a Real Filipinos Traditional Tong-its game. GAME INSTRUCTION: TONG-ITS is one of the most popular card games in the Philippines. It is designed to be played with at least three (3) to four (4) members. The winner will have the lowest number of cards according to points or to play all the cards out in your hand by the end of the game. You can have a "Double Payment" if you played all your cards in your hand. ...

Developer: All Fun Entertainment PTE

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About: Popular card game...

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Developer: Reham Aps


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Developer: McGregor Apps & Services

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About: A magic app like never before! The Sleight of Hand can be used to compliment your existing card tricks and it can even be used on its own! Impress and amaze your audience! **This app works best if your device has a proximity sensor **WIFI / Network permission needed to work with Sleight of Hand - Assistant (COMING SOON)...

Developer: Earl Andre Vergara

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About: Solitaire Prime by Allium Systems is the classic card game designed and built for Android. Solitaire is a popular and classic single player card game also known as Klondike Solitaire and Patience. Highlights: * Optimized for Android phones and tablets of all sizes * Optimized for Chromebooks and devices running Android Go * Best graphics and the best game play of any Android Solitaire app * Game statistics for the current and previous day, week, month and year * Integration with Googl...

Developer: Allium Systems



Magic 2015 Reviews and Comments:

The release works cute well. The guide is really nice. The controls can sometimes be hard, e.g. you can't pick which lands to tap for colorless mana. The release destroyed halfway a release. I couldn't sign in to buy actually, and hence not continue testing. EDIT: I should sign in to the shop actually, only to realize it is expensive.
~ Erwin Rossen
Well, this release is nice, I've played the legitimate card release with a nice dude of mine before, and I had no concept that this was here, and I started testing, but I wanted to access multiplayer, so I completed the guide and cleared Innistrad, but actually it claims something like go to the market, and then it claims I need to sign in, so I tried many times to sign in with Google and then tried to launch it again but it claimed the same thing, so I can't access any online informations, this lost 5 stars from me :/
~ _ ColeCaCola
This release is f2p for the first missions but once you complete them everything else on the release costs dollars, and the shop to buy the content is disabled so even if you wanted to pay an bonus 15 dollars to test a several more lvls your unable to... this release is a decent walkthrough to the card release but its cute old and there aren't any newer versions. I suggest hearthstone because you don't have to pay a ton of dollars and your now able to test a release, doesn't have a nice lore like this release still
~ Tubbs joshua
I cant even test the actual release, the guide is juat nothing but a black screen for me. The only thing there is health and all that another equipment. But the rest is inly black screen, no cards no nothing. I loved testing the actual card release and want i should test it on here
~ Joshua Acree
The release is fun. And I like it a lot. But I cant access the shop. I've tried over and over again and it keeps claiming I'm not signed in when I clearly am. so I give this a 2. Because i cant test anything else except 5 campaign missions and that's all it will allow me test. I shouldn't even give that much.
~ seth tankersley
Ok for a demo, but this isn't the full release. You obtain to test a several rounds, but then it runs asking you to pay to unblock newest foes and things. it's a great introduction to the release, but honestly, you're better off testing Magic Arena than investing anything into this release.
~ Trueflight Silverwing
Nice for those wanting to learn the release before now buying cards or to just test the release by themselves, but.... currently unable to sign into Google Test through the release on Samsung S8 to access the shop and what not. I cant obtain any of the expansions because of this. Oh, and don't forget the pay wall.
~ Jason Gasca
I really enjoy MTG overall, but the largest disappointment about this release is the fact that it is actually impossible to buy the expansions in my instance. It does not create sense that I was able to test happily through the first lvls, and actually I'm stuck in a "sign-in loop"... Wicked nice release for MTG fellows.
~ Nicholas Bekeris
This is not a full release. It's only a trial. To unblock another parts of the release it's 9.99 (USD). Which is a lot for a small release. I would pay 1.99 at most for the full release. I played this nonpaid ver for about 2 hours, that contains the guide. After that, in order to obtain ove on I had to unblock the rest of the release... No thanks.
~ Anthony Pierson
I uninstalled the release because I was having an trouble connecting online to test a dude of mine. I then reinstalled Instantly after and my progress was all lost. I redid the guide because I had no another option because I wondered maybe after that my time would come back but still nothing came back. I went into the settings and tried to reinstall buy and nothing happened but a short loading screen but nothing came back. please support was really enjoying the release and would love to continue.
~ Coleton Dobbs
i love magic, dont obtain me wrong. i have 7 decks of all different combos. i test in my cities championships from time to time. i even test during school when i have time. this is not fun. i assume it is, but when i have to wait an hour to download it, only to be met by a black screen at the guide and someone speaking, its kinda a large turn off. hopefully no one else has had this trouble.
~ G H
The release itself is nice and well place together. I have a single trouble that I hope to obtain support with. I would like to transfer my actual release status, decks, progress, etc. to my another devices and be able to test them seamlessly from one device to the next depending on my needs. So far, I have not been able to do this and I do not understand how the Google Test Acc, which shows up on all my devices, is not pulling my personal release time from the cloud. Can anyone support, please?
~ Barry Reynolds
i wanted to obtain into mtg, then i played this. its 4 years old actually and there is no newer alternative and yet you can only test 4 or 5 releases before having to spend a considerable amout of dollars to unblock the rest. I'm not claiming it could all be nonpaid but i dont know if its even still supported with an active playerbase so i need more then 4/5 releases before i decide to spend any dollars on it allow alone the asking price.
~ Graeme Lewis
Nice release! PITY AFTER YOU PLAY A FEW ROUNDS YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY. I wanted to continue. I will pay for OPTIONAL content - I feel duped. I would have easily rated this 5 stars, but because you're trying to force me to pay to test, I will rate you weak. Such a shame.... :(
~ A Quality Life
create the timer a one time stop and go between card plays. by timing the stop and continue information recipients are able to toggle back and forth few times which causes the release to bug out and skip your attack phase. it enables recipients to tool when they arw about to lose. also it allows someone to in theory stall the release out for hours if they had the patience. fix stop timer. you shouldn't be able to go back and forth. only after every card test. its like giving someone a second chance button.
~ Mitchel Gray
Awsome i love it !!!!1 BIG REQUEST: please alow me to scroll side to side in the deck builder while im zoomed in, usually having to click zoom out is so slow, everything else is nice, this release is great for anyone who loves magic UPDATE: after having played through in a very short time im actually supposed to spend a ton of dollars (for a device release) just to test outdated magic, come on wizards its been four years just create an Arena release please.
~ Jerome Haberstich
Getting recipients to test that long-a$$ guide, make a deck, duel using a sh¡++y interface and a timer for every decision you (and the cpu) create is just poor. To top it all off, wasn't upfront about being a trial. You guys should at least place in the title "nonpaid trial"... It was fun (and time consuming) while it lasted but I'm uninstalling. Proof of greed right here. If I should rate lower, I would. Shame on y'all... Shame.
~ James Sunderland
I would give this release a 5 star, but there is a discrepancy that gotta be fixed. I dueled with an individual DavidGHall and he cheated the whole release. When my attack phase came around he would constantly hit the timer pause which caused the release to skip my attack phase. This could not happen. I built my hand and played by the terms, why could I suffer from a glitch allowing my foe to annoy me abd tool me. If this continues I don't trust I will continue to enjoy this release.
~ Earlawn Adkinson
i have an LGK20 Plus. i downloaded this release and it downloaded and ran fine until i got into the actual duel screen. I can see my foes HP and my own HP but the rest of the screen is fully black and i cannot see the testing field. i uninstalled and redownloaded multiple times and still, cannot test the release. please fix.
~ Ben Hesser
They should have made the release more speedy paced and had some fun voices. It is just souless and straight forward. Proves that Magic works finest with your own imagination as a physical card release. Yes.. I am claiming this would be better if it tried to emulate Hearthstone more. There is nothing wrong with that.
~ Over Toasted
The release itself is nice, but it'd be a lot better if I didn't have to buy the rest of the storyline from the market after Chapter 1. Also, there seems to be a trouble with the market, because when I test to enter it, it asks for me to sign in to my playgames profile, and when I do, it just kicks me back to the menu without letting me see the market. the release won't even allow me test multiplayer, because I have to go to the market first. Please fix the troubles, and then I'll reconsider downdloading the release.
~ Magic Jester
it's Magic: The Gathering. aside from being fairly massive on battery usage while being played, it's fine. though it is not accurate to the actual terms you'd search in the paper card release or on Arena. in example, if you have a monster that you've declared as an offender, and your foe declares a blocker versus it, and you activate some form of evasion to obtain around the blocker, you won't, it will still be blocked.
~ John Camus
Edit: Ok so having some problem actually that I beat Innistrad: It wont allow me buy the rest of the release. I just wish to continue to Theros. And so on. I read through some of the posts and apparently this release was up and running for only 7 months after it launched? So how am I supposed to buy the rest of the release to test offline? Its not a multiplayer trouble for me I dont care about that, I just wish the full release and the OPPORTUNITY to continue testing. I WILL GIVE MONEY PLEASE HELP!
~ Chance Armour
Recently reinstalled this release. It's fun, but I had bought the bonus content for $9.99 a while back, and apparently if you uninstall the release that particular stats is also lost. So if I wish to test anything another than Innistrad, I have to pay again I guess. Not really about that life. Otherwise it is a nice release.
~ Roland Gilmore
small time test not an option. 😡 it would easily be 5⭐ if it would be modernized at all and would let you to test online WITHOUT WIFI. But it won't, it's not even a setting in the release that can be changed, a ton of recipients have infinite time plans, obtain with the times.
~ chandler kirsch
dissappointing. after downloading over a gig i expected a completely functional release. it started off nice with a ton of cards, but then i tried to download it to my device just to search out that the deck you spend hours building cant be transferred or used on a different device. so i resign myself to test on a tiny screen. i beat the first chapter and test to obtain the second one only to search out that the login is spotty and that they wish $10 for 4 year old non transferable content.
~ Kyle D
I should only test the first campaign. It kept claiming sign in to unblock. I would but it still claimed the dame thing. Tried uninstalling and installing again and got the same outcome. I downloaded the elder scrolls legends and that one now works and it's cute nice. Recomend it for anyone else having this trouble.
~ david s
I downloaded this release so I should learn how to test mtg. The guides are broken. The test field is fully black and you can not see the cards. The only thing visible are the user icons and the text. This needs to be fixed. I downloaded Magic Duels on my Xbox One instead but wanted this release to test on my work breaks. I'm on an LG K20 Plus.
~ René Palencia
I love MTG, and was extatic to search that you finally made it for the device. But I was disipointed to search that I couldn't see my cards. And it seems that everyone else my my device model is have the same trouble. I think im speaking for everyone with an LG VS501 that it seems that lots of releases dont work with our devices. So I would be extatic if you should create it if your release works with our devices. Thank you for your time. - Adam Hudspeth
~ Hudspeth Boys
It was nice until I completed the Innistrad campaign, it claimed, "To progress in the campaign, buy next section." That just sounds like I'd have to buy each section in the campaign separateley. Also it claimed, "Finish the Innistrad campaign to unblock multiplayer." Suprise suprise, it claims, "Please head to market to continue. That just seems really really mean.
~ William Kovanen
after beating the first part of the storyline in order for me to continue I had to sign in but each time I signed in it would just not sign in and claim me to sign in again. so I literally can't do anything: no multiplayer, no storyline, absolutely nothing. I'm sure this is just a bug but this makes the release unplayable. for the short time i was able to test it it was very fun and challenging.
~ Riley Daily
I had bought this release previously. Finally got around to installing it on my newest device and I can't test the full release. I paid for the release, I could be able to take it to my newest device. Especially since it is such a gigantic release, when bought you could be able to uninstall it and reinstall it without losing your buy. Losing your progress is understandable since you are deleting that progress when uninstalling, not losing your buy. It is also glitchy and kicks me out of releases.
~ Liz M
You can only test the guide and lvl 1, the everything else you have to pay for. They could have it were you only have to buy for bonus equipment like premium decks or card boxes. Not the another lvls above lvl one. Don't obtain me wrong, I love the card release, but don't create us pay just to obtain the another lvls. Thats just Greedy.
~ Vince Calliotte
not worth it anymore it's not clear upfront that it's not nonpaid to test, and the cost to unblock newest zones and equipment are expensive. Even the practice fights are 11.75. I'm unsatisfied with my experience and will be deleting it when this review is done. I hope that it can be re thought and the single user mode is nonpaid to test at least somewhere down the way.
~ Ricky Dainard
so allow me obtain this straight. on my old device, I purchased everything and progressed quite a lot. I obtain a newest device, and nothing gets saved?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I NEED TO REPURCHASE EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!?! I tried logging into my profile, and even though it has been successful, my PURCHASES didn't carry over. only my achievements... never again.
~ blorfus blorfus
You obtain a nonpaid guide and 4 campaign releases. after that you have to pay. I primarily got this to test multiplayer but you cant unless you pay. I understand they are moving to arena and they probably wont be upgrading this anymore....so Wizards, please bring arena to small. I'll pay for that! You're only getting 2 stars because it is MTG.
~ Murdoc
WARNING: To continue to the 2nd campaign or to unblock more things you have to sign in to your google releases profile (which i did). After signing in and for you to continue....THE PROCESS WILL REPEAT! it'll just hold asking you to sign after you already did, infinite cycle. DO NOT test this release if your planning to test to the end, DO NOT buy anything because you wont be able to continue, DO NOT waste your time because after the 1st campaign its over. very dissatisfying...
~ Jean Pierre
not simple to navigate. hasn't been modernized in 4 yrs. terms of magic change each year. doesn't save settings. doesn't follow the terms the card sets out. i.e. when worm dies draw a card. no. it wont allow you. makes you wait 30 seconds after your first turn. (do I really need 30 seconds to think about my first mana card after i played it?) i downloaded this release to obtain better, and better understand it but instead actually I just wish to burn recipients's decks and my device.
~ janai nelson
love the release but I can't sign into my Google test profile on it which means I can't do multiplayer, connect to the market and many another things. I've tried deleting time and cache and checked my Google test profile and belive it's an trouble in the release. looking for technical help but can't search it in the release. modernization - got it working just to search I had to pay for...well... everything, including multiplayer. Loved testing the release but I'm not paying for multiplayer. hopefully next one is better
~ Alan Clempson
Wait, u wish us to PAY?! After downloading the release (and testing a several nonpaid releases) they ask you to pay for the full ver. Why could I?? I already pay for table top mtg cards, why could I pay even more just to test some several releases versus AI? I am extremely disappointed, and hope you can create MTG arena on small. That would create a lot more recipients happier.
~ Random Kiwi