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About: Genuineunderworldwalkthroughsmallrelease,testwithmillionsofusersworldwide Worldwideconnection,nocolor,languageornationalitydifferencesandtogethercompetetobecometheGodfather. Gild,plunder,occupyandupheavalsbetweengangs,intrigues,andcompeteforthehonoredseatofBossofMafias. Superhardcoreandultrahecticmafialife.StruggleforpowerandfulfillyourAlphadream,youllnotbeabletostop"testing! Liveinteractiveturffight,everydaywarentireyearround. Productinformations 3DHDUnityreleaseengine,ultimategamingscreen Zoominginformation,360-degreesmulti-anglewithwell-graphicpicture,providinganeartruevirtualreality. LivewalkthroughRallying Come!Alongwithbrothers,we'lcornerouraggressorandwarifwordsdontwork. EstablishyourGild'sforcesandwakethosepotentialtalents. Ifyoudontcrushthemhere,tomorrowthey'llcrushyou. Oneandonlyworldwideserver,alongwithprofessionaltranslationsystemcapableoftranslatingalllangua ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 58MB Developer: YottaGames
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About: Game chin thut thi gian thc kinh in tr li. Xng danh TOP1 vi hng vn chin thut c o, cch dng binh ti tnh cng cc sch lc khc ch c mt khng hai. T s k tha tinh hoa v kt hp c o to thnh mt game chin thut Tam Quc thi gian thc nh cao nht t trc ti nay. Qun S VTC ang s la chn hon ho cho cc tn game chin thut trn ton th gii . Cn khng mau chiu hin np tng kt lin minh xy dng giang sn !!! c sc: - Cng thn...

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Mafia City Reviews and Comments:

I was just wondering if there was any chance of having the option to test this release in landscape view. i love this release and yep ... have spent quite a bit of dollars on it lol. hold up the nice work guys xo
~ Belinda Forrest
nice release, just would like 4 the needed amount of resources to reach the next lvl after lvl 15, to be less, past this lvl in the release if, u r not a patient person, then the only idea to advance is to create purchases of boxes. though it is not a requirement of the release to do so. I'm lvl 24 actually, and have only made under 10 purchases of boxes, but it has taken me a nice chunk of time to obtain to this target.
~ Sara Quillman
waste of dollars i will suggest not to test this release mainly two reasons. number 1 release is not fair the recipients who spend crazy dollars are on top of meal chain i would request google test to block such content base app where release test is not fair
~ Muddair Mirza
Nice Product my only trouble is there is no Black Girls in it...They have all kinds of cultural backgrounds except that one. I mean where's the Trap Queen's at?
~ Taishia Dunbar
I'm really glad that I found this release. Another than pubg there wasn't any release that I liked at that time. Even if I test a newest release after 2 or 3 days I obtain bored. But this release was different. I have been testing this release for 6 months. My only complaint about this release is sometimes its really slow. Another than that everything is nice to me.
~ Its A
im just starting so its kinda hard for beginners, its to much you have to do. i a release you could have to learn a you go then you add more equipment to do. in this it looks like you have to figure everthing out at once.
~ Brandon Shuford
would be a nice release but you can't compete unless you got nothing better to spend your dollars,,, waste of time downloading tbh,,, deleted.
~ Steve Goonan
Nice all round release only thing i would claim need improving is more user's need to join i have an launch enrolment for any user who just wish to chill out socialise and expand our Mafia base. come join the UFM United Family Mafia today you wont regret it like most another release like this one.
~ Aber Dangerous
basically if you dont have a lot of dollars to throw at this release you can not obtain anywhere. this release is the definition of pay to victory. would not suggest for anyone who likes to now have a nice time...
~ jeff emeigh
stay away from this release unless you have a lot of dollars i have spent over £3000 and still cont obtain no were its nice untill lvel 10 then expect to spend £150 un to lvl 15 then £150 again its crazy I all most lost my home spending dollars I did not gave
~ Mohammed-ali Ashcroft
don't spend a penny on that release. i bought several things but that wasn't enough for them so they took £99.99 and sent me the box i did NOT request!!! they claim to contact them via correspondence where they respond after days 'we don't deal with refund troubles', SCAM!!!
~ bef198878
i wish to claim that it's a nice release, but you lose your lads idea to speedy and simple, your usually training to obtain more and you sit in limbo waiting to test. testing for nonpaid would take idea to much time, so you need to spend dollars to obtain any where.
~ Ed Rollins
The release is nice though to only upgrade and build up your base and war and do it all over again gets type of boring. Along with, when you upgrade something and the castle supporting hand symbol pops up it automatically sends it and makes it seem like you need support with everything you do. Nothing serious just some things are a tiny annoying.
~ Cherry B 2000
Played this for as long as I should tolerate. Controls are not particularly clear, gameplay is vague, graphics are not the finest either. not even worth 5 mins of your time.
~ Thomas Moonan
Nice release its a grind but its nice. I'm in a very nice castle in castle 493 im Mansion 20 Which as taken me a couple of months to do only boxes ive purchased are for the vigilantes.. if i should do one thing though is that the amount in resource been increased having to send at least 4 ops to gather for a decent amount is annoying. also investment is in my opinion idea to high in amount of resources you need to use. also lower the cooldown on getaway drivers 20hours is too long 10 would be better
~ Carl Scott
like it but its onvious that the makers and users high up in the release are dominating everything and is making it less enjoying......///// ADDING TO MY ABOVE RATING im taking stars away due to the nature of illegally selling and trading of profile to create 4 _ 5 clans the strongest to crash release test for recipients whom are trying to have a nice time please fix this i feel they could be spread out to another citys or please transfer my castle out to a newest castle that would be finest then 5 stars
~ Christopher Fregoe
nice release. but payment options are too costly for non-dollar payments. Developers could think of decreasing the prices of existing ones as well as making a several cheaper alternatives as well.
~ Ankur Sharma
release test is decent however the release constantly kicked me off and closed the release release each 5-10 mins. the keyboard wouldnt stay up to kind messages. there is a lot of flaws in this release that need attention. i guess the developers are more worried about pushing users to spend dollars on a release that dont work properly. im going back to kings small at least that release dont have gamong troubles.
~ James Drew
just watched the Advertisement on Fb and downloaded this release. it is nothing like yhey showed in the AD. this is scam. and stoo copy-paste same respond to all negative reviews. you re not funny at all. if playstore was mine you would obtain immediate profile deletw
~ Hye Xenforo MacedoniaNS
I love the release to the fullest. It's fun and keeps you interested. You don't need dollars to advance. It supports quicken certain actions if you do spend dollars, but it's not a necessity to test and advance in the release. it's very informative and interactive in terms of another users. The trouble I'm currently having is I can not see any of the recipients around my mansion. Since the modernization, I only see the shadows of the recipients. And the casino wheel is wonky actually. I can still test and enjoy, but it bothers me
~ Joseph Pantore
cute nice release you really need to spend dollars or you WILL BE GETTING AN A $$WHOPPING from someone! other thing is when you obtain gold and test to donate to the castle the rest witch costs $125 in gold pops up directly in the same spot as the donation button. so if you are not paying attention you can spend all your gold!
~ Vern Cook
after the modernization the release loads but cant really do anything else. I can protect once then the release doesn't wish to do anything else. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the release only to do it again the next day. I love the release but I am thinking of not installing it again. I will raise the rating once it gets fixed thank you.
~ Michelle Eves
just got the release 2 days ago played it for 2 days straight but actually the release won't even load on my device I pick the release but the screen just goes black and doesn't work is the release down for an modernization/maintenance all is nice with the globe again thank you and your staff for the speedy responses i know I was a pain in the ass lol I recovered the profile I'm glad to see the staff at mafia castle care about users who don't pay to test just as much as the ones that do I really appreciate the support
~ Joseph Winters
The pay gap is gigantic. You can obtain almost 1000% details if you spend a lot ($300k+) but it's impossible to even obtain to 200% details without spending. All the meetings heavily favour large spenders. They hold adding vigilantes ($150+ to full one), mansion skins ($1500 every + around $2500 to full one skin), babes ($500 every), ops ($500 every) AND A LOT MORE P2W STUFF 1-2 TIMES A MONTH. All of these give a lot of details and most can't be obtained without spending. The pay gap only increases with each modernization.😑
~ Flavio Gaming
nice release, even better when you obtain into a nice castle and support one other out! once you obtain to a certain target you do need to spend some dollars unless you wish to take a long time earning dollars/cargo/arms/metal to upgrade your mansion and wall. it's a fun release that I enjoy thank you for creating it! "Kenworth Gang" (SIP)
~ Mr. Landscaper
Developers do not listen to users for release recommendations and things just become more and more expensive. if you dont wish to drop thousands...yes i claimed thousands of dollars to test a release and be competitive do not download this, youll like it at first until they plant a "large spender" profile in your castle (likely a dev profile to promote recipients to spend out of anger) and youll still be destroyed in no time flat. They hold releasing things to buy but never improve upon what you already have.
~ Brian Becker
i got a different box from the one i purchased. i've been trying to reach out to them to no avail, emailed them twice with screenshots as proof. terrible customer service. UPDATE: did what they advised, i messaged them in facebook. Still insisting that I was at fault and just be careful in my next buy. the box they sent me was does not even exist the night i purchased mine, i sent them screen video, still they won't give me what i paid for. SCAM
~ Regine Costa
its nice but castle target can be used by leader for buying dollars cargo ammo and another resources.Mafia leader gotta have all power in his castle.He/she (leader) can do all things in castle.In true life also mafia leader can use dollars collected by all members for his personal use and castle development. if we can deliever salary to castle official post holder such as warlord and others then its feel like we are gansters.I also wish to give salary to them because I am also the leader of castle Nice fighters(Ula)
~ mount Everest
really fun and addictive, and normally i never suggest anyone to buy anything but test buying the 0.99$ box and it will be worth it for a very long time. definitely recommending this to all my dudes and i already have some family members testing.
~ Xavier Senpai
There's pay to victory and then there's Mafia Town. With many releases, a tiny spending and nice walkthrough you can obtain ahead, but they hold adding expensive buffs that means if there are users who are willing to drop half a million dollars into a small release (and there are) there is no idea to hold up. Fun enough if you search the right castle, but a complete dollars grab otherwise.
~ Lisa Livesay
It's not a terrible release, requires a ton of time and battery. However it's cute cool, if you're a sensitive human being then be wary of chats as they're cute toxic though there's not much you can really do as the company as far as I can think of... If there was a idea to hold old "cities" (servers) refreshed and active that'd be nice for anyone who wants to run a castle. I did meet interesting users so I give this a great even 4 star rating and would suggest it. Also can't forget the banners 😅.
~ A Google user
Not a terrible release so far. i can't give you a five star rating for the easy fact that most of the things that can support a person greatly, the person has to use actual dollars. I also droped it down to 3 stars because you asked me to give the release a 5 star rating. i cant modernization my opinion on release. i deleted it. actually im blocking you.
~ Burlington Vermont
I can not invest into this release anymore just a sad topic. They only care about those who drop dollars into this release constantly on the everyday. Don't ask me to report trouble to anyone, I have and have soooooo many others. You are losing users that has played for years.
~ Mechelle Fludd
Bored to tears. build,upgrade,build,upgrade and for the 4 hrs I played, no less then 5 banners in your face at the same time wanting dollars dollars. if you did not do as the release claimed to do, no progress should be had. so you dont test just follow directions. boring as hell.
~ Steve Johns
Nice. But after updating the Mansion to LVL 15 is almost impossible to lvl up that thing to higher lvls. Grinding doesnt leave that much in resources and between updates and the training of the units the resources, specially boxes and metals, drains too speedy. Still, fun. Search yourself a nice castle and it'll much more easier sometines.
~ Zaal'Koris Vas Qwib-Qwib
There was a mistake it was approaches made last night more than a $100 that I did not wish and would like a response back on how can my dollars be place back on my credit card? Ive named my bank holder an I was claimed I can fill out a claim report which I've done. I don't know anyway to contact the owners of this release for feed back .
~ A'D Allah
scam release...each time the developers see that your advancing in the release they send a higher power test to destroy you. I've reached just about a million in test status 3 timesnow. which takes a long time to do and a lot of dollars for all the bonus perks you need to buy so that you can rebuild your gang. each time I obtain that high in power a super user knows just where I'm located and when I dont have shields up to protect myself. they break you back down so that you have to spend more dollars .
~ Bo Espinosa
i lost my device and broke my newest device and i was spending a lot of dollars on my mansion I lost it all . i have actually started a again I had asked for something anything to support me out . i have had no respond I have been testing this release for along time . it would not harm mafia castle to give a gift to loyal users and customer as some booster boxes had cost me $150.00 i do think it is not fair ...
~ christos Christos
I was charged 99.99 and wasnt even logged in the release. I reported this trouble with the GM and the secretary should only claim me sorry and it cannot be refunded. I have been an active user for a tiny over 3 years actually and i am in 2 cities. I have spent well over a hundred dollars in this release. The management rather lose a loyal customer than to refund 99.99. What a joke. Sincerely "The GoDfaTheR"!
~ Kevin George
I wish to be able to transport my turf to other Town without having to run fully over. I have spent dollars on my turf in the castle I am currently in & I feel that it is unfair & unacceptable & probably fraudulent for you to create me run over with nothing in a newest castle. Town number 497 has some incredibly vindictive & nasty users who will not allow anyone grow or compete with them. if gameplay is improved I will give more stars. I have attempted to contact through WhatsApp with no response.
~ MacKenzie Tervol