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About: MAD ZOMBIES : OFFLINE ZOMBIE GAMES continues the journey of zombie aggressor. The entire globe is still withheld by the tsunami of zombies, the day of apocalypse is coming, some recipients are trying to regain the control, they war for the large duty, but its not simple because of the zombies are getting more crowded and more risky. Will this warfare complete or not in this Zombie release? It depends on you - the shooter survivor! = Your goal is zombie, as many kinds of Zombie releases, they are not human, they are dead and furious. They can walk, run, and attack you, they are not stupid zombies, they have the team and they know how to war in the war, they evolve very speedy too. They are walking on the village, the castle, the route, maybe in the car or the plant. So to obtain the advantage in the zombie releases, you need the walkthrough to slay them all, you need to slay th ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: VNG GAME STUDIOS
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MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games Reviews and Comments:

i feel cheated, i been testing this daily an they are not giving me my everyday reward for testing. its hard to obtain bonus guns
~ Phillip Demyers
Simply the finest! I am addicted to killing zombies can not stop! control is nice!
~ Pete Richardson
even though its almost an identical clone of dead goal , i am still glad that i can finally test something so related to it , and i should claim that is even propably a tiny bit better than dead goal
~ Kwstas Askotis
why in pvp mode the sounds are stop? and also my soldier fires automatically? please do something about it....
~ Alfredo Bosi
Please develop the PVP battlefield and make bonus graphics yards and enable the user to shoot while running and develop it in a style related to the release of pubji
~ هيثم الجراح
may i create a recommendation, when reloading the shotgun, it could place in as many bullets as you can shoot currently. atm it reloads like you have 8-10 shells.
~ David Crawford
Product is cute nice. It's matured well with a several upgrades. Thanks for the hard work!
~ William Yung
~ A Google user
This release is so fun and challenging at the same time the prices are cheap and nice 😎 The graphics are so cool and the missions is just what i need to hone my skills. Thanks, hold up the nice work!!
~ Autumn Robinson
Pocket of gold SCAM, even if you have enough gold when they create an offer, they will still wish to accumulate true life dollars from your credit card.
~ Emma Ik
nice release but the gold u give us is utilised in upgradation of the gun and then u give p90 offers which are more than 250gold .can u pls fix these prblems .otherwise the release is very cooooooool
~ Gnaneshwar Patnaik
Region 1 was fun and could be a 4/5 stars release but... Region 2 stages don't load past 62%... This trouble has been solved so moved 3 to 4 stars.
~ A Google user
It is one of the finest release release. No adv. is seen between the release and all its background, weapons, upgradation and resolution is nice. 😀😀😀👍👍👍
~ A Google user
Other dollars grab ,release gotta be for fun not for stealing dollars ,it is hard to clear stages without spending dollars .so uninstalling the release
~ Vikas Pahuja
relatively nice but there seems to be a bug with gold , each time I log in I have less gold than previously , its hard to build gold to progress and the bug makes the release a fair amount less desirable.
~ Russell Gauley
I love the release its very addicting it might even be better then dead goal and I love dead goal and kinda dead warfare all I wish in the release actually is MORE regions and GUNS and crate GUNS.hold up the nice work and one day I hope you create a couple newest zombie releases and like I claimed hold up the nice work.and correct spelling and grammar in the release
~ Jenessa Rogers
~ Ronald Spates
Too slow for reload the gun but zombie too speedy ..pls modernization next lvl instantly due to I already finish R7 Militari territory i'm having trouble with the control pls fix the trouble otherwise i will uninstall this release..
~ Hamzah Sarim
Its nice thats its offline release. Just modernization it also with online content so it's sociable, fun, and less lonely wars. I like interacting with newest recipients? Have never thought of that?
~ Derill Troy Tacang
bgm and sfx disappears after a match or couple of matches in the pvp mode. it's not fun without those audios lad, not cool at all! I beg you devs please fix this trouble and I will give you 5 large shining stars! Cheers!!
~ randy balanditan
Yhe release is nice but you can't test for long time.. bcs some gime later weapons are gone low and the then release is showing popups ( banners) for buying equipment ..and its feel like paid release. ( release achi hai. per kuch tym hi khel sakte hai ...uske baad to ye her baar her chij ke buying ke liye hi kehti h )
~ Prem Singh
was fun the first couple of days testing, actually its claiming i need a internet connection to test. please fix if u wish recipients to continue testing. garbage ppl, dont waste ur time. they wont fix any bugs or glitches
~ David Harrell
pls kindly upgrade your tool, because when i launch the region it still downloading even i already download it and test..after several days of test.. i am planning to uninstall this because it keeps me bothered me downloading this apps. your release is a bushit.
~ Jonathan Quiñal
I would have given 5 stars because I truly love this release. But, they push purchases much too hard. Each single 'premium offer' will usually, usually be more than you have by just a small bit, enticing you to buy the gold to afford it. Very, very uncool guys. Another than that, no complaining from me. All the finest equipment can be gotten from grinding, in release dollars, and drops in meetings. Just the constant, constant reminder that you just need to spend a small bit of true dollars is irritating AF 🤣
~ Joshua Brandin
please fix this release please! i wish adds need more gold why end the nonpaid equipment. if you dont imma just erase the release it wont be worth it any more it takes WAAAAAAY to long to obtain gold. sorry but please create it worth the test #unhappygamer
~ Bow Joe
the release is really so nice to slay time but the trouble i am facing is the background song turns off suddenly and without that sound it doesn’t feel nice to feel and test.. please solve this trouble.
~ Farhana Mimi Shuma
coming quick, is reeeeeally taking foooorever, I read this message before I downloaded the release, I have completed the release and actually I'm waiting a long time too, how much longer?😴 once it comes I'll change it to 5 stars
~ Sanchez Seth
it's a fun release so far as I've just started testing today. My trouble is that I've had over 12 gold disappear and I don't understand why. I'm watching the banners to earn gold and actually I'm down 12 gold wth.
~ Aaron Carey
Really fun release! Addicting as quick as you run testing. Nice graphics, and they teach you how to test, as you go. Realistic gun noises and explosions.. I highly suggest this release! If you are wondering if it's worth trying, you definitely could. I don't think you will be disappointed.
~ James Peters
Incredible and magnificent release!!!!! Feels like a true life case where you can never let evil over shadow you but slay the wicked recipients. please guys I suggest this release to anyone. Download this unbelievable release..
~ Prior Ndubueze
hey i love the release its terrible ass has nice informations and boss lvls but just wanted to know if this is still a working release ..i have had it downloaded for months actually and finally completed it as far as i should so my question is are you still working on it to finish it ..i hope so because i would love to fully finish the entire release ..i would love to see how the entire things plays out
~ Melissa Bartley
Nice release...love the different weapons and missions. Spectacular artwork! Not all the zombies are the same. Some are a lot harder to slay than others. Getting nonpaid grenades etc. is defitnaly worth watching videos plus by watching them i have found a ton of another releases to test. Thank you and hold up the nice work...it is much apperciated!!!
~ christina tucker
Super fun release, no lack of ammo and entertaining. Kind of funny how the words aren't spelled correctly through the story but this kept me occupied on a 21 hour train ride where service was shotty through most of the tiny cities (most of my ride). Thanks for making a cool release offline :)
~ Kevin Platt
The storyline development should be improved. Most of the banners are voluntary for the sake of a reward, but there are also some intrusive ones. Some lvls can be glitchy. A zombie may stand where you just can't turn to shoot them. Or your weapon will work fine for a majority of the target and then just not fire on the last zombie, leaving you helpless. The globe quests are not very developed storyline wise, but they are fun with the explosive bullets mods. These mods are not available in the storyline mode.
~ Glen Ryerson
You cannot have completely upgraded gun, unless you pay. You hardly pass an zone unless you have an upgraded gun. That means you are only given first zone only, unless you pay. In my opinion, the release pointof view is too wide to cover. The zombie more like aliens that transport so speedy. The banners might be using a hi-res one. That's bandwidth consuming, slow loading, etc. Do they think that I will watch the banners on a 50" LED TV?
~ Baby S
worst experience since 2 days. i was enjoying it since 10 days, until they stopped/limited the number of banners per day. we required the banners to buy energy, grenade n health box. also many times after pvp round the release sound goes off n the only idea to turn it back on is to relaunch the release. actually i have spent 150000 badges to buy gear points n still my gear target value is same😡😡😡😡😡😡... this release is full of bugs..n where the hell is scene/region 9? we are waiting since 7 months.
~ Deepak Saboo
Occasionally in multiplayer the pathfinding breaks and the hero bounces off obstacles. I have also found a several zones of the map that present a shed wall. recipients are also moving outside the map boundaries. I also encountered 1 zombie killing me through a wall and other that was invincible both times it only happened once and both time I had just tossed a grenade. last thing in settings it claims redemption code but no codes exist online except the mod codes.
~ Lucas Leach
This release never allow you buy the bonus guns/war chest.. they will offer something that more than our gold.. so we will face the "not enough gold" on each offer.. thats the idea they wish to push player to buy their equipment. I played over months and never obtain chance to buy what they offered.. I recommend recipients its better to install this release for tool ver. if you wish experience all the weapons..
~ Joy Shimizu
For the most part I love this release. My only trouble is that sometimes in pvp after dying the shooting button gets stuck and I can't change position until I switch back and forth between weapons ans reload repeatedly. Also on the last scene target there is a scene where you're at the top of the stairwell behind a door and the zombies can hit you through the door and you can't even see them. Other glitch spots as well.
~ robert Yanez
at first i couldn't stop testing this release.i was thrilled with,the different modes,nice selection of guns,ideas to earn rewards&dollars,but then i learned it seems to pay you when you do the surveys,makes it impossible to obtain modes,or updates!!!!!!! especially if you dont have the dollars.just disgusted. only reason i haven't uninstalled was my son wish to test it out.
~ keir jackson