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About: The time-limited summer festival box with 80% discount is actually available! ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Suggested by Google Test in many countries 2. More than 50 million users globe-wide ALSO FEATURES Designed focusing on dressing up, with high photo quality and interesting release-test. Bringing stereoscopic gaming experience to you. Interesting storyline-line The protagonist Nikki will embark on a magical travel across seven nations with different designing styles, and develop different stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries. With nearly 300,000 words'dialogues and descriptions, the plot is comparable to that of a novel! Tens of thousands superb outfits Regular fashion, European style, antique beauty, dream-like fairy tales, neutral handsome, futuristic sci-fiAlmost all dressing styles ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 72MB Developer: Elex
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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Reviews and Comments:

I adore this release I mean who wouldn't! Its a dressing release but it's not like the crappy girly dress up releases and it's absolutely superb art style just sets it off the charts this release thould be number 1!!!!!!
~ Gemma C
im very disappointed with this. i downloaded the release and opened it and i allow it download all the time. i then went to watch youtube (once it completed downloading and upgrading) and when i completed watching it i went onto the release. it was stuck on the screen with the originators (the white screen with 2 icons) on it. i opened it up many times and faced the same trouble. im very sad as i would like to test this release. please see if you can fix it. thx
~ Dawn Taylor
I was really enjoying this release, but after months of advancing in the release I tried to test today and it fully restart. I spent so much time and dollars on this release just for it all to be erased with no explanation or idea to obtain it back.
~ Heather Noelle
It is not upgrading. It usually turns off while I am upgrading it. I really wanted to test this release. I also tried to delete and re-download it but it didn't work. I hope tjis trouble gets fixed. This is my fifth day trying to modernization it. I would not prefer this release to anyone if this trouble is not fixed instantly. This is a really great release but you really nwed to fix it so that recipients will run recommending it to others. I hope you understand and will cix the trouble in this release. Thanks a lot.
~ Parveen Raza
very addicting and its really nice to test while bored and equipment. I personally am super terrible at fashion but somehow this release helped me improve in fashion. Although it deleted my files and my hard and everything is actually gone, my hard work everything, i was in lvl 21 and it took me a long time to obtain their, please how can i obtain my equipment back? oh and one more thing, since my another profile is linked to Fb i couldn't obtain this one to do so aswell so i was in guest login.
~ Scarlett g.
I L O V E THIS GAME But one thing is that create it a non wifi and Wifi release I can't test it on the go because My device does not have DATA yet. Other thing is create the clothes cheaper sometimes and also create more 5 STAR clothes. Otherwise I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE THIS GAME thank you for making it!
~ Fluffywolf
Fun math mind release, you need to be able to think so it's not just a dress up release. It's fun and engaging. My daughters got me to test and within four days I was a lvl fifteen. Yeah, Yiayia is addicted.
~ Elizabeth Harrah
when i downloaded the release, i was very exited to test it. but im giving it one star because it has been claiming "downloading" for the past two days and i cant even obtain past the loading script. please solve this error:(
~ Cheyenne Soards
Nice release! Pretty designs, gameplay keeps me wngaged with everyday tasks and frequent achievements! I am a tiny upset about how losing everything with the most newest modernization on my guest profile, but the newest additions create the release more interesying!
Love the release but like they could give more coins and diamonds and staminas and most importantly star coins. Cause it is not everybody that has a credit card to buy. And they could also give out nice costumes to those recipients to not only the vp.when i mean more coins and diamonds and star coins i mean like maybe 5000000 or over and also increase their versus pls pls pls pls
~ Jemima Uto- Dieu
I love this release! It is so fun and I suggest linking your fb profile to it. A trouble I am having with this release is each time I test going to chapter 3 the release just stops which really sucks. If there is a idea you guys can fix this please do so or claim me how. Actually a several days later I deleted and redownloaded the release. I got to lvl 3! If you are having the same trouble this is so worth it! :D ❤💗
~ WookWook 101
My daughter loves this release. She claims it goes so many different ideas and the clothes are really cool. Her experience Claims you guys "This is a nice release! Its not that lagging AND theres no banners! Fully worth the storage!"
~ Richard Swingle
It is nice! I love how its very simple to earn newest clothing! There is one downfall though.... If you've logged in to fb on it and wish to restart, there is no idea to so you'd have to test as a guest. Another than that, it's nice!
~ Alexia Hoy
i acctually love this release. I've been testing since before Yoko's name changed to Bobo. Actually i do search the ads for the release, misleading. Most of the suits advertised are meeting suits, personally if the ads involved suits from lvls and some of the another characters like Bobo or Momo so its less misleading.
~ Julie Squish
i got this release a long time ago ( before the one year mark) and i got really far but it randomly deleted. i recently reinstalled it and it will not load at all. please support me fix this uf you know any tricks. still a nice release though.
~ the three-ma-tunes
I've had this release two sepret times, yet can not obtain pass the pajama scene. why? Because I need to obtain the equipment to craft it from a gacha that does not wish to give me the shirt. it's dumb. I can't even use gems to just create the shirt. Please think things through. Another then that, the release is fine. I'd just like to obtain past the scene please.
~ RaindomTM
I loved this release, until today, it modernized and when I tried to log back in with Fb it restart and actually i have nothing, and not that long ago I paid for diamonds and actually it's all gone, and I was also on leave 30 or 40, and actually i have to restart
~ Ian Wilson
binding my profile to Fb was the worst mistake I've ever made. not only is Fb pushy, but it has actually glitched out and will not allow me log in. I got locked out of my love nikki profile within 20 mins of binding it to Fb. Fb is a poor company and love nikki is tainted by association.
~ Elisabeth Wood
Nice release! I see tiny troubles, except the Fb part. I don't like Fb, and it makes me sad that i have to log into it to obtain more informations. Also, whenever i wear a bracelet and keep something, the Bracelet clips into the object.
~ Call me spark
Dont like the amount of equipment you have to pay for but otherwise a nice release! modernization: it's claiming i dont have network connection, which i definitely do. ive tried restarting my device and reinstalling the release. once i reinstalled the release it just froze on the opening screening where you press the button for coins. im really annoyed.
~ Fiona Mugford
this release is over the top of my favoured releases, it has been a blast, I'm fully digging the clothes and style.... but maybe you can turn down the price a tiny bit but I am in love with the release.... thanks originators n can u place my solution under consideration please... tanks
~ Joy Onyejiaka
it takes idea to much coun or diamonds to achieve anything in this release. uou can earn both but nowhere near enough to obtain anywhere. it depends highly on in release purchases to obtain anywhere in this release. and times to obtain premium edition suits is idea yo short unless you buy diamonds or the boxes, which are too expensive for what you obtain..
~ dj Boothe
it not working i am currently on lvl 11 on chapter 5 and i used the super hint (-3 of them . boots ,bandana and the coat) but it. wouldn't work! so i used the normal hint bu that didnt work ether and all it was just a shirt and shorts! i used all i had for it but it still. didnt. WORK. fun otherwise but right actually it hard im stuck please create it easier
~ A Google user
I really like this release and I've played it for over a year but the latest modernization has made the loading screen (I'm talking about the first thing that you see when you launch the release) freeze. I've tried restarting my device but it's still frozen. Can you fix this please so I can enjoy your release once again.
~ PocketSphinx
I now love this release but im not really glad rn... About two days ago I spent almost 20$ to obtain a pretty recharge suit. It took the dollars out of my paypal and I didn't obtain what I paid for, including the recharge suit... Only today after writing to help a second time did i obtain my diamonds... im not sure if I received any vip points and I never received the recharge suit I really wanted...
~ Songs Of My Hart
I had a second cellphone that had this release downloaded and I lost that cellphone. I usually got sad each 2 weeks cause that cellphone was lost and I had so much on that profile. Actually I have to run all over again. I don't mind because this release is the finest. Hopefully, I can search my cellphone.
~ Emilia Baltazar
Love Nikki is a nice release for girly women and tomboys , it is a unbelievable release and is very cheap for equipment u buy in the release, it is about $0.99 per buy i would claim and usually has sales cute often , i just got this release but i can claim they might have sales often, it is a unbelievable release to test all sorts of outfits , it is not inappropriate really at all it is a delicious release for all ages of women
~ carmen lyons
It is the finest simulation release on dress up ever ! I am so addicted to the release ..BUT one thing i would like to claim, Please Please please add auto rotate to the release.. there is an zone on my tab where touch Doesn't work ! that's the reason i cannot buy clothes as the buy actually button doesn't work !!!! please add auto rotate !
~ Divya Rehal
its nice!!!! I love the design, and the fact that its not JUST a dress up release and it has a storyline with it. Although, the Momo recommendations thing should use a tiny work. the clothing it suggests don't go together well, and mostly look chunky and uncoordinated. please fix this. otherwise its nice. :)
~ Izabelle Cooper
enjoyable but sometimes the release refuses to work properly and when another apps have no trouble with the internet I'll still see the error message that this isn't connecting and would you like to test and reconnect? frustrating.. so far I haven't had to spend any dollars but many times that means I have no chance of getting anything from most of the newer meetings and any old meeting they bring back, especially when they work based on attempts...
~ A Aramanda
I wanted to enjoy this release, but I just don't think it's for me. The criteria for how the style fights are judged isn't made very clear while you're dressing, and once I noticed Momo's tricks and recommendations for what to wear to victory, I admit that I started using them for each war snd it sucked a lot of the fun out. I don't know, I like the clothes and it's kinda fun but something about it is just too complicated for me.
~ Chelsea Welch
This dress up release is addictive and pretty. I love the art style of the characters and clothing. Simple release to test and you also obtain tricks from Momo (the cat), if you ever obtain stuck or confused. You can test this release without using actual dollars and that's how I have been testing this release so far. Plus when you sign in daily you can obtain equipment for nonpaid. Overall an enjoyable experience.
~ Walata *WahLatTah* Naomi
This is an nice release! It's a nice time-aggressor and has a lot going on in it So far I have no concerns for this release This release is Extremely constructive!☺ The thing I like most is that you don't have to pay in order to obtain more gold,instead you can buy the gold with diamonds and those are cute simple to accumulate! But I do wonder if in stylist arena,do we compete versus true recipients or are they just auto bots? Highly suggested!
~ Reem Hassan
Nice release. The only trouble is it basically requires you to have a fb profile in order to save your progress. And using guest mode is not a nice concept because it can delete your progress on a whim. I think a nice addition would be to allow recipients to use a google profile to save progress. Fb needs to go away they are too nosy and demanding for personal stats that no one in their right mind could give. I love this release but I'm uninstalling until this trouble is fixed if it ever is.
~ Christina Hilvety
I enjoy this release very much. I love the meetings and the Love Nikki community! The outfit and suits are pretty and mostly well designed. The reason I'm only giving 4 stars is because the long term pavillions. There is no "are you sure you wish to spend?" button. Which really does suck because many users will accidentally waste diamonds on these. I hope you devs add this function even if it takes a long time to code. Many users like me who have wasted diamonds on these would appreciate it.
~ 『Mystic Messenger』 MC
Nice. Here is a recommendation: since Lunar's look has been changed a while ago, you should create other ver of the set that looks related to her in the 4 seasons sets, because actually Lunar looks differnet than the original suit in the 4 seasons collection. Nice job!
~ Hana Ammar
Its a fun release but in the higher lvls it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to obtain past some stages if you dont wish to spend actual dollars. You have to evolve clothes which means you jave to repeat past lvls like 30 times just for a 5% chance to obtain the piece you need and even then you might need 6 or 8 of that piece. I recommend a tiny higher drop rates on clothes required for evolves and maybe a FINISH ASAP button on lvls you've already finished like you have in the arena.
~ A K
this release is no fun anymore, I use to be able to buy things with my t-small profile and actually it's not letting me. it Claims me that my device is not provisioned for carrier billing. I named my carrier and I got claimed that it was not them. if I can't buy anything then I'm just going to have to uninstall this release... 😔😔😔😔
~ Angie Rodriguez
Very addictive, and speedy paced. I was lvl 11 before I ran out of stamina for the first time. this gave me more than enough time to completely experience the basics of what the release had to offer. Well designed, pretty art, and honestly an interesting storyline create this release a gotta for any avid small user!
~ Mackseat Gaming
Please please please have a different idea to log in than Fb. Not everyone has a Fb. Please use the Google Test Products information. I don't wish to create a fb just for this release because I realize fb will lock the profile for being fake.
~ 神威がくぽ