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About: Welcome to Love & Puzzle! Please support Emily to run her restaurant and learn the idea of business through your own experience. The release was adapted from a true-life journey, about a woman's travel from penniless nobody to the queen of her industry. Check the struggling of business and joy of success, after having fun in the match-3 releases. Is it hard to achieve success? Allow's test with Emily! Through Love & Puzzle, you'll search it's not that hard nor that simple to manage a business, the key is... Introduction of the storyline Emily was fired due to industry downturn in the global economic crisis. Without a job, Emily was unable to renew her apartment and become homeless, adversities came one after other. Emily explode into tears, why god punishes me like this? She's so sad and at a loss, where is the idea out? A letter from her dude Tyler brought her hope, god op ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 83MB Developer: wenyao [email protected] undefined
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Love & Puzzle Reviews and Comments:

so, recipients aren't lying, there is a trouble with Fb connection. I downloaded a couple releases and this is one, I connected to face ebook and it just kept unconnecting me often. needs to be fixed, if recipients are claiming you there's an trouble, and I've read many, you might now look at your release and search the trouble and fix it. I will raise my star rating when this is fixed, and only then.
~ Felicia Bingham
yea im not gunna restart often i log into the release
~ Twila Simpson
I am not glad with this release, because I kept having to run some lvls over again, more than a several times, during the release. This caused me to lose a life, often so, I really never got to test the release.
~ Kathy Budd
nice release so far
~ Tabitha Bowers
Absolutely addictive release.Tasty design & matching release
~ arthus stoffer
Love this release, Match fun & design puzzle release
~ mekel bastock
Love the release.Solve troubles and design your restaurant
~ hardwick goymer
Where fun never ends!Nice release!
~ hawanya ginglell
My favoured release! Lots of fun.Love Puzzle.
~ Arinze Adcock
Love the release. Your restaurant is your puzzle
~ shaivi anwell
This is a nice release.I really love this release.Its really enjoyable.
~ farhad nutbean
Restaurant、Island、Hotel,Love Puzzle,Really fun.
~ kaizer wonter
I love this release and how it keeps getting more challenging!
~ leonaldo drezzer
I am hooked for days actually ... Nice graphics...Love Puzzle!
~ shalece barzen
I just absolutely live this release! It is SO addictive as fun!
~ Brucha Rotter
It is a very fun release. I give it a 5 out of five rating.Love it!
~ sovanna proud
Once you run you can’t stop testing very addictive highly suggested
~ Denaysha Mowsdale
Wishing for more of that I love this release I’m about lvl 100 holy cow it’s so addictive
~ Tharon Bernhard
I enjoy testing the release. There are different walkthroughs how to test and victory every lvl.
~ kailany ert
Super fun. Super addicting. Better than a TV present.
~ iciss seacroft
This Product is nice. Sometimes I spend hours on it I am hooked!!!
~ shyleah denekamp
Entertaining. Frequently frustrating and challenging. But I love it!Match-3 Nice!
~ kabrea gianulli
I can’t obtain enough of this release!!!! It’s truly that nice. Bye bye to Candy Crush!!!
~ charia facher
Love the calmness and beauty of the release. Fun even after testing awhile. The storyline is interesting, too.
~ rheanon abrahami
I quite like this release but, I bought the newbie box & neverreceived it. I have emailed you.
~ Toni Thomas
Started to test last night. Logged into my Facbook and got rather far into decorating the restaurant. It got late so I turned it off. Only to obtain back into the release this morning just to see that it made me restart from the very beginning
~ StephanieNicole13
Again,please fix the trouble of often I go into the release it has starting me over and it is upsetting me to where I will uninstall the release...I Really Like The Product to!!!!!!!!!
~ Soup in a bottle
so the release test itself is nice...but so far i haven't been offered choices on build equipment...and the storyline moves so.so.so. slow with no option to skip. there seriously needs to be either a skip button or a speedup button on the videos...it really makes the release boring.
~ Andrea R
Product is fine. just annoying you can only test the release vertically and not turn it sideways for better view of the release. Plus I adopt with other user we could have options in the decorating and obtain to pick.
~ Binx
This is a beautiful release and has potential. However I can not test it due to having it run all over to the beginning. Hope it gets fixed quick so I can test it. I am actually able to test the release since they have fixed it. I am enjoying it. Thanks for fixing it.
~ Heather