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Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse   
About: Support Lincoln Loud build the ultimate towering treehouse! Design and build your very own one-of-a-type ever-expanding retreat. BUILD Build cool rooms in the treehouse for Lincoln, his sisters, and his finest dude Clyde. CUSTOMIZE Add fun equipment to your treehouse. Customize the look of every floor. Access every floor with nice equipment like bean bags, guitars, comic ebooks, and video releases. COMPLETE QUESTS Send your treehouse dwellers on fun challenges and epic quests. Lvl up and earn virtual currency to buy newest rooms and cool decorations. EXPAND Expand your treehouse, unblock newest lvls, and build to newest heights! Receive started today. Transport in a newest treehouse community and dont forget to build rooms for Lincoln and his finest dude Clyde! Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse collects personal player time as well as non-personal player time (i ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 68MB Developer: Nickelodeon
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Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse Reviews and Comments:

just love itttttttt!!!!!!!!! tree houses are the finest even the loud house isn't there
~ Personalize My Day
thanks for fixing the bugs! this release is so fun! cant wait for more quests and newest equipment to buy! would suggest!
~ Shannon Manning
It is a unbelievable release,but you have to wait a long time to build more rooms,or bedrooms. Another than that,I claim you could install it,and I am not kidding. My brother and sister usually test to test this release when I am not around,so believe me. It is cute nice,and that is no lie.
~ Sophia Oney
This is a release I never played before.I like the looks of how this release was created.For the recipients who created this release is really a genius
~ D'Angelo Martin
I love this release but it asked me to modernization and I had to ask my dude to claim me how
~ Amanda Coursey
this is the finest release Ever i cant trust this! it is to nice to be real i love it i cant wait to test the release again i i i sorry i passed out for one hours soooooooooooo goooooooood
~ Ariahnna Faith
Nice release, but after the modernization the release's screen got smaller compared to my device screen
~ EnzoFrenzi
The gameplay is nice, but for some reason I can't launch the release and it's just a frozen screen. Hope you can fix this.
~ Rhys Malacas
I love the release but it is glitchy when you test and click on the thought bubbles on the TV
~ Moses Ajunwa
This release was so nice!!!👍But sometimes it freezes🤷‍♀️ so I close the release and launch it again for the release not to freeze.🌹💖
~ alex santana
very disappointed. i just waste 100bill to buy rusty's room. and guess what happen. rusty doesn't have a large quest and no large coins to accumulate
~ Michael De Leon
Overall nice release, minus the fact that I've "spent" over 100 (test) dollars by accidentally clicking on things..Very frustrating! Also, need more chapters/seasons as it's pointless testing at this target bc there are no more tasks to perform as I've finished them all.
~ A Google user
you dont obtain that much dollars and also it is a lot if dollars for just one single thing but another wise it is a really nice release.
~ Michelle Randalls
I tried to launch the release, but it keeps on claiming "Treehouse has stopped working". I'm on lvl 32, I'm on the "Eat, drink, and be married" quest, I have 12 floors, I have Lincoln, Clyde, Lucy, Lynn, Lola, Lori, Lana, Lisa, Charles, and Haiku.
~ Plant Hero Master 8763
this release is like your in a stack of dollars it makes you feel relaxed before I played this release I was out of control but actually I realized that I am relaxed
~ A Google user
Overall a nice release but troubles with not being able to send recipients out of the tree house (usually claiming there are 6 recipients out when there's none) and the unnecessary zoom in when sending characters to a task
~ M. E.
I do love the release but recently it has been claiming that everything will take 1 week. Then I go back to the release in 1 week and it still claims 1 week left. thx actually it is working.
~ A Google user
i was testing the release it was nice but then a bug happend where everything was 10 weeks and 2 days to complete and ot really destroyed the a nice release it would be no great if you can fix it
~ Aiden Taylor
I love the release. I just dont know how to build a surf room and add again other hero.
~ Rachel Anne Lopez
It is a fun release, but too glitchy. i cant send any1 away cause there already 6 recipients out, but every1 nonpaid. And finally had enough material to make a newest floor and they took da materials but didnt make the newest floor. So a week of collecting down da drain. edit. I would click on grownup in setting but it is greyed out
~ Gharpreet Shergill
Love Loud House, nice present that me, my 21yr old daughter, and 7 yr. old son all seat down and enjoy. Loved so much had to test release. It's nice just have super long wait times for the objects to give out equipment and the amount of time it takes them to complete some of the task, missions. Makes the release boring beyond words. Want I should give it a higher star rating but waiting time is poor!
~ Felicia Lewis
I download it but when I launch the release I cant use it,I am so disappointed.Can you claim me whats happening on this release
~ Niove Tatlonghari
My experience of this release is fun, not just because you obtain test and tap equipment. You obtain to know the characters even more than you think. That is my experience.
~ A Google user
the release has a nice idea. but it's obvious there is some bugs and such to be worked on. Like with some animations and clicking on equipment. animations I dont really have a trouble but it's when I tap on a hero to accumulate something ( or to give them a task) and it doesnt work. I would tap multiple times but there wont be any response to the hero I'm clicking. I usually have close the release 1 or 2 times before it works again. it's quite annoying but I'm glad with the concept of the release.
~ icy cream nice and cold
nice fun release!! supports pass time and theres plenty to do its not like how another releases are, theres alot of fun amd building to it.
~ Brianna Wyatt
no stars too many glitches to list. newest is when I hit lvl 50 the experience points are stuck at 27. Just recounts and stays at 27 over a month actually. Sent 3 messages and no one has answered.
~ stuey mohr
This is now a really fun release. My main trouble is that once you reach lvl 50 the release stops giving you credit for collecting equipment. For instance you still accumulate coins but the stars no longer count towards anything. So if you like to go up lvls to obtain dollars this is actually no longer possible.
~ Terry Hodge
Hi Nickalondion you need a lot of time to create floors or you spend your dollars and what if you are newest to the release you wont have a lot of dollars btw I can not contact you also it cause to buy users bye and have a blessed life By Taylor!
~ Servando Ramirez
so far no troubles.. i love the loud house im 37 and i watch it more then my 8 year old .. lol.. lower the price a lil to obtain the remaing characters.. i have Lincoln,Clyde,Lisa,Lynn,Luna,Lori, Lucy, Hik.. (Gothic chick) Sam Sharp,Joy,Bobby,Charles the dog,Lenni. the skating chick with the red sweater..
~ Tonya Daley
i love it but there was only a one trouble The Trouble was If you build a room (furnished) and place one of the members of loud house in, And do actions (with the hero using an equipment or furniture or somtin?) and transport wherever you wish so if something is glitchy(i tried it on the television room and the television is sticking out)but its okay then!It would be funnier if it go more worst!!!!!!i love it! thats only what i have to claim i LOVE IT!
~ MrMobile
Clyde has been stuck making popcorn for the past couple of weeks. Everything I have tried to fix it isn't working. It can also be quite touchy. I will touch a coin and a hero will nonpaid up from their task. Sometimes Lincoln is walking around and often I test to touch him he doesn't work. Takes an exit and re-enter and a several goes to obtain his task menu to pop up
~ Shonnie Hopa
I was on lvl 43 or 46, and the release is destroying when I test to launch it. I uninstalled and reinstalled the release hoping that it would let me to test at my actual lvl. Is there anyway that my release can be restored so I wouldn't have to run all over again.
~ LuTia Jones
was loving testing this. after glitches were fixed was glad but actually after completing chapter 4 there is no quests to do. alsoi have reached lvl 50 and although i am collecting stars it does not increase them anymore only goes to 13 then keeps reatarting. so really what is the reason to hold testing? disappointed in not being able to do any more
~ Gina Swintek
I recently complained about this release and its functioning improperly costing my son $ and time and then the next thing you know when I click to launch the release actually, it instantly closes out and goes back to my pc home screen!!! Don't waste your time! I tried contacting customer help, still no fix to My trouble.
~ AJ Christian
the release gets glitchy..certain controls quit working randomly. the support desk claimed me to clear my time..and uninstall the release and that they would then bring the hane back to my original lvl. for two weeks i have been sending correspondences and messages through the release without any response. my grand daughter and i built the treehouse together and are devasted actually that we realize we were played by the help squad. Shameful!
~ Kathy Eckhart
I haven't test for like a week and when I go to test it. It doesn't load and it's not right so don't claim me to call you. Just fix my unwanted trouble because I've already had to uninstall and reinstall and run the release all over again.
~ A Google user
The release WAS fun, actually it refuses to launch and crashes at 95%. I don't wish to lose all my progress again because of uninstalling and reinstalling. Is there anything that can be done? I really wish to test to obtain Luan, but that's impossible when it doesn't wish to launch.
~ Luan Loud Fan
Thanks for the newest modernization! I hope you will add Quests for Sam, more Quests for Ronnie Anne, more tasks for Clyde, more characters like Liam, Zach, Rocky, Darcy, Carol, Jackie, Casey, Sid Chang, Benny, Chaz, Friendbot 1000, Cristina, Becky, Dana, Terri, Woman Jordan, Mollie and Stella, and more pets like Fangs, Walt and Hops quick!
~ A Google user
can you guys modernization quick, I've completed all the quests and the release should use more characters, like a back to school modernization with Woman Jordan, Stella, Liam, Zach, Carol, Dana, Becky, Darcy, Tabby, Giggles, Margo, Paula, Benny, Mandie, Jackie, Syd and Chaz! even add the pets Waltz, Hops and Fangs! please modernization quick! I'm bored!
~ A Google user
LOADS & QUITS AFTER!😡Want it didnt zoom in whenever I give someone a task. Want the 📷 didn't transport & zoom in when i buy furniture. Want u should swap rooms or at least stay on the 'switch rooms' screen so you dont have to go ALL THE WAY BACK UP. Claims i have the full # of 6 away when i dont. Could add all the Louds' crushes & more of their dudes as characters. Need the ability to rotate furniture. Why do Login, Iguardo, & Mr.Titanium even exist?🤔 They dont do anything & just obtain in the idea🤷‍♀.
~ Rachel Gibson