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Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria   
About: Take back the throne that was rightfully yours! When demon-summoning usurpers assassinate the lord and queen, the right of rulership falls to you, their only babe. Develop your own special prince or princess, discovering a globe of fantasy, magic, mystery, and journey. "The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria" is an epic 145,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walterthe first of a trilogywhere your choices control the storyline. The release is entirely text-based--without graphics or sound results--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Develop your own special prince or princess, for nice or evil! Become a noble knight, a greedy thief, an evil priest, a nature-loving druid, a charming bard, a deadly killer, a wise monk, a well-traveled ranger, a martial cleric, a type priest, a brutal thug, a steadfast guard, a potent sorcerer or any combination you pick. ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Hosted Games
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Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria Reviews and Comments:

Interesting premise and set up. Well written too but extremely short. Got through the storyline in under an hour. Unpaid CoG last longer so for $2.99, was disappointed
~ Alex S
But it gives you choices to do even though you'll fail, life of mobster and life of sorcerer isn't like that if you can't do it, it'll be greyed out, also shorter than I thought kinda just ends, but everything else is nice bout it.
~ Danny Anderson
Other nice release by Lucid. Details aren't now that hard to manage just pick your base details well and from there the tiny increases just add up over time (it's now quite simple to full a several details to 100, and since this is a Trilogy... You're going to have these stat checks you can never fail) The storyline itself is nice and the writing has definitely improved from Life of a Sorcerer. (Other nice release just more RPG elements). Was definitely worth the dollars for me.
~ Jun Reyes
.5 stars minus cos abit on the short side. This series are easily in my Top 10 gotta buy. Choices do affect your hero, skills n abilities. If u enjoy Superhero Project . This is a gotta obtain cos its a sequel. Theres part 2 for this n i just completed Part 2 which is nice.
~ Nice Shine
U shouldnt test to create a balanced hero. Balanced hero is half-baked which mean you wont pass skill check. Check focus on one thing. If magic then focus on magic and if weapon focus on the weapon. Well if you repeatedly test for hours then you wont have a trouble.
~ Shiro XKuro
My only complaint is the length, yeah three bucks isn't much but for each three to four hours you pay three bucks for the next ebook. Otherwise a nice time waster with a fun storyline
~ Tim Perttula
I bought this on a whim and it's probably one of my favoured purchases I've made on my device. The storyline is so varied and it feels like your choices really matter. Like having a release of DnD in your pocket. The idea it connects to the sequel leaves you fully invested. I can't wait for part 3!
~ Naarie Kermie
It's a nice storyline with one major trouble. The trouble I have with this read is that you're forced to Min/Full in order to obtain anything done. Need to test a spellsword? Receive ready to fail each another skill check!
~ Jonathan Wu
One of the more interesting and well made stories for small! Only complaint that I have is that you could place more feeling into your hero when something terrible happens to her/him. Create him or her cry and such. It will create the storyline all the better!
~ Vanessa Pang
Holy hell, you need to chill with the skill checks in this release. I can't even test the type of hero i wish because he is constantly getting defeated from a skill check that wasn't at all similar to the playthrough i was going for. Out of all the Hosted releases I've played, this was the most disappointing and unsatisfying one
~ Jake Moore
I have no complaint. My dollars was well spent on the first two parts and I trust it will remain so when I buy the third when it comes out. The release was well done, and I'm quite amazed on how much you can do in it. The details are manageable and it was fun building on relationships, the tiny wars, and artifact raiding. Just create smart decisions and all will be well. Fun, nice storyline, and enjoyable.
~ Steven Forrest Jr
My largest trouble is the high skill checks. Makes me feel like earlier Stat boost choices are for not. Min Maxing of a several details not just needed but optimal thanks to the checks. 2nd is the linear storyline with your only differences being what you can do based on your "class" which slightly affect outcomes (whether you fail or not), last the length. I know it's 1 of 3, but the arc in this I felt it should have been better, fuller. Still nice enough read to wish the next chapter.
~ LoDE Star
The target of a release is for enjoyment not disappointment. Need to work on hero development. You can only increase your details be mere couple of points but you need at least 50 just to create one decision.same thing with life of a mobster and life of a sorcerer. I have played this release for over 2 hrs and restarted numours times and still can't do one thing that I wish.
~ Raw Wallace
I really love your releases expecially these ones and life of a sorcerer. If anyones having problem bytry "multiclassing". Such as being a priest who uses magic so you can usually war with your spells, or use you god to heal or curse, and this will give you a high arcana and religion which are extremely needed. This is just one of the needed combinations I found and I'm sure there are plenty more.
~ Seth Carlisle
I love the lost heir, how it is different from another choice releases is that your choice really matters and I like how it arrives balance to even out the gameplay for the hero's skills. I love the romance meetings too, personally I search Jace so hard but his heart meeting is beautiful. Overall,I am just literally addicted to this release.
~ Alexa Green
The Lost Heir Triology is my favoured choice of release without a doubt. Nice storyline, nice ending, some very endearing characters and a lot of replayability value. I have completed the triology as a Dragon Knight, Paladin, Rune Hero, Druid, Alchemist, Arcane Tattooist, Berserker, Vampire Boss, Bard and Knight. There are still so many classes left to test out. I am mainly looking forward to testing as a Luck Mage, Dark Knight, Necromancer, Elemental Archer and Demon Summoner next. There are the another regular fantasy mainstays like Killer, Thief, Priest, Cleric, Ranger, Guard etc as well.
~ First of the Fallen
I loved the storyline it was engaging and well thought out. The characters were well developed and their were plenty of choices and all relevant to the storyline. My only gripe is that some of the choices have to high of a skill lvl and there doesn't seem to be enough chances to develop some of the skills. I like the fact the even when u fail you still obtain options usually that's the end of the storyline. I'm definitely buying the second part, I wish to see where the storyline goes.
~ Veronica Stallworth
Finest Series I ever played out of the over releases on Hosted Products and Choice of Products. Nice addictive storyline, dialogue and gameplay that I didn't wish it to end too quick. You earn my full approval, nice job
~ Jesse Collins
Loved it
~ Adrian Dickson
I had fun all the idea through. Loved the characters and the journey.
~ Scoritn Montana
Hello, I successfully bought this release here in playstore for $2.99, however when I opened the release it claims that I still need to buy it for $1.99. I already did the 'restored buy' but nothing happened. Do I need to pay again? Thank you for your time. Edit: If I understand correctly the bonus $1.99 dollars is just an upgrade (like an in-release buy, perfectly optional)?
~ Jeremy kyle Corpuz
Nice release albeit very hard for its kind.
~ Damn !
You can't Load your save release from Lost Heir 1 to Lost Heir 2 or 3.
~ Akshat Shukla
this release was able to obtain me through a week of boredom in the field
~ Conner Hendricks
Nice story, and options really hold you on your toes.
~ Joanna Carter
Wow, simply wow... It has been a long time since I have been blown away by a storyline this nice.
~ Dwight Hooker
It's very very cool, but I don't obtain why it won't allow me launch Theo's box when I have 23 Devices, a lockpick set, and it only requires 20...
~ Gabriella B.R.
Nevermind I'm an idiot
~ Brittany S.
I love this series! I've replayed it at least 10 times and it's my favored out of any of the Choices releases. I have all 3 releases and the DLC bought and I considered all of them more than worth it. The replay value is wonderful. I only want there was some sort of walkthrough, because I really wish to obtain an Enchanted Archer but I'm struggling. The walkthrough I was using (unaffliated) also doesn't contain the newest DLC so it's hard to obtain through it. But that's my only complaint and doesn't really have anything to do with the quality of the release itself. If you're not a walkthroughs person unlike me, it's great!
~ Sarah Yakimets
bought but not restored
~ Robert Sero
I would love the release and feel at ease testing through it. But the high skill checks crash the experience as I am unable to test the hero I wish. Sometimes I am unable to do anything and continue blind due to these skill checks. In which I obtain several points compared to the high skill checks.
~ Ethan Ti'a
One of the more hard hosted releases released to test vanilla. Of the three ebooks I think this release is the most balanced in terms of the viable test styles and has the finest hero development. The release's main storyline is linear, with the "side quests" adding flavor to the test style you chose for your hero. Choices are basically stat checks, with successes being rewarding and failures punishing. In a sense this release is "immersive", you are not a god/goddess amongst lads. You have more weaknesses than strengths, which makes your choices VERY important. Even if you pour all your effort into one stat, that stat won't be used in each case, and if you spread your details out too much you won't be powerful enough to pull through when you need a higher stat. The charm of this release is the difficulty, the struggle is part of this release. You should claim this is the "dark souls" of interactive novels, when win is based on intimate knowledge of the release rather than luck. The legacy dlc is highkey pay2win, adding mostly to stat boosts, and very tiny to narrative and globe building. For those who complain about the difficulty there you go.
~ ryan khong
nice gamr but it was a tiny short
~ Five Freddys
The great run to a nice series
~ Daniel P.
an enjoyable as well as addictive hope for more ebooks like it
~ Aj Reilly
Finest series of all the CoG releases ive played it more times than i can count.
~ Ramar Blood
nice storyline options, would like a idea to obtain rid of old or in unused save files though
~ Nolan Moore
nice stories, can't fault anything about all three. they quickly became my favored hosted stories, played through them all at least 10 times 😂
~ Eleanor Moffat
I love this series, but have one trouble. the legacy advantage has to be paid for, but you already have to pay for the release.
~ dtv gaming
This series is one of the finest interactive stories I have played. I trust these three stories are the finest of the originator's work and a gotta test.
~ Derek Perna