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Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG   
About: The globe is much changed after the first emperor's death. Driven by their ambition and greed, Bosses seek power and shatter the peace that once reigned. The Land has been split into myriad clashing kingdoms, many declaring themselves the rightful heirs to the throne. Countless creatures have risen from the depths to wreak havoc across the war-scarred lands. The infinite lord fights for glory and power have begun, and the time for a war superhero to rise up has come... Search the exotic magical lands of LORDS MOBILE, which have been thrown into fight and chaos by terrifying creatures, potent warlords, and cunning aggressors. Restore the balance of power in this RPG conquering release by creating the finest castle empire ever! Recruit army, heroes and warlords, forge alliances and war for win! Conquer your foes and defeat and expand your kingdom's zone in these war releases! War your ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 14MB Developer: IGG.COM
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Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG Reviews and Comments:

this release has a lot of potential , but it's anoying the amount of ads for it,and the worst part is that 99% of them are fake,and that is really a shame because it is now a nice release! you can build your kingdom in any idea you wish,you can attack your neighbors,you can build a gild with your dudes and a lot more,but the idea its advertised makes it look unoriginal and overall flat. the graphics are handsome,the gameplay is ok and the plot is now nice! but the banners kills it.
~ Max Wither
release was fun originally, but once you obtain everything up to lvl 25, it becomes boring and research for some of the activities takes half a year, and there are multiple lvls of those. trying to cancel the profile is really hard. this release costs a lot of dollars, becomes monotonous and canceling the profile is ridiculous. this release is a scam in my opinion.
~ Renee Verhagen
Dollary pit. Product errors. Trying to talk to help reps is like trying to have a conversation with 2 years olds. I have spent 5 days going back and forth with reps confirming release troubles through both the Live Help and by correspondence. The first 4 days I had to confirm multiple times that I wanted them to proceed in fixing the trouble. After 5 days, there has been no actual progress despite the respond to this review! Many recipients I met that test have had the same troubles. Stay away!
~ Scott Ison
Product is nice. But the authorities that you give to leaders are not correct. some potent leaders don't have any terms .they can do anything. kindly do something for them. they kick out our leader. why this is happening? it's not Nice for normal players.
~ Hameed Ahmed
Please dont install this release under any bonus.i had tottally Worst experience with 8 ball pool and Bosses small.Fake bonuses by miniclip 8 ball pool and Bosses small. i install this release under promtion in 8 ball pool where the offer is upgrade your castle to lvl 12 for 174 dollars. After completing the quest, it shows the reward had already claimed. I approach them through correspondence with giving evidence of completing my quest and award no received but to no avail. Actually i hate with both releases.
~ sunil mob
release is expensive, very slow if you dont pay, im talking years before you can really war. ive paid a lot and it still took a year. but its also repetitive and the meetings are designed to empty you out so you have to buy more to progress. igg made a nice release but the lvl of dollars required makes this release unplayable for most, ruins it thouroughly. the originators are very greedy.
~ Amy Johnson
LM, as stupid as it sounds, has changed my life! I've met and love recipients that have become my family and have used it as a idea to bond with my fiance at times, in true life. (: The only release I have downloaded on my device and I wouldnt trade it for anything! I'd happily delete all my social media, before I deleted Bosses App. (: Ya, the fight part is nice! The growing, in the release, is variety of fun! But, no another release will give you the connections you create in this one! <3 Its the PERFECT release!
~ Gloria Babbino
::Edit:: Dropping to 1 Star. They had the audacity to push an 'Modernization' to the release while Gild Fest is still going. Quoted to take 2 hours, then pushed to 2.5 hours, and actually up to 2.75 hours. By the time they're done with their poorly-planned modernization, Gild Fest will be over and anyone still questing is screwed. You'd think for how much dollars users drop in this release, they'd be a bit less spazzy. Each major meeting in release. EVERY SINGLE ONE, they have to have 'emergency maintenance' or some another B.S. It's not even worth testing during these meetings (which often overlap or come right after every another), because you never know when you'll lose a heavy chunk of progress due to unexpected downtime. This is the second time I've lost 3 hours worth of gathering progress for a quest during a Gild Fest meeting. Which ends at midnight tonight. Oh, and they don't even have the decency to pause the meetings during this time. Their paltry attempts at appeasing us with minuscule amounts of gems and speedups are ridiculous. They won't obtain other penny of my dollars after this. This release is only nice for wasting time, escalating your blood pressure, and meeting newest recipients.
~ Laura Wilson
Gameplay is nice, however without a doubt the WORST customer service I've experienced. I've spent hundreds of dollars here and I cannot even obtain a straight respond from them, just pre written answers thst have nothing to do with my concern. shame on you guys .... I'm glad I support pay your wages
~ Becca Macwhirter
Complete waste of time. Other pay to victory release, is it possible to lvl up without paying anything? Maybe. But the frustration of leveling up and building up your castle just to see the 30 thousand units you have trained for days obtain wiped out effortlessly by a much higher lvl user isnt worth the frustration.
~ Mrs./Mr. Swanson
ever since the newest modernization I cannot access my release without an trouble, keeps claiming error loading this is only on the Google test release my os release works just fine contacted Igg it was very painful and a waste of 35 min as they need to report it to the repair squad etc and I have to wait 2-3 days and they cannot shield my castle on my profile, I'm very sad. IGG have been nice changed to 4 stars because of the useful staff trouble sorted actually.
~ Gill Cain
It is a nice release. The heros powers are nice.I spend much time with this release . This release is very known. I like this release very much. This is an ampire building release.This is relaxing release.The superhero mode is realy nice. The skirmish 2345678 all very nice. And at the last I just wish to claim this that it is a nice release.
~ A Google user
Do not test this release. It takes thousands of dollars and a minimum 1 year before you can build up to test. But by then the veterans will farm you each day, all day. Do not listen to the developer's lies in response to this. They lied in my last review. Believe me I have played for almost 1 year I have spent a several hundred dollars and I'm still so far behind, Don't create the same mistake I did. You will not ever be a challenge. unless you wish to literally spend $20,000 dollars.
~ Micah IsAwesome
you have to either spend variety of dollars to catch up or prepare for everyone to attack only you cause they dont war one other. it is a release of about 50 recipients working together in every realm to control that realm and destroy anyone that is starting to grow. no limit to who can attack who so recipients with hundreds of millions of might will attack you who has no more than maybe a several million after testing a month. not allowed to remove profile or report release for not allowing my profile to be released
~ chris kirk
Wrost release ever. guys dont download this release. if you download this release and test for some month and spend lots of dollars and time then suddenly one day the release is not work and you lost everything. And terrible thing in this release is if you are in troubble then IGG squad did not support you. Product help squad is very terrible. I have 2 turf and i am testing for last 8 month actually my release is not working and i lost my bith if turf. Wrost release ever wrost release ever wrost release ever
~ Gulfam Malik
please please please stop putting buy bundles in the mystery chest. that is beyond messed up. My babe spent over $100 on your release without my permission. Google pay is reimbursing me. sorry you're going to lose your dollars. actually allow's add, 30,000 holy stars with no boss? your release is set up to steal from us! shame on you
~ Debbie Hand
IGG are the worst. They don't care about their customers and the live help is shockingly terrible. Product is average, but I've been testing for years due to the community aspect. Due to the atrocious idea the company treat their customers I would not suggest. Also, to obtain anywhere in the release you have to spend thousands, and I really mean thousands. Thankfully I've not wasted my dollars on IGG. 10/10 stay away from this release and any another release they create.
~ Ryan Borthwick
Wallet Hero release. After 3-4 months of trying to build, Im not even close to competitive. Doesnt support that users 25X my size send constant attacks. Whats the target of testing a release you simply cant compete in? I am done even trying. Any release in which you cant be competitive is simply not fun. The release is like all the another Wallet Hero releases out there, its killing itself. Until someone designs a release to be fun and competitive, they will all hold popping up and dying quickly. In response to you suggesting I use shields, you only proved my target. You have to buy shields to protect yourself 24/7. At your prices, the release is not worth it. Like I claimed, a Wallet Hero release.
~ Herb Medlin
Initially fun, but it's quite bare primary and very repetitive. Newest content lately is adding more equipment that cost thousands of dollars. The war mechanics work as rock, paper, siccors. Tiny stats is given in the release in general. There are many articles explaining why releases are designed like LM $$. Igg is shameless showing how tiny they care for customers; lazy and generic. Help appears to have no ability to fix errors, personally I was charged for an item I did not order with no refund.
~ A Google user
this release is wow... i enjoyed it so much... at first i did not understand how it works but just learned it in several seconds. all you need is to download and install it on your tablet.. it is self explanatory and everyone cab be able to understand it with ease. though it occupies a lot of zone it is worth it . allow us not complain much about zone.. you will surely enjoy it. just test it and see ... it works well without challenges... to trust just test it ... you can enjoy it at work zone and.
~ agnes washika
I have been testing Boss's small like 1 year still testing .Newest and modernized ver really glued me to this release. Really love it. And about the 'Maintenance Period' if you guys can send a correspondence like 5 mins earlier before the maintenance runs it would be useful . it will support us to be ready for the maintenance time. All in all it's really nice release to test
~ A Google user
I really like the release, even if you're testing for nonpaid it's still a cute balanced release if you know what kingdom to migrate to etc. but a couple of my VIP rewards aren't working, such as everyday braveheart uses, there's been plenty of times where i can't use my nonpaid skip and so on. please fix this trouble and I'll rate 5
~ dizzidays
Well probably not only me complaining about the bots, to many bots even crash the resources in a kingdom because to many of them, its tool and violation, but no matter how many report you submit in the end the bots still working as ussual, i dont know if your tech guy is dumb or you didnt do anything at all because u create the bots.. Or Need me create a report for 1000 rimes probably...
~ Arviyanto Laurent
A nice Walkthrough RPG release with variety of equipment to craft and Increase your power. Lots of Heros, every with different Strengths and Weaknesses. Fun Side Travels/Quests that smoothly integrate into the main Gameplay to Break-Up the monotonous feel that all RPG's fall into. The Main thing I dislike, and dislike ALOT, is the cost to test... If you don't wish to spend dollars but, be a very powerful User, this release is not for you. AND I MEAN VERY EXPENSIVE... Some users have spent close to $10K US...
~ Patrick Fazzino
Absolutely horrible pay to victory release, made only to squeeze your wallet. Everything takes days or weeks to complete and if you obtain attacked by users 100 times stronger than you and lose, your progress is slowed because your leader gets captured so you lose all your speed gifts. Avoid at all costs unless you like 0.99 and 4.99 'deals' shoved down your throat each single second.
~ Stelios Anast
this is one of the worst release i have ever seen in my life. I will give you the reason, Don't see number of downloads because they are achieving it by some cheap ideas, by recommending it in some blogs to use it for 30 secs to obtain what you wish from the blog. Useless childish release. Don't waste your internet time.
~ Technovate Guy
I'm only giving it three stars because it's like each another release like it. fun to test when you run, then the pay a lot to test come for you, and if you can't test each 15 min's you come back to no units and usually kicked out of your gild. only uninstalling because i don't have the time to babysit the release and pay for equipment.
~ Keone Marsman
it's a very nice release fun to test. I love to burn everyone's Castle to the ground each day been testing for years and still have not reach castle lvl 25. it takes so long to create progress and that's why I like this release. one trouble is you need to create more ideas to obtain gems for recipients that don't place dollars in the release. if you never played then I recommend to download it actually you can settle up next to me and I can create sure nobody attacks you while you're away.😉
~ Brian Saunders
i used to love this release, however quit quickly i discovered the only recipients that do well in this release are recipients with dollars which sucks. loads of my gild colleagues are thinking of leaving because they dont spend and it has taken them forever to obtain anywhere in the release so they spend hours not really testing because what can you do? Also you need gems for everything if you run out of energy you wait a day or you pay with gem. i call this the gamblers release the only master is the house. prizes suck.
~ Alice Etkin-Bell
Overall cute nice release. Of course there usually will be recipients who place a lot of dollars in to it and are stronger than you, but if you test it smart, search nice company to test with it can really be enjoyable. Tip to anyone that is not glad with recipients in your gild: there are plenty of different guilds with smart, respectful users. Don't allow one terrible apple to crash the entire basket.
~ Dagnė Kolesnikovaitė
The graphics are decent for a small release, chat translators certainly aren't nice, but then theres the gameplay of course. Interacting with guildmates is fun and simple, theres many informations of the release that can support speed up your waiting time (I, personally, have researched construction speed at the academy few times and used all my talents points to do the same). Overall, nice release. Love to send this release to my dudes so they can join guilds aswell, and we all very much appreciate meetings
~ Rainbow Sheep Animations
Love it! I'm F2P and have been testing for almost a year actually! Reached full lvl yesterday and all the recipients are complaining about P2P dominating but it doesn't affect me cause I dont wanna be the finest and instead I migrate often with my gild to newer kingdoms (higher kingdom number means its newer) and everyone there is smaller defienetly fun often I migrate, you wont be the finest unless you are p2p but you can definitely have lots of fun as a F2P! 2 year mark - almost t4 as a F2P :)
~ Gekko Man
first five lvls are nice, after that you are forced into a gild for security, or obtain raided, but don't worry they won't be able to support you either. I hope you enjoy full lvl recipients raiding you all day and all night, you will create very tiny in progress past lvl 11. If you are here for super currency for other release I urge you to look elsewhere, this release is not worth the time.
~ Jereth James
This release is nice. I'm the kind who obtain bored easily on releases. I usually installed them then later on the same day I would uninstalled them xD but then my sis suggested me to test Bosses App and promised me this one would be different. I didn't trust her at the first but installed it anyway. And actually I've been testing it for a month straight and there's no sign of me getting bored of this release. Nice job IGG. Oh and this is my first time giving a review too because this release deserves it.
~ April
Honestly obsessed with this! I would claim prices are reasonable considering the developers, designers, etc. also need to obtain paid somehow. I do, however, recommend that bravehearts could also be sold in the gild market and maybe add more research and construction slots. Thank you for your hard work and efforts in making this release worthwhile! EDIT: Please stop censoring the word "ridiculous" xD
~ Megan Findlay
I will not weite you correspondence, so don't give me the standard response, the entire target of rating is, "i rated it for my experience." igg run doing maintaince right in the middle of gild fest since last month. Can you possiblly pick the worst time. It would've been over if they wait several hours, but they have to modernization during last several hours of guils fest, many recipients spend time and dollars for the target, and their dollars are wasted becuase of igg's choice, it's alrady a gready release, yuck.
~ julie xu
I would give 5 stars if it wasn't for all the bots. I literally think that there is more bots than users - After reviewing the developers respond, i have downgraded to 2 stars because they've just claimed to correspondence customer help. More effort could be place into shuting down the bots. Also the developers respond is that its a violation of the Terms and Conditions but if there is no true block on bots everyone can give it a test if they wish Please take this under consideration Thanks
~ DemonSlayer 792
It's a fun release. Never thought I'd search this type of release fun. You dont really need dollars in this release, it'll just take a lot longer. Starting out is frustrating because youre constantly attacked. but once you're in a gild the release becomes enjoyable. It's definitely worth trying. If you have patience, you won't need to buy any gems, there are nonpaid ones that come with meetings and territories in your castle each 3? hours and everyday. but the boxes are from 99¢-$100 (over $10 isnt worth it but some buy)
~ Rubyhollor W
This release ia fun at first but it takes idea too long to obtain potent you need to spend large dollars to be able to stand up to the large guys each day you have large guilds coming over to your hive and burn you over and over and take your leaders it gets old true speedy! Dont waste your time unless your ready to spend lots of dollars! also once you obtain up there in the high ranks it gets boring everything takes idea to long to lvl up it sucks! also you're comment back to me was pathetic!
~ scubasteve d
idea to many upgrades. idea too expensive to obtain anywhere. save your dollars babes this release is a waste unless you wanna spend thousand to obtain somewhere, or wait 10 years to be better xD spent too much already. also it takes forever to obtain recipients who talk to you like garbage banned. i want i should obtain each penny i place in this release back. what a waste .
~ Noel Vance