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About: Take a trip through Looper - a joyous, melodious casual release that puts your sense of rhythm and timing to the play. Each tap runs a colorful newest beat that travels along increasingly complex constellations - obtain your timing wrong and the beats should ruin and burn. Receive it right, however, and experience the easy satisfaction of looping harmony. Featuring hundreds of special lvls, every designed to sooth and satisfy your puzzling needs. Looper is a song puzzle release like no another.
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 62MB Developer: Kwalee Ltd
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Looper! Reviews and Comments:

I think this is a really cool release the only con about it is the amount of banners. However, I found a idea to obtain rid of them all you need to do is turn of your WiFi on your device and you have no banners. Works for me.
~ CuteMSPGirl55 Msp
i love this release very much it is wow thanks for giving us such a great fame and fortune and the second half the time of the most important to me as a effects the same so plz add to your blog and it will be able to do it in my head and shoulders and back from a different time zones and I have been a bit so I can do that I can do it again but so far so plz add to your blog on top of the most known with a dude dude of mine that the company😊🎊fhhhh the same thanks please search my CV for us
~ Altaf Shaikh
omg sooooo many long banners that wont allow you skip. finish a lvl, banner. fail a lvl, banner. more banner than release. and gets repetitive. the playable banners have more tons than the release. very disappointing
~ Jordan O'Donnell
This release or whatever it calls it self is an absolute time waster and not in a nice idea. It I'd boring, unrewarding and spams you with ADs each 20 seconds. I might as well go draw stick lads and count stars.
~ Butchan Crawford
This release is very fun but there are waaaaay too many banners. Usually i failed a lvl and pressed retry, an banner showed up. I obtain that it's a idea to create dollars but there are idea too many banners. Sorry i didn't enjoy it as much as i should. 😀
~ XxGranny PicklexX
you spend as much time watching banners as you do testing, banners between each lvl, after each fail, often you test to return to the menu, even fir a nonpaid release with banners its ridiculous how many there is however there are no banners when you go to uninstall it so that's a plus
~ S Tuck
The release is smooth and really takes your time wisely, however there are too many banners popping up each minute. This is destroying my experience of the release. Very nice release though!
~ GamingWith Coolkid_Multiplyed
Im really bummed out because this is now a really nice release and super fun and im usually not one to complain about banners but god damn... the amount of banners in this release is absolutely poor.Unless you're right in the middle of a lvl, each single tap runs up a newest banner, including finishing a lvl, or if you fail and wish to restart it and each another tap that you might create in the release, ADS!! Im just so disappointed when there is genuinely a nice release but the banners are just so overkill :(
~ Julianna Galle
After experiencing an banner after almost each completion, I uninstalled. Adverts are obviously a necessity for "nonpaid" releases...but this release had the highest frequency I have ever experienced.
~ Anthony Peutz
I'm fully okay with banners in releases, especially if they're nonpaid to test. But an banner after each round? Come on. It might be okay for tiny babes, they might not care. But if you wish a release to just pass the time, this isnt it, spend half your time clicking through banners.
~ Ramon Lopez
I really love this release...but the amount of banners or 'pop ups' type of spoil it because I'm having a nice time and then I am Interrupted by a thirty second video. it's very annoying. but it is a fun and addictive release. I would suggest it to a dude. thanks
~ Eva Ward
he claimed can you please claim him your name and I don't think so I know I have a car so he cant miss him to school they are at the same person that I am trying not for the day I versus. him to me like that I would not be able rho to be able and he can come obtain her but I can't do anything but order it to herself and then lie about her to be honest with her but she is to and not just a cpl and a nice concept of what she is and what I mean the might have been looking at a status quo or a nice concept to be...
~ Chasidy Stevens
I used to have this release and played it alot, i forgot why i deleted it and when i reinstalled it i remembered why, there are idea too many banners, i can barely even test the release without an banner popping up each time i click the next button. another than that the release is fine
~ ArtzyZueZue
nice idea. but i HATE the fact that an banner plays after literally everything you do. Mess up a lvl, must watch an banner. Need to change your icon? must watch an banner. Need to stop testing? must watch a friggin AD. only had the release for 6 mins. next.
~ A Google user
I only just started testing this and I have to create a review!!! first, WAY to many adds so many adds in fact, I'd rather not test this release! please change how many adds there is and I might consider testing this release again.
~ Michelle Sloop
This release will present a 30 secund advertisement for 5 seconds of test. On top of which it wants to do another equipment like give add ons which detract from the release. I don't mind there being ads on releases after all that's why it's nonpaid. However there are so many ads and so tiny test that there is just no target in having this release. It's a shame as else it may be nice to test although hard to take claim as I don't feel liked I've now played it properly but I've seen enough ads that's for sure
~ Lee
very interestimg at first. however, when i got to a sertant lvl, it was just banner... banner.. banner...banner! u victory i lvl, ur prize is an banner! ur lose to terrible, but u still obtain an add! obtain a newest skin, nice u got a newest add to!! its not even an release!!!! its just an add blog!! I do understand that they need the dollars, but u NEED to slash of the freaking banners!!!! its also not what the release claims it is!! i would NOT recomend this release!!
~ Ronald Streckenfinger
More Adverts than release. Idea too many banners to be enjoyable. Finish a lvl? Advertisement. Fail a lvl? Advertisement. You got a newest beat? Cool but you'll need to watch some banners first to change. Don't me started on the monthly subscription which auto renews from the nonpaid trial for no banners AND some "freebies" It's rediculous. Sort this out and it may be a nice release...
~ Lilith Fyfe
I SPENT ALL MY TIME WATCHING ADS. When I went into the release banner. When I tried to test a release banner. When I passed that round banner! I deffiently dont advise you to install this release. Sure its fun....when you now obtain to test!
~ A Google user
this is a nice release. the only reason why I did not claim nice or nice is because there are WAY TO MANY ADDS. each time I mess up or transport to a newest lvl I obtain a add. I have had this release before and it was a lot better because there was a reasonably amount of adds.
~ Ciara O'Neill
Very fun except your bombarded with banners. you test for 15 seconds (lvls are short) & then you end up watching a 30 second banner often you test. even if you fail and retry which might've only taken 3 seconds only to set through other 30 second banner. The thing that sucks the most, even I'd you victory a lvl, your REWARDED WITH ANOTHER AD!Looser!
~ Danny Men
This is a nice release! Many recipients are complaining about banners but releases need banners unless you wish to have to buy everything on the release! The banners aren't even appearing much, recipients just over-exaggerate to give a reason of a terrible rating! This is a nice release I test it all the time. So addictive!
~ Kymberlea Carlyon
This release is cute nice, it should've been a nice time waster. But the amount of banners is absolutely ridiculous. there is no need for an banner after each single lvl attempt, allow alone having to watch one in order to equip an item. I would have given a better score, but if nobody wants to see these banners. It would at least be acceptable if they played after each 4 or 5 lvl attempts, not after each one ffs.
~ Ragnarok Lobster
It is the most unbelievable release ever!Boredom-killing release.Extremely challenging and gives thrills to even the most plain person!It supports one to think the same lvl in other idea.The premium lvls in between are quite enjoyable....Even the common and legendary song beats are very much nice.
~ A Google user
banners...banners...banners....banners...and more banners!! Hey, I have an concept. why don't you slash the banners back to Maybe one banner each 10 lvls....or even each 5 lvls? unless you guys are TRYING to obtain recipients to uninstall instantly after installing? In that topic....hold up the nice work.
~ Ken Holt
This release is fun , interesting , constructive , special , and addictive . I was not pleased with the release because of the banners . The banners hold popping up almost each time . But still , I understand the need for the banners and rated this 5 stars . The release had great , addictive beats that create me wish to hear more of what you have . The song was great as well . Thank you for creating this release . I seriously had quite fun testing this release .
~ Nanami Aisaka Chan Kuran Fantasy 07
Nice release, its quiet entertaining. My largest complaint is the dang banners, so I purchased the banner less option. Actually It won't stop trying to create me a vip member. I understand making dollars, I am a tiny business owner, but really devs that is a gigantic frustration.
~ Cory Burton
The release is destroying the release experience. Each time you loose a lvl you have to retry and when you press the button it takes you to an banner. It would be type of okay if it was each actually or then but it happens EVERY TIME you press restart the lvl. The release itself is cute fun but if you think about it the release is just mainly banners. And I actually that is how they like create dollars but really each single time.
~ XxRare GurlxX
This release has such a nice idea and is very entertaining, but the amount of banners just crash it. This is claiming a lot because I'm usually very patient with banners. There's a 30 second banner (not usually skippable) after just about each round, whether you complete it or not. And also, the price to obtain rid of these banners are rediculous. Probably going to end up getting rid of it. EDIT: I obtain that nonpaid apps need banners to hold revenue, but the amount in this release is idea too high and unnecessary.
~ xkingchelsea x
I obtain that you obtain no revenue except through banners, but it's going a tiny overboard with the amount of banners. Not exaggerating, but I literally obtain an banner each fifteen seconds. Any time you finish the lvl, 30 second banner. Any time you fail the release, 30 second banner, some of them unskippable. Even to equip your own skin, unskippable banner. Nice release, but I uninstalled because I couldn't stand the banners. If you consider toning it down on the banners, I may consider reinstalling.
~ Clark DeBarba
When I first saw this release, i was hinestky quite excited to test! the release itself can be quite fun, but there are simply too many banners for this release (Looper) to be enjoyable. In order to persuade more recipients to test and keeo the release, dial down the add usage and maybe recipients would like it more and rate it better. If you loose a lvl, an banner pops up. victory two lvls in a row, boom an banner. I don't mean this as in a once in a while thing, i mean it as a consistent annoyance.
~ EkiraS Kuhn
I can't trust that your release sucks so much! There are too much advertises! Need to launch a gift box? Receive an advertise! You won on a lvl? Receive an advertise! You lost on a lvl? Receive an advertise! Equip a circle? Receive an advertise! "You wish to remove advertises? Oh allow's create it expensive so we'll create dollars easily!" You guys are greedy as hell! You don't care about others, i hope your release will end, i hope this release will be unapproved and be deleted everywhere. Reduce the banners!
~ Inidutili Roblox
This release is fun and has nice song. I am giving it three stars because of the banners. It is not as obsurd as recipients are claiming but, there is generally alot of banners. After you fail or pass a lvl. AD! After you unbox a gift. AD! Just remember it is a nonpaid release so there is gonna be banners.
~ A Google user
Nice release idea! It's very entertaining and challenging, however there are WAY too many banners. Whenever I transport onto the next round, an banner plays. As quick as I lose a round, an banner plays. There's just too much of it that ruins the fun and flow of the release. :( Oh and there's a VIP mode thing, but I didn't bother looking more into it.
~ Nathalie Peña
I like the idea of it and should see it easily becoming one of my favoured time wasters, but the amount of banners is RIDICULOUS. There's literally an banner after each lvl up or lvl redo. The ratio is unbalanced and makes the release annoying and unenjoyable. The banners are longer than it takes to obtain through most lvls. I hope this is rectified in some idea bc I think it's a fun release but can place up with the amount of banners
~ A Google user
WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! Literally 2 seconds of release test then 30 second banner. 2 seconds gameplay then 30 seconds of banner. And they wish you to pay $8 a week to test banner nonpaid? Give me a break.... The release is really more about matching moving dots and making sure they don't collide, song is just a superficial layer to that. most lvls I beat just by mashing buttons speedy. too terrible.
~ David Cameron
First pop up banner was after lvl 2. 2nd pop up banner was after lvl 3. I didnt care to test a release where after almost each lvl, there's an banner. And these are the beginning, super simple lvls that take 7 seconds at most to 'solve'. So in a 30 second interval, about 15 seconds were banners. No thanks, if I wanted to watch banners and have a tiny entertainment in between, I'd watch cable.
~ Maria Martinez
Waste of time. Each release is actually doing a monthly charge not only to obtain rid of banners but to obtain bonus equipment. That's just dumb first off. I obtain they need the dollars, but the price isn't worth it. 2nd this release is constant as. Finish a lvl - banner, restart - banner, change the skin - AD!!. Idea too many banners. Seriously enough with the banners. This release would be nice if the banners weren't so frequent, the price would be fair, and the each time I tap to the beat of the song, it runs off beat. Worthless.
~ Luis Felicinano
Adverts fully crash the experience. Even after shelling out dollars to remove them, the banners kept appearing. Apparently, that just removed the after lvl banners, the banners and banners directing to another releases don't count. Consider my surprise when after paying to remove banners, suddenly, the next modernization reverses that and adds a newest subscription "vip" service to do that. Not going to happen. The release was fun and at times challenging. But I'm not going to hold throwing away dollars just to test in peace.
~ A Google user
Nice release, very entertaining! But there are recipients who think all these banners are terrible, if you like the release, then dont be critical of it, ITS A FREE GAME they obtain no revenue from you, unless you buy something, nonpaid releases need banners so that they can generate revenue to hold themselves afloat. Very challenging at times on lvls, but love the release!
~ Elysian