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About: Uncertain of his sister's fate, a lad enters LIMBO. What the press claimed: Limbo is as close to great at what it does as a release can obtain. 10/10 Destructoid The release is a masterpiece. 5/5 GiantBomb Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius. 5/5 The Escapist Dark, disturbing, yet eerily pretty, Limbo is a globe that deserves to be explored. 5/5 Joystiq Champion of more than 100 awards, including: Gameinformers Finest Downloadable Gamespots Finest Puzzle Product Kotakus The Finest Indie Product GameReactors Digital Product of the Year Spike TVs Finest Independent Product X-Tests Finest Downloadable Product IGNs Finest Horror Product
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 24MB Developer: Playdead
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About: Cats of the Arctic Beware of the Dragons! Be part of the story of this young cat as he discovers his own path across this vast arctic territory. How will the story end? That's up to you. Make it to the end and see. Dragon, Monsters, Henchmen, and much much more. You will not be disappointed. You have not seen a cat simulator like this. The story begins with a young cat. Play with some family members, find some food, drink some water, mark some territory, and avoid the ene...

Developer: Wild Foot Games [email protected]

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About: Christmas is coming with a lot of fun and excitement for all ages. santa claus used to distribute Gift to all gift to the children. Addictive for both kids and grown-ups, Christmas Santa Claus Adventure Fun is our holiday present for you to revive the Christmas magic and brighten up your festive spirit in the best time of the year,the main character of the Game is santa claus.Christmas holidays gives just fun and lot of gift. Embrace the snowy adventure to become the good-will missionary and sav...

Developer: Family Fun Kids Games [email protected]

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About: You are visiting shopping mall with your family. But you are lost and come to the strange place. They are full of X'mas decorations. You have to escape and find your family. Can you get out? "Escape X'mas rooms" is the 11th Escape game produced by DAIKOKUYA SOFT INC. Tap and find the items and solve tricks and riddles. How to play +Just tap to play. +Tap the item icon to apply and use. +Tap "Hint" button and after the video ads, you will get some hints & answers.* ...

Developer: DAIKOKUYA SOFT [email protected]

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About: Animatronic Night Joy of Battle Brawl is a real battle between animatronic! Animatronic Night Joy of Battle Brawl taking place at open tournament arena. Choose your popular animatronic that haunt you in the past. Feature: - more cool and epic action animatronic - now all animatronic can punch and kick! - featured cool arena...

Developer: Nicholee Breyman [email protected]

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About: Enjoy one of the most inmersive and interactive horror experiences of all time with "Child's Nightmare VR", a game that brings together stealth mechanics, fleeing from monsters and puzzle solving through 3 entirely different areas. Try to survive or at least, remain sane. Play our three totally different levels and help our kid to escape from the nightmare he is going through. WARNING: In order to enjoy the full experience, you will need a bluetooth controller with dual analogpad....

Developer: FloridaReplay [email protected]

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About: Wipeout Amazing Run 2018: FREE 3D Game Ready to play an adventure game to run on hurdles and obstacles game. This amazing runner game is the action adventure show with best realistic physics. The character to run escape for challenging obstacles and run within time this is the best need of this wipeout amazing runner game. This Amazing Runner game have 20+ challenging levels and mission to complete this unique sports game. Features of Wipeout Amazing Run 2018 Game new *Eye Catching HD Gra...

Developer: MSA Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Doors&Rooms 2 : Escape game Alternatives
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About: Find out whats behind each and every door as you proceed through the series of elaborate rooms you are trapped in. Do you have what it takes to be a true detective, and think your way to escape? The 3rd update is completed, Flex your brain muscles with the 3rd update. FEATURES Puzzle your way past rooms of all types, ranging from living rooms, to bars, to garages and hospitals. HD graphics that are never before seen in escape games! The Memo menu is now available for u...

Developer: Gameday Inc. [email protected]


Similar Games Like Doors&Rooms : Escape game Alternatives
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About: Simple yet fatally addictive See through the tricks and find hints for your escape! Never-ending battle of wits against the developers Be careful, though: one mistake can cost you everything. Features - Various themed backgrounds - Evolving difficulty levels - Stage expansion through constant updates - Superior graphic quality never before seen in the Escape genre - Free Game Coins are given away at certain intervals - Intuitive UI and inventory - Absolutely free to play!...

Developer: Gameday Inc. [email protected]

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About: You can not stay away-you need to get into the neighbors house and find out what's going on! However, this will not be so easy! Each corner of his yard is adorned with a movable video camera, and all nextdoor MAP For MCPE and windows are securely locked. If he discovers you, you are unlikely to be able to leave his house alive! Stay unnoticed, use your own ingenuity and uncover a terrible secret! He never leaves his home, from which regularly sound some strange sounds, like cries. And one scar...

Developer: Liktonakt Game [email protected]

Similar Games Like Incremental Mage - Idle Games  Alternatives
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About: Incremental Mage is an idle and incremental game in which you need to setup your own spell loop to fight the enemies! Set the right spells (and don't forget to upgrade them) in order to finish each level. - Tap to kill the enemies! - Unlock and set Spells to cast them automatically. - Upgrade your spells in the Spell Book. - Finish the level within 10 seconds in order to go next. - Discover, experiment and upgrade stuff in the Mage Room! (Spell School, Potions, Bestiary, Chests to unlock ...

Developer: starberry games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Can you escape the 100 room  VIII  Alternatives
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About: Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room VIII" is coming ... It is a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge must not miss it! The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape ... Humane tips, the key moment will be pleasantly surprised,Make you successful escape. If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge. 50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you ...

Developer: HKAppBond [email protected]

Similar Games Like Rivalry Tale Of Two Lives - Thanksgiving special Alternatives
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About: HFG Hidden Fun Games released the new point and click type escape games for all the game lovers. The game with two categories of story and 55 levels of a journey. Game Story: Beloved Queen - Tarrian, the king of Rosden Island, married a beautiful young women named Rachel Mericus. She wanted to visit Halmere, one of the most attractive place on north side of the Crevor hills. When the couple ventured to spend some time near the cave something thrashed Tarrian's head sending him to a sudden ...

Developer: HFG - Ena Game Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Escape Game - Mysterious Courtyard Alternatives
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About: When I woke up, I was trapped in a place like a strange courtyard. Anyway, I have to get out of here... This game is played by tapping the screen. Your progress is saved automatically. On the MENU screen, you can turn off BGM and sound effects....

Developer: AppGoya [email protected]

Similar Games Like LOL Surprise Pets™ : Simulator Unbox Eggs Dolls  Alternatives
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About: Doll lol surprise simulator is an allowed to play simulator for lol toy eggs with surprise. Open the same number of eggs as you need, store your accomplishments and offer it with companions. This simulator free even from inside, you don't need to pay for lol eggs you will open. This diversion is an ideal method to invest some free energy and test your good fortune. Have you at any point earned something profitable from doll lol toy eggs with surprise? If not, our new simulator would settle it...

Developer: Joll Game [email protected]


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About: Description: Henry Kid Danger Halloween is probably the most common theme when we come to make a Halloween party games , but it's still hard to find a good free game of a famous tv cartoon as the adventures of Henry Danger ! Are you rady today.welcome to "Halloween Adventures of Henry Danger",get yourself ready for The Halloween night.The scariest time of year is here !and you can enjoy with this game it's simple and funny. Why are you still reading this and wasting your time.It's ti...

Developer: Dev LEGEND [email protected]

Similar Games Like cuphead: Battle Cagney Boss Alternatives
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About: cup headed battle is a game based on old school cartoon from 1930, where you fight the boss flower ! . we advise players to get the "autoshoot" item first . to make the game easier ! cuph headed looks like an old cartoon from the early 20th century and has a simple story to go with it. theres always the option to play cooperatively with another player. Successful boss fights only last two or three minutes but the technical precision required to find victory is intense. As you become m...

Developer: ComputePlay [email protected]

Similar Games Like Super Jungle World 2018  Alternatives
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About: Super Jungle World Adventuere fans are complaining that their creations are being removed from the game without a reason or explanation. This has happened before but fans knew that it was for the stages that had glitches. The company should explain to the fans that they have changed the process. If not, they should still tell them about the stages and why they are being removed from the game. A few months ago, game were told that the stages in Super Jungle World with glitches would be remove...

Developer: Attention Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Space exploration: New Liveable planets mission Alternatives
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About: Very beautiful and atmospheric game where you will be a member of the space expedition to explore deep space. In the distant future, the resources of planet Earth will be completely depleted and the human race will be forced to look for new planets for settlement. You will join one of several expeditions sent in search of new planets suitable for humans to live. You have to find not only new planets, but also to explore them, learn what the dangers they can pose to humans and determine whethe...

Developer: Gainarium [email protected]

Similar Games Like Rob's Adventures Alternatives
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About: Our hero, Rob, is a duck. Lke adventure...But it's not an ordinary duck we know! Horses, jumps, throws beans on the obstacles, flies, swims, creeps, and has a lot of talent that you don't think of. You will meet this adventure-loving duck and jump on the adventures with common level, and you will be amazed at what you can do. Our game which is ambitious in the category of adventure is presented to your liking with great graphic visuals ... Our hero's abilities increase day by day and make ...

Developer: Turkmark [email protected]

Similar Games Like Dungeon&Girls: Card RPG Alternatives
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About: Seek pretty girl partners and defeat Bosses! Is it possible to look for romance in dungeons? - You can seek girl partners and upgrade your levels together. Use the randomly generated cards to explore dungeons! - Its all random. But you need to plan ahead. Strategical battle using the attack, evade, counter, and focus cards! - The cards are limited and the choice is to target your attacks. Strategic changes in players job skills! - You begin out as an explorer, ...

Developer: LUNOSOFT INC. [email protected]



LIMBO Reviews and Comments:

Nice. Intuitive controls and lvl design, haunting yet superb soundtrack, artful visual aesthetic, and a easy and poignant theme. Probably the finest puzzle platformer that will ever grace the test shop.
~ Hamish Douglas
It's sublime, artful, nightmarish and pretty. After testing this go find for Inside on the notebook, even better. It's a marerpiece.
~ Massimo Volta
Nice legendary release. There are are several release that can match lvl of this release. Highly suggested.
~ Ashwani Kumar Singh
Would be great if they made a bunch more lvls, for 5 dollars it's idea to much, completed the release in a several hours
~ doug moody
One of the finest small releases ever. The controls are very intuitive and immersive. I only want that there was more.
~ Noah Cameron
This got idea too hard for me toward the end but with the support of online walk through I was able to finish it. I want there was a tiny more story, but I did laugh at all the constructive ideas I died. Can we have the option to test a female hero?
~ A Google user
Masterpiece, finest engaging release ever on Mobile, want they version part 2, everything is created and shown in pleasing manner, whether the intutive controls or picking lvls everything is seemless
~ Anuj Tomar
It’s a nice release but actually I got iPhone and can’t even test I’m pissed off they are making me buy it again and it’s more expensive actually then when I first bought it
~ Nick Nice
give me my dollars back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you idiots give it back!!!!!!!!
~ Brayden Phillips
Great ambience and early puzzles are enjoyable. Quick stages are annoying, based on timing with horrible controls.
~ Cat Collision
Nice physics-based puzzle release. Swipe controls are amongst the more successful ones I've tried, don't know why others are complaining.
~ Zlatko G
I love this release, really I do, but this release is just like portal but no plot. Just imagine portal to just have no plot at all and only puzzles. That's it, please create a newest one with a plot. I'll run you off. Dollary has been reduced to nothing, this caused other nice depression, and this caused riots, these riots destroyed world and destroyed factors and nuclear bombs had mutated animals like the spiders and mosquito s to become giant. Recipients were to afraid to live like this do they commited suicide . But that woman we see is living underground so she can't see the surface. Continue
~ Lipovo 2019
One of the hardest, darkest, most enjoyable releases I've played. I'm baited for more, Dev.
~ David Robinson
If only there were other release this nice... this is one of the all time engrossing and constructive gaming experiences. Please bring the newest "Inside" to mobile!
~ Brennan Pizer
This is a pretty and haunting release. The art is just right, and the gameplay both simple to understand and challenging to master. I want there were even more segments or challenges!
~ Cory Hutcheson
I Finished This Product in one day and got all the easter eggs, the next day when i went to go do the hard route, i saw that i only earned 5 eggs instead of 10 and yet, the secret passage was launch, can you fix the easter eggs because i had 10 and there are actually 5 that i got.
~ Saira Garciaguirre
Simply brilliant release test, and awesome graphics, easy but pretty release overall.
~ David Lee
This is an awesome release. It has dark, eerie atmosphere, and challenging puzzles. A very fun release.
~ Bryan Sessions
the release is really nice and it increases how your mind thinks but i don't think the dollars paid is worth the duration used to complete the release i finished it in 1 and a half day
~ Vincent Alexander
This release is pretty. It is deep, it is about the struggle of our souls, it is about lonelines, it is about the will to continue, it is about time, it is about suffering. ultimately, it is about love.
~ A Google user
It's just nice. It has nice graphics, gameplay, and realistic logics! It is very addicting and I would suggest it to any of my dudes.
~ Toxic Phantom
This is one of those releases that is a part of you forever. I played it years ago on a console. This ver is just as nice. It has all the elements of what makes a nice release, it has just the right amount of frustration, thinking and speedy reflexes. The graphics are beautifully easy. It's macabre in a straightforward idea. A delicious release that I truly adore. 😸❤😸❤😸❤
~ A Google user
I went on it and it didn't explain really what to do and it would not allow me push things and it was really confusing I would suggest limbo on a Playstation not a device or device.
~ A Google user
never got to finish the release when i first purchased it. Glad it was reoeased for mobile, runs nice, looks nice and Im glad i obtain to finish the release.
~ Marawan Elwakil
Some puzzles you figure out but obtain stuck doing the same thing over, and over because of dexterity troubles. Not fun.
~ Ardmore Mooney
super cool but, creepy vibe through the entire release. challenging enough puzzles and scenarios to hold me coming back for more. Thanks for the experience👍👍 WAY UP!
~ Jake Catskill
I was depressed and going to slay myself until I watched "Click" by Adam Sandler. I thought it was a very moving family friendly video. it made me laugh and cry and realize that life is worth living. I was going through a cute rough spot between my parents divorce, the Trump election, and my cousins death in a school shooting, but then Adam Sandler worked his magic in this heartfelt masterpiece of a video and actually I know that everything is ok. I think everybody could watch the video Click.
~ Timothy Langley
The visual style is wonderful, controls are easy and the puzzles have a fair difficulty curve. One of my favored releases on small.
~ Notallthere
downloaded once before.. release is very cool.makes u feel like u have nothing better to do..some of it it hard and you obtain stuck foe a while.. patience is a virtue. 6 stars
~ Mr. Franchini
One of the finest Indie releases I've played on PC. Had to test it on small and I'm not disappointment. Controls are not as precise, but experience is the same.
~ Andrzej Skoczylas
pretty release. seriously, its a work of art. challenging and fun. might have to turn up the brightness on your device or some lvls will be too dark. test the nonpaid demo first to see if this release is for you. i like that you can test offline.
~ Tom Tran
Loving the release so far. Very dark and brooding. Visuals are special and enthralling. The spider is quite nightmarish. I highly suggest. Only want i should test the spiritual sequel "INSIDE."
~ Mike Dare
One of the finest graphics and gameplay. Lvls are well thought and designed, it makes you think. Its gradually becomes hard as complete the stages. Nice.
~ Vivek Payasi
I thoroughly enjoyed getting frustrated so many times. Winning felt nice but I found myself wishing the ending were a bit more... anything. I'll just claim myself the true ending only comes when you solve some another puzzle... then i can sleep at night. Nice release though. Thanks guys.
~ Dan Jenkins
This release is an entry release compared to Inside. The graphics, physics, musical genius attributes of this release create it intense to test. No insfructions, no backstory, just a lad trying to figure things out. This release, and especially Inside, are the only releases we have ever played where it is just as much fun watching others test. Nice release and can't wait for more from Playdead!!!
~ Dallin Hales
It's a nice release! The style is pretty and the controls are simple to use, and most puzzles create you think enough and sometimes you overthink which is interesting in some points of view... overall a nice release.
~ Tj Alington
One of the finest side-scroller releases. Dark atmosphere, intense ambience, considerably challenging (but far from tiresome) gameplay and a storyline that is scary and pretty, full of dread and nightmares and love and hope. It's a masterpiece.
~ Dmitriy Kovalyov
I loved the darkness of the release...purchased it...actually I can't even test it. Don't know who had the offending modernization, you or me (I know I had an operating system one), but actually all I obtain is a blank screen. Having to delete
~ A Google user
The premise is nice, the art style engaging, but the controls are horrible: this feels like a terrible PC port. Feeks like release designed to be played with a keyboard and unforgiving when it comes to moving / jumping within a split second, which marries badly with the touch controls.
~ Corentin C.
Still the finest release on Mobile, and one of the very finest on any platform. It defines what a small release can be, and it's a complete release you can buy, no stupid coin collecting and buying with horrific complicated menus designed for in release purchases, no banners, just a nice release, as it could be, like it was in the nice old days.
~ Humpback Cameltoe