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About: Lifeline is a playable, branching storyline of survival versus all odds. You will support Taylor create life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Acclaimed writer Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us) weaves a gripping interactive storyline through the aftermath of a ruin landing on an alien moon. Taylor is stranded, the rest of the gang are dead or missing, and Taylors communicator can only reach you. A fully special experience enabled by modern devices, this storyline plays out in true time. As Taylor works to stay alive, info deliver newest messages throughout your day. Hold up as they come in, or catch up later when youre nonpaid. Or, dive in and jump back to earlier points in the storyline, and see what happens when you create a different choice. Straight actions can have a profound result. Complete any single path to restart the storyline and unblock ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: 3 Minute Games
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Lifeline Reviews and Comments:

Played this release 2 years ago and loved it. So i purchased it again.
~ arne deprez
Really enjoyed it. Storyline was gripping and took a couple days casual gameplay to finish
~ James Dean
I just can't obtain enough of the series. I got so greedy I now played 4 of them at one time.
~ Amber Skye Sobers
Unbelievable. I got so into it, even though this isn't my normal release kind. The sound is nice too
~ Allison McGarry
Special gaming experience! And the story was engaging, funny and smart. Nice equipment.
~ Kara Humphrey
I now felt a connection with Taylor. I was genuinely invested in his success.
~ Raquel Garcia
He taught me patience, can't wait for obtain messages from him. Trust me Taylor!
~ สรารัตน์ หลิน
This release is a gotta. Not too gigantic, not too short, nice storyline and conversation. I loue it!
~ A Google user
An interesting idea to combine true time text journeys and the info of a tablet.
~ Ian Macdonald
What a phenomenal small release! I love the storyline and Taylor is so funny. Also I feel like the choices I create really matter and I love the idea.
~ Daniel Andrews
It's over too speedy for the price charged and then there's the same price for a sequel? No thanks I'll pass
~ A Google user
It's ok.. But the choices are not the finest as the 2 choices cute much lead to the same identical outcome.
~ mikey 3319
I wish to hold testing it but sometimes I ignore the terrible soul. I left the guy in limbo and I'm scared to run the release in topic he asks where I been.
~ Joshua Lee
Loved the storyline! Very intriguing and constructive! It felt as if it was now happening.
~ Demetrius
I played this years ago, and I reinstalled it tonight and started testing it again. I still loved it as much as I did a several years ago!
~ Peppermint Kitten
Loved each second of the release. It's nice how each decision you create for Taylor has an outcome whether he lives or dies. I enjoyed it couldn't be happier with the buy.
~ Abelardo Zavaleta
cute nice release, i had troubles saving our superhero the first couple of times (yeah yeah, terrible choices, don't judge) but i usually came back to test to save him.
~ Andres Pluss
Loved the release, it was true fun, it took me 2 tries to beat it and I might give it other go to search the another endings
~ Jesus Gonzalez
i really enjoyed the storyline, its creepy eerie song and choices. Enjoy the ride.
~ Kenneth Prock
After three days I uninstalled it. The release's premise is nice, but Taylor is an idiot...seriously,..he is stupid beyond belief and that quickly gets annoying. If Taylor were a 14 year old woman, it would be far more believable. There is nothing about his demeanor, dialog or decision making ability that would recommend that he is even remotely educated. Also, the dialog feels more like he is simply narrating in true-time, which is counter intuitive to text messaging. At one target the messages were literally a test-by-test of him reaching for some meal with a contraption he fashioned out of spare parts. I simply couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to obtain past the physical gymnastics that are require to perform such a task, while apparently typing at the same time. Also, the interaction between you and this moron is stupefying. It didn't take long before I began to dislike Taylor...a lot! He is a boorish mental midget who struggles with unbelievably easy decisions; like going clockwise or counter-clockwise. Lastly, Taylor is not only stupid, but he is meek. Seriously, quit whining about your whittle sore shoulder and lad up! What a candy ass.
~ Troy Dalton
love the releases but been trying to obtain them to work with my samsung watch but the info comes through ok but cant pick answers through it any concepts anyone?
~ sean harris
Nice storyline claiming. Nice writing, I like that the waiting is needed for the first playthrough only. I love that there are multiple endings. Love the release, highly suggested.
~ Fenom 007
Enjoyed the ride with Taylor and the idea the experience is structured. I managed to slay Taylor a several ideas and definitely didn't create that glad ending on the first test.
~ H. Xavier
This is storyline is so nice, I can't stop replaying this, but I don't have enough Google opinion rewards credits to buy other lifeline release haha (this now sad)
~ ̶B̶r̶u̶n̶o̶ Paes
Really nice idea and a fun release! I love Taylor's hero. I want it was longer and that there were more choices and things for me to do. I'll probably test some of the another releases in the series in the future.
~ Britta Pung
Strangely, amusingly, and a bit surprisingly, this storyline is very compelling and engaging. I search myself eagerly looking for the info icon that Taylor has returned for more interaction. The writing/dialogue is a delight, too.
~ A Google user
Nice release, with one major flaw -- after the first day or so, Taylor refuses to do 99% of what you claim him to do. Your choices don't have much result. He'll just ignore you or stall until your decision is rendered pointless. He also has a absolutely no survival immediate, so you're constantly trying to convince him not to roll over and die. The storyline is nice and so is the writing -- you just don't have much influence over its direction.
~ A Google user
Aw lad this was nice!! I really cared about Taylor, I now cried when she got to security. (First playthrough, no deaths, aw yeah!!) I mean, I read her as a "she", but the gender is never specified, so Taylor should be any gender, which is nice! Sort of lets you place your own spin on the hero. Loved the plot, loved the globe- and hero-building, loved the descriptions. The only thing that slightly frustrated me was not being able to input my own communications and having to pick options, but I understand that otherwise it would have been hellish/impossible to code. I guess really it works quite well because I started to obtain frustrated that I couldn't be more positive for Taylor, so I got really emotionally involved. Really nice!
~ scribbly frog
Simply Nice! I've played this release few times just to see the different endings. Sound creates a nice atmosphere, choices seem important, and the writing is nice! I love this release and the entire series!
~ A Google user
Interesting idea, but I wasn't able to obtain into this release as much as others have. During the initial playthrough I found myself a tiny impatient when the main hero was off doing things like sleeping and not communicating with me. The thought of uninstalling it definitely crossed my mind during these prolonged downtime meetings. Also, I was very bothered by the unrealistic timing of the dialog. For example, there are times where the main hero is in a panic and only has seconds to create a decision, yet he goes off on tangents and cracks jokes or Claims side stories for the next minute or so. Lastly, I just wasn't able to really feel for the main hero. I read many reviews before testing claiming I could expect to really form a bond with the hero. I honestly felt nothing the whole time. Product should be a tiny longer too.
~ Alex Michalopoulos
I like the true-time idea, but I don't think I've ever encountered a playable hero that I wanted to slay more! He's rude, ungrateful, sarcastic and generally obnoxious, plus apparently can't think for himself. The developers overthought the writing - they tried too hard on the personality, and made it dislikeable. They could have stuck to straight, interactive storytelling, journey ebook style. What, where, trouble, solution. I don't wish 8 messages in a row, mostly useless filler.
~ Adrian Williams
Fully worth it! But. . . I failed Taylor! I failed her!! I know I was close to the end cuz a dude who had played it before me claimed so. She didn't think it would harm so much. Darn you slimey thingamadoobers!! (It's an nice release you could fully buy.)
~ A Google user
This release has many possible senerios that unfold based on your choices. The storyline of the release is nice. I like the time between communications, it makes it feel more immersive. This release is hands down one of the finest small releases.
~ B Coop
Nice release! I just got it and I already love Taylor. Im so torn between bonding with them and being practical, i want we should have more casual chats.
~ Amy H
Well worth the $2. You can spend that at redbox and entertain yourself for a several hours or you can buy this and be entertained for days! I literally didn't wish to place my device down as things were coming to a conclusion!
~ awoodrum12
Absolute favoured release. I have all three; I want they'd hurry up and version a fourth. These are wonderful, especally if you enjoy choce-based releases. No matter how many times I test it, I usually obtain emotionally attached and obtain so afraid for Taylor through each step of their travel. 10/10 have played multiple times and will test again.
~ Elizabeth Howell
Really cool release. A couple of the choices were not what I would like to do in either topic, but it was not a hindrance to the gameplay, and didn't annoy me so much that I couldn't have fun. There were few times where I genuinely didn't know where the storyline would go depending on my choice, which added to the suspense when Taylor went silent. Nice concept, nice mystery. I would love to see more options at every crossroad, but I know how much bonus work that would be.
~ Kalen Hussey
This release is nice for short breaks from work. If you don't stare at your device all day, this release goes on for days. Interacting with Taylor can cause one to become fairly curious about what would happen to him. Although the jokes are not that funny (for me), but persevering through the jokes is other interesting factor of the release. Definitely going to obtain the sequel.
~ Ardee Lu
I enjoyed this interactive, true time storyline. Being forced to wait for messages, as you walkthrough the protagonist, was the right call (albeit speedy test and rewind options become available after the first test through). Note it's quite short, you don't have a gigantic amount of genuine options/alternatives and it's now quite hard to slay the person you're guiding. Bear this in mind and the limited replayability it means and you won't be disappointed - it's a bit different and nice, cheap fun.
~ Kiver Russell
Fun concept for a pick your journey kind release, but the execution is lacking. The release paths turned out the same even when I made different choices through the release test. Also does not notify me through Wear OS (though probably not the fault of the release).
~ Leslie Terronez