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About: The Lifeline series continues to capture the imaginations of countless users worldwide with compelling true-time storytelling. Lifeline 2 raises the bar with a newest suspenseful storyline from Dave Justus almost twice as long as the original, with many more choices and paths to search. Lifeline 2 informations a 28-minute original soundtrack and is completely optimized for Mobile Wear, delivering the finest Lifeline experience on Mobile Wear yet. The second storyline in the Lifeline series connects you with Arika, a young girl on a deadly quest to avenge her parents and rescue her long-lost brother. Your choices will hold her alive and support her succeed as she faces mortal danger on her idea to a final, fateful showdown versus the forces that threaten all of humanity. Lifeline stories test out in true time. As Arika travels to complete her quest, info deliver newest messages ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: 3 Minute Games
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Lifeline 2 Reviews and Comments:

The release was nice all the idea through but the end left soo much to be desired. If it as the end claimed that there is in fact other storyline I'm fine with it but if there's isn't I'm so disappointed. For anyone who's looking to obtain this I couldn't suggest this enough.
~ Wyatt Meier
I loved this. So special. Intimate and true feeling. I genuinely feel sad actually that she left. It claimed "You have not see the last of Arika Lanphear" I reaaaaaally hope to see her again in a newest one. (: nice. Time to test the next lifeline
~ Brandon rhanor
I enjoyed testing a Lifeline where another characters can now aid you rather than being filled primarily with antagonists! I liked having moral choices about how Arika handled the obstacles she met. Interesting callback to the first release in there too - you'll know it when you see it! I enjoyed working with Arika, and look forward to a sequel.
~ Wendy White
Well I haven't finished the storyline yet bit so far I don't search the storyline quite as engaging as lifeline nor to i search myself as emotionally attached to Arika as I did Taylor. It's not a terrible storyline but I feel like it should use much improvement it does kinda repeat itself like with her mode of transportation for example. With that claimed I do suggest it.
~ Heather Heaton
I liked cute much everything. From the suspense to how the storyline was played out according to your decisions. What I didn't enjoy as much was the font. I know something so tiny to obtain annoyed by. The font should have been something more fancy or old style, but another than that the release was nice!
~ Kevin Allen
This was a nice storyline. You search yourself immersed in it and very quickly form a connection with Arika. The storyline is personal and really pulls at your emotions from the beginning to the end. Multiple times I had chills, my eyes watered, and I was genuinely nervous about making choices. Bravo! Can't wait for more!
~ WuTangBrain
Just wanted to thank the release developer. This release was such a roller coaster of emotions, 10/10 I'll be buying your future "stories" as well. Usually keeps me on the edge of my seat, and usually feel connected to the main hero.
~ Tj Bilski
I really love these journeys, they are well written and uniquely claimed. You'll enjoy the length of the storyline while testing but if you accidentally rewind to the wrong target you will be cursed to lose hours of your life. For the love of god why aren't the rewind options in order!? In a sleepless haze, I pick poorly actually I'll never know how the greens got to world despite Taylor's sacrifice. Please let readers to pick the section in speedy forward mode.
~ charlotte safrit
None of the coices feel like they matter. Most are like what happened / are you ok. That's no choice at all. Reptition of same dialog after all miniquests. Some dialog information appear in wrong territories - they reference the wrong minquest since they're the same for all three. Dont have it in me to even replay to search out what happens if i fail some of them.
~ Ivars Auce
I like the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE vibe this release has, to which prompted me to buy the release. 1st 10 minutes is cute nice. However, i had sent Arika to find for a car and as of writing, i think it froze on me for more than 10mins actually. Is this part of the release where i have to wait for several hours or is it a bug?
~ erica hernandez
Lifeline 2 surpasses the also awesome Lifeline 1. The storyline is very compelling and draws you on, and you form a true connection with the main hero Arika. The time lapse mechanic is once again welcome adding a true sense of pace and zone. Only criticism is that the release ends too abruptly.
~ David Uspal
I loved the fact that it was longer than the previous ones! Nice storyline too as usual! What I didn't like was the parts with the walking to territories that were exactly the same script with the same options and answers. Also too many pop references. We who don't live in the U.S. or I don't know, G. B., search them very hard to follow. Hold up the nice work!
~ Lila Pit
I 'was' really enjoying Lifeline 2. There is an atmospheric story with nice pace. It is simple to pick up and carry on in those several mins you have spare during your day. The ability to test from info is also nice. Unfortunately, at almost the end, my entire storyline was wiped out because I purchased a Smartwatch. I was looking forward to being able to test via the watch but it appears that it wipes the progress when it syncs. This means I haven't played it since.
~ Lee Eastham
This newest hero Arika reads identical to Taylor, same personality although different case with magic elements against the outer zone theme in the previous lifeline. In dire cases most recipients would not devote as much time as Arika and Taylor did at making puns and pop culture references, the latter of which I did not often obtain. I would not have minded a more serious tone. I was really hoping Lifeline 2 would offer a recent perspective from a newest hero but it just feels like Taylor 2.0.
~ D Acosta
Um, Arika is talking about a monk appearing "again" but I've never encountered one before. Need better. QA maybe? Also, Arika is less charming than Taylor, and I'm not fully sure why she's gendered but Taylor wasn't...I liked the ambiguity better since we should fill in more ourselves
~ Kay Chang
I found it wonderful that a 19 year old woman would use cultural references that myself, being a 33 year old, would consider only for 30+ year old hipsters. I know this was written by a grown lad (who is very talented IMO) but since the protagonist is a 19 year old woman, it stretches believability - even in a fantasy. I think that's a hard hero to write as a lad born in the 70's/80's. It's a decent storyline but I was disappointed in the overall interaction between myself and the hero.
~ Cody Sharp
Testing the release right actually. Can't complain. It's picture-postcard. 'Lifeline' releases have never disappointed me and neither would anyone. The song has usually been eerie and the storyline and gameplay usually nice and flawless. I can claim confidentally that this release is worth its price.
~ Kyle Crane
Firstly, in my opinion, this isn't as nice as the first release. I didn't feel engaged at all with Arika until I got to the last couple of days. The final part of the release went some idea to create the release better, I just thought it went on a bit too long. The pace of the first release was much better, but hey, the release was still nice, I did enjoy it. Onto the next one actually for me. Hold up the nice work writers!
~ Scott McGougan
I played the first Lifeline and got hooked. I played the "expansion" and stayed hooked. Actually I'm testing the second and enjoying each minute. The writing style is related, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I hope Lifeline sees a long career with many newest releases and some interesting Innovations along the idea.
~ Greg Lauver
Not a gigantic amount of options to walkthrough your 'companion' but there are enough pitfalls to create the release interesting. The song certainly adds to the creepiness and may well create the release unsuitable for very young babes (but then again, lots of babes like to be afraid in a harmless, ghost storyline idea).
~ Peter Bartle
A lot if the online review for Lifeline 2 claimed it wasn't as nice as the first release. THEY WERE ALL WRONG! Lifeline 2 is the finest of the 3 that I have played in the lifeline series. I just hope there's a continuation of Arika's storyline like there was for Taylor. Brilliant release and well worth buying and testing.
~ Jonathan Steen
I really loved the original Lifeline and was excited to see the sequel. However, this one feels much more like reading a storyline while occasionally clicking unrelated buttons than a release. I wasn't at all emotionally attached to Arika, and didn't really search the storyline that compelling. Mechanically, the release works fine. No crashes, everything ran as expected until the end, which honestly I was glad to see come.
~ Jeffrey Johnson
Yet again a gripping, special storyline. Kept me coming back to my device to see if anything newest happened. Kept pulling at them heart-strings. Great experience. Want there was a bit more though. Not as "in depth" as it should have been. Needs a bit more charactor development. Nevertheless, a suggested test for anybody a fan of the the release style. Well done. Hold 'em coming! Starting #3 right meow. 👍👌👏
~ Niceley Done
I personally enjoyed Arika's storyline more than Taylor's, but there were definitely still troubles. {Minor spoilers!} While I found the choices more versatile and less linear than the previous releases', the ending reveal felt like a cop-out. It was just a rehash of the another story. I'm sure it's all leading up to some parallel universe deal, but it still didn't feel like nice payoff for the buildup. Also, Arika and Taylor sound exactly the same. Diversify your voices & cool it with the references!
~ Emily Kuo
I loved it so much! I now got attached to the hero, which is something that usually won't happen with me! I haven't played lifeline 1 yet, but I am planning to, seeing how nice this release was! By the idea, when it claimed "you haven't seen the last of arika," I got really excited! Hope to see her in other release! And maybe she should remember who you were, so we should continue, and there wouldn't have to be a entire nother introduction...remember what happened in last release as well? That would be nice!
~ Awesome Sauce
I cannot praise the Lifeline releases enough. They have some of the finest storytelling you'll ever search in small releases. Probably THE finest storytelling. This one was no different. You still have the feeling you met and helped someone through a time of nice need. Like your decisions now helped someone. Lifeline releases are usually worth the asking price.
~ Richard Burkhart
Really enjoyed the second lifeline release. Loved the humour. Loved the drama and terror. I was thinking about, how you should create it more realistic for the user... Like taking one of my pictures on my device, or calling/txting my device when doom approaches... Don't know about permissions. But might create it more fun. . Hold making the releases. . Cheers
~ Stephen Vaughan
With a PERFECT five*star run to the series, "Lifeline", Lifeline2 had a lot of expectations to live up to. I can confidently claim that Lifeline2 was almost great. The dialogue had wittiness on par with the first in the series, BUT there was noticeable repetition. The hero had personality, but she wasn't as relatable of a hero as the protagonist of Lifeline. The storyline had more depth than the release before, however, and that is an wonderful feat to accomplish! All in all I would highly suggest!!
~ Kelli Heape
I thoroughly enjoyed testing this release. The storyline developed nicely and I felt disconnected when age would go quiet. So, overall it was quite fun. My only true complaint is the lack of tons in the travel options. I had the same exact conversation on how to travel between two of my quests. Word for word it was the same, which type of run the experience.
~ Chase Billings
I almost never test any form of video releases. I gave the first Lifeline a shot and haven't stopped since. Each release they come out with is nice. I feel connected to the characters. I search myself waiting for a info from the release like I would a newest girlfriend's text message. It's tantamount to a relationship. I love love love these releases. Taylor, Akira and actually Adams forever!!!!
~ Andrew Spaner
The story is alot longer than the first one which is the main improvement I see but I feel the storyline line is very dull and I can feel a connection with arika at at. I fell like the messages were coming too speedy. I would have to test for 15 to 20 minutes at time untill she would go off searching. I likes the first one better where you pick a choice and obtain notified hours later. It created suspense. With this I feel like I was over whelmed with dialogue. Over all still cute nice.
~ Jasdip Rai
I am really enjoying Lifeline 2 so far, which I started only recently after completing the first a couple of months ago. However, too frequently not to create note of, Arika is tripping up. Repeating past lines. Sleeping in non existent territories or abandoned machines, presumably from another time lines. It takes a fair amount away from the experience of it's predecessor and the plot does not seem as launch either. It should use some improvement, but overall it's worth the $1.28 :)
~ Joshua Sallos
The lifeline stories obtain better and better. They never disappoint, and they're definitely worth the several dollars it costs to download them. I hope one day that the lifeline developers will make a storyline that's as long as a novel (a couple hundred pages). I would gladly pay $10 or $15 for a CYOA storyline that long. Congratulations on other nice release! Hold them coming and I'll hold buying them and rating them 5 stars because you definitely deserve it!
I really liked the first lifeline release for the risk factor. There was much more knowledge and Google lookups required to stay alive. This release, lifeline 2, had a much more interactive storyline, however I didn't feel as influential as I did in release 1. I love these releases but wish to see a harder path of dicisions. In this release sometimes the choices you create DONT alter the storyline and if they do, they are obvious what could be done. Also, the idea Arina is randomly saved in the storyline is confusing. It made me feel like I had no influence.
~ Jaron T
Nice Interactive Storyline!
~ Mm Gg
10/10, enjoyed the storyline
~ Austin Behling
LOVE the release just want they brought Arika back
~ Bob Jeffy
Nice release in the Lifeline Series, love the dabbling in magic and reality, makes for a nice storyline.
~ Austin Bowles
Loved this gameplay, was very tense at times to create choices but overall it was nice and very intriguing. Reccomened for a nice storyline and an overtime gameplay.
~ Haylee Davis
More like 4.5 stars, but I didn't see where they mentioned the most important important (at least, for me): landscape orientation! To be honest, the writing tone is not much different from the first storyline, but the stories are nice, nevertheless. There were tension and worries you'd have for the main hero, and though it may be obvious, it's still surprisingly effective when the main hero uses your name to speak to you.
~ Joel Garcia