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About: Life is Strange: Before the Storm informations Chloe Price a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a pretty and known woman destined for success. When Rachels globe is turned upside down by a family secret it takes their newest found alliance to give every another the strength to overcome their demons. - Choice and consequence driven narrative journey - Multiple endings depending on the choices you create - Backtalk - A risk/reward conversation mode that allows Chloe to use her barbed tongue to provoke or obtain her idea - Create your mark on the globe with witty tags and drawings - Select Chloes outfit and see how recipients react to your look - Distinct Licensed indie soundtrack & original score by Daughter
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 59MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Reviews and Comments:

Nice release. Glad they moved away from only x64 processors. This will allow a lot more recipients obtain a chance to test out the release. On my device I only obtain like 5 fps, but the fact it runs is absolutely insane. The controls are a tiny sus at some points but I got through early firewall without a trouble. Great overall, I hope everyone enjoys.
~ Jonathan M
I really wanted to like the small port, but the tap to transport was the first large turn off. Also, the pixel lines that segment recipients's heads from their body is really funky. Please add the joystick and the ability to change the camera sensitivity. Modernization: Also, the info are so unnecessary. I'll test the release at my own pace.
~ Kay N
So basically, when I tried testing the release there were these weird glitches that started happening on my device and green lines started to appear and static. Then when I pressed episodes and tried the demo, quite literally there it was again the green lines were there and a black screen, I couldn't test or see anything. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to this release.
~ Clarissa Wong
Poor controls! I wouldn't be able to hold my sanity testing through this release with these controls. Graphics are also cute terrible I obtain you have to help lower end devices but please create it configurable. Right actually it's fully void of any post processing results, shadows and the texture quality is really terrible. On the another hand, models and animations are nice.
~ Sock
It keeps destroying it will not allow me test the release whatsoever and the controls suck. What is being done to fix this the release ? I see many recipients have experienced these troubles as I obtain further into the comments. It is not worth the amount listed. It is extremely unfair how one who pays the full amount unknowingly experiences crashes and glitches and nothing is being done. I did not pay for this I paid for a completely functional release that will now allow me test. This is b's I wish my dollars back. I have emailed the company with the provided stats and it claims that the address does not exist. It only leads me to assume this is a scam I want to be replied to instantly because unless these troubles aren't fixed I demand a refund and will contact whoever I gotta to obtain my dollars back.
~ Bianca Chavez
Life is Strange: Before the Storm is an nice release, but I'm giving it a one star review simply because it doesn't run on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. When I load it, it shows the splash screen then goes straight to the 'Illuminati' loading screen and then just stops progressing past that target. I'd urge all of you to test the release somehow because it's a really nice release, but I just can't vouch for this Mobile build specifically.
~ Armin Tabatabai
Now, this is a nice release, I've played the first LiS and enjoyed it. I've played the demo for 30 mins, didn't like it at all. "Tap to transport" control is really terrible and I can't adjust the sensitivity for the camera. These things create me hard to interact with the environment, considering this is a 'storyline-interact' release, please modernization the control to analog, so users can control Chloe easily. Won't buy 'till the control changed. :v Hehe.
~ Vishnu Pandu
First off, I love this release. If you wish a beautifully claimed, believable storyline which will genuinely create you wish to cry, obtain this... on PC. This is unplayable. There is no video feed. I obtain audio, but no video, just a black screen in-release. The overlay shows up and i can access all the menus. When I return to the main menu i am greeted with a flashing pixcelated mess. The overlay of the logo is fine.
~ Tom Hubbard
it loads speedy , graphics are like in cool pictures , yet i recomend testing it on a bigger screen for seiing the full figures in a better quality and not pixelated , it's a bummer it's only a demo and you have to pay 15$ and some ¢ after that , and you need a decent device as well , i loved it personaly :D yeee firewalk , my device has a processor of 2.1 ghz glitches a bit sometimes in rest works like a charm yet the controls indeed are a bit missleading , you definetely gootta download this release XD
~ Tagataro Lian
ARE YOU KIDDING,THE GAME IS FREE BUT AS SOON AS YOU GET I TO IT YOU HAVE TO PAY. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE GAME BEING FREE IF THERE IS NOTHING FREE IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!! i was so exited to test this but i cant even do that!!!!! I also had to delete most of favoutite releases and apps for nothing!!!!
~ puppy lover
I enjoyed testing this release on consoles, so I was stoked to have a small ver I can take wherever I go. I docked it two stars because firstly, I really dislike how you transport around in this. Not only does it not usually go where I wish it to, but when I'm trying to interact with something it will register that as me wanting to transport around... The camera turning is really slow as well. I'm more of a fan of snappy controls and this touch were you wish to go isn't all that precise... Other thing that bothers me is some of the rendering will place really bright white pixelated outlines around characters and objects when they don't belong there. But that's a tiny gripe that I can obtain past. I like how the controls can be modified for an on-screen controller in the first LIS, it would be nice if that can be done with this release. Then I'll give it a 5 :)
~ David Sabe
love the release and nice storyline line. but the controls on this one really suck! Damn annoying. The controls from the first release were so much better. what happened? you need a joystick funtion. Its literally the only thing keeping from buying the rest of the release!!!! EDIT* just read through the reviews and cute much everyone is complaining about the controls. I hope you're fixing them.
~ Evangelos Theoharis
the release is destroying after Rachel's been harm. i have already re-installed the release and re-started it and it's exactly the same. 13€ a release for not being able to finish it ... it's expensive. I am asking Square Enix to please fix this trouble. thank you.
~ Léa
Before the Storm is a unbelievable release about friendship and love that you could absoultly test...on your pc or console. The incredibly finicky touch to transport controls with no joystick option (weird considering the original Lis small release had this) and the frequent graphics glitchs will likely dampen one's immersion and therefore enjoyment of this sweet and sour, sad and glad, endearing emotional rollercoaster if it is your first time testing it. PLAY IT ON COMPUTER OR CONSOLE IF POSSIBLE!
~ Quinn Smith
nice release, poor port, controls are "not very nice", you kinda obtain the hang of it after some time (swipe SLOW around the screen to look around), but it should be so much better, graphics look okay, there a lot of weak-res textures. No options to configure graphics at all. edit: release destroyed few times and actually my save time is corrupt and got deleted. was in the middle of ep3. f*** this mess.
~ Florian Berthold
I loved testing the first LiS release and was really excited when I found out they had this one for Mobile. I purchased it without knowing about the glitches. It keeps glitching horribly terrible and even made my device restart at one target. The controls are also really annoying, you no logger have a toggle to transport around, you actually have to tap a spot to walk there. I don't know why the developers decided to go with that, but they did. Anyway, I would claim obtain this for PC I've been claimed that's the idea to go.
~ A Google user
The release isn't working. Each time I launch up a episode to just shows a bunch of static. The sounds all there but all the shows is a bunch of static. So much for 27$.
~ Susanna Chase
I love all of Life is Strange releases but for some reason after trying to enter the concert, I am unable to. The release kicks me out every and often!!! Why?!
~ Kari Bryce
purchased the first LiS... that was a nice release. controlls and all. but this one, its just the demo i tried. can't manage the controlls for this. if it has the same controlls as the first one then yeah. will surely buy. hope you change the controlls.
~ Raymond Ontoy
I can't even test when you load in to the title screen it's green and when you test to test it loads for 10 sec goes to a black screen and then kicks you out of it fully if they fix this I will buy but if not I really don't care
~ redgamer 71
It should have been nice, but the tap controls create Before the Storm too frustrating to test. I want they had kept the d-pad from Life Is Strange. There are also some graphical glitches: white outlines around objects and another immersion breaking artifacts.
~ Mike Abulencia
I now was really looking forward to testing this after testing the first release. Unfortunately, after the testing the demo for this small port, I have two dealbreaking comaints. First, the controls are terrible. They are slow, laggy, and only help tap to transport. It makes a release so focused on exploration feel more like a chore than an experience. Second, the graphics; especially the white lines around the borders of ALL of the NPCs take me out of the immersion. If fixed, I will glad buy.
~ 歐孝恩
Hi I downloaded Life is Strange: Before the Storm months ago and have been unsble to install episode 3 ever since. It will only load up to 7% each time. I have paid for the release and i'm not very glad that it wont work past this target. Please obtain back to me with a solution? I have tried to correspondence but it appears the correspondence is incorrect so this is the only zone to leave information.
~ Gemma Burnell
weird release to have on a small device i heard this release was suposse to be on xbox one,ps4,notebook,and mac but not small anyways nice release nice sequal to life is strange even if its not on small definitely reccomend but dont test on small if you have a xbox one,ps4,notebook ,or mac because you can test it but if you really wish to test life is strange but dont wish to spent a fortune this is a nice release to run of with devices are cheap well some of them and you can obtain devices from grocery shops
~ Edison Persadanta
Review of demo:demo is not in working condition, during gameplay it has destroyed five times. Controls are okay, but need to be tweaked a bit. One of the large troubles is if you tap on an item she won't walk to that item, she will walk to the another side of the room instead. Journal entries need a zoom information. Graphics are superb, but release settings need an option to downgrade for performance.There is a lot of detail and I think that's why it's destroying so much.❤LIS:BTS on notebook, it's one of my favs.
~ Christopher S
Loved it worth each cent it's cool release I love releases like this didn't like the controls I have bought life is strange it had better controls but it was so pixlated I hope I see more of your releases come to small am waiting for life is strange 2 but I don't have a clue if it well come to small I hope you guys drop more of your releases on small I will be very glad to buy any releases like this I had some glitches with before the storm weird face expression please drop more releases
~ Mohamad Sayed
Im rating three stars because it wont allowed me to pass the beginning. After using up 1.8 gb when claimed only to be using a total of 1 gb, this is a very disappointing outlook for a small port of your release. I'm really hoping for better outcomes in the future.
~ The Dragon
I hate you for making me love both Rachel and Chloe after finishing the first one! Incredible storyline claiming. The controls are a bit touchy it makes up with it emotionally. I wish so much more of this! I would watch it as a video..
~ Dave Beal
Just completed the entire release and got all achievements. However, the release wont give me two of them. The first one is when Chloe goes crazy at the junkyard where you paint the sign's face and the another one in the hospital where you look at the poster in the entrance. I think they are glicthes but please obtain them fixed cuz I wish my achievements. Besides that, release works nice!
~ Luis Canizales
Just like the sequel of Life is Strange, I'm in love with the storyline and the characters personalities, it feels like you know them very well and for so long, even thought I played it for a several days. My only trouble was the controls, want there was an option to transport without taping on the screen, just like the sequel one. I can't also wait for the Life is Strange 2 for mobile!
~ Its Fleohr
I couldn't do it. I was really hooked on life is strange. I even purchased the season pass. but them touch controls makes me wish to freak out. I rage quit 5 mintues into the 1st part of the demo. upsets me cause I know this has a nice line of storyline as well 😪
~ Dustin Wilcox
If the release is $12 to test please deliever tgat stats in the release shop! don't create it appear nonpaid, just to surprise users that you pay either 3.99 every episode or 11.99 for all, which is not a deal anyways. maybe if all 3/$9.99 but I'm not blowing $12 on an release
~ TheChloneZone **
So it's not that the release is terrible (only did demo) . I loved the first life is strange. And I did the touch screen controls but this ver is almost unplayable because you don't really have control in a idea that is specific. Touching one thing but hero walks pass it. Because this release is so contingent on your movements not being able to have full control is frustrating. If this is fixed it would be nice to continue with the release
~ Suzette Azariah Gunn
5 stars actually! I really love the Story of this release! Never had a chance to test life is strange cuz my device isn't a 64bit device. But still! This release is for 32bit devices actually! Started just to test how the release is. Suddenly I've been addicted testing and finishing before the storm! Freaking love it Square Enix! Hope yall port LIS 2 for small.
~ Vermil FlowZ
After getting used to the controls I have to claim these releases are the finest I've ever played on a device. Really interactive, awesome story, overall just a really well place together release. my only trouble is dialogue between Chloe and David in the beginning when he takes her to school. His face is distorted during the whole interaction between the two of them. I deleted and redownload the episode, and waited for it to completely download so I know that isn't the trouble. Otherwise it's great.
~ Jessica Smith
I cant leave a poor review but all I can claim is that Ive been really wanting to test this release and cant cause the release keeps destroying on the loading screen right after I hit the demo button. Tried to restart it three times and it still keeps destroying. It should just be my device model though, but what can you do? Im not furious, just disappointed.
~ Margaret Smith
It keeps destroying!! Claims wont connect to internet when my internet is great. Super disappointed after testing the first release smh. Im glad I didnt buy this one and tried the demo first. UPDATE: Haven't gotten a response yet and the release hasn't been modernized since last year..guessing the developers vanished leaving some disappointed lovers. I enjoyed the 1st release a lot & looked fwd to this one. I'll test downloading one more time to see if it now works.. I seen another players w/same trouble though.
~ Gloria Cherry
I think the release should be nice but without proper gamepad controls this is poor. The original even had controller help but this one doesn't? Very strange and terrible choice by the developer. Would have liked to buy it but not without that. The touch controls are idea too awkward to even consider.
~ Matt Darkis
*review edit* I just completed this one 5 minutes ago, and just like the another Life Is Strange I'm blown away. Both life is strange releases are worth each single penny of what's being asked. You'll obtain used to the camera and controls. If we should give this release (plus the another life is strange) more then 5 stars I would, they're nice releases
~ Chris Buyze
The storyline is nice , with nice ammount of information and a deep dive through the globe of characters , I felt emotionally connected to the Characters in this release and thats why i will give it a five star , Elements like Sound and sound results really adds up the true life-like atsmosphere , Thank you for this Masterpiece.
~ Miles Fanboy113