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LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS   
About: Experience the whole collection that combines the original LEGO Star Fights: The Video Product and the sequel LEGO Star Fights II: The Original Trilogy for hours of epic Star Fights content and fun gameplay all from your Mobile device! Open your journey in Star Fights: Episode I The Phantom Menace and travel through all six episodes in the whimsical style and humor of LEGO. May the bricks be with you! This release is filled with content! Youll need 1.44gb of available zone on your device if you install over wifi, but only 735mb of zone if you download on your pc and then sync. As with many gigantic release installations, we advise that you restart your device after installing as this will resolve some stability troubles. Also create sure you have installed the most newest firmware. This is a high memory usage release. If you have performance troubles, test closing down backgr ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS Reviews and Comments:

Would be great if there was picture instead of what I got when I started it, basically when I started it straight away all I saw was a glitchy screen, it looked as if the top of the screen had been spread to the bottom, my device is working perfectly fine when I go on to another apps so it's must be this release, please give me some recommendations as to what I could do or if there's something wrong with the coding in the release
~ PhantomKiller76
Just to allow you know: The release was made from 2005-2006 so that's why the graphics are oldish. The release is nice, by the idea.
~ Nicole Ann
Total waste of dollars, unplayable without a release controller. very clunky, the releases challenges are in the controls itself. Disappointed the developers think this is suitable as a touch release and neglects to mention a controller is paramount.
~ Tee Riff
Runs almost flawlessly and had no bug similar troubles! Would highly suggest if you wish a nostalgia trip! :)
~ Oliver Mobbs
Please Please Please can you fix the sound! I literally dont have any volume on due to it's toxicity, apart from that it is a nice release.
~ Bruce Irwin
The release is just like I remembered it to be: fun. HOWEVER, it started to ruin at random points on certain lvls. This got really annoying as I couldn't complete the release. Quick I test to launch it and the screen is covered in pixels and colourful lines with the sound running in the background. Please fix it! Otherwise this release is broken and a waste of dollars, SO DON'T BUY IT!!!
~ Thatcher Lecaire
My fave release of all time. but I haven't been able to test in ages because of a graphical error, as quick as I run the release I hear the song but just see red and yellow lines instead of the run menu.
~ Netaniel Levy
This is probably my most favoured release except for one thing: sometimes it claims lego star fights has stopped when I'm in the middle of an episode and I've only finished the entire release once also when I take the release off to download it again I need to take off a entire gigabyte and it might be I'm testing on a device and not a device.
~ Tina Niedert
Well I purchased the release and it worked for about a min, bur after that it just glitched out and the picture stopped working. I dont wish a refund I just wish to know how to fix it.
~ J. T.
The release is an nice port from console, most lego releases on small are ports from DS. Having so much fun revisiting my childhood.
~ 6iXur
Note to help - many recipients have highlighted this EXACT ISSUE! It autodetects a controller which doesn't exist, and makes the release unplayable (no on screen controls). Please advise on how to fix this, or deliever guidance on how to obtain a refund.
~ Shayan Masood Ahmed
is a nice port from the classic releases sadly they did crash the sounds, R2D2 sounds are really loud and sometimes plays the wrong sound (walking and jetpack sounds obtain mixed up) it doesn't support that to only sound option you obtain is toggling the song on and off. controls arent that terrible but would still suggest a controller (i used a sideways joycon). would suggest 1-2 lvls at a time because this release understandably uses alot of battery power.
~ Fossils
nice release, I love it its even better to test it on the PlayStation i use to test on it on my iPad and PlayStation and right actually i thought that I could obtain it again! love it! I love star fights ;)
~ *Bethany* *M*
it doesnt work, my screen gets pixelated. like where the "photos" are supposed to be theres like only a couple. Doesn't work on lg k20. Better obtain a refund.
~ Joshua Moreland
such a shame. loved this release so much. too glitchy. want it wasn't. don't see any fixes coming. if they do i will b one of the first to rebuy this
~ Adam Dixon
this release is poor and does not work :::I had to ask for a refund. can't trust they are requesting 8.99 for such garbage even if was nonpaid I would not have it and delete .terrible programming
~ Kris Kinghorn
SOO GOOD! When it used to work on my another devices. Actually on my Galaxy Tab A all it does when I download is stretches everything from the bottom of the screen up to the top and closes after five seconds DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you love to be bombarded with frustration. Also it takes like 2 gigs. SERIOUSLY!?!?! Do not download.
~ Dog Cat
When I opened the release all it shiwed was pixely lines across the screan. I couldn't see the release. But I should hear it. I have a Galaxy Tab A. Please claim me how to fix this or claim me when you guys fix it so I can test it.
~ TheBupMasterToad64
i i usually use to test it on nintendo wii each day when i come back from school. from preeschool to second grade i played this release on wii. finished all the lvls it is the finest release for me and i still test it on my device today
~ Ajani Muzasadila
PLEASE create this LGK30 COMPATIBLE! The reviews on the front are so misleading and I was so excited to buy and test this release I didn't see the listed devices which are the only ones capable of running this release. It would be unbelievable to have this nostalgic piece compatable with all devices, and I hope to see that quick.
~ Rosabella G
Doesn't work on Pixel 2xl unfortunately. The touch controls do nothing and even though it claims there's a controller connected it doesn't detect input from my Xbox controller. Bummer because I know this is a nice release otherwise. But what can you expect from a release that hasn't been modernized in 2+ years?
~ Christopher Chaney
This is a nice release but the small ver is not working with my Galaxy Tab A. The release loads and just shows pixelated lines all over the screen. This release will be worthy of 5 stars only when I can now test it. I have contacted help and am awaiting a fix. Modernization: Help was unable to fix my trouble after much troubleshooting. I unistalled the release and recieved a refund. This is a nice release, but the console versions are much better.
~ A Google user
Testing on a galaxy S8, I've encountered no graphical faults so far, through the first episode. the controls are just a tiny clunky compared to testing it with a controller, but over all it's magnificent nostalgia.
~ Eric Chin
I love testing this on my device. LOVE IT! Actually I have something productive to do in the car and I just love the fact they included the hero customizer, my favoured part of Lego releases.
~ Shinobi Shark
I love the release so much, but it won't allow me test it. I remember testing it on ps2 and it's a really nice release, but so far this release isn't worth it. It keeps claiming me that I have a controller connected and it's not showing the on screen controls and it won't allow me fix it.
~ Evan Jackson
Love the release. Still the finest lego release ever. Please modernization this to help the bigger screens currently out or at least to the actual soft so it doesnt prompt you to check for a newer ver each time you turn the release on.
~ Jake Costigan
The graphic of this release sucks which makes it very hard to test cuz you can't see what's happening in the release or where you are going. Yoy can hardly see what's going on so you have no concept where you're traveling. I want you recipients cab warn me that the graphic of this release is poor and outdated before recipients test to download it. Would it have killed you recipients to I don't know give a warning about this release like, claim for instance, "This release's graphics doesn't work and is terrible and horrible.
~ Joshua Suh
The release runs and loads just fine but it automatically thinks a controller is connected. There is no idea to change it in the settings and i have no control once the release loads. I would like a refund if this trouble cant be fixed.
~ David Lange
after testing the release more I've discovered it's a bug filled mess. I couldn't be more disappointed. I loved it at first it brought back memories from testing it as a babe, but then as I played more and more I realized how many bugs were in this ver of the release. I'm disappointed in this and want I hadn't wasted my dollars.
~ Electric Nick
just purchased it...... could have read the reviews...... shouldnt have purchased...... Lines everywhere....... cant see screen...... moneyback isnt even the word for it...... allow me test...... ill change my review
~ Michael Taylor
Runs perfectly for me. Played through the entire release and didnt exoerience any bugs personally. They could've nade the another ports of the old lego releases to the same quality of this one. Not just port the crapy hand held ds versions.
~ Landon Clark
ok I would have given it a 5 star if there is an online multiplayer or local for the release or just arena mode, Indiana Jones, and... thats it really. I would be really cool to have some premium lvls about some parts like Anakin versus Mace Windu, The Tatoowen war with Darth Maul, Yoda versus The Emperor, A general Grevious target about him kipnaping the Emperor, heck even the A STAR WARS STORY videos lvls, but its just a want. The only thing this release needs is the 2 things mention in this review.
~ Elias Montoya
impossible to test the release currently, as it claims a controller is connected, when nothing is plugged in. there is no bug fix or help online for this trouble. i cannot test the release currently another than bringing up the options menu to see a blacked out "controller connected" option that cannot be turned off
~ Bigfoots Armpit
The release is fine,but this one lvl is just stupid annoying. The AI controlling the another hero will not do what they could do to pass. They have done it before, and mess it up. They only do it right each 20 mins. I couldnt pass after 2 hours, even knowing what to do.
~ TheEnderCat 37
Honestly this has been ported so well. The controls are nice and the release runs well most of the time. It was so nice to be able to test this release again and I look forward to getting 100% on it. It does occasionally lag and the controls can be annoying for platforming and flying lvls, but most of the time this is just great
terrible if I should give zero stars I would. I downloaded it twice and it wouldn't test just squiggly lines a waste of dollars don't buy it. I hate giving terrible reviews but this was nothing but a waste of change meaning the releases got to change i purchased it and down loaded 2 times the second time was a benefit of a doubt i thought that I didn't do it right the first time or something but I was wrong it wasn't me it was the release. I guess if u wish to watch lines go up your Mobile static then its ok
~ Angie Irene
i used to test this release on the Nintendo Wii as a babe almost each day. its the exact same as i remember it and i cant place it down. everything about this release is nice, and the touch screen controls transition perfectly
~ Jack Mitchell
LG Stylo 4: Automatically connects to a controller that doesn't exist. No idea to turn this off, making the release literally unplayable as the hero is conpletely uncontrollable. This bug seems consistent with another LG Stylo 4's compared to another reviews.
~ Cornell Rogers
Almost great... The only trouble I have is that when i launch the release, it is not fullscreen, it does not create the gameplay poor, but it can interupt when i use the directional "pad". I have the razer device 2 running on mobile 9. Maybe it has something to do with the modernization?
~ breath dream
Okay, so listen. I played this release when I was younger and it was nice. I saw it was available, and decided go obtain it. However, the reviews worried me. Fear not, the release is the full release from the consoles, and it runs perfectly smoothly. The controls work flawlessly and the release works just as well as you should imagine. The characters are all the classics from the original release. I took a chance on the release, and it provided. If you are considering the buy, I 100% suggest it.
~ Jeremiah Rosenbrock