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About: Immerse yourself in the fantasy globe of Korelis and war your idea to dominance. War alongside over 10 million users worldwide. Go on quests, war for your gild, accumulate potent cards, and so much more. Test today! Informations: Accumulate and evolve hundreds of creatures, every with their own abilities and lore Magical match 3 fights War with dudes and share your spoils Join a gild with another users and conquer another guilds Master missions and earn premium quest rewards Connect with the community at:
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 96MB Developer: N3TWORK Inc.
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Legendary : Game of Heroes Reviews and Comments:

This is a very fun and nice looking match3 release. The trouble is that the company behind it is the greediest I ever saw. No idea to proceed for the newest users further than testing the single user campaign. They test to push you into VIP for 33€ a month, but you will need to spend MUCH more to complete on higher lvls. Never install it if you have a gambling addiction. They will exploit it so terrible...just disgusting..
~ Dennis Brutski
Do not waste your time & dollars. Newest quest mode makes it impossible to progress through the release without paying. you have to slay 1400 of the same boss to obtain a FRACTION of the reward (approximately 40 straight hours of playtime during an meeting period (4 days). essentially 10 hours a day of testing to progress slightly if you're a F2P user. Or just pay $250 and beat the 4 day meeting... only to spend $250 for the next meeting.
~ Phil Au
The developer's greed appears to have destroyed this formerly fun release (albeit a flawed one). Before it was a fun release that should be poor expensive. Actually its just terribly expensive and not so fun. And its not just the amounts needed to succeed; the meetings have grown increasingly stale and grind oriented. I will test to enjoy it during the pendency of my (very expensive) membership but doubt I'll succeed.
~ Wylie Allen
wow. this last modernization just destroyed the release. please fix this. it was not what this release needs. nobody plays anymore. all the achievements are so gapped out you will never finish the entire meeting again. it's like that job you used to loved to go to work daily, actually you feel like I don't wish to go to work. because you feel like you have to pay the boss to work. change it back to the idea it was. don't test to fix something that is not broken.
~ Peter Cummings
I'd give it a zero, bu that's not an option. DO NOT waste your time. They're waaaaay too cheap with gems, and if you spend $1000s and file a complaint, they'll basically give you an automated response that claims to **** off. You'll spend so much time grinding, but the only idea to now progress are the newest meeting heroes each week, which are usually locked behind a paywall. Beware: This release does NOT care about the users helping it; why place dollars into a company that acts this idea?
~ Bigceps Z
All they wish you to do is spend dollars. Cost idea to much to complete decks. Why could you have to spend over 400.00 to complete anything.
~ Stephanie Stroud
"Sever is currently experiencinly a high load" So what, I cant test? I should not enter at all on my device and have 0 apps another than the normal standard ones and this.
~ Gage The Derp
Really enjoyable, have to think... Ok so i need to change this, the release is really fun but its doing something strange. i installed it with wifi and after installation i played for about 3 hours on small time. i have lost 1.2gig of time, is this release harvesting in the background? or whats it doing??? why did it use up almost my whole months time in 3 hours? the another releases i test use less than 50meg, i cant now test this again without fear of it using what tiny time i have left... has anyone else had this trouble? or was it installing hidden files which is a once off accourance?? what was it doing with my 1.2 gigs? my device claimed it was this release, if i look in time allocations for the month so far...
~ stephen cakebread
Something happened so I lost all my progress when I swapped my device. Actually I have to run again, and yesterday I was level 211...how I can obtain my profile back?
~ Catalin Ciocan
I used to really enjoy testing this release and suggested it to all my dudes! Since the change to dust instead of runes to obtain meeting rewards the release has become P2P! If you do not spend a minimum of $25 per week in gems and become VIP member for $30 a month, the release will not allow you advance.
~ Francisco Vazquez
Fun release but the release owners hold asking and making it about dollars. taking the fun out of the release slowly with the only idea to victory is with buying gems.
~ kyle turner
used to be nice. each change and modernization makes the gameplay worse and constant dollars grabbing walkthroughs are hard to test around actually.
~ Denton Cushing
i love this release!!! it has been changing alot lately and it has its ups and downs but still exciting. The only thing i hate is actually you have to have dust for the 13 multipliers instead of ruins so its much harder to obtain them. Honestly you will have to spend dollars to obtain the finest out of this release but if your just looking for a release to just test each actually and then its okay. You have to be committed testing each day because there is a newest meeting each week.
~ Amanda Yanez
This release is a damn tool. Spend dollars to do halfway decent, yet not just $10... If you wish to be halfway decent you'll have to spend at least $100 on this stupid ass release.
~ Erkk S
A nice and extremely overpriced match 3 release. The gameplay is fun and innovative, but after a several weeks/months it goes nowhere. Their VIP system alone is worth avoiding this title.
~ Cleve Catchings
I'm crazy and I know it. However, this release has a nice potential but the developers lost web of that when they started making millions then they got greedy. Basically this is a card collecting release, that resets each week, so the only objective a user has is to accumulate the cards they can that week. If you wish the finest cards you'll need to buy boxes with in-release currency: gems and it's not a guarentee that you will now obtain the cards.
~ Chriton Whon
This release is broken. I spent over an hour winning then I obtain an error and nothing. To many glitches and it seems like they are just trying to con you of your true dollars. Rehashing artwork and increasing the need of VIP, that costs $30 a month. I wish my dollars back.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
~ Jon Miron
spend lots of dollars of dont bother. they have made it too hard to acquire anything. spend 60$ and still dont obtain nice superhero or relic. cute much sone with this release.
~ sherilyn brosig
Pros: Nice release and graphics. Cons: $$$$ Unpaid to test? Yes. However, there is too much to this release to obtain anywhere without spending dollars. In the meetings you cannot obtain enough nonpaid to test gems to obtain the Master or Epic Superhero.
~ Jesse Cheadle
I subscribed to the VIP tool for $40/month but I did not obtain all of the everyday resources promised to me. The help department would not support me. I'm currently trying to obtain my dollars back, since they will not give me what I paid for.
~ Andy Brockamp Right hAndyman
modernization...release will not let Google to create purchases and help is not any support. The release was addictive and fun...server troubles and troubles getting in release buy sometimes requires alot of patience
~ Robert Cottrell
A release fixated on increasing prices for cards, misleading text to test to obtain more recipients to pay for things they will not obtain. Fun release as long as you don't pay any dollars in it.
~ Shane N
Total UI failure. Has many interesting elements, the puzzle part is quite original, but that's cute much all. The gameplay feels extremely slow (mostly watching unskippable useless animations and for UI), no autoplay to finish simple releases (releases like E&P have that for example), the board darkens too much between moves + the colors are all washed out (oh my eyes!), very unintuitive interface (you need to use quite often the back button the device), sometime idiotic interface (the back button sometimes fully quits the release), lots of weird resources appear as required without any explanation what that is and where to obtain it ... Trash. Oh look, missions modernization: actually I wait 5-10 sec between screen transitions!
~ A Google user
What began as a fun release with a nice community of users has descended into a blatant exponential dollars grab. The developers greed has killed the fun & alienated the testing community who helped the release grow for them. Unless a 24/7 grind requiring a weekly minimum spend of $1000USD & 18hrs a day gaming time, to top the global leaderboard appeals appeals to you- dont bother.
~ *Dog Manea
Should be nice if they didnt only care about large spenders. Also, the help squad is the worst EVER. The help squad is useless and refuses to acknowledge they can't fix anything or support anyone. Definitely hold looking for a different release with REAL help.
~ Malcolm Young
overall this release is quite fun and have so many heroes with a lot of special hero. the release card have from 1 star to 6 star. for nonpaid players who don't care about getting a special heroes or top heroes you can obtain 6 stars with hardwork. but for those who wish to obtain top heroes or some special heroes it requires you to pay. gameplay is quite easy but require full understanding and communication with gild member.
~ Hazmin Ismail
The release itself is nice overall. And testing in a gild is fun. Unfortunetly the release is extremely greedy and for whales. They expect users to spend more a week on gems than the newest console out! It takes weeks to months to stock enough resources to obtain a complete deck. A lot of informations or cards take over a year to obtain. The release upgrades (fully changes core terms) constantly and fully nerfs cards or decks you invested a month or year into. cannot reccomend this release.
~ mike cortez
the customer service has been trash and its taken over a month to resolve my trouble, which should've been resolved within the first correspondence i got from them. has resulted in my having to redownload the release to look for something in the release that i never saw there in the first zone. will never use apps from this company again.
~ foxyiebot
I subscribed the VIP but it really doesn't give much gifts for $39 I have paid😐 spent 8000 Gems ($77) and still should not even obtain one meeting superhero!! very unfair, played the meeting so much and I'm at boss to lvl 174 + over slay lvl 185 in this week meeting and have 16.4k master dust but it's actually impossible to obtain only 400 dust to obtain the superhero
~ Iman Gh
This release should do with some serious work. I hate the actual meeting and meetings like it. You have a high reward boss? Guess what some random user who is 150 levels higher can swoop in and take most of the rewards! If you ask for support by rallying thats fine but shouldnt be launch to each another user unless you claim so. It makes it very frustrating. As well your loot boxes drop rate is abysmal. Rewards for being a VIP are not very nice either, waste of $40 which I will not renew, may delete release.
~ Grishmak Blood-Drinker
LGoH used to be a fun, varied and engaging release, but the owners started the dollars squeeze in late 2018 and actually it's just a grind. Extremely disappointing. I had a VIP subscription for 12 months and then cancelled it when I saw my "annual reward" which was a sad, low relic that was more useless than dust. Note to the owners: when your devs and mods think and act like they are bigger than the release, you have a serious trouble. Check the forums before installing.
~ Phil G
Love this release, been testing it actually for 2 years. The art style is cute and engaging, they keep meetings weekly. Only complaints I have are as gild leader, the inability to find users/only being able to invite dudes to guilds (most are already in one), and the more major one of claim equipment. I purchased the 2 week gem pass and wasnt able to claim most of them as I had to transport within a weeks time, and you only obtain them for the first 14 days - not when you log in. It feels like a waste of dollars.
~ Asi B
can't launch the release anymore. it keeps destroying. really pissed off after testing and enjoying for such a long time. my device is more than capable of testing and there is nothing running in the background. even after restarting my device multiple times it still won't work. when you buy a notebook release you have it for nice and costs around $100 in total why would you spend hard earned on a device release each week ???? Greedy developers lift your release.
~ Steve Gillespie
when I started, it was fun. actually it's a pay to test if you wish to build a full meeting deck. and when I claim pay, I'm talking hundreds. too terrible they destroyed a nice release. The icing on the cake was losing 8k of what they call master dust, to obtain the meeting cards. Apparently when you spend gems on equipment, you lose out after the meeting and it doesnt carry over... Waste of your time and hard earned dollars, search other release or company.
~ Joe Dembrosky - Dragontat72
Do not download this release unless you have a bottomless wallet. Vastly overpriced card boxes, with a 'chance' to obtain the card you wish, but the odds of that chance are severely stacked versus you. Essential equipment for updating cards and equipment are hidden behind a gigantic paywall, resources are deliberately made scarce to encourage more spending, and the value of cards you previously purchased is reduced with no warning. A newest change reduced the value of selling older cards by 95%. Robbery.
~ Phil McNulty
The release meetings in shop will mislead you into thinking you will obtain something just so you spend the dollars or gems. The VIP system is a scam where you spend 30$ and it gives you a potion everyday. The meetings are the same cycle and the same thing so no originality. The customer service doesnt care about you. Just test something else. To all those claiming Pay to Victory. It is pay and still dont victory with the horrible drop rates.
~ Christopher Waggoner
fully pay to victory! If you wish to advance at all at pace you have to have $30 a month subscription! screw that! If you wish to have the finest cards available you have to spend 1000s of gems to MAYBE obtain a chance at one. frustrating, and fully a scam. save yourself the aggravation and test something else.
~ Sean Aguayo
Stop with adding PFP changes! Love(D) this release...my son and I would all the time! However, not sure who you're fooling...but the dust changes? Yeah...total pay for test transport, more than it was! Runes at least you had a shot at a Master or Ultra card. If you didn't, nice chance the next time around for that kind. NOW...actually you can't earn 1/3 of the dust it takes if you complete 100% of rewards??? What gives? Was glad to even pay my VIP....actually? Forget it...cancelling. #whatashame
~ Erick Mauldin
I started 9 months ago and at first it was a really nice release. I would've given the release a 4.5 but starting with their 3.0 version, this release has gotten worse and worse. All releases are created with the concept of making dollars and I don't begrudge a company this right but it has become fully impossible to compete unless you are dropping at least $50 a week. It didn't use to be this idea, but they have alienated not only the F2P but also their average VIP. Whole guilds are quitting.
~ Allan Johnston
User for over a year & VIP. LOOK UP LAWSUITS. Fb fan group possibly controlled by devs. The release & squad testing is wonderful. I would have given it five stars. BUT THE N3TWORK is greedy! Even spending $1,000s, you receive absolutely nothing but a gambling experience actually, no true chance at what you need. In the newest modernization they took the only revenue of obtaining better cards directly from the users, claiming it was for the benefit of the users. They literally named us stupid by action.
~ Barbara Yerxa