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About: Welcome to Legend of Ace The globe's first MOBA + TCG small release 2018 newest multiplayer small release, fair and fun! Thousands of ideas for each superhero. Suitable for each user! Original heroes create you and your dudes completely enjoy the fun of PVP! Non-stop massive fighting! More honor and reward waiting for you to come! Product Informations = Fair test, speedy test = 5 to 10 mins, ultra-speedy paced release, for the nonpaid time. Fair test, no need to worry about others, only care about the war. = Classic MOBA designed for small devices = Push,jungle,gank,teamwork..showing a complete Classic MOBA test. = Teamwork and Walkthrough = Tank,control,healing.. become an indispensable member of your squad. Set up your castle gild, create dudes, war togther! Select tanks, mages, killers, shooters marksmans , helps and another premium heroes to lead your squad to ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 38MB Developer: FUNCUBE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
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Legend of Ace Reviews and Comments:

This release is one of a type in the moba category! Hold up the nice work and i hope to see the community reflect the experience I have fallen in love with! No dollars grab greed or p2w...100% give it a test.
~ Brandon Thibodeaux
i like this release but the lag is terrible! im using an s9+ high frame rate and enjoyed the graphics. but when it lags, i need to close the release entirely! fix.it.
~ Jheqie's Bloggies
The release itself is nice. What is not nice are bots. Haven't met a single person in ranked release and i had them like a lot. Also when switching to 4G network the release freeze. Fix things above and i might give 5 stars.
~ Just Black
pls add a practice mode and ai mode thanks this release is nice😉 but the trouble is the network connection in using a time and it's lag 120ms pls fix this trouble im sorry but 3 star for me
~ The reaper gaming
it does not allow me test at all it claims it cant connnect to the server and i hate that because this release looks super cool to test with my dudes
~ ClearerVase 9061
much batter than ml . less lag even my ping reach 400ms still can test smooth . i give 4 star because the rank matching up . my tier is gold but we meet aggressor tier diamond or platinum . please adjust the matching more fair .
~ kelly Relvona
users seems like ai's just trolling around and not participating and reporting them doesn't seem to work. I still like the release. I just hate how others test like an ai or bot.
~ Ruel John Manabat
Hold up the nice work guys this release is great four wish I like in a moba release, and its lag nonpaid, nice!
~ mhar tabum
I played before the modernization but because of the modernization... for me it became ugly. I hate it if only u just maintain another things such as like we don't have to wait a while and waiting for your teammates pick a superhero... I've like this release since its special if I gotta claim, but since the last modernization it became super ugly. I will just quit testing this release cause I know in the near future there will be corrupted users and u might became greedy developers... So Adios Amigos.
~ John B.
Sometimes the release were great like, 6 out 10 releases I usually KICK OUT or even before the battled started while you were still picking superhero then again KICK OUT. Sometimes or most of the like it's quite laggy. Hoping you'll FIX those problens. asap. thanks.
~ Ramon Adante
this release stole a bunch of dollars from me. I purchased a bunch of true dollars price to unblock almost each hero and to obtain cards... all of a sudden after one modernization, it's like I never purchased anything. I contacted their service squad in release and by correspondence without a response. dont spend dollars on this. process are very high as well.
~ Matt Nichols
tf with this release. i already test it for 3 days with no matter, but actually when i opened the release it runs like a newest release and need to create a newest login, but whatever i pick the name it usually claimed the name already used.
~ Aji Surya
I'm cute sure this release is dead. I'm in platinum league and I'm getting 10+ kills while my whole squad is feeding. almost on each single match. its bugged so terrible honestly. glitchy as hell. I've been testing this release for a long time actually and I was hoping it would obtain better and it didnt. uninstalled. waste of time.
~ Larissa Brown
You can't enjoy the release. If you're testing and it's very laggy, you have a human foe. If you're testing smoothly, then all of your foes are A.I. Believe me. This release is not worth the time if the lagfest isn't fixed.
~ Conrad Carlo Venzon
I'm sorry but your release, SUCKS! My device was in ver mobile 4.4.2 Kit Kat and the RAM won't stabilize quickly. It eats the most RAM of my device and another apps force stops because of this. I'm sorry I have to uninstall.
~ Katarina
after i modernization the release, my release became laggy and my ping is really high but my 4g network is goid condition, pls fix this pls!!
~ MNL Musume. '19
The release used to be nice before Season one, then they started to tamper with the heroes. At the actual build, the release is more unbalanced then ever, getting fed and testing better than others gives no reward at all, when everyone can simply farm lanes and be the same lvl as you... and mind this, lvl in this release means power. Tanks can one shot completely fed Adcs, mages have tiny to no utility anymore besides poking from the distance instead of bursting like they could. Avoid it.
~ Vasco Rossi
Wow you did it guys. you add base portal! Nice. Install this release again i will test this Again. Very Satisfied 😊 from 3star rate to 5 actually. U deserved it. And one more thing it's more nice if there is an inventory thing. I can't feel a thrill if there is no buying mechanics thats one of this release missing you cant buy equipment equip and no inventory. Adding it will create this x10 fun & challenging
~ Deneb Marmolejo
you guys did a nice job recipients are too spoiled and asking for too much in the small supermarket they things are nonpaid and give poor reviews hold up this nice release
~ Devionne Montreuil
FIX YOUR GAME i cant login on fb ? the login trouble on your release is destroying my experience Still gonna test it jut fix your release pls
~ Hikaru Naima
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! The release is dog sh***. I've played for 4 days... haven't had a release, with, or versus true recipients yet. it's ran by bots.. which means the devs are either lazy.. stupid.. or both. 0 redeemable qualities. 0 alternative release modes, only ranked, limited heros.. barely any customization, in the form of cards, which is confusing and lazy, to replace a market or currency system... and again.. you'll only test with or versus bots. waste of time and zone on my device. less than 1 star.
~ Betty Watson
it was a nice release until i found out my colleagues and aggressors are all bots!! dont lie to your users. another than that you can just feedback your profile to fb, i prefer linking my profile to google test.so im sorry, one star and uninstalling the release.
~ hooman poornahavandi
Great, i dont know where to use the green diamond and also blue diamond still zero, so hard to buy superhero skin cant use the use of pay.
~ greyfe may gacusan
this release just claimed me that i have a wrong ver even i just modernized it. terrible release. most of the time, i test with A.I even it is rank release. waste of time testing this
~ Rowel Palcotilo
full of bugs..need to repair the release. this one has a potential nice graphics and gameplay but when you use your third skill suddenly you will log out to the release. sucks
~ jan lester leoveras
The release is okay but the trouble is its usually destroying please create it fix i really love this release but the only trouble is release destroying so please create the release more like lite versions or create it weak cuz the modernization is too large
~ Bee Lucine
Usually my line goes down for a second, i cannot reconnect. I restart the release but i cannot test my earlier match. I can only run newest ranked match.
~ Yukari Ia
Too many stupid users, release is severely imbalance. Cheating is rampant. WASTE OF SPACE ON YOUR PHONE DONT BOTHER INSTALLING. you will be disappointed 🤮
~ Ruben Amor
too many bots on rank release that makes it so unfair, please obtain rid of those bot on rank release it makes the release unfair and please create the chest box launch more faster common box needs 3 hrs to launch please create alternative idea to launch it faster like watching banners.
~ Jelo Gaviola
can i ask developers? is this true time multiplayer? if u dont have enough user did you fill with bot? or someone afk and replace with bot? i think you could respond this, its for your own nice to defence you self and as respond to the community's.
~ abd johari
Hi there, I installed this release again after a month or so, but then again I still can't log in again, I would realy appreciate if this trouble can be fix.This has been a nice moba release for me after testing it for a month
~ Rob Las-ig
Excuse me what happened to our earlier card purchases. once again our cards are at lower levels. R u guys serious? Nerfed Ivy? She already required help. as her release is to take stand n war. Pls reconsider..
~ Nadeem Subhani
i like the release its fun and i really realy enjoyed it, the heroes the cards and by the idea great touch of originality on that, and my only concern thats why i gave you 4 star instead of 5 cuz of the landscape of the release is boring if you create it more interesting them more recipients will test it and another thing the lucky spin maybe convert it to coins not diamond because the terrible cant test on it well thats all.
~ Dreamer Guy
maybe you could allow the reports go threw since everyone is usually farming 100% of release I'm the only one that attacks and stays away from farming kinda dumb seeing an attack hero farm the hole release just to take me out.... fix the release and punish the farming over certain amounts of time like 2 - 3 min of farming and rest is fun gamming not 18 mins of farm an waiting for verification to punish... by far the worst release compared to each another moba release I test that now punishes for farm
~ A WO1F
This release is somehow nice.. but it seems that you're not doing anything with trolling users, feeders and afk.. you don't have casual matches.. that's why those newbies practices testing in ranked matches.. and it is affecting another user's rank.. users on higher tiers can test ranked match with bronze users? is this what you call fair moba? like i've claimed the release is nice but needs a lot of improvement..
~ Pauline Sales
THE WORST GAME EVER Don't test this release. All my winrates suck because of the bot squads i ALWAYS obtain. Don't claim me I'm wrong. I know how to identify BOTs. In my squad, only three of five users are humans, tops. If you can't gather enough users to obtain in a match, don't even bother developing this release. I am sure many users have experienced it too, at least in my server. I have witnessed this both on my squad and the opposing. Fix this if you wish your source of dollars to STAY.
~ Dennis Renaldi
This release graphic is nice but too many bot. Even in rank release,we still test with bot. Rank division is most trouble in here. Rank ace(highest) still test with bot and sometime que with bronze(newbie). Superhero skill doesnt match with the description. Dev pls improve the gameplay and superhero. Matchmaking take too long
~ mohd faiz Gamer tegar
The release is nice. lory and elfead is my 2 favored characters. with lory 6 MVP matches in a row. really nice. And nice work on casual matches etc. Although there is 1 trouble occurring recently. The release keeps lagging 400 to 1000 ms and more. once i run a match it disconnects instantly. Any type of idea you guys can sort it out? many users are located in South Africa. Thanks for a nice moba
~ Abdul-Kareem AK Coetzer
I love this release, the special card system and leveling is cute nice instead of the dollars management I see in another Moba's. the fluidity of the controls compliments the style of gameplay and I'm very satisfied with the idea fighting has gone. I have a several recommendations and I'm having a trouble with connecting to the release, for approximately 24 hours it's been claiming cant connect to server after it loads up and a couple times I got a code 5 error message
~ AngelOfWrath
This release really has potential. The superhero card system is cool, every superhero has their own special card. There was only the Rank mode. But actually, you've added the Classic mode, thanks for that. It's nice overall, but maybe you should create the first wave of minions spawn a bit earlier, the creeps a tiny bit more potent, if possible the map larger. The superhero mechanisms are special, hope to see newest heroes and skins too. Oh, maybe the river should hasten or slow movement in a particular direction or smt.
~ Baektae Jeon