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Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings   
About: Experience intense true-time combat as you mod, cut, and blast your idea through a vast fantasy globe! Party with dudes to raid treacherous Dungeons or clash versus rivals in the Arena and gigantic-scale PvP Battlegrounds. Upgrade and transform yourself from a fledging fighter to an unstoppable God of Fight! Newest Class - Puppet Master The deadly sweetheart that can manipulate her mechanized puppet to war is finally making her debut in LoD. Any user that enters the release and completes the needed quests will instantly obtain the newest Puppet Master class. Mech Activated! Mega Punch! Gild Clash is a cross-server war of 4 guilds every bringing 20 recipients. A clash of this magnitude is bound to make a pretty chaos that will reverberate throughout the realm. Honor through fights, legend through unity. Newest Flying Edition featuring Aerial Wars! I Trust I Can FLY! All newes ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 87MB Developer: GTarcade
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Legacy of Discord-FuriousWings Reviews and Comments:

I have been testing for over 2 years actually and its addicting..In depth hero advancement, stunning graphics that equal next gen gaming consoles, test with anyone around the globe in cross server meetings, newest upgrades damn near 2 to 3 times a month..No limit on how powerful you can become..Probably the most original and action filled release i have ever played...LOVE THIS GAME!!!! just one downfall i would have to claim about this release is that its becoming more VIP favored release
~ A Google user
you had replied to my previous rating. that is by far the faster response I have replied to a query I have posted. But I'm letting the globe know the service I'm receiving. I had raised a ticket atleast 4 days ago. I payed dollars into this release. so I'm by your decision a VIP user. since I should not obtain any courier loot cuse of the bug in your release. actually i lost the top spot on the server to some nonpaid bees just on my lost green essence. this feels like a total sham.
~ A Google user
Hello guys nice morning! i wish to allow you know there are a lot of user having dummy acct. They do have a lot of ring essence and they can upgrade their rings in 19million BR at no VIP so theres a lot of VIP users quit the release. Hipe you'll check that out. and you could all aware with this. if this not being resolved within this week, maybe you can actually delete your release. from 3 stars 1 star this time. but if this urgently resolved we dudes will place 5stars. THank you!
~ Emmanuel Dacumos
The release is nice overall. But for example controls especially joystick isn't nice. Cause when I drag your thumb around the screen the joystick will follow it. And the trouble is that I usually drag my thumb almost another side of the screen. So it would be better if there was an option where person should change between moving and still joystick.
~ Codefeather 》
decent release but it pushes users to spend a ton of dollars to even stay competitive. the idea they've made the release only recipients with dollars to burn can really enjoy it otherwise you just die nonstop by user being jerks. the developer will claim that you don't need to spend dollars but I've played this release long enough to know if you don't spend dollars then you don't obtain anywhere in the release. the developers only care about dollars you have to screenshot anything in order to obtain any effects
~ Simon Hodges
I supposed to give it 5 stars cause I played it,but actually it usually claimed “POOR NETWORK CONNECTION PLS TRY AGAIN"even if my wifi is speedy and I'm close in my wifi.This release only wants downloads from the peoples so they can be known but for me NOT I am not gonna fall from it. >:(
~ A Google user
I used to test this release some time ago and wanted to return to it because it was really fun, but forcing me to let the release to access my time made me change my mind. No matter the reason behind it, you could never be given a "give us access or exit the release" choice in this case. If we should pick to not use the informations that require the permission, it would be great, but this idea I personally really won't obtain back to testing.
~ Lairai
Product REQUIRES access to device calls to test it. Run away from this. There is absolutely no reason to ask for that permission in a release allow alone require it. The developer response is that they do not obtain to pick what permissions are used in their own release.... This is not real, they decide completely. They should do a lot of terrible things with device permission and it is their choice to contain it here.
~ Austin k
Would give full 5 star if I should test it when I'm not on wifi. Place in a service ticket about it and no response. Still can't test if I'm not on wifi. Modernization: still can't obtain on: restarted device, nothing changed. Contacted customer help, no respond. Guess they don't care. Bye bye - uninstalling. Waste of zone if I can't even test it
~ Curtis Werner
AMAZING! As a F2P person its hard to stay in rankings but once you know how to test, build, and learn building mechanics its enjoyable. The graphics are very eye catching, it looks like a solo release but theres lots of modes and journeys to test with dudes and your gild.
~ Z twix
i do enjoy the release quite a lot. but i dont test often. what i don't like is the fact that not many recipients have a chance of survival in death match. and im confused about earning the ember drake and cyber glider. there could be a bit of an easier idea. and can chat be longer? the chat is also quite slow and i enjoyed making voice correspondences. can we also have that back? i do absolutely love the release though. nice release. ok can we hold the seekers of discord? that is soo fun. ill give 5-star if you do.
~ A Google user
After months of complaining about glamour hold disappearing(nothing to do with profile cos all user exp same nonsense) nothing was done.. So wht if u r vip.. U r just wasting dollars on a paper doll release do not pay true dollars for this release cos u will 100% regret and ask for refund
~ Sean Koh
really great graphics, great story, a lot of things to do daily, unfortunately, all of that goes to the trash beacuse is P2W, literally no matter how much you effort, you have to pay if you wish the finest things in the release otherwise you are garbage, and the worst thing is, the release is unfair at the moment to "balance" the servers. an smart person would stop testing. "if you wish something, create your OWN EFFORT to obtain it".
~ Xero -8
Cute decent release. Very in-depth updating system with hundreds' (if not thousands') of infinite possiblities to lvl up your rating. Only drawback is that, that is also the only thing that matters is your rating number. Simple to obtain started but also long-term testing activities. Nice job recipients and hopefully I'll obtain to see more to come. Thanx and please hold it coming.
~ James Williams
a waste of dollars and time...been seeing vip0 with 96k dias...and almost top user on the server..im tlaking about newest servers...i dont care if im vip4.....uninstall this release....lol a lot of cheaters on the release...seems Dev dont care about that. byebyebyebyebyebye........
~ vhong fajardo
Spent dollars on gems and actually the release won't load my hero with the equipment I paid for. Going on day 3 of no access and have made two tickets within the release to no avail on regaining access to my hero. all my another characters on another servers load immediately without lag. But the one I've invested time and dollars into remains locked behind a loading screen. UDATE: I've followed all steps the developer has claimed me to do still with no response through correspondence or in release submissions.
~ Donald Ginn
Help squad is literally dead. Server been having troubles for 2 months, nothing fixed, sent tickets obtain replies after weeks of waiting. not worth it at all. its been a full month and a crucial release mode still doesn't work for my server. so claim me how you are "processing my help request" . you guys respond faster to this than you do tickets. Guess photo is more important than fixing a broken release
~ Evil Bla
here we go again...... newest modernization...... Les diamonds .....and more advertising to buy more diamonds....lol..... they are only looking for how to manipulate us how to spend more dollars and not how we feel when we test this release......
~ Do He
The cilentele in this release is ridiculous. The agents can't be bothered answering tickets. My gild members and I have sent tickets about the troubles happening and no response. I even reported a user and there was absolutely nothing done and no consequences. Actually there's a glitch preventing me and my officers of removing users. This is clearly catering to users who pay to victory and not test to victory and let high powered guilds to sabotage and practically destroy the server. They don't care.
~ Little Legume
I love this release so much it's so nice nice graphics, nice gameplay and story I would suggest this to alot of recipients, but one trouble , I usually miss the deathmatch registration and can never do it in fact I've only done it once so, can you create it able to allow you do deathmatch 3 or 2 times a day please?
~ Aurelia Corona
So much to do, so much to see. So far this release has been the finest I've played on small. Even when I've gotten stuck in the storyline mode, there's usually something else to do. Cute fair as far as getting equipment and leveling up. Yea there are those that pay to test, but you can work at it without spending dollars and still achieve the same objective. Only peeves I have is some of thevthings purchased with release currency are a tiny crazily priced, another than that, nice release guys. enjoyingvthe release.
~ Henry Bryan
release is nice. however i can only test on a wifi connection. release will not test whatsoever on a small network which in my opinion defeats the purpose of it being a small release. only reason im not rating lower is because i search the release has heavy potential. create it work over a small network and i will return to the release. until then i will be in astrokings or elsewhere.
~ Kenisha Richardson
No matter how much you grind, no matter how much you test the release, if you're not willing to spend lots of dollars on this release, you will NEVER be anywhere near the the top users, never ever, in a million years you can save up your diamonds, but you'll never have as much BR as the guys at the top 500 and 1000...
~ Secifically GMD
Wow...The graphics are wonderful, along with leveling and dungeon systems. When I first got this release, I thought it was gonna be other 'protect your base' release, but it turned out to be a lot like Globe of Warcraft, except more limited (which is expected for a small release). The release gets progressively hard, and requires a lot of skill in order to obtain high BR quickly. It can easily take up a lot of your time, but you can also run it in the background while doing work or excersize. Nice.
~ Twigg
When you leave a terrible review, they will reply to your review. But when you logged a ticket of complaint or question, takes them forever to respond you. Don't test this release, or test with the gild chest bug. You don't have to recharge diamond. Even VIP0 can take down vip15 if u don't know how to test
~ advin lim
Nice release!! Although, when you obtain to be a higher lvl, the release type of lvls off. It is fun to grind and obtain really nice but once you are at the top it gets boring. It gets repetetive having to lvl up so much to progress the storyline and it feels like you arent working towards anything. All in all a cute nice release.
~ Franz Briggs
Yes, It is very fun to test but the only thing that I hate only a tiny is the controls because when I was fighting the Ice Dragon when I was trying to obtain away the control will just not transport or lag a bit and also it is kinda scary because they asked you about your contacts and equipment and me as a babe ,I will be a tiny concerned but just those things worry me but overall a nice release.
~ Just Me
This is nr1 dollars grabbing company! Fancy graphics but it will cost you thousands of dollars to obtain to higher VIP lvls and be able to compete. This release is for recipients who only have shitloads of dollars to waste. or recipients who dont care about catching up or competing with top tier users. This company is everything that is wrong with today's release releases ! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company ! They dont care about you, they care only about your dollars in their pockets!
~ Nikki Djambo
the graphics are great, but VIP dollars users rulled the release... 😑 my solution ✌😂 1. just test friendly mode on plunder. 2. use blitz to survive.. 3. pick a gild with a powerful leadership. 4. be friendly and respect another users. 5. if you have a lot of dollars 😂 convert to VIP8, so you can last long at the release without being killed all the time 😥.. Nice luck 😂 nonpaid mode users..
~ MyEXO866 EXO-L
The release used to be nice, but as recipients progressed they added more and more paid content in order to hold getting Pay 2 Victory users to fork off more dollars. Which left Unpaid 2 Test users and weak and mid VIPs with useless characters. And mid VIP costs between 200 to 300 dollars. And they actually have so many things to boost power that first of all, it takes forever to do each everyday thing, and you can barely hold up with all the tiny things you need to do. Anyway, just a wsste of dollars and time.
~ Vijay Vichhi
im getting pissed of this, 4 days waiting for an respond and you ask me a video to prove what I claim. I lost 100M with the.athena.activation, go see your logs, i cant go back to present you, what you wish me to rewind my cellphone? i lost an meeting some months ago and never got an respond from you, I woul like to see some appreciation from you...I paid a lot to test your release. other automatic respond????
~ Ismael Meiras
Although it's fun but there are a lot of things to improve, really. For example, if you test it even with a high wifi connection, sometimes there will be a jam and then all you will see is another users at the same spot but then after a while you transport on to the next scene(national treasure in my topic) then it will cause you to be unable to obtain rewards from that scene. Sometimes, when you have a lower connection, the thing will just teleport you back to the run when you just enter the release.
~ Joy Tsai
Allow's be honest, aside from servers going dead and the too much things to do. I played this release 5 or 6 times I think (had to quit because of alot of things) but whenever I search some nonpaid time I go back Right to it. Dollary isn't a gotta if you're smart and focused, you don't need to be on it 24/7, and yes you won't be the strongest without paying but you can compete at top 100 even without paying.
~ Genos S
Don't bother with GT Arcade. They are a waste of your time and dollars. They don't care about their releases so neither could you. If you go through the problem of creating an profile and reporting, tech help 极光 would much rather argue with you and call you a liar than do their job and improve the release that you invest in. Beware of these guys.
~ John T
My experience was trash. Look at ALL newest servers. VIP 0 and all from Brazil laughing and bragging about essence glitch but what makes me furious is they brag of hacking actual in release diamonds (in release currency). Anyone planning to spend on this release....save your dollars. Product designers are loving and allowing this mod as they create more $$ off you trying to compete. Will increase release rating once this is addressed and fixed. Regards, a ex-paying user that GMs dont care about but my wallet.
~ Darren Mclean
I love the release. It now looks like their trailers and keeps expanding release functions to hold users in, but not so much that newest users can't obtain a chance to learn before getting hit by something else. There is also a ton of nice meetings for fun or to obtain BR up. Most of the users are really great, even the ones in the hall of lords (top power rankings). The release doesn't have to be pay to victory if you don't wish it (just don't expect to be in the hall of lords if you're not a massive spender).
~ Thomas Armstrong
Nothing like the banners, which just basically makes it clickbait, but the true release is better than the false ad describes it. Also, why do you need to be a pro to chat? Why cant newest users ask for support in chat? I ask this, because, sure there is the guide walkthrough, but it doesnt allow us do nonpaid equipment. There is a limited time in every dungeon, which gets annoying because the walkthrough makes wars sound simple peasy, but there is a limited time in every dungeon and it uses 5 energy to do dungeons.
~ DomPlays4U! Xbox, PS3, PC and3DS gaming channel
Legacy Of Discord is the finest A-RPG I've ever played, and I've played them all. LOD has an undeniable charm and simplicity that makes it incredibly addicting. The graphics have a clean yet retro vibe, and I absolutely love it. The amount of content the Devs add to this release create it incredibly fun, fair, and playable for HOURS at a time. Thank you so much for making such a nice release you guys, hold on killing it! 👊😎
~ Nate Warner
Modernized review: This developer takes your device number and that of all your contacts and saves them in a (not anonymous?) engine. The official reasoning for that heavy engine is to check if numbers of your contacts are that in that engine in order to be able to test with them. But in reality is that in that engine of hundreds of thousands of device numbers only 0.01% is now connected to an profile. Old: Product asks permission to create device calls ... i do not think so.
~ Hendrik Brouwer
At first I liked testing. (been testing for 2 years). However this is a massive pay to test release. If u dont pay you basically are the weakest thing in the release. They claim you have a chance to victory in meetings but that is like 0.000000000000000001%. Despite all the dollars poured into testing, the release is full of bugs and troubles. They think the release works fine. However this is a several things wrong. The translation sucks and doesn't work 99% of the time, the release is full of glitches, crashes idea to often, and disconnects alot. Also the release designers and administrators dont really care or listen to suggestions. But they will gladly fix your trouble with paying. Also this review used to be 3 stars but their response to this review made me change it to 1 star. Horrible customer service. Dont waste your time or dollars on this release
~ Shawn Wehking