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League of Stickman: (Dreamsky)Warriors   
About: Dreamsky Products: Just be Satisfied! The most exciting action release of the year League of Stickman! Finest-in-class combat informations! Crush the aggressor! Beat them all! Victory the ultimate challenge! This is the release you just cannot miss League of Stickman! Informations: [Finest Action Product of the Year] The most anticipated action release of 2016. You can experience the thrilling sensation with informations like Double-Hits, Levitation and Deadly Combos! Come feel the heat and kill some creatures! [Heroes Joining Forces] More heroes unlocked and more heroes to squad up with! Join forces with others to war the Creature Boss BOSS! Select your own squad actually and run fighting! [Finest Visual Experience] High-quality graphics! Stunning premium results! League of Stickman present you the finest gaming experience! [Straight & Smooth Operation] Freely s ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: DreamSky
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League of Stickman: (Dreamsky)Warriors Reviews and Comments:

Very fun release and I just got it i love the hero BM,i search it hard to claim anything terrible about the release.The only thing I can think of is that getting gems is so hard.And my release stopped working when I reached chapter 17, please fix it.Anyway nice release, thanks dreamsky.
~ felistas musaba
I purchased the gemini box legally and it claimed buy successful but the 2 characters are still not available. Please support and as I can see in reviews its not only me that I experienced the trouble so please support us
~ A Google user
Hey guys! Check the globe boss. It's hit points are messed up since yesterday morning CST. Thanks! Love your release!
~ Diana Nix
Support! I purchased a gem box but I didn't got the gems! what happened? I had succesfully payed for it but I still didn't have my gems! what is happening I demand your response ASAP! (Thank you for buying DREAMSKY SCIENCE& TECHNOLOGY LIMITED - Gem boxes (League of Stickman - Finest action release(Dreamsky))! 156.63 PHP was deducted from your airtime load or billed on your postpaid profile.)
~ Kyle TV
Cool stickman shadow fighter,Smash up all creatures! Combo!Ultimate action release! Dreamsky Products: Just be Satisfied! League of Stickman is one of stickman style cross-action small release, it's shadow combatants, smash up all aggressors! blow all creatures! Ultimate challenge! An original multi-heroes true-time combat, a powerful sense of combat with great sound result, gives you a different combat experience.
The random banners that occationally appear after each lvl is quite annoying. the names and grammar about their lore is messy. i recommend that you give them generic name unlike the names "Hunter", "Taoist", "BM", "Samurai", etc. if you still wish to contain what kind of fighter they are then kind it after their names. ex : Gus -"The champion of (Name of a kingdom)" or (Hunter) Alisa -"The beast huntress" or even (BM) Bertrand - "The master of Sabers". You can use those name if you wish. Thanks.
~ Zilentecho -_-
This release makes me crazy
~ Roan Donio
Apart from all of the characaters being League of Legends rip-offs the release test is repetative. Arena match making is often unfair pairing recipients with weak lvl heros with recipients of over tripple their strength. The release is pay to victory.
~ CarbonCuber314
They need to work on stability. The release is very laggy and sometimes crashes. Overwise its a solid release for sure. Edit: its mostly multiplayer. it takes a full minute or 2 before the menu pops up for it as well. Other (minor) trouble with this release Release (meaning out of all 3) this 1 doesn't present up in pending upgrades for all apps with upgrades available. Note: I dont know if this trouble happens with the another 2 Anyways i do love the release. It just needs some work done still
~ Ryan Mckiness
Gameplay wise, it's the finest of its type. But the save & recovery system are the worst (not anymore I suppose). Devs can't support, and so I've started over from scratch for 3 times, because of device change and another stuffs. Edit: I do save & load from the same google acct, never check my ID number unfortunately. Sometimes it claimed load successful, restarted, but it still shows 45 strength & 5000 gold. This time though, seems like I didn't lose my progress. Thanks :)
~ Passer Bye
Can create an simple/normal/hard when ever i obtain a newest hero, i have to go back to the first lvl and redo everything i already did which feels like a grind and boring to do. With modes at least im not doing the same thing. and/or add a idea to lvl up the characters automatically so they are as potent as the high leveled characters. please consider doing one of these.
~ Fennel Swor
I haven't played yet but the release looks nice and I might like it a lot.
~ Jemelyn Bass
The release is nice. It has nice graphics and mechanics, but is there a idea to remove the tiny spirit from our chosen Heroes? I don't really like their animations that much when we use our abilities. If there was an option for the spirit to unfollow our chosen Heroes, that would be nice.
~ Doctor Nyan Nyan
I like the release, I just want there were more original characters. There are a couple really cool ones but most of them are stick versions of the league of legends characters. I just search myself drawn to the original designs than the league of legends rip offs. More og heroes would create this release really special.
~ Lance McDougal
Nice release... I was lookin' for... At first I was stunned with the graphics & the gameplay. But after buying other superhero the fun got doubled. I can test with 2/3 heroes at the same time. But because of being dungeon release it's not that type of fun. But, yet it is really fun.... The gameplay is hard & it makes the release realstik. Although nice release. THNX.... ;)
~ kazi aziz ahmed
Ok first off, I feel this release is falsely advertised. 'Nice Graphics?' Where? Oh you mean the background. Anyways gameplay-wise is what saves this from I 1 star but some troubles can be found. Gameplay feels repetitive and bosses are just large normal aggressors. Campaign? No storyline. It gets...boring. You might argue, 'But it's a nice time aggressor, right?' and yeah, you're not wrong. But to me it's just your standard beat 'em up with a newest coat of paint. And plus, THEIR IS BARELY A TUTORIAL. Im out.
~ Gibson Gamer
i just purchased the release bc I've played it in the past and it was nice. it still is but i bought the Samurai bundle which was $20. and i still haven't recieved it and the gold along with it, i don't know why and I'm cute upset bc its like $20bucks in the trash. either give me the bundle which i prefer, or refund my dollars. until then the rating will remain the same.
~ Giovanny Santamaria
I already recovered my profile. Thank you for your kindness.
~ Wowie Montemayor
nice but what if the characters walking animation had more fps
~ Justina M
thanks again I appreciate the support
~ Ester De La Cruz
I really like this release,BM is so worth it buying.I hope you will usually modernization this release.
~ Matt Lorilla
plsss i dont know the differents of Unpaid League of Stickman to the Payed PVP League of Stickman plsss i payed this release plsss claim me ASAP plssss
~ Rj Melroy Marquez
please im having a trouble with fox skin display...whenever she attacks with her primary not with her skill the release crashes...please fix this
~ SehunTH
it's a very addicting release but the could have obtain more diamonds in more higher dungeon
~ Oscar Mendoza
Can u create the gems give more gems because i loved it if it has more gems give can u create it pls i give 5 star 😄😁
~ EclipFix Watcher
very nice release when you are at school and wish to test something like LOL
~ Useless Channel
dude give that guy his samurai and gold box he purchased it and you didint give resend the prize are just gift it to him a 20$ samurai box and you dont send it gift it to him then he paid you Didn't give seems like a scam to me
~ EliteRook Playz
Can you plz create some more campaign lvls/Chapters, 100 chapters just wasnt enough, AND if you do I'll give you 5 stars and download the release on all my dudes devices and create them give the release 5 stars
~ Jewel Mackie
Those superhero are copy in League Of Legends But Its Cool!! Imma rate this 5 star <3
~ noel cadag
nice loved it (Shh don't now like just doing this because it keeps on claiming me to
~ Pixelated Smith
Everything in the release is nice but I think you could give another ideas for us to gain diamonds quicker besides clearing lvls.
~ Codename Taiga
league of stickman....you guys suck...my charming hero freezes each time I use a regular attack button I'll never download this release again it's been 2 mouths I've waited for you to fix you don't even deserve 1 star
~ Holy Angel Of God
i give it one star becuz i got lots of diamond but the system wants me to buy the archer woman i dont know the name becuz its a long time ago when i played it😅😅
~ A Google user
it is nice, I got it for nonpaid on the sale btw, but it could have a decent/better idea to obtain jewels, u know? EDIT: SO ADICTING! oh and take it simple with the skins, why so expensive, I'm talking about the everyday skins, there like 1000 jewls!?! oh and also I realy have nothing to claim no more 🤣🤔 allow me think
~ ricardo rodriguez
This is a very addictive release atm, I'm loving it, large ups to the creaters of this release well done haha. This release does create you work for strength. Churr tee ghee!!! 💪😂👆🔥
~ Thomas Eru
Nice release guys but my only trouble is that you Create it so hard to earn gems and you create the prices high how do you expect recipients to obtain more heroes , through a thousand years of work no guys please increase the amount of gems you obtain when a boss is defeated and when elite bosses are beaten at least 500 gems when an elite boss is beaten in them next modernization guys please but either idea its a nice release
~ Kamohelo Kgosibodiba
Very fun release. Product is playable while offline and everything is obtainable without spending any true dollars and the release is being modernized regularly. I just hope that there are more offline release modes made available. Hold up the nice work.
~ NexusGrey
I like it. In general the release is nice. But I don't like it that the animations in the home screen are slow and the stickmen ingame are slow and weak quality. Thanks for creating this.
~ D4 IL
I feel as if terrible effort was place in to this, and some of the assets were taken and many another releases like this with the same ish titles and background, clearly the dev made a bunch of copy and paste projects but no release test difference I've played a release with a different title same art and gameplay it's to my opinion terrible
~ Todd Hedman
i like this release well enough, I mean, I purchased it didn't I? What I,m just scratching my head over, is if there is an explanation on the differences on this PvP versus the 2019 ver. because the 2019 is twice the size of this one, and I would hate to have lost dollars buying the lesser ver of the release... Any explanations the DEVS should give out? thanks for the explanation! nice release BTW!!
~ luiz felipe