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Layton: Curious Village in HD   
About: Awarded Finest Handheld Product of 2008. Find the title that launched a legacy! With over 17 million troops sold worldwide, search the original title that shaped the puzzle-journey category and launched a legacy. Digitally remastered in HD for small devices and with newest, never-before-seen animated cutscenes, its time to run the cerebral marathon with Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The tale launches as Professor Layton, a real English gentleman and known archeologist, drives to the remote settlement of St. Mystere with his apprentice, Luke, in response to a request from the widow of a wealthy baron. The barons will indicates that the family treasure, the Golden Apple, is hidden somewhere within the village, and whoever finds it will inherit the entire of the Reinhold Estate. The Professor and Luke gotta find the city for clues leading to the precious heirloom. Feat ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 89MB Developer: LEVEL-5 Inc.
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Layton: Curious Village in HD Reviews and Comments:

Just like my childhood. So much nostalgia and it is still nice. Hoping for the others actually.
~ Lance Johnson
I'm shocked this has only 1k downloads at the time of this review. Definitely a powerful entry in the Layton series from run until remaster
~ Adonis Nesser
One of my favoured DS releases translated beautifully and smoothly on to the tablet. Thank you LEVEL-5!!!
~ Cant Touch This
Wow, nice port!!! It brings back so many childhood memories♥ Thank you guys so much for this release!
~ Sara Serrano
Oodles of fun. A well designed, intriguing release with a cool plot. One or two bugs which can be ignored.
~ Yervant Kulbashian
love this release.
~ Francois Godard
Loved the puzzles, never had a chance to test the original so this was a great surprise. My only complaint is that you have to be usually online to test. If it had offline test I would rate 5. Can't wait for Diabolical Box!
~ Giner Paulino
I have usually been a super fan of professor layton. I was super excited that they started releasing the releases on the test shop. I love the idea they did the release test on the andriod, with the bonus videos.
~ Gray Cremeans
Just buy this release, it's quality for the price and incredibly fun. I hope they port over the rest of the Layton releases to App!
~ First Last
Thank you Lvl 5!!! Finally, Professor Layton gets ported to small. Played and enjoyed this release many years ago, yet it's still an instantbuy, because it truly is a classic. Please bring the another titles over to small as well, esp Phoenix Wright versus Professor Layton!!!
~ Katie Tam
The nice release that I fell in love with. I adopt that the sound mixing should be a tiny stronger, but it in no idea detracts from the release. I really hope the another two in this Layton 'timeline' obtain the same treatment because I'd love to have the full collection again
~ Courtney Sharp
I'm only about 10 puzzles in yet, but it's cute engaging so far. I have mostly already seen the puzzles I have come across already, these are just variations on those, so tiny bit disappointing in that regard. Nice storyline, I'm excited to solve puzzles to see what happens next. I adopt with others that the sound results are too loud, but thankfully you can adjust the volume in the settings. One bigger annoyance is it doesn't use Test Products to feedback your profile, so I had to make an profile out of release, approve the correspondence, go back into the release, and go through a cumbersome login process in the release. Having it be just 1 click would be great. That's only if you wish to sync progress across devices however. Worth $10? Not sure. $3 - $5? Absolutely!
~ Jugal Shah
Ok, I love the Layton series, but I've never had the opportunity to test Curious Village, which is a bummer. I'm glad I obtain to test! One nitpick though... During the buildup to and reveal of the puzzle solution, the song drowns out the voices... Can you fix that?
~ Joshua Corey
Incredible release, modernized art looks nice. Only trouble I've found is one of the audio channels is distractingly louder than it feels it could be. Specifically noticable is the car engine in the driving cutscene and the puzzle jingle after Luke yells "I've got it". Aside from this minor trouble the release is nice.
~ Daniel Brown
Cute fun so far, and I like that charms were added, so it isn't just an HD makeover with nothing much added to it. Audio troubles are cute terrible though, would be a lot better if the voice acting and sfx were two different things, as the sounds tend to fully overpower what the characters are claiming.
~ Dream Dab Distance
Nice. Just like the original release. TONS OF PUZZLES. Quite a bit of dialog but worth it for the numerous puzzles. Well worth the $$. You will still be testing it a month from actually because of the everyday puzzle information. Not sure if there is a code unblock for the another releases like there was for it on Nintendo. You have to be online every time you launch the release but can disconnect WiFi after you are in the release.
~ lex 8396
Thank you very much for this unbelievable HD port, the art is just as charming actually as it was back then. This was such a solid Layton experience, albeit a bit short, sincerely hope to see the another DS titles on this platform quick.
~ Chandler DeZarn
An nice small experience. Not great- sometimes puzzles require a bit more finesse then a device can reasonably deliever- but overall, I have had a lot of fun with it and should suggest it to everyone. The puzzles are fun, the art direction special, the main characters charming and the plot easy and fairy tail esque. A definite treat.
~ Logan Jones
A jolly nice port. Not surprisingly, Professor Layton translates beautifully to small. The HD upgrade is great to see & and the touch controls are simple to understand. As a fan of the series as a entire, its great to see Lvl 5 hold this series going. Some puzzles are cute easy, while others force to think outside the box with trick questions. A great mix for a casual experience. The characters are charming. #LaytonForSmash
~ peter montgomery
nice release with lots of fun puzzle. most importantly no in release buying!!
~ A Google user
This is my 5th Layton release, and it's nice.
~ Benjamin Rhodes
This is an nice release , a nice storyline and many fun puzzles . Really worth the dollars :)
~ Kian Adib
Nice on the DS, still nice actually. Despite its early installment weirdness, it's still worth each penny.
~ Vonn Wheatley
Nice port of the release and it is well worth the price. It is also really fun showing off the release to dudes.
~ Henry Ramirez
super glad to be able to relive my childhood and going through layton puzzles again :) def suggested!
~ ash wong
Worth each penny. I remember testing this release with my sister when we were younger and it's just as nice as I remembered!
~ Courtney Hays
This release had a ton of puzzles and a lot of tons within them at that. There were a several puzzles where I thought the respond wasn't reasonable to be able to guess, but most of them were a nice challenge
~ Craig M
Very cute and very fun. Puzzles can be quite hard. I really enjoy the animation and storyline.
~ A Google user
This release is nice. The graphics are nice, the storyline is interesting, the puzzles are fun (some of the finest collections that I have ever seen), and you can switch between English and French at any time! 100% suggested!
~ M W
Layton releases were usually a joy on DS and 3DS and the conversion to small is smooth and effortless. Brilliant puzzle-solving journey, can not suggest enough especially when it is 50% off. What a steal! :)
~ SuperWhygee
Lovely port of the original DS release, with a tiny something bonus. Hope to see the next release out in English quick!! 🔍
~ Lily Song
This is a unbelievable release that shaped my childhood and even my personality today. i highly reccomend it, it is a wonderful release and a nice series too! I hope the another releases come to small too
~ William Roark
I have modernized, restarted... uninstalled and reinstalled... Where is my refund??? I have emailed u and still havent gotten my refund!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! 😡
~ Angela Maris
I can not express how much I love these releases and how much they are worth your dollars. it's so cozy, a tiny mysterious, and puzzling! I recommend anyone who even kinda likes puzzle releases to buy this release! no microtransactions and the release is superb! Lvl 5, please please give me the another Layton releases on small! (Preferrably diabolical box next)
~ Katie Powell
Just remind me of the high quality Layton release on NDS platform! Well done release with reasonable price. Hopes more HD relanch releases! Althogh I got an 3DS, but I won't mind test it again.
~ 刀之魂
absolutely worth each cent. Nice storyline, Nice art direction thats immediately recognizable, Excellent mood setting song that fits every scenario, and simply magnificent voice acting with crisp and clear audio. A great port of an nice release.
~ Mr. Monopoly
Absolutely wonderful experience! If you're like me and you've never given the Professor Layton series a test SERIOUSLY buy this release and give it a go. Just unbelievable and charming from beginning to end and satisfying to solve each puzzle. I ordered "The Diabolical Box" (the sequel) before I was even completed this release and I can't wait for it to arrive! Long storyline short: the great series to test with a warm drink on a rainy day curled up in some blankets.
~ HomesliceHobbes
I played this release on the DS when it came out. Its a target and click release with some very nice puzzles. Some of the puzzles are really more suited for the DS with a stylus and the built in notepad, while very useful in the DS, doesnt translate well to fingers. Youll be finest off in bying a device stylus or using nice old pen and paper. Tho this is truly a wonderful release.
~ Jacob Thomas
Worth it. Nice storyline and I played it all the idea through, which I usually am never able to do on device releases due to them being boring eventually. I loved this release! If you are looking for a release that has zero banners and challenging with a storyline that will take you by surprise then this is for you.
~ Ryan Johnson
Great release! My only complaint (and it's a minor one) is that it's unnecessarily hard to erase notes I've made using the "memo" information while solving puzzles, making the information largely useless. Aside from that tiny thing, I very much enjoy this release.
~ Zoë Redstone-Rothstein