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About: -True Time Nation versus. Nation post-apocalyptic walkthrough fight release. Join actually! Your Country needs you! [Last Shelter: Survival] is a Big Multi-User, True-Time walkthrough fight release. The user will take upon the role of a leader of a tiny settlement in a globe devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Build your own wasteland empire, train your units, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending fight even in the end of humanity. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours! Special Informations -Globe Wide Fight True-time combat versus users across the globe, lead your country to greatness -Realistic Graphics The Map, The Globe, Your Town, The Troops, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL -Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolute Freedom Town Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your units and recruit potent h ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: IM30 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
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Last Shelter: Survival Reviews and Comments:

fun. takes a long time to upgrade after level 7, but understanding the release better supports to obtain through it. as you upgrade your base and another equipment, you gain bonus workers and barracks so you're able to do more at the same time. be patient. run out as farmer to safely secure some resources even when attacked. note, farmer can not plunder dollars from aggressor you attack. gotta be raider to do so.. and only the class apc (the first and main apc) can acquire dollars.. as you develop further, it gets tough to gather enough dollars and resources to hold up and upgrade further.. if you change class to Trader, you will increase the speed of your income, however you are no longer a "fighter" so you will take more hurt and take Much longer to heal your units, so create sure you hold shields on hand to enable when essential and support you to continue gathering without being plundered. NOTE: Joining an Alliance is suggested, as you obtain bonus rewards along the idea.
~ Jeremy Palmi
anything for a pay to victory experience on this release started out ok then slowly stripped back more & more so that you have to pay physical dollars to even obtain anywhere near some users, I've just reached lvl 20 & earned a "VIP" market which has been built but it's locked unless I pay around 90 GBP it's just a joke you used to be able to buy resources from the helo using ingame dollars actually you can only swap resources so if you need specific resources you need to either buy diamonds or "boxes"
~ Nic Hanagan
cant build a wind turbine.cant search it in build-electricity genre..only solar panel and power storage facility..already tried to restart,uninstall,reinstall,clear cache and time few times..still no wind turbine?starting to like the release,then suddenly,where's the turbine that needs to be upgraded to lvl6?then no more progression..could we pay first to enjoy this release?or is it a bug?support pls..thanks
~ tomgutz shop
An addicting release that allows users interact a lot with their alliance. Gathering resources take a lot of time since you need a lot to upgrade. Visual information are nice. Translation needs improvement. Censoring words is nice but it also censors some words that are innocent words (like have, this, etc.) making it hard to understand State Chat or Alliance Chat
~ Vanilla_Nu Kelly
as everyone claims, unless your going to pay for micro transactions don't even bother. Test for ages trying to lvl enough that you don't obtain attacked but it's impossible with everyone farming you, the resource growing/gathering amount is not enough to hold up, I found my resources constantly going towards healing units. Any decent clans seem to only approve paying users above a certain lvl. also the add I clicked on was for a fully different style release, non the less I Gabe this one a go
~ Chris Osborn
enjoyable but deeply flawed. so the release is nonpaid, and most of it can be played without spending dollars. BUT to gain certain buildings like the Solar Panel you need to run the arma race... this costs reql dollars... £22.99 or a montly subscription. release quick becomea expensive if you do this. more expensive than a super console release. so sooner or later you wont be able to advance
~ Jason Garbutt
I'm confused they claimed in advertising got to build powerful nation to protect recipients from zombie, because the virus has spreading.. But now in the release it's just like other fight release.. The zombie just stood there waiting for you to attack, but the another users hits you like crazy.. Even higher lvl aiming a weak lvl user.. 😂😂😂 Come on guys, be true create it the same with your advertising..
~ Jerome Jusung
This release is like clash of clans and i don't know why developers like you make such terrific trailers for such a tiny small release, i thought this release is gonna give me PC gaming experience, but guess what after installing i obtain to know that it's a tiny small release like clash of clans, please don't create such over hyped trailer like a 50-60GB PC GAME, Please don't fool around everyone, It's really disappointing.
~ Aaditya Palande
Pay to test. The release is purposely made to be super hard if you dont place any true dollars into it. No matter how much you grind, you will obtain attacked relentlessly and loose tremendous amounts of units and resources, causing you to never be able to build a stronger base, unless you spend tremendous amounts of dollars.
~ Empress She
When I was a Farmer, I built Production Center to support me for rapid. Then I changed my class from farmer to raider. After that, I can't use my production center just because I changed my class? Since I can't use the building, I prefer to sell the building or allow another classes to use production center for the next modernization.
~ Jennifer Castro
poor. glitches all the time today the worst unable to do anything with the release (train, upgrade, research, accumulate rewards etc) this puts me behind. as you need to be on everyday. the release isnt about fighting zombies at all. its recipients who place dollars into it versus recipients who dont (recipients on a power trip with powerful bases (who place dollars into the release) attacking smaller weaker bases. then the stronger question why there is no one powerful enough to war versus. they weekley destroy weaker bases
~ Kristie Shearer
Needs a lot of work. no correspondence all button. can't use speedup for marches, even though i have some in my inventory. go to inventory and touch equipment, and there's no use button. type of ridiculous! Glitching in release test after an attack. For the dollars i know recipients are spending, these guys should do a lot better.
~ Chris D.
So, cute fun detailed building/zombie fighting release. Until you obtain to lvl six and dudes who pay for war updates who are twice your lvl obtain to use you for simple resources by just raiding all your equipment. at that target in the release you really cant advance past that. If you wanna pay $100s of dollars to hold up in an arms race cool. I just wanted to test an nice release though, this wasnt it.
~ Andrew Craig
Inconsistent, continuing having to log off and on. When certain meetings like Doomsday run, and you are unfortunately a lower level even as high as 20 but do not have resources .. forget it you will not be able to hold up with your alliance members. It takes idea to long to rebuild armies or upgrade buildings. like most releases related, you are a sitting duck if another bigger users have no ethical or moral fortitude to nit repeatedly destroy you.
~ Jeff Fisher
This release is pay to victory, pure and easy. I spend more time getting info to buy this or buy that. Allow's also not forget I spend more time healing my combat troops than I do anything else. Its usually the higher lvl users that do it as well. Also the equipment you need to lvl up your buildings, units, etc run to really slow down the higher you lvl up. Don't even bother with this release.
~ Jonathon Pion
fb leads you to trust the release is a different release. i have played for about a year, spent $100 on a box, and got nothing from it because the chances to recieve my prize were very tiny. before the developers found troubles and bugs, recipients were extorting the release claiming developers they did not recieve prizes and boxes, when they did. this led to another users having wildly powerful bases that can not be caught up to or defeated.
~ Scott Higgins
This release is 'pay to victory'. You will need to spend a lot of your dollars to obtain on in this release. Without £££s, release becomes a boring grind and impossible. Cost of updates means enough resources for updates are impossible to receive and retain; further upgrade actually a no go. I am actually being attacked by few clans constantly, any resources left afterwards are going on healing, and cannot go to increase power or updates. Nothing I can do to combat players with potent paid for armies. uninstall time
~ Martin Reed
i had enjoyed the release alot , until theae last several upgrades . the idea the resource exchange has become more of a guessing release with the pictures , instead of a sliding scale, which has become poor. if they change that back tgis release would be better.
~ Erik Weekley
I think there could be tiers for combat so the large alliances don't take over everyone wanting to test the release. It discourages others when your tiny base or alliance is attacked by bigger ones... break it up in incrimats of 5....1-5. 6-11 12-17 18-25this freaking release sucks at not letting you bind accounts....I have lost 3 freaking accounts
~ A Google user
This release has too many troubles. I was stuck many times at the begining and had to restart before I should continue with any task. The last straw was the water upgrade thing. I have tried to upgrade the water thing for two days actually with no success. The arrow just keeps popping up even if I click on it. I'll have to delete the release to save my time, energy and resources. Complete waste of my time.
~ Collins writers
Don't test, they will rob your time and dollars. You only victory if you pay Dollary Trap: No matter how sincerely you test, the release will create you low and miserable andbe bullied by recipients who paid. Too much pressure: You'll be pressured into shelling out a lot of dollars each moment. The release makes you feel like a looser until you pay. Chinese users have some backdoor tool, only they form top alliance usually. Discriminatory hate speech based on gender, nationality and skin color in chat
~ Surya V
Everything is nice except attacking freadom. No matter how large lvl you are, you can attack all lvls below you. That idea lvl 14 can constantly attack lvl 7 and never let him to grow. If originator's want is to stop users of testing this is the nice idea. There could be a cap on lvl difference that can be attacked. That idea all can have room to test and become stronger.
~ Ivan Radosavljevic
if i should i would give it a zero, this release is a total joke. it looks nothing like the banners, and its just a rip off of fallout shelter, fallout shelter is much better than this, i would recomend that, this is a piece of garbage. this also uses screen recordings of fallout shelter gameplay in the banners. dont waste your time on this.
~ Big chungus
you have the one of the greedist release maker. At every target, you have to place dollars and nothing else can unblock that skills even you have enough resources. But your greed doesn't end even after that you again have to place dollars for using some development heros (like foreman).Why you have done this? Is this release all about dollars and nothing else. I strongly suggest anyone to not download this release ever because you have nothing left.
~ Rohit Kumar
Reason for 1 star? I've been testing this release for over a year and the developers have slowly destroyed it by making everything harder. It's to the target where you can even power your base, which affects EVERYTHING, without paying true dollars. The developers have gotten exceptionally greedy and refuse to acknowledge their users or their users troubles. Shame on you developers. You've driven many long time users away.
~ CptGitRdun
Just started testing & have been attacked many times. Got attacked by a user with 7,750 units. i only had 30. Got hit so many times i lost all my resources. how is it a user so much bigger can attack someone so much smaller. unless you plan on paying to constantly obtain ahead, then don't waste your time downloading. They also give nonpaid equipment for 5 star rating so high ratings arent even true. it doesnt even have anything to do with zombies. wish a nice zombie release, download LifeAfter!
~ Melanie Howard
The release was fun at first and I was really enjoying myself. I joined a castle, grew stronger each day and got a legendary superhero, but that's all worthless in the end. In the state I'm trapped in there are 2 large and potent clans, those guys are the large dogs and everyone else is just other resource plot. I can build my units all day, and lose half of them in 1 attack. The defense mechanic is terrible. If I have 7 armies defending me, and I'm attacked by a guy who is abit stronger, then they victory.
~ Just My Own Clips
The release design has gotten more greedy by the months. Informations that allows nonpaid to test users to buy easy resouces using in release dollars was taken out. Also, starting recently, you would also often not have enough points to finish primary everyday task if you dont pay for their 30 dollar monthly subscription. I do not recommand this release if you are nonpaid to test...
~ Dennis Liu
use to beGood release would be nice if you should test for nonpaid without having to buy your power. There will usually be more potent users and the release dosent really run untill level 19 and even then you cant even compete agenst those who are level 20 to 25. Nice comunitny though and a large time aggressor release. you may search yourself needing to be on hours everyday and risk spending alot of dollars speedy. This is a Evony style release and has less to do with survival and more to do with fight and attacking others.
~ John Norkawski
Was going to go more than 2, but Doomsday season 2 has been horrid and spending $ on over 150 S1 recruit cards and didn't obtain a single one. Don't bother they hold the carrot on a long stick and never give you the reward at the end. Oh and they won't reply to questions about being ripped off.
~ Jon D. Adored
you have lost a 'paying' customer and I'll explain why!! you made changes so actually it's impossible to obtain to 500 points without having to create REGULAR transactions. it seems your continual greed is a motivation for this and please save me your bs response, it's clear why you made claimed changes!! it was decent but actually motivated by greed you have lost much custom, not just mine but many others!! was your greed worth it?!! I doubt it.
~ Jason Stokes
The release may look like a zombie apocalypse release. The reality is, zombies will NEVER attack you. Instead, another users will raid you day and night! To build a decent powerful castle (to protect yourself from another users), you'll need loads of in-release-buy materials. In other word, Pay To Victory!
~ Vincent Ng
The release started out ok but actually developers are getting dollars hungry like so many of these releases. I am looking for newest release because paying to test isn't fun. Product continues to go downhill. If you obtain a response from the developers 2 weeks after reporting an trouble you are lucky. 98 percent of all contact the developers messages remain unanswered.
~ William Colburn
Poor gameplay. such a waste of time that I'm now deleting. Anyone can destroy your work over and over and over again. full armies take at least a week to rebuild and can be destroyed by users who've been testing for years with armies three times your size completely advanced that have attack speeds 10 to 20 times of yours. it's nothing but a constant grind of being destroyed and rebuilding. you're just a hamster on a wheel and they're hoping that you'll pay dollars to obtain ahead.
~ Gary N
Don't bother. This release barely has anything to do with zombies. You have to join a gild (alliance) otherwise everyone gangs up on you. Then it can't be any alliance. It has to be top 10 because they don't attack every another. Then the president (those who spend $2-5+ THOUSAND) a month Claims you when or when you can't farm. Attack. Or build etc. THEN you obtain users from China who spend $THOUSANDS more than that to attack everyone just cause they are invinsible! There is no power cap.
~ Philip
I've installed and played this release. It's nothing like the advertised release. A release that I'd test. This one is just the same lame old micro transaction move. It's slow in progress unless you buy updates, with just enough doled out to think you are getting over on the release and that you dont' have to buy claimed updates. It ain't real at further lvls it's simply impossible. Avoid
~ A
The release is ever evolving. The information are wonderful. Patience, timing and math skills are useful. There are social aspects that I enjoy. Plenty of independent test, but working as part of a squad will support. 4 stars because there are slight communication troubles for customer help / translation. It can also be hard to advance without financial investment.
~ Liz McCullen
This is a nice castle building release build an units create resource buildings etc. you know just like all of them. However this one does have a lot more avenues of building up your profile which is why I enjoy it. You can also make another accounts in release, just remember to transport them to your server, and create them "farms" for your main profile to supplement the very high resource numbers once you obtain to higher lvls. If you do this then you don't need to spend very much to obtain everything unlocked.Luck
~ James Maddox
This release is pay to victory. I gave this release a nice chance. But there are advantageous equipment in the release that require true dollars. Grinding grinding grinding; constant reminders that paying $30 will save you a days worth of grinding. Constant reminders that you are bored because you haven't paid $50. And if you are attacked by a bigger user, expect to grind again for days, or pay $80 to have some of your life back.
~ Mick Rippon
Well this take a very long time to not be a noob. i been testing for a year. Can be a dollars pit. If you obtain bored with releases dont test this one thereis so much building it never ends. log in each hour to catch rewards. You could have a lot of time on your hands. I am lucky i have a unbelievable alliance and thats what keeps me testing. Customer service sucks 👎 my dude paid 4.99 for diamonds and they charged him $99. usd. then he got tiny support from them. IF you have time and 💳 🙄
~ Corrie- Onagoodday