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About: Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers! Protect your empire by shooting and battling the zombie units that wants to steal your resources in Last Empire - Fight Z, a walkthrough RPG and base building fight release. Build an units with another users from around the world and plan an attack with your own zombie units! Develop your kingdom and befriend empire allies to combat both zombie and human aggressors. Do you have what it takes to be the strongest commander? Last Empire - Fight Z is a zombie-themed nonpaid-to-test fight walkthrough release. War zombie units and survivors to protect your empire versus the upcoming zombie fight. Squad up with dudes from around the globe to build an units, increase your zombie defense walkthrough and participate in premium meetings. Take part in brutal zombie warfare and build an units to grow your empire surviving the zombie apocalypse is ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 78MB Developer: im30.net
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Last Empire - War Z: Strategy Reviews and Comments:

Nice release overall. Economy not balanced well but mechanics are nice. Rotating meetings hold it mixxed up.
~ Mike Mildner Moparmyk440
very terrible help i know but you never give the answers or you send an automatic correspondence
~ Zouhair Guenini
each week theres an modernization and the lag is really terrible ...release chat is nonexistant due to lag so trying to plan a stratigy to attact without other release cannot happen ....many dollars wasted over the last 4 year here .....and zero replys from the developer
~ david fortenberry
seen as you will not awnser me on the release what is happening in 658 are you opening state relocation or are we merging ?????
~ Nichola Jacobs
only dollars players or hackers can test a better release. no zone for hard workers
~ Umar Saddique
I hold losing my profile. I cant recover my lost accounts because I cant rebind my correspondence accounts
~ clynth mayuga
Hope it is a nice release, but it keeps kicking me out onto the home menu, and I don't obtain far if I test to obtain back in. Please fix this
~ Fight Me
nice release simple to grow but the gigantic down side is Chinese obtain diamonds super cheap and they have a gigantic trouble with power and they wish to be the the top user killing everyone in release. it would be nice if u should fix that its definitely un fair for use
~ Exploring Is living life
why can't login system kiking me out back again and again. also when we reports recipients developer's take no action versus I give u all a nonpaid solution plz remove report user option from system
~ Akiller BoY
I like this release because you just going to upgrade some building and you can research to your own lab and you just need to train some units
~ RJ Siblag
modernization has been upgrading for hours actually cant login in use need to fix it use dont even deserve half a star
~ James Tiainen
its a cool release i just want it didnt take so long to upgrade equipment or cost so much to upgrade equipment
~ Michael Lakey
I been testing this release for almost 3 years and the upgrades it is what I hold coming back there usually newest equipment is just hard for peaple the wont spend much dollars. but nice love it
~ Romeo Gonz
this release is nice been testing it for about 3 years actually. just like how there is something to do or upgrade just want resources to do wasn't so high but very nice release.
~ Ramon Rosado
hi admin, please let users to trade another equipment instead of resources only. i will definitely vote 5 stars if this thing happen.
~ En.hidir Es
No second base versus second base in own state. This means that a person can use second base to attack all gathers and normal bases and cannot be attacked back. It needs an modernization so a second base can attack a second base within the same state or stop the second base from being able to attack anything from the same state.
~ Shaun Butler
Fix your system to avoid logging out! i ll mke it 2 star because the release is usually logging out often i go to support list in alliance treasure. so thats why create me irritated.
~ Junard Memita
Requires a powerful commitment to test the release... I like the release and I Test this release very day. It's. Become my habit actually. 😊 😊
~ Spirit
lost my old profile...spend almost 1 year testing this release in 2017...actually..i can't switch to my old profile/another than that..i can't connect my profile to google test
~ Rvs 123
not everyone testing in the same testing field if you live in usa a box cost 99 dollars same box in china cost 1/3 of what you pay so china users have advantage dont test it will cost you idea to much its not really nonpaid if you wish to become a powerful user
~ Carlos Arenal
release has a bug. i set a 3 day shield and when i logged it 2 hours later i had been attacked, then they claim me i did not set a shield. do not waste dollars on this release
~ Sheldon Jansen van rensburg
been testing over 2 years. constant glitches, developers only care about $$. constant useless newest equipment.. upside is alot of really great recipients test from all over the globe.
~ g money
the release is full of bugs never fixed customer help never responds I have lost 30.000 diamonds on modernization bugs I contacted help 30 times on my another base they promised a refund at first then later refused to even after I showed proof but they did refund others who had the same trouble.
~ Jim Bilello
Wont allow me login anymore. Goes halfway on load up screen then shoots straight to device screen. Cleared caches, uninstalled reinstalled. It recognizes my profile every time but wont allow me in. Spent thousands for this to happen.
~ Hans Andersen
this is such a cool release.you can have a nice experience testing this release plus you will create lots of dudes
~ anxhelino lushkaj
Modernization: the release is getting better through upgrades. Still super pricey to grow. Takes a lot of resources. And you can't seem to obtain the resources speedy enough. But I've only been testing two weeks. And I'm still here.
~ Scott Erwin
I love this release, have been testing for over 4 years actually. Sometimes it my glitch here and there, but the squad are onto it straight away. There areupdates and maintainence frequently. Nothing yo complain about really, hold it up.
~ Victor Portell
it cost SOOOO much to test this release if you wish to be able to be powerful and able to protect youself...i have played this release for years actually and this is 1 of my largest mistakes in life
~ Jeanne Cannon
this release is well designed and for the most part nice release..but the tools and mods have become an trouble...actually all they can reply is the same thing..you go to support center and its a robot...this release is getting worse by the day...
~ jason apple
release server was down with no explanation for approx 5 hours so I and many others was unable to shield there cities release server spontaneously come back online and half the state lost heavy amounts of power an they decided to throw us straight into the war meeting NO COMMUNICATION FROM IM30. AND TO TOP IT OFF BASES WHERE TELEPORTED TO A NEW STATE PERMINANTLY SOMEONE MESSED UP AT IM30 AN MURGED BASES INTO ANOTHER STATE. WE HAVE TRIED TO CONTACT IM30 INGAME SURPORT NO RESPONSE.
~ Anthony Roberts
I'm into my 3rd year on the release and I'm up to lvl 25 on my base. A rare 3rd year veteran of RPG release is something to be amazed of. I dont spend much since I know how to hold things going. A 4th year? Who knows?
~ Foxy The Pirate Fox
Nice release only is to much about dollars, is very hard to cache up dollars users, and why we no aloud share equipment with alliance users, this be very useful, dollars user can support with some item speed up, dimond, or exchange healing speed up for normal or something like that I give 4 star beakoz this release is actually only about dollars users
~ jade docherty
I honestly enjoy the release test! however the Devs do not care about true troubles. such as the need for a 30day shield! they warn you all the time do not share your logins with anyone and as quick as you need to take 30 day out of the release. their recommendation is give your logins to someone. come on wake up to yourselves! in my line of work you give the customers what they to hold them glad and hold them spending. listen to your customers and I might now give you 5 stars!
~ Dave Zeit
I am having trouble with release, recently it started hanging, can't click on screen. I have tried in few different mobiles but same trouble persists. actually i can't enter in second base after arctic warfare. developer gotta be sleeping. after few complain. no reply. I strongly suggest not to install this release.
~ shamshad Ali
I used to test this release on other device and linked my profile to Fb but actually after I change my device and test to login to the old profile I have linked, it claims "this profile has been occupied please use other way". Is this mean I can't even have the right to use back my original profile? I‘m already lvl 30+, yet you wish me to rebuild everything# disappointed, uninstall within a second. It is meanless to replay everything again although it is fun. beside can't be feedback to anythin
~ Eddite. Nic
I'm *****Apok***** of state 3. I've been testing this release for 3 yrs. Actually I can't login my 4 profile(3farm, 1main). Since I download the newest modernization, the Google switch profile won't work. Can't switch profile. I test to clear caches and uninstall warz. Even restart my cellphone just to recover warz. Tech guys, Pls support me. I don't wish to stop testing warz.
~ oliver eugenio
l think my states release server has been hacked, my state doesn't present on alliance relocation. My globe map doesn't present me all the bases. l only see empty bases or traps. Newest Developers fixing servers allow's hope it supports.
~ Vanessa R
The release itself I love testing. But the release help is atrocious. I will continue to test. But I warn anyone thinking of downloading: You will never obtain definitive answers from help about release functions. You will be directed to the in release help section, which only provides generic answers at finest. If you have questions, ask an experienced user.
~ Thomas Crow
just started. i test galaxy fights. and different things have stopped working and can not search in google test. i have sent multiple messages to help via correspondence no response. just trying to search out what is happening with GW.
~ Mike Rohn
Devs hold dropping newest things that are crazy expensive and do not give any time. This release is very quickly turning into Massive spenders only. Ive played for 2 years and have spent a tiny fortune myself. But myself and many many another spenders are quitting because the developers hold dropping all kinds of newest things with no feasible idea to attain them without heavy spending. Not to mention the developers have seemingly given up on trying to fix the true bugs that the release has.
~ Scott Hogan