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About: The survival shooter Last Day on World is set in a post apocalyptic globe: in 2027 the globe saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didnt stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those several survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once nice globe. And actually the survival of your hero is only in your power! Hold an eye on your heros life details such as hunger and thirst, accumulate valuable resources for crafting, make weapons and move of different types or use what you have at hand: a bat or a way sign. Everything will come in handy for killing variety... hundredsthousands of zombies! Conquer intruders to your land not only with your power but also cunning construct fortifications with traps or go raid another survivors spaces for the sake of rare loot and res ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 70MB Developer: Kefir!
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Last Day on Earth: Survival Reviews and Comments:

I've been testing the release since beta but as it's been there for 2 plus years that claims nothing. ;) nice release I have been testing for 2 years and it's nice usually something being added. I will claim the multiplayer does need to be added before I die of old age possibly really enjoy the release and there is no need buy anything though c4 is cute rare which is a requirement when raiding!. hold up the nice work.
~ Steve Davies
Nice release. One trouble. Energy takes WAY too long to replenish. It makes it too much pay to test. There are so many another things for sale that limiting energy this idea makes recipients who aren't going for pay to test quit the release. The device ver gives a tiny relief with banner watch ability at the run but then that goes away. In the PC ver you are either going to pay or you are going to wait. Many are just going to quit.
~ Gregory McCasland
This release is a total sham. I went to the pine wood with the only guns, armour, Bandage on me and as quick as I enter, the large one is just waiting for me at the edge and although I had internet at the time , the release asked me to restart and in the background I was already dead and then I was asked to revive. The unknown box is all fully bollocks , you either obtain carrots or seeds. The release is making fun of its survivors. Terribly expensive equipment and the zombies hold destroying your base.
~ Sharath Kumar
They should add more things more often to hold the release adventurous, gets boring at times. I have been testing for 2 yrs, and like the release test for sure. just something need taken out of the release to nonpaid up zone in the main release. Like for instance, take the ATV out of the release if your not going to place the transmission in the release. Why place the random motors in the release if were not able to use them on anything but the recycler. Things like this will support the release test itself.
~ Panther Nation
This is so interesting release! I like it because i have to survive and search territories with different dificulty. If I am newest at the release I can search simple. But if I am higher lvl I can search harder territories but with better loot like bunkers ot the blackspot. But I am sure that the release will be played more if you add idea to test with your dudes in one village and do everything together. If it is possible i think it is on high lvl. If it is on high lvl please create it possible for lower lvl.
~ Bozhidar Trendafilov
I LOVE THE GAME!!! The graphics are nice, the loot/ equipment are the finest, the backstory is really cool and idea more... Everybody could obtain this release.. But the only thing you could add is that the dogs naturally follow you and i wish you to add a chainsaw that can slash trees down and be used as a weapon, or a gun with a knife in the front to stab and shoot recipients.. I Iove this release and i give it 5 stars
~ Carlos John
Wow is the only word to describe this release , I got so immersed in this release the moment I downloaded it , it's a survival release that depends on the user's walkthroughs and patience and all equipment in this release are unbelievable . However , I would suggest letting the users paint their walls and roof . Anyway , I have a question , can others raid my dog crate or no ?? And how do I obtain a rare puppy without having to buy it ?
~ Lana
It's Nice. But I have never felt so frustrated at a release like this. Just a recommendation, about the toggle buttons, in between pockets, I'm having a hard time pressing them. It's mostly the reason why I feel frustrated. Over all, it's nice, really nice. I just hope we obtain more access to guns not just through scavenging and making deals with dealers. How about a build your own gun? Scatter pieces around the zone?
~ Redilita Dalangin
I can't give more than 2 stars for one easy reason: the energy/walking system. I want the release gave me something to do for as long as I like, but instead I am being forced to close the release and go do something else while my hero is walking, with the only another option being spending dollars ( I was tempted to spend it but I simply can't help that type of a system). Otherwise the release feels sooo enjoyable, but this "information" is almost making me uninstall..
~ Simo Öysti
What a release. I love it. I usually enjoyed this type of releases. However only giving 4 stars because of the traveling energy bar. Its gone after visiting one further territory while using speed boost. And there is no idea around but to pay to speed it up or wait. Which is shame. Id watch adds no trouble if there were such option to at least speed it up a tiny bit.
~ martin svec
Whenever I do the build mode, the screen suddenly freezes which forces me to restart the release. Edited review after your advise: Thank you for responding instantly. Unfortunately, the screen still freeze while on build mode even I restarted my device and clear the release's cache. :( I don't know what happened, but I didn't experience this trouble before. Nonetheless, I really do enjoy the release despite that conflict.
~ Pau Salvador
This release has awesome informations, and is really fun to search loot and upgrade things. The levelling and learning system is also nice. However this release annoys me when I see raiders who manage to hold on consistently seeing me from far away. I kept going back, eventually killing one of them. I got back my gun, and started looting other box, when a raider with a machete attacks me. I stop looting and test to shoot, but I can't do anything because I randomly need the toilet! Any solution on raiders?
~ NeverDoubted Me
Uninstalled this release twice, both time because I was so frustrated from losing all my valuable equipment which I got from raiding houses from being killed by other user in the pine zone. But I end up installing this release again after a several days. Kinda in a love-hate relationship with this release. On more serious note, I think the graphic is decent and it doesnt take much zone on my device which is nice for me. Doesnt use up much small time compared to my another releases and its addicting too.
~ Nurbariah
I am being robbed blind everyday by "survivors" attacking me despite owning a fortress. This is due to the fact that as opposed to before actually you obtain attacked each two seconds by recipients who can destroy enough to have had at least three the large ones tearing them apart had I done the same lvl of carnage. Undo your last patch or I will be finding a newest hobby. The last time I wasnt even under threat of attack!! This sucks...
~ Travis Greer
I've played this release for a several months actually and I will claim it's a nice release. However, it does have its troubles. For instance, the nonpaid "watch and obtain" equipment usually appear to be rigged to a degree. The idea the release selects the reward is not properly randomized, and continues to scroll through the rewards until it reach the one with the LEAST VALUE.This is equipment like a single coin, or only 5 stone or 5 wood. Other is my release constantly "disconnects" from the server, even with awesome wifi.
~ Austyn Dewaele
This release is unreasonably hard, unless you have a lot of dollars to burn. Even with the paid ver, the release is idea too hard to progress through the different lvls without buying lots of weapons and energy. The release teases you along with large promises, but only throws you tiny crumbs here and there. Btw, ignore the tricks that the bunkers have lots of supplies like fuel...they don't, or not nearly enough to replenish what was used in trying to defeat the bunker.
~ Matt Brown
Nice... and not so nice. Difficult to contact. Purchases disappear from inbox before they can be utilized. Would be nice to have proof of buy in your inbox. Would be nice if trees should regrow. Love the challenges. Want you didnt lose absolutely EVERYTHING when you die... even the recipients in the Walking Dead come away with their clothes on and a several random equipment. Can't wait to see what happens next.
~ Mandy Easterling-Sutton
This release is definently being modernized. It has quite nice zombie ragdoll physics and such. I have been testing this release with many different accounts simply because of the fact that the run of the release is the most fun of it all. To the Kefir! squad, hold up the nice upgrades, and create sure to hold the release healthy!! (cant wait for more :) )
~ Rain Pilv
you create being a beginner truly hard on purpose, pitting them versus expert users and gigantic aggressors, and taking all their equipment away when they die, which, in turn kills them easily. all of that in order to create the users buy in-release. a release where you need to pay true dollars to test is not a nonpaid release, nor even a nice release. disappointed, feeling like i lost my damn time.
~ Léa Gaillard
I played this release for a day, and I was enjoying it, but today something happened that made me uninstall. I was getting into it, but then i got attacked until i was like 4 health but i escaped, and I crafted bandages, but I couldn't use them unless I enter the zone. so I entered, still couldn't use them as I required to pee. about 6 seconds in a wolf came at me, and I couldn't stop peeing for like other 4 seconds, in which time the wolf attacked me twice and I died. I lost a lot. RIP this release
~ Aimee Burrows
this release is phenomenal. idk why recipients are complaining about the cost of equipment..... if you test the release as it is meant to be played (as a survivor living off of the land and using survivor skills) it is FUN!!!!!! but if you use your own dollars and buy equipment to create your hero stronger, (IMO it is type of cheating, not using skills, and takes away the target of the release) this is by far the finest small release I've ever played.
~ jman881989
This is one the several releases on my device I've kept for a long time since I obtain easily bored but this keeps me on my toes! Prices are fair imo, also limited weapon durability pushes you to use them wisely. Very, very great. Although, I do have a concern abt Real Colleague dogs. They come very rarely. I do want to have a pal w/ me during hunts but it seems impossible to have this trait no matter how many dogs I have. Pls create them a lil easier to obtain. Another than that, nice release! I love it!
~ Ara Quinn
The last time i was so excited to test a release was when Left for Dead was released. And that was what, 11 years ago! This release made me feel excited again. With the challenges and all. I am just encountering some trouble when i logged in my release back. "Connecting to server" really takes a looooong time. The last time i played was Yesterday around 7PM. And i couldnt launch my Soft til actually. I just hold on picking "Reset" Can you support me with this please.
~ Glena Angca
I don't trust I've seen any banners yet. It does seem to be a bit of a pay to test... but I want there was a "watch a video" option to support gain more energy. It takes like 9 hours to gain a full bar and disappears immediately. nice release and can easily obtain frustrating from losing equipment. lol. WOULD BE 5 STARS, but I wish a video option modernization ... otherwise I will usually be behind from pay-2-users.
~ Kaleb Day
I love this release and it is so much fun but I want it was easier to recover your lost equipment easier. Before I knew what the danger lvls were, I went to a red limestone spire and lost all of my things. This contains, but is not limited to, armor, TONS OF WOOD AND PLANT FIBER THAT I NEEDED, and many weapons including an AR15 gun I found. Actually I cannot recover them and continuously die trying to obtain it back. It sucks because I was THIS close to being able to assemble the dog home. Thank you!
~ SooperCooper
I have plugged well over 40 hours into this release, so my negative review isn't like most who didn't give the release a chance. Need a pay to victory release, with infinite grinding to catch up, constant banners, and rewards that glitch and don't even give you the equipment you were promised? Congrats! This release is for you... The release has a lot of potential, but the devs like to create the grind infinite without paying for equipment. Even then, I paid $5 on this at one target, and the release deleted the rewards. Don't bother.
~ Josiah Erekson
Customer service is a joke! I only test this release for raids. I contact help all the time cause I compete raider tasks and they claim jot complete. Then they wait days to reply and do nothing about it. Its their idea of robbing customers for dollars to skip tasks for coins. Dont even bother downloading it.
~ Beast MODE
The release is quite nice,hope will carry the same thing on future Still I'm on lvl 14, I might obtain some troubles on further. And also please increase the energy lvl around 250-300 since 100 is very less and reduce the time for regaining it like 3 mins as 5 mins is really time consuming. Please consider This...
~ Darshan Nichin Lucky
I have been testing this release for a month from actually on, the release is nice. However, i have some recommendations of the equipment and base. I wamt you KEFIR to modernization the base mechanics that users can paint their houses. Such as walls and floors. And for the equipment, add more armors amd weapons. The in release prices are fair. But i highly suggested that the parts of machines gotta improve. I meant a higher chance of finding machine parts. But still da release is nice! 👏 Nice job kefir!
~ deez nuts ha
Exceptional gameplay and terrific controls. But, if I should create a recommendation; add more meetings. The release quickly runs to quickly obtain boring after a while, and it's a non stop grind to search parts to repair the chopper. Newest territories would also be nice. Additionally, there are a several bugs in the visuals of the zombies. They're rare, but they are there. It also has a ruin trouble. But, it only ever happens once in a blue moon. Another than that, it's a nice release and a truly visionary concept.
~ Waldo Antunes
When the internet connection is low, the client - server connection gets interrupted. You are unable to use or control your user bot but it doesn't stop zombies from attacking it while your access is disabled. So by the time connection is restored, the user bot dies. Pathetic experience. Lost all my valuables and collectables. Disappointed.
~ Tushar Singh Saroya
Love the release. It's entertaining and fun, you don't necessarily have to pay to test, and the gameplay itself is nice. Its obviously a release, and fictional, but it has tiny doses of realism that give it a great mix of entertaining and full of anticipation. I would definitely give the release five stars, but there are still a lot of informations the release is really missing out on, and it crashes quite a bit whenever I test it, though I suspect thats due to me testing on mobile. Gameplay is nice.
~ A Google user
Nice release, sometimes it's sorta unfair/unbalanced, but in the end it's quite enjoyable. I would claim it's a slightly more violent Minecraft/Terraria/Rimworld mix in third person, and the release devs seem caring. (Or at least for me) You craft and hunt and war, create alliances, build, and well, just test to survive. The only trouble is the newest zombie spawning rate, which seems to have skyrocketed by at least 50%. The witches are cute annoying and I can't really seem to beat them though.
~ A Google user
The release is nice, that's all i can claim for actually. Quite expensive the in release purchases but worth it. I am hoping to see the ragdoll death decapitations from different weapons of in release avatar/characters and AI users in the near future upgrades. I hope that this review would be noticed. Thank you.
~ Baby Jesus 27
Way is nice and the release plays well. Because of difficulty lvls of zones being not in balance with leveling you run finding the grind a bit boring and repetitive as you can't risk going to far before losing everything and then feel like you have to spend a fortune just to retrieve. Constant shortage of energy also means spending more. This release has so much potential, just sad it's not balanced and to dollars hungry. When I spend, I need to feel like I'm getting value; not ripped off.
~ Eronica Jooste
Satisfied Birthday Last Day on World:Survival!🎉The newest Modernization is Nice!Thank you and Satisfied birthday Last Day on World! Kefir! has done an Nice Job leading into their Birthday,More upgrades to come!The 50M users i hope are celebrating,Congratulations!This one is what i love even more!
~ Dre2008 Second account
Nice release, fun, and doesn't obtain boring after a while. I test less often, but when I have a several bonus mins I load it up, accumulate speedy resources and create another things from them. 1 trouble I have is the unknown box is very unfair, usually stops too speedy when it's on something not valuable, and takes a long time to stop when it's over nice equipment like assault rifles and another weapons/rare equipment, it's clearly programmed to avoid them. Please fix this, if we are promised a nonpaid box, it has to be fair
~ Amr A
Nice release, this last modernization made it super buggy with many force closes, ive been testing the release since it was first released and this modernization is the worst by far when it comes to bugs. Another than this modernization, it's been nice. Hold up the nice work, looking forward to future builds
~ Chris Corridino
This Is one of my top three (it's #2) favoured releases ever. I have spent some dollars, but to no regret, because I made it very far without paying anything. The graphics and gameplay are AMAZING. The only complaint I'd ever have is that is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to search chopper parts. Otherwise, hold up the nice work! Can't wait until the next Modernization .😀. This Product's upgrades and the concepts that they have are GREAT! I would give it ♾ stars if i should!!
~ SQURLES In Squares.
I honestly do not know why this is still in beta process. This release is flawless as far as release test and bugs. I havent ran into a glitch yet, even the prices for in release purchases are fair, at least to my satisfaction. I played a rip off of this before downloading it without realising this was the origional, cant compare 👌. I do have one note though, add more equipment, Or at least give the option to paint walls or floors to give users ability to create bases more origional.
~ UHU Official Gaming