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About: Finest App/Handheld Product - The Product Awards 2015 Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-journey set in a long-forgotten globe. Search the ruins of an ancient civilization, search well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom. Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack Navigate using easy swipe-to-transport controls War menacing aggressors, overcome risky obstacles and escape deadly traps Solve more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters Accumulate ancient relics and unblock newest outfits for Lara Square Enix Montral brings yet other beloved franchise to small with this special take on the iconic heroines journeys. End player license agreement:
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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Lara Croft GO Reviews and Comments:

One of the finest releases ever! you have to download this!! lovely graphics, lovely storyline and nice puzzles to place you to the play.
~ A Google user
Love this one. It makes me feel like playin' TR on my old P95 again. Nice ambience! Controls sometimes freeze on my device, but not severe.
~ Frank L.
This has to be the finest puzzle release I've ever played. The graphics are nice and I love all the lvls and chapters. It's challenging and really fun.
~ Catherine Braxton
Fun puzzle release that's challenging. Tapping each square millimeter of the screen trying to search an impossible to see relic got old speedy. My screen has never been more smudged. Still a nice value for a paid release.
~ Hep Cat
Enjoyed this release on my Windows Tablet so I am glad to see it here. Offers a nice challenge and Claims an engaging storyline without dialogue.
~ Romel Anthony S Bismonte
Nice release ! nice graphics, nice puzzles, and intuitive interface! Well worth the tiny cost !! Thank You for making it !!!
~ A Google user
I loved the release even though I chose to buy the help to support solve the later puzzles. I was looking forward to the challenges of the lvls rather than search all the hidden extras but I admit that it makes sense to tap around as you go through. Be aware, some extras are hard to search.
~ colin duff
The 'Lara Croft GO' puzzle journey is a beautifully rendered 3D simulator release, much like traditional first-person 3D journey releases with convincingly immersive graphics to propel the user into the three-dimensional environments employing an awesome perspective view. Unlike traditional 3D roaming journey releases, Lara Croft GO utilises limited movement along the four diagonal vertices representing the West, East and North, South directions. This forces emphasis on the user to solve puzzles rather than wandering aimlessly within the testing field. The graphics are exquisitely drawn with wonderful detail to capture the realism to effectively convince the user that they are now within these precarious environments of superb symmetry along with their delicious and highly intricate and detailed testing fields. The release's adversaries too, the giant snakes and spiders along with the nasty lizards present evidence of extreme detail and intricate texture. The hazardous adversaries often appear at crucial junctures, whereby nearby obstacles are deliberately placed to allude and delude anyone daring enough to tackle. The release is certainly a work of art by any means. A release utilizing superb graphics with impressive atmospheric audio accompaniment that will entice the user throughout the journey. A fun release to test. The release's overall performance is remarkable. Its bountiful sophisticated visual graphic appeal is evident of the high-calibre of recipients responsible for creating such an entertaining and pretty release. The imaginative and talented programmers whom have created such an extraordinary 3D isometric simulation gotta have spent months in creating Lara Croft GO, taking into profile of the vast intricate optical physics and mechanical discrepancies to consider. A delightfully well crafted release for the whole family. Definitely a Five Star rating!
~ A Google user
Cute much a five star puzzle release by my ebooks. Definitely had lots of fun with this one. I give it four stars for a very stupid, trivial reason and that is that overdrawn somersault animation Lara occasionally does after climbing a wall. Seriously, having my release interrupted by a giant middle finger that went away after five seconds would be less irritating.
~ Kienan Fischer
Nice art style and the song. It's a fun idea to spend the time, and I like the fact that the release Claims you nothing about how to solve every lvl. You figure things out as you go along, sometimes solving things with a bit of wall climbing and ledge work, and another times with your trusty pair of handguns. A great tiny puzzler.
~ Serge Makhoul
Lara Croft Go excels in its fluid integration of different mechanics into cohesive puzzles. In one lvl, you may learn how to slay a newest aggressor kind, but in other, killing that aggressor might render the lvl impossible when coupled with a more complex series of obstacles. Each element, from hostile beasts to primary things like levers, buttons, and platforms creates a newest, interesting dynamic when paired with other, and the potential for every combination felt completely explored during the course of Lara’s 40-lvl travel. The sights and sounds on display in Lara Croft Go are equally impressive. Thick soundscapes bring to life the ambience of its different stages, which resemble miniature dioramas in their carefully crafted simplicity. Scenes are sometimes shown in an almost theatrical manner, with silhouetted trees, insects, and rocky ledges acting as dramatic framing in the foreground, offering just a glimpse into the mysterious globe within. Lara Croft Go may be a small spin-off of Tomb Raider, but it manages to capture the spirit of Lara’s classic PSX-era journeys and repackage them into something recent, nice looking, and surprisingly classy.
~ Kafuu Chino Diary
Going back to the puzzle solving that I loved so much from the original Tomb Raider (Core Design). Just love it!
~ DC Sh0X
i just started but the graphics are nice and the outfits are nice. There's outfits from the old releases you can pick and ones you can unblock or pay for. Product mechanics are nice so far. Puzzles have been interesting. For a $1 how can you lose?
~ Child of Reason
What a fun release! The lvls all look nice and are very constructive. The lvls continually build on previous mechanics and obtain quite challenging. I onky want it was longer, I finished all lvls and found all collectibles in about a week.
~ Mathew Walls
Nice puzzler with 6-10 hours of test time and really nice mechanics. Even sound and graphics are top notch. Also the first and only small release I ever suggested my girlfriend, and she got fully hooked. Couldn't suggest more!
~ Bjørn Sangill
Nice tiny Tomb Raider style puzzle release. Managed to sync it though cloud backup between my device and device (took a several restarts and testing to stick). Intuitive test with mostly solid controls. I'm a noob at touchscreen releases so maybe that's why I occasionally hit levers instead of moving but overall interface very intuitive.
~ P Harrison
Nice Special Puzzle Product. I was reluctant to buy it at first as I seen the word 'GO' in the title and thought it would be more action packed or have some infinite runner theme to it.. I was wrong! Very special twist on the lara croft releases while still retaining the feel of them. The puzzles are extreamly well designed and there's premium collectables to look out for A lot of effort was place into this release and it shows, some of the beggining lvls are too simple but the last 2 premium worlds obtain very very hard, but not in a frustrating idea. Fully worth the price.. I've probably spent around 10 hours to complete it 100%. If you're a fan of the puzzle category don't miss this.
~ Lewis Bavin
I love the journey through jungles, dungeons, and ancient ruins! Lara is a very kool role model and I love her acrobatics! The turn-based gameplay is very fun and the puzzles are challenging and satisfying to overcome. Well done, Square Enix! Its a unbelievable release staring an nice girl great for the tiny screens of a tablet or device. I would even enjoy this pretty release on my PC! Thank you!
~ A Google user
Amazingly pretty release art. Very fun and challenging lvls. Although I gotta claim I was very disappointed by the graphic design of general's menu pop up windows. There were so much thought trough the art making, which didn't happen at the graphic design.
~ Lior Murphy
no doubt an awesone puzzle release with finest hero. the release has great pacing of gameplay and difficulty. the release introduces newest puzzle mechanic often and newest ideas to solve it. unlike hitman go, it never gets boring at all. finest dollars spent on small release. need more releases like this.
~ Ashutosh Tiwari
Extremely fun and challenging without being so hard you wish to throw your device across the house. It's a great release for 10 mins here and there and beats mindlessly popping bubbles. I would love to see more lvls added in the future because this release has longevity if only square enix would hold it up.
~ S.K. S.
Nice Croft fun for not much more than a buck. I have to place the device down actually, I could place the device down actually, I will place the device down actually, just have to finish this set. My brain usually goes like that when I test Tomb Raider on console or PC to.
~ Mort Dartius
i now really love the direction this release took. great for small with just enough challenge and a great sense of journey for speedy on the go sessions. The newest animations are a large step up from the Monopoly release board pieces of the prior Hitman go title. the movement invokes a sense of weight and adds a dose of realism Hitman go lacked, despite being a really well made puzzler. Lara Croft go captures the classic tomb raider feel from yesterday year, albeit in a more compact journey.
~ chris ruiz
i really really like this release, its nice, visual are nice and i just really like it, i hope that some day, there will be more than just 3 of them
~ Amir Roohi
Nice look and feel, nice gameplay, like that aspects of that original Lara Croft feel were brought in - the tiny information! Puzzles are challenging which is nice, but the style of the puzzles doesnt change so gets a bit monotonous. A nice quality attempt at getting recipients to spend dollars on updates. Worth buying though! Still searching for that original Tomb Raider experiencewhere you can obtain lost in a constructive globe with imaginative challenging puzzles and without so much focus on damn fighting.... please someone?
~ A Google user
Overall smooth progression with a several difficulty spikes, a several seemingly impossible puzzles with nice a-ha moments and twist around the highly reusable gameplay bricks... What I expect from a nice puzzle release. Bonus lvls introduce newest mechanics and have a less regular progression with more exotic challenges. Product size is gigantic, so create sure you have an SD card with a lot of capacity or give yourself plenty of time to finish it, if you wish to version zone before installing the next GO release!
~ L Nguyen Huu
love this release but i cant obtain past "a narrow escape" loading screen .... so i am unable to finish the main storyline line....very disappointing because the release is pretty and worth all the stars it can obtain please send modernization !!! this is a large trouble for alot of customers please fix this Square Enix!!
~ Jade White
it's a really fun release, with interesting challenges that aren't frustrating to test, and has this nice song. I usually never rate releases but I feel this is such a well designed release and makes me feel like I'm testing a console release, it's just well crafted to completion :)
~ Shalom94
Wow. The release is wonderful! Everything the description for the release Claims you is right. The aesthetics in the release are pretty. They're so intriguing! They claim so much storyline. The lvl design is where the release REALLY shines. So much thought and effort was place into it. Although 1 or 2 of the later lvls gets on your nerves because you can't solve it, it doesn't create you hate the release. Additionally, there are collectables in the release that give you some cool outfits. They're not just there for the sake of being there. Even those collectables have their own charm. They feel like they belong. The McGiffins, for the lack of a better word, have mystery to them although you don't obtain to hold them. Lastly, the song is wonderful. It usually makes you wonder or fear whatever is going on and is outstanding!! Square Enix made one of the finest small releases and I'm one of the recipients that is going to help them and believe them to create the finest releases.
~ Abhijeet Patri
This release is a gem in the google test shop. I am normally not a fan of small releases because most of them are either clickers, pay to victory or overall have no thought place into it. But I was super glad when I purchased this release. It combines simplicity with strategic turn-based difficulty. Some of the puzzle are very complex, it will create your head scratch. If you're a fan of tomb raider, you will enjoy this. Or a fan of puzzles and walkthrough for that matter. Thank you square! Please create more releases like these, I LOVE IT
~ A Google user
wonderful release. easy controls, complex animated movement. visually pleasing, pretty sound. just like the tomb raider I remember. puzzle after puzzle, this is tomb raider.
~ Chris Longbine
Great release with journeys and puzzles that scale well as progress is made. I love the art style and the wonderful sounds made listening through headphones really immersive. I hope they version more journeys for this, as it recaptured that feeling I had when I first played Tomb Raider as babe, back when it was just animals, exploration, and puzzles. Well done to the development squad.
~ Paul Beers
I really enjoyed Hitman GO bit this is something really premium. Reminded me of a much larger scale platfom release. The puzzles are really smart but cute solvable too with a bit of patience . I think this is the finest mobile release I have ever played.
~ David Gibson
5-star release, BUT cloud saving works very poorly. It seems to only randomly upload / download progress. Could be easy: after each lvl save progress, on each run load progress. If loading or saving fails, notify player and retry etc.
~ Kimmo Satta
Incredible graphics, pretty song. A lot of fun! Thanks for the bonus chapters but I was still sad when it ended. While not first person perspective, breathtaking graphics. Surprisingly immersive. Love the newest song. It is evocative and dramatic and contains tricks of old themes. Old sound results are cool. Smooth test with a speedy load and startup. A treat on an old device. Another release developers could take heed.
~ Blake Nancarrow
I have to claim I really enjoyed this release I was quite surprised how simple it was to pick up and run testing but yet still Build You Up in complexity at a rate that's quite manageable.they did a nice job of making it seem like a Indiana / Laura Croft style setting. I enjoyed this release so much that I definitely am going to check out some of the another Go release series. 1 major plus over a lot of release releases is that it doesn't milk you for dollars in order to now achieve anything in the release.
~ Joseph Woolshleger
This is what a nice small release is. You can't test as many types of releases as on a pc or a console mostly because of the input limitations. Just like you can't test an fps on a small device. This target is one of the thing that makes it earn 5 star because it is playable everywhere, without premium requiring too much finger dexterity. The second is the quality of the storyline claiming. It's easy yet effective and really nice looking. Same for graphics and sound. Just like a true PC release.
~ Romain Fillet
Frame rate troubles I cant even test. It should be realated to the device im using but i have hit lad go and deus ex go,and they work flawlessly but for some reason with this release it runs like garbage aside from the frame it is a solid release with nice mechanics I was interested with the first 15 mins of the release but as i progressed i realized my device couldn't handle it. It is ashame because i looked forward to testing this one but do to it being laggy or not registering swipes i cant test😩😩😩.
~ Death by Origin
A nice puzzle release... the puzzles are well blended with the real essance of Tomb raider releases... Puzzles themselves increase with difficulty but still managable if you just think... A very coherent release even though they should have improved the release to test faster but nothing that will turn you off... Completed it 100% unlocked all achievements and overall nice release and at a fair price.
~ Whiz H
Runs fairly easy and builds slowly to more complex puzzles. So far nothing too challenging, but I have required a couple of attempts at some of them. Dying is not a trouble, you only go back to the run of that puzzle, not the run of the lvl. Puzzles are very "samy", not much variation, but I still like solving them.
~ greg reid