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About: (Tap icons on the wheel in camera to load the releases)
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: Krikey, Inc
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Similar Games Like Dino Robot - Dino Corps2 Alternatives
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About: 10 dino robot game in one app. Assemble the parts are scattered Stegoceras, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, T-Rex Soldier Pachycephalosaurus, Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Mammoth, Smilodon Black, Lightning Parasau, Knight Ankylo, And were not in the existing Giganotosaurus and T-Rex Almighty! Try assembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur. After the assembly, You can use a variety of techniques. if you review and comment new dino robot, we will make it soon....

Developer: TheFlash&FirstFox

Similar Games Like Monstapals  Alternatives
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About: Discover, combine and unleash with Monstapals which lets kids gather cute Australian animals using their spaceship in order to create unique and interesting new creatures known as Monstapals. There are 45 different Monstapals to create with each having its own distinct look and sound so make sure you find them all. Once the Monstapals have been unleashed in their new home you can learn fun facts about each of your creations and customise their environment. But what is the purpose of thes...

Developer: Anomaly Software Pty Ltd

Similar Games Like Rabbitdom Alternatives
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About: Fire the balls, destroy the evil bricks! Work and study is so boring? Just play Rabbitdom, it's so much fun! The most addictive casual game! You can save game at any time, and continue at any time. Play on the road, play in the car, play while eating! Challenge friends, challenge the world's players, compare who scored higher! You will control different bunnies in the game, aim at the evils bricks, using ejection skills, fire the strange balls, destroy the evil bricks that invaded...

Developer: XCHANGE

Similar Games Like Christmas Crush - Holiday Swapper Candy Match 3  Alternatives
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About: The carollers are singing and the jingle bells are ringing. Its everyones favorite time of year - CHRISTMAS TIME! Its time to unlock your next level of holiday spirit with this cheerful match 3 game. Christmas Crush Holiday Swapper is the perfect excuse to take a moment to sit back, relax, sip some hot cocoa by the fire and soak in that amazing winter time magic! MATCH 3 TO CLEAR THE BOARD! Traditional match 3 game play with relaxing christmas music will put your mind to ease MA...

Developer: Happy Planet Games

Similar Games Like Go Go Fish! Alternatives
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About: Go Go Fish! 51676a4d24...

Developer: Sam Lai

Similar Games Like Waving Ball Alternatives
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About: Only one of the 100 people can reach 100 points. Are you one of them? Who is smarter, challenge your best friend! How to play : Touch Screen to impact the ball, don't hit the obstacles! Key features: - Simple one touch game - Addictive and endless fun gameplay. - 2D Flat design....

Developer: Machbird Studio

Similar Games Like Solitaire Crush - 2048 Alternatives
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About: The only aim is maximizing your score by merging the cards from smallest to biggest one! Make 2048! Gain extra bonus point with making combos. Double, triple merge your cards to gain extra bonus points. And in the game, you may meet "Undo" Card, "WILD" Card and "Bomb" Card. The "Undo" Card can increase one chance for revocation, the "WILD" Card can combine with any cards and the "Bomb" Card can eliminate a whole column. The more you play, the more scores you will get. Although it looks sim...

Developer: taptaptap-game ltd.


Similar Games Like The Love Boat ����  ❤ Alternatives
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About: Love, exciting and new... Come aboard... We're expecting you! The Love Boat is back and better than ever! The famous TV show now has its very own time management game. Remember the days you drifted away with Captain Stubing, Julie, Gopher, Doc and Isaac? Relive those good old times in this brand new GameHouse Original Story. It's time to set course for a time management adventure! Join the crew of your favorite series and discover many hilarious and romantic stories. Are...

Developer: GameHouse

Similar Games Like Brew Town Alternatives
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About: Welcome to Brew Town! The worlds foremost Craft Beer Simulator! Start your very own craft beer brewery. Expand your range of tasty brews, design your bottles and cans, upgrade your buildings, and satisfy your customers endless thrist. Brew, bottle, ship and sell to grow your town into an empire. Make the world a little more tasty! A tycoon game like no other, Brew Town lets you craft your way to success. Built around the core notion that people deserve better beer, you have free reign to ...

Developer: AppBox Media

Similar Games Like Paris Craft: Exploration of City of Love & Art Alternatives
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About: Build your own blocky Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the Moulin Rouge! Meet the french people, visit museums and explore the capital of France! Build & Craft! Ultimate crafting games for boys and girls - only in Paris Craft! Sandbox is a type of game, where you can explore the infinite blocky world! Create buildings using blocks and become the ultimate builder! Create a Paris from the scratch! Use blocks to build and unleash your creativity! Build anything! From a cottage house to a skyscraper! ...

Developer: Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure

Similar Games Like Repair of the house  Alternatives
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About: We invite you and your kids to visit the fascinating world of building games. You probably have already played games about building and repair, and you know very well how interesting and exciting these wonderful development games for children can be, because embodying your creative ideas, making your home cozy and beautiful is a very interesting activity. We present to your attention a new fascinating game about repairs - "Repair of the house". In this wonderful game, your kids will have to be ...

Developer: Games from YovoGames !

Similar Games Like Crazy Love Story  Alternatives
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About: ~~> Help Rob propose to his girlfriend Emily in this CRAZY love story! Will she say YES?! ~~> Dress up Rob for the big day, design a dream diamond ring, give Emily a makeover & so much more! ~~> Overcome tons of exciting challenges & fun-filled obstacles along the way! Rob is about to ask his girlfriend Emily to marry him! Can you help him prepare for the big day? Plan the perfect wedding proposal & make sure everything runs smoothly! There may be CRAZY obstacles along the way, but d...

Developer: TabTale

Similar Games Like Princess Baby Phone - Princess Games Alternatives
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About: Hello WelCome To Princess World. Princesstime! Play the most princessyprincess games. Your little girl love pinky princess then lets play with Princess baby phone. This is an educational game which contains real phone activity plus other games like drawing book ,scratch book, pony games Game Includes - Phone call to princess - Dress Up - Pony Care - Coloring Book - Scratch Book - Puzzle Fun features in the game - Pink purple theme to your little angel - Live background - Dress...

Developer: Fabulous Fun

Similar Games Like Happy Fish Alternatives
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About: Welcome to Happy Fish! Super popular game- Happy Fish is available on Android! More than 150 kinds of cute fishes are waiting for you! Join us and make a unique aquarium for yourself! Pretty ones, cuties, stunning ones-- Various fishes are waiting for you! Have you ever played any game cuter than Happy Fish? FEATURES -Numerous rare and colorful fishes! -Getting xp and gems by feeding your fishes and taking care of them! -Visiting friends and feeding fishes for them! -Over 80 level...

Developer: HappyElements


Similar Games Like Find The Flubber Alternatives
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About: Find the maximum of Flubbers you can under boxes. King Flubber will be pride of you....

Developer: Hecopagnie

Similar Games Like Mountain Gun: Pop Balls  Alternatives
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About: Mountain Gun is the most funny game in 2018. We can promise that you've never played a ball-breaking game like Mountain Gun before! Now install it and shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive? Game Features : Control your cannon to destroy the balls Upgrade cannon to get high score and blast hamster ball Swipe your finger and move your cannon Shoot up coming balls and destroy them Endless upgrades and level up Magic b...

Developer: YUDA Pro

Similar Games Like Wacky Haunted House  Alternatives
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About: This house is haunted by friendly Halloween characters. Its not scary, just funny. An app made to entertain toddlers by making them explore different rooms of a house. Music, sounds and surprises fill this funny looking house. Listen to different musical instruments in the music room, play with toys in the living room, make a nice drawing in the study. Everything in this house is fun. Your toddler will enjoy it for sure! Its very simple to use. Simply press on the images you see, and something w...

Developer: Stephanie Pearson

Similar Games Like SteelHonour  Alternatives
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About: Time to recall braver soldiers to protect the country! Try your best to upgrade tanks as soon as possible to gain honourable Champions in weekly tournament. Make the right plan to gain enough loots in the battlefield. The more points, the more prize you get in game. MULTIPLAYER BATTLES Easy to start and finish battle just in 3 minutes. Defeat as many enemies as you can for victory and glory. MAXIMUMIZE TANK POWER Upgrade five parts of tank to make it faster and stronger with customization...

Developer: SteelHonour

Similar Games Like Plank Crossy Path Hello Cats Jumping Game Alternatives
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About: This game crossy Path infinite road jumping game is a tricky and highly addictive brain teaser game that requires visual thinking and quick decision making it is the hardest game ever on play store. Are your quick enough to find your way through the levels? Can you think quick under pressure? Play Crossy Path now for free and step into the realm of Skyways!. Jump through helix and bring the cube or ball down. HIGHLY PRECISE COMPETITIVE BRAIN GAME Each level is designed carefully according to...

Developer: New Trending Games

Similar Games Like Pretty Girl's Tangled Style Alternatives
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About: A free costume game provided by gomsee.com and First Fox Games! New Pretty Girl has been released. Pretty Girl seems like Tangled Style. Make your own fresh Pretty Girl with various hair, costumes and accessories. You can change the background, 9 poses and motions, you can also store your Pretty Girl in 6 slots. You can create your own Pretty Girl comics by using various emotion display and dialogue, You can share your photos and boast them with the photo taking function....

Developer: TheFlash&FirstFox



Krikey Reviews and Comments:

waste of time
~ Siddharth Siddharth
it is very pretty design to create great.very interesting for all
~ preethi sv
fake its totaly fake dont download this stupid release
~ A Google user
Interface should be a bit better looking and more player-friendly. Another than that, nice release!
~ A Google user
This Krikey Soft is so cool! I love testing these releases every week with dudes to present what augmented reality now is
~ Marty Evans
its a nice hame to test with dudes as augment reality
~ Sk Ashfaq
i am enjoying the augmented reality releases in this wouderfull release i am never see such a unbelievable release i am addicted to this release
~ Mansoor Alikhan
high quality graphics video sharing release
~ Shahjahan Bhuiya
Great AR release..love this release, have fun with dudes and family. I suggest it to everyone
~ Kayon Doruk
Nice graphics and nice to slay time and also has much tons of releases
~ Mahmoud Fouad
It's an awsome release for all.Nice platform to run this release.I like this so much.It's a most pleasant release to me.
~ Fazlay rabby
Nice release with high quality graphics. I am very satisfied with it.
~ Alan Phillip
nice release and it is a very great Soft
~ tanvir hossain
very great for testing releases online
~ calvin digenious
I'm enjoying the AR gaming experience with this release. It's very addictive. The gaming video feed of another players is really entertaining to watch.
~ A Google user
that is most gaming release ,it is most eassy test,
~ A Google user
Krikey is the finest car release release.I test this release. I like this so much.
~ Unresisting & Resisting
it is a very nice release. i love it. i enjoyed a lot & most of the time use it. most of Products are very enjoyable
~ Afjal Sujon
very innovative release. having fun with this. nice developers and steong framework. great multiplayer release.
~ Mirza Ashik
This release is very wonderfull.i enjoying this release.i liked it.great release.
~ A Google user
Please download this release. It is indeed unbelievable; nice release with a pretty design.
I install and test the release for some time. It is an augmented reality. The release has a very pretty design too.
~ Basil Cavendish
its a very intersting release..its nice for gaming..nice release..
~ Banglar Tiger
such an nice and relaxing release...i just love it..
~ A Google user
really nice AR releases with Sharing information create it more interesting.
~ Elahi Hossen
Finest Multiplayer Products simple to test and nice graphics and lots of fun
~ tanmay priyadarshi
Nice release release. It has a great graphics and very addictive. It has a nice quality of sound and graphics.
~ Amy Jackson
it is really a usefyll apps.it can simple to progress many type of things.it can be might nice true full controll.i like this release
~ sultana fouzia
A nice release, I liked it. I like it very much. I should obtain the experience.
~ A Google user
This release somehow nice for those who need entertainment and obtain bored when you doing nothing
~ pain killer
Great gaming apps had i ever seen.I am enjoying this release Very much. I strongly suggested all of you.
~ A Google user
One of the finest Social Media AR release out there, we can watch fun videos with testing fun VR releases.
~ A Google user
i am enjoying augmented reality releases in krikey. it has lot of AR releases and high graphics releases. lots of fun and enjoyment in krikey.
~ Anis Mahat
wow i love this social media release as well as. I like it like fb and instragrame and so on .
~ H&A Roman Mia
This is a nice gaming release for the release lovers. The release is really speedy and cool informations.
~ Saleh Ahmed
waste release please don't download the release and Don't waste your time i test the release just four mins instantly i uninstall the release
~ Nimmala Umasankar
This release is very great. I test this release and earn to many experience. Great release and test very well.
~ Sumon Pal
Nice releases. A lot of tons to choosw from what u like the most. very pretty design. Simply nice.
~ Vasili Russia
great release, nice to see like video feed, its really nice, and i think each body could use thia release something like you all. thanks a lot
~ A Google user
Nice interface! Loved each bit of the release and dint wish to stop! The song, the type of releases, graphics- very personalized and awesome
~ Bhavana Sundaraj