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Knock Balls   
About: Throw balls at structures to create them collapse but be careful not to exceed the allowed limit! Every saved ball will count double at the next lvl, take advantage of it to apply you! One-tap simple-to-learn controls with stunning visual results and addictive gameplay mechanics.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 53MB Developer: VOODOO
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Knock Balls Reviews and Comments:

you should stare at a wall and just territory out, or territory out testing this release and wake up 4 hours (and about 1000 lvls) later; take your pick
~ Spencer Scott
I like the release, it is addicting. Even tho some lvls are just the same over and over. My main target is, where's the gun option that you guys present in the ad that popped up on Ig? Why there's only canons?
~ Diogo Soares
Getting type of boring. I want there were more/different bosses and more challenging lvls. Maybe more launchers... After the modernization, the release will freeze and force close at random.
~ Aaron Mitchell
The releases that this developer are easy yet so engaging, I hold downloading more and more of them
~ Wael Shoukry
i love thus release i go on my dads device and have fun whenever my dad gives me his device to call somone i test this release. Im on lvl 172 sincerly, luv this release woman😜😛😝
~ Janiya Streets
I love the newest lvls. with the newest changes every lvl is different but I still don't know what the gems are for
~ Keana Lowe
fun time killing release but I had something like 2000 lvls done and lost them to these upgrades. I also paid $3.99 to obtain the banners taken off the release and actually I'm getting them again.
~ Chris Ervin
should do with less banners... thats when i stop testing... when theres an banner over 10 seconds... then the releases notbworth my time.
~ Erik Fullgrabe
The overall idea of the release is fun and appealing, however the lvls are only enjoyable for a while. I'm at lvl 51 currently and it this target all of the lvls are recycled and reused. It becomes very boring and repetitive.
~ Chris Kessler
cool for the first 5 mins until you've seen all the lvls and you just replay the same lvls over and over again and again.
~ Brock Elbers
its a fun release, im on lvl 350 but its repetitive, its the same puzzles over and over..not challenging any more, creatures arent hard..i hold hoping it would obtain more challenging at i hold going but it hasnt.
~ Gina Pagliaro
been testing on and off for a several weeks and it's just satisfying, it's nice while looking after my baby, I dont obtain much time but the lvls only take seconds and I'm not watching banners half of the release. 👍🏻👌🏻
~ candice bradley
Product Not Challenging. I've rchd 72 lvl but couldnt search anything newest. Same Kind of lvls but only background themes are changing. Its a addictive release but i think you need to add in more different block structures as you proceed with lvls. Could be more interesting to test.
~ Samir Tandel
Fun but repetetive. You shoot cannon balls at blocks that look like wood, foam, and glass to break them and knock down turrets. I'm at lvl 200 and have seen the same turret configurations and challenges countless times. The difficulty doesn't increase. The diamonds earned at every lvl seem pointless; they aren't used to buy anything. They should have been more imaginative. Nice as a time waster.
~ Page James
fun release, if you can fet tbrough the commercials. literally you will be spending more time watching commercials than testing the release. and the commercials are 30-45 seconds long. i cant even give it a one star. what i can do is unstall it, which i will do actually. dont obtain this release until they shorten the commercials!
~ Brian George
This a nice release thx for making it .Lol but please create more releases like this, I also like your release named, wait I forgot what it was named but it's where u have to obtain bigger and bigger and u do that by eating the entire castle!
~ leila malik
a tiny add massive which I understand but is kinda annoying but its fun and rarely lags or slows and as of lvl 27 theres no paywalls or asks for dollars.
~ Tia McLemore
nice release but blocks need newest designs to knock over! every round is reparative set up wise!! gets boring! but nice release! create it harder, different structures to knock over! what are the diamonds for? I obtain nothing when I tap on them! expand the release!
~ Charlene Wurtzburger
Very addicting release. I love it. The controls are easy. Just target where you wish the ball to go and it goes. I've been testing this for a long time actually and I'm on lvl 1520. Even though some of the lvls can be repetitive, it's still very addicting. If you're looking for a nice time waster, I definitely suggest this release.
~ Tony Garon
Idea too many banners that last an unusually long time compared to another releases. You test release for around 10 secs ( if you're lucky) and then you gotta watch an banner that last a min of 30 secs. No one is going to hold this release. including me.
Okay, I'm at 3320 still fun but what the heck do the premium diamonds do besides waste time opening a chest. I dont test as much because of that stupid chest. Oh yeah, newest modernization did away with all the cool cannons including my favoured the future gun, wth??? I miss the double shot but the rapid fire is fun. How bout some newest backgrounds?
~ Keith Boles
I would give you 5 stars but there are a lot of the same exact types of lvls not much of a challenge to ANY OF THE Lvls! Also need to add more options to upgrade cannons and boost power, distance, accuracy etc. That would create this release a top downloaded release well and if the release had a purpose with harder lvls and challenges so you maybe should earn some nice updates and premium ammo's maybe even a scope or something but unfortunately you guys won't do any of that equipment I bet SMDH
~ Jordan Parker
i enjoy this release because it works on my coordination. Better than I thought my coordination, the release's awesome.
~ Nora LaValley
Apart from the name (which sounds like an old lad's sexual health trouble) I quite like it, but please obtain rid of the "premium" chest after each lvl. If it's the only source of those red gems (what are they for?) then it's not a "premium" at all, and having to tap it ten times is just an annoying waste of time. Got bored actually - the lvls don't obtain harder, just hold repeating....and whats the target of the "map"? its not like I'm ever going to wish to replay a lvl as they are all the same.
~ A Google user
I paid for NO ADS and I am still getting banners between lvls. What type of a scam is this? No banners mean NO ADS or refund my dollars!
~ C Aa
Love this release, but like everyone else, I feel the banners are a bit much. I'd love it if you should deliever more options. My score is high, but I don't know of any benefits of getting a high score except for changing my canon and the background scenes....I do love this release, nice stress reliever. I would definitely give it a 5+ if you should deliever more incentives when getting a higher score.
~ Janyn Driscoll
You recipients sure know how to screw up a perfectly nice release. With the newest three upgrades you don't obtain bonus balls to carry over anymore, the newest boss rounds don't fit the theme of the release and actually this treasure chest is a joke. You had something original, actually it seems you're just copying another releases. I paid $3.99 for a specific release. you hold making changes to a release I've already paid for and I no longer like it. I'd like a full refund or my original release back please.
~ Scott Stroik
Lvl 430 something the patterns changed!! LOVE IT! 5 stars!! (i never give 5 stars!) I'm glad I stuck around actually!
~ Candi Panties
I love this release! It's super addictive and fun. It's real when they claim it's harder than you think. The only downside is the mass of ads and the ridiculous charge to remove them.
~ Clare 1283
I am just going to stay this just test to create it a tiny more harder because most of the time is is not very hard to beat but sometimes it is and thats a very nice thing to have by the idea this is to create it better also to feel nice about yourself
~ Maribel Espinosa
love the release it's so addictive, but not glad as I was away up at lvl 100 and it's actually place me back to lvl 1 😡
~ Stacey Curran
I still have troubles with the release shutting down. It seems to be happening more frequently, sometimes each 1-3 days. Every time I gotta uninstall & re-install. . . . BUT I ALWAYS loose ALL my accumulated gems. All totaled together, I've lost over 75,000 gems THIS year! I love😍 the release but obtain dissappointed😞 & frustrated😧 can meet every time the release shuts-down. 😵
~ Judith McKinley Hale
dude thus release is the finest so far for a entire 5 years 5 years are are 1825 days and when i made releases i never thought about that concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Uzma Mumtaz
just because of the intrusive banners. banners that will only lead you to google test when pressing the close button. having to stop and restart the release to resume. come on. uninstalled it because of that.
~ Arjen Plugge
how about a comercial each 20 seconds instead of each 10 seconds? That would of been better. and thats not how you do things. but im sure your great recipients but 50 adds. in just mins of testing your release no no no.
~ Todd Holmes
fun enough. release does what it claims. not a lot of bells and whistles, a tiny repetitive, but overall it succeeds
~ Kevin Pogue
I love this release, it's a lot of fun for me, takes the stress away, mostly, on a stressful day, knocking down blocks, and my Grandchildren test with me to see who can obtain the highest points, family friendly too. Thank you💕
~ Kimberly Davis
it started out fun but after about 15 mins it gets boring. it's the same 6 "lvls over and over and nothing, not even difficulty, changes at all. there are no true power ups aside from the same machine gun and the different canons do not change how potent it shoot. also the very last BONUS lvl with the chest gets annoying after the third time.
~ rickstar screem
fun release. been testing for a while. the lvls obtain harder as you go. the banners are very short and several. my grandson and i both love this release. thanks for making it❤️
~ Lisa G
Paid to remove ads, however they're still there and very annoying, nearly £4 to "obtain rid" of them too. Not the first release of this to have this trouble you can not charge recipients for a release and then still have ads as well.
~ A Google user