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About: "This is Role-Testing in its purest form." -- Kotaku-US ""An indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG." I love each single one of those adjectives." -- IGN "Its smart, charming, customizable, and virtually infinitely replayable." -- 148 apps Set out on a grand journey in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-art RPG, inspired by the nice titles of the 90's. This +1 edition informations an extended campaign, more dungeons to search, newest attacks to use in combat, and the Tavern a zone to shop your adventurers. Take on the roles of in-release users taking on the roles of their characters in a traditional pen and paper RPG session in the ultimate meta roleplaying experience. As both the testing characters AND the dungeon master, users can pick which fights to war. Place together a bunch of creatures to create for a challenging war and your efforts will be equally rewarded ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 42MB Developer: Paradox Interactive AB
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Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Reviews and Comments:

My go-to release on device and device!!
~ Mads Sørensen
Nice release, some powers are a idea to op with stacking (you can create top tier elite aggressors hit you for 2 health) but, still a nice release with replay value!
~ Tony
finest experience for those who like old school RPG
~ Kassio Machado
Purchased the original and was forced to use F2P ver.
~ Matt Lyons
I loved everything about it except the loading time as you launch the release. Sometimes the release won't load Another than that I love it
~ A Google user
nice release but I cannot even test it as it wont load
~ Bruno Battesubu
It doesn't go passed the register screen when creating a an profile.
~ Jonathan Clyburn
nice release but after 2 days it gets stuck loging in and the release becomes unplayable
~ Khaled Afifi
The screen is slash off on the right hand side on my Google 3 pixel XL.
~ A Google user
after a several days corrupted my save file. deleted two of my chars. and one is level 0 ?
~ Pavel Hyncica
Impossible to make profile. The buttons aren't responding
~ Michel Calheiros
This is more of a recommendation than a review, but you guys could add more releases like Stellaris on small.
~ Little Lambchop
I would give this 5 stars if should lock the screen orientation in zone. It ignores your device's settings. Very annoying to have it flip 90 degrees constantly.
~ Justin M
All of a sudden I hold getting Load File Errors when test!! So damn frustrating!
~ Felix Munoz
Couldn't even register an profile or go as a guest. Never hit the refund button faster in my life.
~ Daniel Carver
I can't register nor really test because the screen is the wrong size. It upscales and cuts of the sides.
~ Gustav Alm Strömberg
It was fine (repetitive but playable) until lvl 30 but after that you obtain stuck. There are no quests available. you will need to buy the expansion box to solve this trouble. Shamelessly dollars grabbing release.
~ Yakup Korkmaz
Just wish you (paradox) to know I've bought the release only because I don't feel like the second une could be a nonpaid release, as the quality is wonderful. I'll probabky go back there just to buy something in-release even though I've completed it all with gold only.
~ Filipe Tedim
I just lost about 3 weeks of progress due to a cloud save errror. Uninstalling and never looking back.
~ Norris Jefferson
No plans to modernization the release for Pixel 2 XL apparently?? Screen is slash off, literally unplayable
~ Anonymous
Cute nice effort at emulating old-school dice RPG's. Seems to have slight balancing troubles with aggressor lvls (@level 10+) & skills/mp consumption (you'll see what I mean, use that to yer advantage) ..if you liked table top gaming you'll probably enjoy this. The release costs about as much as a McCrud burger so buy it & help these recipients & hopefully they'll stop with all the profile signup nonsense & analytics and just focus on release content..
~ firstname lastname
the nonpaid ver is so much better. Graphicwise, its just a pain for the eyes. I regret buying this release instead of buying more extras in the nonpaid ver.
~ Sebastien Seb
Paid for the release. It worked for a several weeks and actually it refuses to allow me log in.
~ Chuck Notaro
I would love the release more but my webroot is claiming me there is a virse or something on the release. I never had this happen before with anything I have ever got from Google test shop. Another wise it's a nice release and has only been happing since last modernization. Hope it's not build in adware or spyware. But ya nice release another wise. If I do not obtain a respond quick I may report the release for having a virse. Edit: I have actually reported the release so Google can look into what the unwanted soft should be within the release my webroot is claiming is harmful to my device.
~ Jamie Smith
for some reason I can't obtain on the release I logged in to my paradox profile but afterward it stays in the never-ending hourglass loading screen I'd happily give more stars but since I can't test the release I won't, please claim me it is fixable
~ digital freak
Just hate the excessive need for internet. It really doesn't need internet to function would really appreciate it if Paradox would remove the constant need for internet.
~ Stephen Leitner
You need a paradox profile to test. Why? This used to be a easy buy and test release. This was an awesome release series but actually I have to advise anyone to stay away. The entire thing is a dollars grab actually. And yes I paid for this release orginally.
~ Floyd Hopfinger
Just purchased the release for $6 CAD and was not able to test it due to being unable to make a paradox profile. This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed or I wish my dollars back.
~ Chris Holgate
Can't login OR register with the newest login system, hitting the buttons does nothing. When I hit guest, I can test the release ONCE. Then on each subsequent attempt to load the release I just obtain an hourglass animation that never ends. Really disappointed with the direction Paradox went adfter the success of this.
~ Jonathan Sayago
Product doesn't display correctly on Pixel 2XL. when launching release will not fill the screen and will instead leave a section at the bottom showing what ever was there when launched.
~ Leviathan
can't login or register, hitting the button does nothing.if i pick to test as guest i can test the release but only once. please fix that or refund me.
~ Pedro Maluf
Before you even run, the release makes you register an online profile for an offline release. This didn't even work for me. Also the release didnt fit my devices screen and I should see parts of my home screen behind it (never terrible that happen before).
~ Liam Cur
Nice interface, but repetitive. Not walkthrough RPG like I was expecting. Tilt to landscape mode for fun allusions to videos. Star off for microtransactions in paid release. To lvl up for final boss (Your Mom), war Invaders in Arcade and buy 'Phoenix Up's (obtain it? FF has Phoenix Down).
~ Aaron Bruderer
I liked this release a ton when i started. But eventually fights stopped being interesting as i had a repetitive pattern I'd just hold doing. Late release becomes a grind and is mind numbingly repetitive. But the art, storyline, and gameplay style are funny and well produced. just want it had more to offer.
~ Eblyn Angel
So i just returned to the release after a couple of months, which actually needed me to login with an profile i have not made. This mightve not been an trouble but ive lost all my old progress and saves for which i spent bonus dollars. Very disappointed, feel like ive flushed dollars down the drain.
~ lawrence wright
I love this release to bits. Been testing it off and on since I purchased it. I am having problem since the newest modernization though, because I can't access the release or obtain my saves from the cloud. It never loads the release, kepps stuck at the loading screen.
~ Gabriel Caetano
i remember this release being really beautiful and fun, and played it a lot a several years ago. i went to test it again actually and was prompted to create a newest profile? i was disappointed because i am worried that i will not have aby progress saved from my original test through. I but i dont know if that is real because the register profile screen appears to be broken, after you fill out all the he fields the submit button doesn't work. feeling double disappointed.
~ Michael Johnstone
The release encourages creation of a Paradox profile. No trouble. Check boxes for terms of service, and policies policies, no trouble. But... I'm unable to make a Paradox profile unless I adopt to allow you correspondence me spam? Trouble. Large trouble. I had this release installed for ages before this was implemented, and will actually uninstall.
~ Josh
I absolutely love this release, I have been testing this release on and off for about 5 years actually and i still search myself coming back time and time again. it is a unbelievable experience that i would suggest to anyone. I just recently purchased this release on sale on the Nintendo Switch and its still the same nice release. Thank you Paradox for making this masterpiece I look forward to all your company has to offer. Thanks for reading have a nice day.
~ Onxy Commander
Please fix the register, log in button. I paid for the release before, I just hope for it to return to old ver and I'm also planning to buy DLC. It is a nice release nonetheless as compared to 2, please don't ignore this release, there are many recipients still prefer 1 over 2. Thank you and have great day. Also, fix the resolution, it type of cuts awkwardly at side
~ Luke Pedreña