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Knife Frenzy   
About: Infinite knife challenges are coming! Grab the knife or dagger to hit! Shoot or throw knives to hit the log and break it into pieces. Use your knives to conquer aggressors. The more you cut, the more knives you can receive. Hit bosses in each 5 stages and obtain valuable knives! Be cautious of the existed knives and the spikes around logs. Aim, throw and hit, prove yourself to be the master of knife!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 56MB Developer: Gaming Hippo
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Knife Frenzy Reviews and Comments:

Fun idea to waste a several mins. Collecting different knives doesn't offer any novelty, they all behave the same. I don't mind that there is no guide - mechanics are simple and you learn from mistakes. Would be more engaging if progressing through lvls offered different walkthroughs/challenges.
~ Sushant Sabnis
Nice, addictive release, BUT, I didn't wish the banners, and it claimed no banners 1.99. Well, I paid for the release, AND STILL HAVE ADS?? wth? Should someone please claim me if I'm doing something wrong! Also, Google test releases service won't authenticate, no matter what fix I test. Developer, can you support me out here?
~ Pitt Viper
It is impossible to claim what is a power up and what will harm you. The release has a delay on the knife throw and each time you lose, which is frequent because this is a hard release, you have to watch an banner. I understand the need for banners and all, as this is a nonpaid release, but there should be some code in the release to claim something like, don't test an banner if one has been played less than 1 minute ago
~ Sean Cunningham
Eh. Adverts are entirely too invasive, though I search this as fun and entertaining as fruit ninja was back in it's prime. Not convinced the VIP membership is legitimately worth it, seeing as there's a 3 claim nonpaid trial and then it's $4.99 a week. I might consider it if there was a pay once and VIP for life option. Idk what the cost would look like for something like that and I'm sure the Dev has their reasons.
~ Anthony Adorno
I honestly loved this release and have been testing it for the last couple of weeks. Until today. The banners are overly invasive to the target that they are actually lagging the release. I will literally be in the middle of a release and suddenly I obtain a full screen banner WHILE I WAS PLAYING. I had no troubles with banners triggering once I lost and having to sit through them. It's a nonpaid release so I obtain it, but I'm not going to continue testing when your banners force me to lose before I even obtain to lvl 20 with the lagging and interruptions. I'm done.
~ Orlana Helmes
Newest And nice experience..
~ Mehmood Hassan
very slow. delayed response.
~ A Google user
this release needs more than three lives its too hard to obtain past phase 10
~ Tiffany Phelps
If you don't wish to see all the banners but don't wish to pay or don't have the loot to have them removed then just turn your time off... That could take care of it... Some releases you can turn your time off then right back on and that will stip banners on some releases as well...
~ csteve 95
destroyed often i wanted to test
~ im lonely
pay to remove adds :) on a so named nonpaid release
~ TMT Taffa
d finest release
~ Ernie Perpetua
great wpnder full release
~ Anreddy Narsimha Reddy
its nice for amusment
~ Muhammad Uzair Jan
release is nice it makes me relax thanks guys
~ Khamsini Isihaqa
awsome release true time aggressor
~ Jeremy Joseph
love it nice release
~ William Hutchison
great release all have to test
~ A Google user
very nice release.
~ Rey Estor
fun and challenging
~ Dylan Newth
This release is ACTION - FAST - FUN !!!
~ Eric Long
Finest ripoff so far
~ Sergius
~ Lil Jul ฬ 12-21 Seeker of Truth
great release very sensitive and addictive I like this one.
~ Blacktoxic Arrrha
laggy ass release for no reason obtain this garbage out of here.
~ Cameron Elliott
Very nice release
~ Mohamed Kijks
addictive release... nice for pas time mode. awesome!!!
~ A Google user
nice but needs more like moving platforms that transport so you have to time it
~ A Google user
monstrous release ever u could never install this release/release.
~ A Google user
exciting and fun throwing knives , blowing things up
~ Jim Robinson
it funny and fun to test with your grandson and daughter
~ Paul Kedigh
will not let me to sign into google test. I have to run all over
~ Lea Ruffin
Can't feedback my Google test profile. Please fix it! Tried multiple times already but still failed and hold claiming me to check my connections when its alrwad damn on target.
~ Eric'C Tian Ci
absolute garbage. banners each 30 seconds, and if you skip the banner it resets your progress. I'd give negative stars if I should.
~ Matthew Pollino
~ sabrina Diaz hi
Nice release but lost all progress when I modernized. cute frustrating
~ Shawn Harris
lost my purchases, lost all of my progress and I can't connect to the leaderboards.
~ Benjamin Slowinski
lost all my updates because crappy release cant authenticate with Google test all of a sudden.
~ Christopher Thomas Tannehill
oh lad! this release is super nice. just like the banner on Fb claimed it was. i remember the day i downloaded it. a cool fall night on a day off from work. i dont normally download silly ojone releases as im a hardcore Nintenbro and test Pokemon like a boss. my ds was dead and i left my charger at my buddy's house. all i had was this release. thank you. thank you to the devs and everyone who helps this group.
~ Michael Cranston
Used to enjoy this release, but the constant barrage of banners makes it unplayable. $5 a week to remove banners? Not worth it at all. You can't lose more than twice without an banner; you can't continue without an banner. Everything has banners. It used to be nice, and I had made a lot of progress. Lost everything when it modernized and actually it's just...a pathetic dollars grab. Stay away.
~ Corey Sanderson