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Kitten Cat Simulator 3D Craft   
About: You are a tiny small and beautiful kitten and today is the day your owner wants to wash you but you don't like water at all. In this release you can expect nice graphics, different release modes, like survival, time mode and of course a nonpaid mode. Nice and beautiful graphics, great and great physics. You can even go for a drive in an remote control truck. Dont obtain caught in survival mode. Your owner Steven doesn't like that you untidy his home all day and today is wash day anyway. Take cover behind a bed and another equipment to avoid being caught. Select your favored kitty from different cats. Wreck the mansion and escape the appartment or just test around freely in this launch globe. Test with your dudes and the entire globe (Multiplayer). This is the finest cat simulator in 2018. Another simulators cannot give you so much freedom.
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 49MB Developer: Patrick König
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Kitten Cat Simulator 3D Craft Reviews and Comments:

ive liked this release since ive played it is sooooooooooooooo cool
~ kyra Hartwig
it's cool but can it be modernization on Amazon device please
~ New Zeriah Gaming and Vlogs
this release was the finest release ever but the modernization ruind it actually i hate this release do not download😬😬😬😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😢😢😢😢😢😢😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 thank you please change it back to the idea it was
~ gaming girl Marks
I hate this newest modernization the release is destroyed
~ Emmie pooh
Nothing wrong with the release but can u create a option to be the owner besides that the release is nice
~ Nabs Bare
~ Cute Boy
i thought i would have never claimed this but I hate it it will not allow me in any releases or allow me create my own release
~ Kristen Schoener
why did you modernization this pls change it back plsss if you do ill place 5 stars pls change
~ Crystal Persuasion
it's now quite cool. My younger sister was testing this so i spied and she allow me have a go
~ Amelia Duckworth
Trashy! Cant use keyboard anymore, crashes apon join, no server names at all! still no dudes list.
~ RandomBullCrapThatDontMatter SoYea
i used to know this woman called hannah in this gaame please bring back the 1.1 ver
~ Remle Sapsorrow
because like a bunch of recipients has-been hanging out with me 💋💋💋
~ Jessa Tovar
change it back it was fine the idea it was and i am deleting the release because it is poor it was fine the ay it was this release sucksss nowi hate it i have not played in a while and when i obtain on it sucked i hate it actually
~ Candace Duffey
well i loved thus release when i was a babe so when i saw the newest up date it was kinda a large change and i like the grafics better before the up date but othe wise its a nice release.
~ Family Razo
i dont like the modernization its harder too search worlds bu the trouble is i like the old ver better..bec its simple to search worlds bu the 2.0 is goid bht i dont like how everything is different...
~ Lober_max_ 23
the old ver is idea better this release is gonna lose popularity and the old ver back then I'll test more but thanks for trying to create this release better
~ xxsklliescaryexx n
The newest release sucks I wish the old one back!!
~ StarOn Saturn
please change the old Graphics back instead of this dumb modernization!its all glitchy and the graphics are super terrible! change it to the old one please!!!
~ friendly heavy54
why would you change it!? I am so furious! I used to love this release but actually? they made it for tiny babes!
~ Sunnysnowz _aj
~ Supa Kirkland
the release is cute nice but I prefer the old ver but maybe I just need some time to obtain used to the modernization
~ Jayson Larue
The Newest Modernization Is Horrible Its Really Laggy, And Theres Lvls Actually?! I Like The Old Kind Better
~ CrownedTuf Deer
I hate the newest modernization each body has quite the release there used to be 55 servers actually there are only 2
~ Tyler Murray
bruh why is it so laggy and actually there isnt a lot of recipients testing please rply it would support fix this 😂💙 also its my brothers birthday.
~ Christian Davis
u could place it back on how it was for the recipients that deleted this can obtain it again but newest look is terrible but hold for we wont ruin and some recipients moved on to puppy dog Sim pls i wish to see my dudes come on place the release back on how it was this was the beet to tye worst because of the modernization
~ Raul Chavez
Multiplayer has been very laggy lately and somtimes in multiplayer ill test to join a server but it wont allow me.
~ Luna Nirel
I don't like it that much. THERE ARE NO AUTOMATIC KEYBOARD COTROLS!!! That makes jumping SO hard
~ Vika Shaltayeva
~ William Olivares
can you modernization it back my dudes my delete it so please place it back to normal!! 🥺🥺🥺(´・ェ・`)
~ little popsicle :3
This release changed my life. Before I found this release, I've been eating immediate ramen watching anime and testing Fortnite. When I found this release I saw a second chance in life. Actually I am successful business lad living the dream and I've started my own company. I cannot claim how grateful I am to have found this release and I suggest it to anyone who sees this.
~ DivideDaniel
its laggy and very stupid like the older ver was wayyyy better i like the 8 user and the fact that you can kick recipients but otherwise i wish the old ver back with those informations and more equipment added to the Map or maybe different maps you can pick from then maybe it will be the kitten cat simulator we love PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!!!•^•
~ Nixie Chan
i didnt like the modernization i cant test with my another dudes i had on the last release before the modernization should you maybe bring the old one back?
~ h h
I definatly liked the first one better. Not to be rude or anythin', but, why'd you have to change it? It was fine before. Actually i can't see my freinds on here becuse it changed without warning. Sorry for the ranting, but please, some of us liked it better the idea it was.
~ SomeWeirdChannel XD
It keeps destroying my device, I like the 1.1 ver a lot better, I can mod the chat and I can transport without my device lagging and freezing. I couldn't even press the power button!
~ Luna Night
so its modernized...its nice but not nice for rp its like this release has changed and not the kitten cat sim ik..this release was my childhood release actually its just idk...but pls bring the old ver back.....pls
~ Wolf Girl
This WAS an nice, 5 star release.. the modernization has changed this release.. I've lost many dudes because of the modernization.. Anyway, I prefere the old ver..
~ LunaTheWolfie UwU
it was nice but I like the older ver better. this one is laggy and harder to control (at least for my device). I like some newest informations like hats and to see what users are in a release but it's too childish.. please bring the old ver back :)
~ 3rd_ Warning
hello developer and the another players of this release! this release was my childhood i quitted and i came back to see how the release was this release IMPROVED!!!! i like how we can buy equipment to decorate our cat i wish u to add dude request and we can join our dude also we can scratch,drink and eat! i also like the cars can actually be used in multiplayer i just LOVE this release thx for reading this have a nice day!!!!
~ Hatsune Miku
honestly I don't know, the release was nice for rp but after the modernization it looks more like a crappy ripoff of the another cat simulators, don't obtain me wrong I'm glad that you care about the release and place effort in to it, dispite the fact that your trapped around the house and can't search and the glitches are gone it's still worth testing, can't wait for the next modernization
~ Eduardo Daniel Flores
I can't control my hero very well, and it's very laggy. what's up with the chibi cats?? why is there a wall around the house?? no more trampolines to obtain stuck in?? And almost nobody plays this release anymore because of this modernization. The 1.1 is better. at least fix the lag and obtain rid of the chibi cats. they are freaking me out. and claim everyone u fixed equipment so they come back. add a dude list, so I don't lose my BFFs when we log off. I wish everyone back in the release. I lost my bff.
~ ItsTaylor Claxy