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About: The most addicting turret defense release returns in an all-newest prequel journey - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins! Praise for the Kingdom Rush series: the #1 Walkthrough Product franchise for App, Googles Editors Choice Award, IGN Editor's Choice, Slide To Test Gotta Have, GameInformer Gold Award, 148 Tools Editor's Choice, Jay is Products Product of the Year, Pocket User Gold Award, CNET Editors Choice Award, Gamezebo 4.5/5, Touch Arcade 4.5/5, Venturebeat 94/100. Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga, loved by millions and earning accolades from users and critics around the world. Take a trip back to the beginning, before Veznan ever thought to threaten the kingdom with the gem of power, and experience even more of the lightning-speedy, exceptionally captivating gameplay that made the franchise a cornerstone of essential turr ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
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Kingdom Rush Origins Reviews and Comments:

i like it more realistic release
~ Chatarina EP
as the another ones from the series. cute much fun
~ Benedikt Reichart
Nice TD release as usual from this developer!
~ Alex Wong
nice until last modernization, actually release crashes regularly
~ Brent Lockwood
It is nice the villains looks and the enimes look cool
~ Alexander Jimenez
awsome art style decent release not too hard it's fun.
~ Dylan Gutierrez
Nice TD release with innovative scene design and characters.
~ Chris Alton
truly one of the finest turret walkthrough releases there is! Great artwork!!!
~ Austin Sizer
very fun played ng this walkthrough release. have played its predecessor for 2 yrs. didnt mind paying for this newest release
~ Nikhil Jain
Really enjoy this release, nice visuals and being able to upgrade heroes and turrets with perks is nice. very addictive
~ John Doe
Dollary is too less, can't even upgrade the turret before powerful aggressor come
~ John Lee
If you liked the original and the sequel you will love this one. :)
~ Steven Green
The finest release series in this category! Thank you for keeping it modernized.
~ Cris Austria
I Love it! It's a really addicting release I'm hooked!
~ M01R4H7
why after modernization this release become error/bluescreen??..come on fix this
~ Octavianus Sitanggang
it's a fun addicting release which just gets harder and harder.
~ Edward Sixx
The difference between mage turrets in origins versus any another kindgom rush is that since that they shoot 2 bolts and the ai is programmed to deal enough hurt to a aggressor and not overkill it so the 2 bolts hit different aggressors making dealing with more aggressors easier
~ Tuna Tekin
i need full of walkthrough in this release....hahaha.......very enjoy it ....
~ simon lee
Really nice TD release. Nice controls, simple to test, challenging but not impossible.
~ Richard O'Shaughnessy
great release but I want there were ideas to obtain the paid heroes even if it required grinding.
~ Malkod -_-
great ,but graphics is a bit weak, plz improve it, release is awesom , everyone could test this👍
~ ankit kumar
Never spend dollars on small releases until Kingdom Rush. One of the finest TD releases .
~ deyan bintev
Other nice kingdom rush maybe not as nice as the another two but certainly worth testing if you enjoyed the others
~ sofadust 3
Nice release. More interactive than the non paid ver. I can't place it down.
~ Tyler MacLellan
I love it. the finest part is that I can test it offline, what is unusual comparing with the others releases like this one.
~ Alexandre Junior
After the May 1 cloud storage modernization, all of my save time is lost and I can't recover it. All of my achievementa are gone too.
~ Julien Hartmann
purchased this a while back and recently reinstalled on my newest device, still a nice td. Ironside rocks!
~ Lee Alba
love it but can you create other release claim call it kingdom rush :legends a card release like accumulate cards of heroes and troops to summon on the field and use 3 heroes in a war at a time using heroes from the previous releases so pls consider it into a option like in iron marines this is all I wish so please give a mind about it.
~ Anna Barrett
Other classic from Ironhide releases. If you like turret defense and cartoon art styles then this will be an nice release for you!
~ Alexander Begay
I didnt like how this kingdom rush had elves, but once I started testing, I came to like it. didnt take long, just the first lvl. something about this one feels better than the another kingdom rushes.
~ OG Jash
Kingdom Rush Vengeance > Kingdom Rush Frontiers > Kingdom Rush 1 > Kingdom Rush Origins. Great release but it has one of the most annoying aggressors in the series and not quite as beefy turrets to counter them (not as annoying as KR 1 demons though). The last several lvls and challenges are a nightmare to beat on veteran because it requires a very specific turret configuration built in a very specific order. Top tier turrets are also type of 'meh'.
~ Maria Efremova
Nice as usually. nice gameplay. Your turret and heroes felt more potent amd needed. you also have more interactions with the environment which is more than i asked for. and surprisingly is felt more balanced, while the aggressors aren't exactly that nice (except for several), they compensate with their sheer amount of them, thus making your turret felt more active and resulted in a more fun gameplay
~ Harits Andhika Nugroho
. its nice that you can actually save your progress on the cloud. i have been waiting for this moment. now it could have been a priority of developers to save progress of users. stopped testing this years ago cause i lost my progress but actually i think am gonna test again. just a bit of suggestion, heroes could be able to equip equipment to create it more fun.
~ Jaike Senju
Absolutely worth it! If you love turret defence releases, you will love Kingdom Rush - Orgins too. This release is well build & fun to engage. Fully worth the dollars😊
~ Shakkil Ahmad
My favored small release ever. Have played to completion at least 6 times and can usually go back to it after 3 years. I love this release!
~ Adam Walsh
Mediocre. It reminds me of Sentinel 3 without the ability to speedy forward, which makes it feel painfully slow. I'd bump it up a star with a speedy fwd information. It's like any another mediocre F2P release except you obtain to pay a several bucks to search out it's over-rated. 4.8? Not even close.
~ Jay M
It is an awesome release on it's own and even better when you have played the releases before that. Newest mechanics, newest age, familiar gameplay! I really like it! Nice job, developers!
~ PillBox20
Gameplay is awesome. Nice value (lots of hours, and 100% completable without IAP). Decent replayability, especially if you mix it up with another editions. Finally they added cloud-save :)
~ Chaz Allen
MAKE THE UNIQUE TOWERS IN STORY MODE AVAILABLE IN ENDLESS WAVE! Nice release but it needs more Infinite wave maps and please add a mode where 2 or more heroes can be used simultaneously! Some campaign maps have special turrets not available elsewhere.....create these available on infinite wave!!!! No target buying bonus heroes if you limit the content available.....OK!
~ Wal Chan
I can't trust I paid for this... Same as the another Kingdom Rush releases.. Never enough gold to build the turrets you need.. Same ol pay to test and the perks you can buy with your diamonds only last a several seconds.. It takes forever to build up gold to obtain the turrets you need or any updates. They took the option out to buy gold from the market with diamonds which you should use only once. More of the same...
~ Mark Malinowski