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King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare   
About: Do you test fight releases? Enjoy nonpaid online releases? Then prepare yourself! The hottest nonpaid to test multiplayer fight release of 2017 is here! Boss Arthurs death has left an empty throne. Raise your dragon and build your units in the quest to lift Excalibur and become the next Boss of Avalon. In this dragon fight, your mighty dragon is the key to ruling your kingdom. Stay alive by forging alliances with your dudes and build an empire together. This is a release of lords entangled in a release of fight. Who will be victorious in this clash of lords? FEATURES : Fight! Everywhere. You and your allies need to be ready for a clash of clans. Build up your bases and bulk up your armies - you're not the only ones with eyes on the throne! Alliances! No lad is an island. Whether youre rallying versus a GvE Barbarian leader or marching at a PvP bully, youll need allies you can ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 65MB Developer: DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING
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King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Reviews and Comments:

I have cancer and I spend a lot of time laying arond wit tis device in my hand an until I found this release I spent a lot of that just grazing over the net at difrent web and wastn time on releases that board me I absolutely love this release I am 100-per-ct enjoy being able to interact with peopl from all arond the globe and I can't claim you how cool it is to test the release and you never obtain bored wit it. there's usually somting goin on it's nice and just when you think you can b no hapir you mak it betr
~ Ralph Mick
This is the most complex release ive ever encountered. The culture of our kingdoms and its actions on a untied front is nice. One butterfly wing flap is seen thru the Kingdoms. There is not a better D&D setting in the globe. GAMERS UNITED!!!
~ Slade Clawson
Dear KOA Squad. I need your urgent and immidiate help to stop tool and illegal buy of resources. I left testing in kingdom 589 due to COM castle many users was involved and they grow super speedy due to illegal buy. on our castle complain KOA squad just trouble him warning and nothing else. due to that we all users left testing and our castle also completed by the leader.
~ syed abbas Hassan
The release used to be fun, you should acquire all the materials to advance at a slow pace for nonpaid, but after many upgrades and greed I guess, the release has been transformed into a dollars pit where you have to spend alot to advance a tiny.
~ Richard George
Can I submit a newest review? still 1 star, customer help is terrible, major meetings have major glitches. might as well burn your dollars instead of spending it here.
~ Tiggorn 92
why are you using fake release test footage to push this release. the actual release looks nothing like the ad. its not even the same gaming style. its now not the same release at all. i want there was a idea to give less then 1 star
~ Michael Mower
It used to be Fun to test... except actually I have 2 recipients that have taken a PERSONAL vendetta versus me!!! I wish to create a Complaint versus them!!! JaG and PnW are BULLIES!!!
~ Scott Elo
they" KoA" have taken what started as an Ez , easy uncomplacted release & hold adding useless, mindless meetings & content junk till it gets very hard to compleate everyday task! It was never broke yet they hold adding contend in hopes you will buy more junk, rather than now repair the " junk they sold you the 1st go around! a senceless buy or Die sham of a release !
~ Gary Clift
Freaking nice release. 1 request though would love it if a weak lvl Stronghold should not be attacked by someone 2 or 3 lvls and more above them.. I saw a Sh8 getting stomped on by a Sh32. I know all is fair in Love and Fight but that tiny guy just started out he didn't even stand a chance....
~ John Ruben Julius
this release is unfair to those that can't spend a lot of dollars. they also give the Chinese users a,30% reduction in price fir the same equipment the rest buy. They only modernization things that cost dollars to do there hasn't been an upgrade of creatures, barbs a nonpaid fame test equipment i, a year
~ Mike Baker
This is a pay to victory release, expect to bullied by another more potent users, dont obtain caught in to the trap of spending any dollars on this release an modernization will quickly wipe out anything you might have invested. Spend your dollars on a Ferrari instead it will be cheaper
~ Russ
It takes time to improve on this release, patience goes a long idea. Nothing much more to claim and do bacause I've not played this release yet. More would be written once I've finished the introduction scene. Usually smile & laugh, enabling you to live longer.
~ Edwin lee Townley
Dont test koa , dont download save yourself headaches, time, and variety of dollars . do not download lord of Avalon worst release ever developers and customer service is extremely terrible. they only wish dollars and they favor Chinese users . to test lord of Avalon is to test a very disappointing release and never hope to ever victory unless you spend 100s of thousands of dollars , while the Chinese users are basically sponsored by lord of Avalon developers.
~ Irvin Ulloa
haven't been able to log in for the past 6 hrs. loading screen keeps popping up with initialization error. sent numerous correspondence to you guys with no respond. will I ever obtain a respond??
~ Adam Munro
It was nice when it started. Actually it is all about upgrades and paying users. You must spend thousands to even be defensive. Don't even obtain me started on how much you got spend to test offense. I loved my alliance but the release is just about $$$ actually.
~ Ashley Thompson
Wow, 20 minutes. in and my profile is permanently banned for following instructions from the guide. Nice release guys ... NOT! "Repeated Content Violations" If attempting to add a username (that I know for a fact is appropriate) is considered Repeated Content Violations. Then your release is not worth i time.
~ Mathew Tanson
Okay so I star this morning and have been testing quite well, even purchased a box. Then as I'm attempting to set my in release name I obtain banned? WTH!? I'm linked to all my social media, I literally did nothing wrong. Emailed help but honestly this is cute messed up.
~ Jared Adams
The release is really nice to meet random recipients to unite as an alliance. This is more than an release and is great to talk to recipients who know nothing about you. Of course it has its bugs and hopefully they fix it, but the the release is fun if you have the patience. And yes this is other upgrade and wait type of thing, but is a fun test and would suggest for recipients wanting to chat about their day and build an alliance at the same time, this is your release.
~ Chris Sisaphaivong
Saw a really cool banner for this release. But when i started to test it was nothing like the banner. The release its self is honestly like any another fight/fughting buiding release. Mean while their banner looked like something out of Ark (which is a really cool release). I'm very disapointed that they would fake their banner just to obtain recipients to download the release. If this release is your cup of tea then thats fine but compared to the banner they had the true release is kinda sh*tty
~ Passion Short
I give the primary release a 4, getting to the fun part will cost you Large. I know the target of the developer is to create dollars but this release is set up so you have to pay or all progress is stiffled. Slay meetings were the End Product for me. Everything was going well, lots of units after investing Time and Treasure, went to work came home and all my units have basically been locked up in jail/hospital and held for ransom, pay pay pay... Not 25 or 50$, I'm talking 100+, You'll see by lvl 15...
~ Charles Hartzell
The release mostly works but I cannot craft any gems without it throwing up a network error. I have to reconnect the release to my WiFi. This is a large minus so I wouldn't suggest this s release until it is fixed. 1 week later but it has not been fixed.
~ David Tomsett
If you're looking for a release where your gameplay and time matters more than your credit card, you're wasting your time here. Unless you pump a serious amount of dollars into this release, you'll just obtain frustrated and dissapointed over time. You can forget about fair wars and reaching a competative lvl if you're not testing with your credit card. If you have deep pockets, you might enjoy the release though. But this release wasn't made for your enjoyment, just your dollars. Have a great day & nice luck!
~ Vex
Interesting release... but i think you will not survive further if you do not spend true dollars. edit to add: After testing more than 6 months and reached stronghold 26/40, i came to conclusion that this is definitely not for nonpaid user, there is no zone for any nonpaid user except they who willing to be bullied by the payers. i will uninstall shortly after this.
~ Drained Gunteng
AVOID Boss of Avalon. This release is fully biased to the potent, no lvl limits on attack., not only do you lose all your units after an attack, but also the resources needed to heal them. My kingdom is run by an alliance that siphons off all the potent user from another alliances so that virtually everyone is defenseless. It is impossible to grow with everyday attacks and chiding in kingdom chat about how low we are. I swear this release is full of sociopaths. AVOID Boss of Avalon.
~ Troy Keasling
this release was nice at first i spent 2 months on it, then one day someone decided to ban my profile for nice. i spent time and dollars in this release. they can't deny someone the right to test a nonpaid release. i give this release 1 star fix your release and i might bring my rating up to 4 stars. as far as i'm concerned this release robbed me of my time and dollars. if you ask me it's not worth the risk just test a different release. FIX YOUR GAME
~ deadwalker754 754
Cute standard build your castle pay to test release. Worst part is, I tried to log in at 2am and the release stated that there where to many logged in users and it couldn't log me in for other 10 mins. I'm sorry, but if you as a release can't even build a server to handle a standard amount of recipients, I'm not going to bother. When I test a release, I expect to have full access to my profile.
~ livingLif3 1DAAT
been testing for 1 year actually, they are so greedy, they never create sense with their value for dollars. They rip you off... dollars hungry developers, sad part is ppl pay but still they never present the users help and give them any true value, they just wish dollars and they favour the chinese above all another users with premium discounts. if you don't have ALOT of dollars don't test this release. they don't wish you to have fun just pocket dollars in their banks! Help in release sucks as well!
~ alaa k
sad to claim the least! my question is....! how is your question to be answered if we don't spend thousands of dollars? my freaking respond to the ignorance you send! Considering the only ones that obtain to test in that is those that spend thousands of dollars! So this servey is meaningless to our alliance! Sorry for wasting your rich time! But do love the anger that you all have created !
~ Czy Crazies
It's quite addictive. You usually wish to go online and check things or support your dudes out. I like it better than related releases, because if someone comes in and kills your units, they usually end up in the hospital or church where you can bring them back from the dead. Also, another recipients can't knock your buildings down (only the wall), so you don't have to srart over after a couple of attacks. It does randomly ruin, which is annoying, but my device is quite old...
~ Louise Price
nice release, just don't spend dollars on it, as they don't seem to care if you obtain what you pay for... their customer service is truly appalling, and you will be very lucky if you obtain the to respond to your complaints. the release is fully pay to victory, and if you aren't rich you may as well look elsewhere because you wont survive in the release globe...it sucks, because it is nice release, and an nice community, but you will obtain zeroed each week unless you spend 100s on it....
~ Tim Rappard
Boss of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a nice release in a lot of ideas😀! It's really well balanced and paced. The payment informations, while advertised - are not shoved down your throat. I love the concept of being able to name my hero and Dragon, but would love to see more cosmetic options available in the release. Additionally, I feel that the Alliance informations are a bit subpar. Alliances could be able to make more permanent presences and infrastructure.
~ Marqus Opheacus
Not the release I thought I was getting. Instead of the banner I saw for the release which would have been a special release what I got was other target and click tile castle release. Same as each another Civilization building release. p2w. Pointless dollars pit.
~ Chris Jozwiak
The company that runs this release cares about 1 thing...dollars. They do not stop cheaters and they cater to their Chinese users. Modernization: Latest release modernization all about the dollars..Have to BUY the item to participate in mini release, Honor pass gives 30 golden chests as rewards and only 1 key..have to BUY more to launch rest. Newest Fortress skin, only available thru mini release in which you have to BUY the equipment. Newest accolade to reduce fight tome costs, guess what you have to BUY it. All about the BENJAMINS.
~ A Google user
I've been testing sinceel early February, and even though this release has kept me occupied I would not reccomend it to anyone else. The release is extremely test to victory to the full, you cannot unblock KEY informations of the release without spending dollars.
~ Blue Granger
i can give it zero actually. users beware you will quit within 3 days unless you spend dollars. its not like Clash of Clans with a built in fairplay system. dpend dollars or just obtain wiped. if they dont do a clash of clans attack and defend system this release is like nothing. The release or developers do nothing but out freemium p2w ways and Chinese obtain obtain cheaper deals. It's a losing war before you test.
~ Edwin Sugiono
not a terrible release as long as ya search a nice kingdom,alot of pay to test users and china gets gigantic discount on prices of boxes and finally for a fight release alot if upper lvl alliances like to call peace especially when lower alliances seem to be catching them so alot of crybabies,need to have at least one launch migration,I think alot of recipients will be much happier,all we ask is lvl testing ground for EVERYONE not cater to china,and nobody can claim me different I see with my own eyes how china is
~ Ray sell
Fun release. Very terrible customer service never reply with correct answers to your troubles. The release glitches frequently after an modernization. When you load the release, first thing that pops up is and add to sell release equipment... Reward meetings sometimes don't calculate correct all the time, so you will miss out on rewards from time to time.
~ P.Andrew Chatelaine
Typical pay to test release, if you aren't willing to pay you will constantly be healing and rebuilding. The only walkthrough is to strategize which bills you won't pay so you have dollars for the release. If you have a thick wallet you will do well, otherwise test Farmville. Response to developers: My target is that unless you are willing to transport beyond the nonpaid test experience you will never have enough strength to survive attacks from the recipients that have spent a lot of dollars on their release.
~ Chris Armstrong
Fun release, especially in a nice alliance. The release rewards dont usually create sense UAC is probably the finest meeting offered, with nice rewards. Nice alliance bonding time. Units that die there automatically heal after the meeting ends. Excalibur Invasion doesn't have enough incentive in my opinion, as well as slay meeting, healing prices are insane where the rewards dont even touch UACs. No comparison. The absolute finest rewards could be in test if you're risking killing off your units.
~ Rachel Joslin
The release was advertised to me as where you should build as you desire. It isn't. it is one of those with one set layout, you gotta follow designated terms, and nothing is left to thought. I gave it 10 mins to see if anything changed so the tiny bit of gameplay wouldn't be enough to judge the rest of the release. The 1 star is for the deception.
~ inpulse 101