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About: Assassin Bean was once a member of an elite agency of killers, until they tried to slay him. Actually he's on a target to eliminate them all, one bullet at a time! 19 INTENSE LEVELS 3 Modes of Test: Storyline Mode, Mega Lvls, and Survival Mode! To survive them all, you have to be really nice. To defeat them all, you have to be a LEGEND. THIS IS NOT A DASH GAME Become Assassin Bean and use your extreme skill to take down your aggressors. This is an intense 2d shooter that combines old school gameplay with newest school graphics! UNLOCK SUPER AMMO Assassin Bean has special guns that can fire any type of ammo. Unblock all 12! UNLOCK BONUS ITEMS You've seen double jumps, but have you ever seen triple jumps? It's almost like flying! HONE YOUR SKILLS The more accurate and efficient you are at killing terrible beans, the more gold coins you are rewarded. Learn ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 48MB Developer: Killer Bean Studios [email protected]
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Killer Bean Unleashed Reviews and Comments:

this I have once its very interesting but my tiny brother deleated this release but l am downloading again your any useful
~ durga Prasad
nice and lntresting release but you cant skip the bullets by going down
~ Collins Musonda
This release is boring becouse the Ammo is not apply in all lvl release
~ Mo Shahid Afridi
It really makes you feel like Assassin Bean.
~ Jesus Hernandez
I have realized that God is true, and He is Assassin Bean.
~ The Tickleman
this release is really bogged down by the banners. really disappointing entry into the aggressor bean series
~ Michael
Great release but almost often, sorry no banners I mean create something you buy once but use for ever.
~ Mfon Ita
i played tjis release and it is fun but i want he coulad create a war mode and add boses
~ ocean chin
I am not sure if you are still interested in the release but the thing is that I don't have any weapon another than that two weapon
~ Miracle Sunday
This release is great but vedios are not available at each time to unblock all weapons.
~ suresh kumar
I love it but before you unblock a weapon you have to watch like 6 and 7 videos
~ Ebun Awoyemi
its super cool but i haven't seen the black aggressor bean and there is no action packed kicks 😕
~ Ranay Parlvin
i like this release , because it's a shooting release and I love shooting releases
~ Eddie Mombera
I love killing with only guns.Assassin Bean is nice than ever. The guns are nice!
~ ursula singh
The concept of watching banners before weapons could be unblock is no nice, it makes the release boring
~ Simon Wisdom
very nice proble is it deos not allow you victory I 93 lives left when I shooted 67 recipients without them sooting me after I am fighting with the boses I had 12 lives like searisliy
~ Tshegemot Motanyane
i did not rate you five stars not because you dont deserve it but because i dont rate five stars.
~ DD boateng
How should I rate aggressor bean ANYTHING else? I've not even played the release yet. Go watch the video, it's very important.
~ Daardain
nice God like if you have any human dignity of you would test this release!!!!!
~ SFOT news
its been a nice release i have played this release since i was 3 and im 12 actually the expirence i had with this release is just nice i love this release its better than fortnite not really but just shut up.
~ Voltrex PlayZ
I love this release. I give 5 star. But I have finish it to scene 8. I need more.
~ tommype kabiru
This release is the of all releases have played but the trouble is that I don't know how to unblock the weapon ,pls kindly unblock it for me
~ Olivia maneke
i love this franchise too much for a weak rating but PLEASE for the love of god change back to the old upgrade system and allow us buy weapons with earned points
~ Barry benson
Very nice graphics and design finest Assassin Bean Studios release I hope you create a video of the release nice bosses and I love how you add weapons and infinite ammo nice job very nice release
~ Sandy Bridgemohan
I like this very much. but the trouble is that , we cannot slash the adds and we have to see full 30 seconds add. please solve the trouble of adds
~ Epic Anime
this release is unbelievable but the only trouble is that you are using only two bullets and there are many bullets and if you wish to use them you will have to watch banners with your time and that is not supporting so correct the trouble.
~ Lydia Tampuri
It's cute nice.. Nice meme... Unfortunately it's a tiny too hard for a tiny device and I couldn't exactly obtain too far cause the bullet spam isn't quite effective...
~ BlackMatter79
it is on its own set to me though the finest sound of a medium sized to me are not a lot to be the finest sound of a medium sized to me are not a large difference is a medium sized to me are not a large difference is a step down I have many more tear up to date and no sitting down from him how long does not currently doing homework support I really like this shop the finest sound of a medium sized to me are not a large difference is a step in things and I need the one I sent the one that he was not sure
~ Porn O'Clock
this release made my cancer die and i got newest and enhanced my genetic to be just like aggressor bean. actually i live on the rooftops of chilliwack, B.C. waiting for crime, and killing anyone in my idea
~ A.S.A.P
The first time I downloaded this release I thought that it is time that you will use to test it. it is a very lovely and violence release. but lucky patcher will be the finest to buy many weapon.
~ Olaniyi Oladele
The release is great and Nice and fine with proudness I can also claim with weapons it is simple to test and also I have learned a lesson from it NEVER GIVE UP anhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggguuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhvvvgggggggghggh vvvgggg to be a your self in the church parking lot at the hero and I will do the cloud is very quick I will be able to create you a deal with you being a clean heart and I will be we can reach home I will reach out to recipients that are the u my truck to pick
~ alberta annang
nice release but ive not been able to obtain any newest weapons. "sorry there are no newest videos available" even tho im connected to internet. sometimes it shows "watch video to activate" but after one newest weapon its the same storyline. its been 2weeks . it doesnt allow me obtain ahead
~ aleem muqsit
This release is adventurous and it has missions that are tough . I'm waiting for the next release that will be like this but more advanced technology in it. If u are thinking to download it u are in d right track . This it d reason I gave it five stars. Please download it
~ Tanishq Pillai
i downloaded the release right after I watched the video and it was nice... if you are going to create a newest release. create it a fighting release like smash bros. where you can pick any hero and they'll have different wepaons,i'd think it would work nice online,just a recommendation,anyways...hold up the nice work:)
~ Erik Durda
These release is now nice but it's trouble is that even after watching the video, the weapons normally 🔐 after every lvl, there by making you unable to crush the aggressors, what can I do to 🔓 the entire weapons so that I can use it to crush the aggressors because without those weapons been active the release is useless. please I need feedback because I'm beginning to regret wasting my time on these release
~ edeh anthony
I'm suprised it's still being modernized. The only bug I've found right actually is that the menus are zoomed it, just like what the another guy claimed. And also, please continue Assassin Bean! Thanks to this release and YouTube's suggestion, I watched the video and I love it! Didn't know that this was something bigger until today (well, night), I've played this release before when I was younger then I uninstalled it because I found it being hard, actually I'm definitely going to finish it this time.
~ milnella
i love the release, and i really like the ability to transport around and fix the controls for us to have a more comfortable and more fun experience. Other thing i'd like to maybe 'complain' about is, maybe the developers should maybe give us some idea to unblock a several different weapons instead of watching banners for a lvl that only lasts for one lvl. i'm not asking to unblock and give us each weapon or anything, but it ruins the experience to constantly watch banners. but of course the release is really nice.
~ TheLazy Bonusduck
the release gives you the experience of one of the top action franchises out there. After the success of the video, they have considered making a complete official video release! Take out beans as aggressor bean, obtain power ups and updates. The gameplay takes you on to a different globe of awesome quality and experience, the controls run smoothly, the graphics are nice and a great 60fps. I personally place this release in my top three.
~ David Shufelt
The release is cute nice and i enjoyed it a lot. the only trouble is as one progresses, it gets tougher & I cant upgrade myweapons, I'm dependent on watching banner, which are not Accessible all the time, this is ridiculous because the maker of the release earns when banners are displayed even then they dont allow users upgrade their arsenal by watching banners.
A fun release that celebrates one of the finest action franchises of all time. I bought the permanent ammo kind and infinite ammo buy to help the developer and also just because I just dislike banners. One trouble I have with the release is that the main menu is really overly zoomed in on my OnePlus 7 Pro, but hopefully the developer can fix that in the future.
~ Wolffe Crowe