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About: Bring dinosaurs to life in Jurassic Globe Alive! Dinosaurs have returned to rule the World, and theyre roaming nonpaid in your globe. Search your surrounding zone to search your favoured Jurassic Globe dinosaurs, including newest breeds that are more awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before! Find your globe and accumulate epic dinosaur DNA to lvl up and make hybrids in the lab. Craft the great strike squad and take them into war in true-time user-versus-user matches. Challenge your dudes to victory exclusive rewards! EXPLORE your globe with territory-based technology and search dinosaurs on a map. Find surprises around each corner youll never know who youll run into! COLLECT rare and stunning dinosaurs and maintain a full roster of thriving prehistoric animals. CREATE special hybrid dinosaurs in the Lab science knows no limits! BATTLE squads of dinosaurs to def ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 71MB Developer: Ludia Inc.
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Jurassic World™ Alive Reviews and Comments:

Are you Freaking KIDDING ME?!?!!! Guys, if you don't have any service on your device. I am warning you, DON'T INSTALL THIS APP. GPS Really😠 concept cool. But come on KIDS PLAY THIS!! WHEN I PLAYED THIS YOU NEED SERVICE!
~ Karson K.
I personally love the release so far, however with most of the large cats such as the Smilodon or Marsupial Lion it gets super laggy with their attack animations and it's extremely frustrating because it sometimes will lag out a war and you're not able to finish it and have to obtain out of the release and fully restart it. I'm not sure if it's just me but I know my device is nice at running gigantic releases such as this so I hope it gets fixed sometime quick.
~ Demon Daddy Moon
I really love testing this but since the upgrades my hunting grounds doesn't load on my device. I can see the ground but I don't have any supply poles. it's hit or miss lately so needless to claim I don't have dinosaurs to obtain. 😭☹😢
~ Cheryl Ciesielski
When I war and lose I lose 20-30 trophies. When I war and victory I gain 1 trophy. How is this fair? I feel like I am NEVER going to reach the next arena.
~ Kristin Lamar
those 5 stars, we will talk about later, I wish you too know about what I see in the forums, the release itself is not a terrible release, it just needs more dinosaurs than hybrids, see the logic, how many hybrids were in the jw videos, 1 per every. Not over 50, bring something nice to this release, like dinosaurs that now existed in the video, like compy ( one I see in the forum a lot) and create hybrids that create sense, like brachiosaurus and concavenator, ones recipients wish too see. work harder, and do ok.
~ Phantux 1.667
*modernized* Nice in each idea, i live the release, have since day one, i had a snag with a glitch trying to make an alliance that didn't work, the nice recipients at ludia refunded my lost coins AND definatly made up for the tiny trouble, i know if you like the AR hunting releases, you'll love this one for sure, and they got your back if anything goes wrong during gameplay. Nice release I'll be testing for quite some time i am sure!!!
~ Mahala & Travis HORN
A nice concept, fully destroyed by an incompetent and horrible company. each patch is a newest release of 'whats broken', and the anawer is usually 'all of it'. A core component, darting dinos, was broken on mobile 9 for 3 months. That was one of their better patches. The only recipients who could test this release are recipients who committed some horrible crime but got away with it. place up with this for a year and buddy.. all is forgiven. Test something less painfull, like australian football...
~ Eric Andry
Poor customer help. My profile linked to googleplay was replaced with a newest profile with the last modernization. I've been trying to obtain support retrieving my original release progress for days. Nobody has gotten back to me...
~ Autumn Mitchell
(Modernization) I've been testing this release since it first came out and it's still the finest JP release I've ever played on my device. i have never had a trouble with glitches but the Smilidon and Marsupial Lion glitch really badly whenever they're in test or on the map. the another Ice are monsters are fine though. This is a 5/5 for me still but i hope you fix the glitch!
~ Rob Del Official
I really want the GPS was a tiny more spot on. I love the graphics. The release itself is better than pokemon go. you now have monsters that pop up and you dont have to use scents half the time. it's very great.
~ Temptress 9
Love the release. I view your Jurassic releases as a series of releases so I would like to see dinosaurs from JP Builder come to JW The Product, and JW The Product dinosaurs come to Jurassic Globe Alive. It's a nice release, and so far I have had nice gameplay. I haven't got over lvl 10 mainly because I don't obtain a lot of dinosaurs around my zone. The release offers more and more dinosaurs and prehistoric monsters as you work on and modernization the release.
~ Joshua C.
Fun release, but one trouble. you wish recipients to pay $10 a month for a release that still has all the troubles this one has. troubles in group chat. troubles in tagging dinos in the field. troubles with destroying. again, it's a fun release, but $10 a month for those troubles and no monetary return just seems silly. fun release though, hold up the nice work.
~ John Klaiss
I hold doing fights but don't obtain my incubators, when I have levelled up i haven't received any thing for the last 2 times at least. I see dinosaurs to obtain dna, i press on it and they just disappear. Was really injoying this release but actually its getting really annoying .please fix
~ D Ricketts
Nice release for arena fights. I have only been testing today but it is super enjoyable. UPDATE: 6 months later and i am an addict. test at your own risk
~ David Bustos
the release is fun to test, however the developers are cute annoying. The release use to modernization each 3-4 months or seasonally it seemed but the last month there is an modernization each 4-5 days almost. and i don't know if it is operating system error but i can't modernization the release it has gone through 2 upgrades that i haven't been able to modernization or test. customer service doesn't work they will Just allow developers know and nothing happens. very annoying and I'm starting to see this release as a waste of dollars.
~ Chris Burtner
I'm not one to comment but I use to love this release. it took skill an dedication to upgrade and obtain to know the dinosaurs. But the newest modernization where you can buy powerups create it pay to victory. if you're not interested in paying dollars to enjoy the release don't install.
~ Gerrit Engelbrecht
the release is sound. but when it comes to the war system it is unfair. after you set your favorites the war system chooses them at random. than if you lose a war you drop your score by 35 points but if you victory you raise your score by 10 points. that is thi drastic of a range. this would be a nice system if I should pick the dinosaurs I wanted to war with. than the loss is my fault. but the release picks them and makes some unfair match ups.
~ Peter Perri
I have to change to 3 stars because of two monsters, the Smilodon and the Elasmotherium. The trouble is that they are broken. The Smilodon I have unlocked but can't use because I can't pick its actions in war and the Elasmotherium I can't unblock because I cannot shoot darts at it. I hope this can be changed but for actually its 3 stars. edit: They have contacted me any seem to be trying to fix this. I will change my review but I hope that they do not stop trying to fix this trouble.
~ Shane Johansen
modernization...though this release can still be addicting at times, it has become more and more frustrating with the modifiers they've thrown in...dropping down to 3 as it's starting to lose the appeal. nice and addicting! son and I test all the time!
~ Beau Johnson
I would give this release a 5 star Because I love it but ever since the modernization, my release glitches so that wherever i tap on, it sends me there, so actually i cant obtain any dinosaurs because I don't like to tool, i like to test releases fair.Ludia if you're seeing this plz fix that bug.Also actually fights take forever to obtain to, and when I do I face recipients who can counter everything I have.Also fix this please Ludia. The another glitch is not doing that as much anymore but still please fix these things.
~ Phantomised
Well it was fun, while I should test it. Haven't even been able to log in for the past 2 weeks. Most times it just stops at 1/24 with a 'cannot contact servers 10059' error. Occasionally it gets up to 7/24, hangs there, goes back to 1, gets back up to 7, then dies with a 'problem contacting servers 118' error. Even when I should test it a month ago I'd obtain one of these each several times, but actually I can't obtain on at all. Connection is fine for pokemon etc, going back to test that actually.
My son and I both test this together, he enjoys finding and collecting all the Dino's and naming them. nice release also for getting him and me outside and out of the house. highly suggest for babes who need that motivation to obtain outside and off their bootys.
~ Loretta Rowe
I love this release and would give it 5 stars, but Tapjoy are liars and con artist. They will reward you a certain amount of times then fully screw you. Don't believe Tapjoy and avoid their offers because they will not honor them. FIND A NEW VENDOR LUDIA!!!
~ Steve Saathoff
I love testing this release. Ever since I started testing this release me and my babes have become more active, my babes love walking around going hunting for dinosaurs. BUT with that claimed this release dose have a several troubles amd somethings that need to be fixed.
~ D Cadreau
I have usually loved dinosaurs and this release allows me to learn about newest dinosaurs. Although the pvp fights, to me, feel glitched because even if you lose a war, the next on will be harder. So if you lose a lot it makes it very hard.
~ LAW 264
the addition of updates is slightly annoying and detracts from the release slightly, I'm sure it'll be something I obtain used to though. please please please add a maximise DNA button, or do away with the animation and time delay often. it's painful having to hit the button 100s of times and wait often. maximise then confirm lvl up. so easy
~ Chris Rowley
this release was a blast to test, leveling, collecting, creating hybrids. then they introduced those damn hurt/speed/health enhancements. not winning a single war is exactly what I wish to do actually, each squad has a super overpowered dino, cant even obtain a hit in anymore. kthxbyefixit.
~ Laura Moores
Love the release better the Pokemon go, but at least I was able to take pics with Pokemon go. want I should with the dinosaurs but the arcore is not compileble. so it like a rubbing I the face. Why is it that we should do pic on the another release but not this one. another then that release is nice I would give it 5 star but I would have love to be able take pics with them
~ Christine Leclerc
you know release is fun to test and all, but it has troubles. for example i dont like how it decides to kick me out the release during fights and just testing the release in general. ive also noticed a lot of freezing with this release. but all in all its cute nice so far.
~ Anastasia Runck
It's a fun tiny release I obtain to accumulate dinosaurs with my lad. trouble is half the time all the dinosaurs and stops dont load. Reloading the release doesn't even fix it. never had this trouble with pokemon. EDIT: a easy uninstall and reinstall seemed to fix the trouble. re-rated to 4 stars from 3
~ Steve S
i loved this release at first but with the last modernization i can barely test. it crashes constantly, and the fights are unplayable. it lags massivly and i am never given a chance to pick my actions. the gps constantly moves me into the middle of nowhere and while sitting down in one spot i obtain interupted by messages claiming i am.going to speedy.
~ kyle darksmith
This release is fun yet limited by its developers. Cant seem to search an hour of matchmaking without being disconnected or having the release itself ruin before I can pick a transport which in fact leaves me to my foes wishes. The fact that I have to victory not only versus my foe but the lag of the release is just mind blowing. Ludia pat yourselves on the back, marvelous idea to add newest informations just to cover up the same trouble, fix the release before expanding it.
~ Brian Gaddis
This release is special. Nowhere else you restart your release because it is unresponsive only to search out that you lost a war you didn't even test and hefty number of points are deducted from you!!! War mode is poor and the last modernization has somehow made it even worse!!
~ Ammar
If the release wasn't pay to victory before it certainly is actually. There's no skill at all needed for fights, all that matters is how much dollars you wish to spend on boosts. When a Thoralosaur at a lower lvl with almost twice the hurt 3-0s your whole squad each war there's really no target in finding and leveling up your dinos because battling has become wallet warfare. I've loved this release from the run but the greed of the developers has killed all of the skill in the release. Cancelling my VIP
~ Sam J
This release used to be great...The delevopers do not care for the users and for the lovers of dinosaurs they only care about how to create more dollars... they usually introduce more pay to victory ways.I started this release aggresively testing many hours and in each modernization played less and less . until recently decided to give up. the bugs are usually there and bug abusers are usually there to take a nice care of it. And they never take feedback seriously.REMOVE BOOSTS FROM THE GAME
~ Stamatis Mantouvalos
Product was nice had a blast with it. Dollary has actually become the only idea to advance the boost have fully wrecked the fun. I definetly have to claim Ludia is hungry! I have played since almost the beginning and have had VIP the entire time. canceled VIP and am not going back. Thanks for destroying a nice thing.
~ nick vanhale
this release is nothing but troubles. Freezing login Test Problems. Not to mention they surgically designed the release to where you can test if you don't pay but if you wish to victory and not feel the frustration of somebody and their lvl 24 dinos coming in and starting all over your lvl six because you don't wish to pay fifty bucks for a canister. Lydia is crooked as well as this release and it's just an attempt to steal more of your dollars before everybody realizes that this is garbage it shuts down
~ Howard Jones
Need to know what type of company runs this release? There is a well known trouble with an insanely overpowered dinosaur named Sinoceratops. Due to its DNA being a weekly alliance reward cute much everyone owns this dinosaur (me too). Most matches just end up in "whoever has the higher lvl Sinoceratops wins". What do the devs do about it? Instead of balancing it, they actually sell an incubator with its DNA for 20€ so recipients who are willing to pay a lot of dollars are invincible. Absolutely pathetic.
~ Michael S.
This release has seen many ups and downs, but at its actual patch, the developers have done a nice job addressing major troubles to improve the performance and replayability of the release. With newest informations usually being considered and added, users will be satisfied with the immersion as they devise the finest dino team possible. However, one thing is for sure, if you really wish to do well in this release, be ready to spend hours (if not dollars) to grow, especially if you wish those legendary dinos.
~ Antonio Barraza
It is official. The developers can't do easy math. Pyroraptor's Distracting Impact reduces goal's hurt by 50% for 2 turns. Pounce reduces hurt goal deals by 50% for 1 turn. 50 and 50 is 100, and yet the goal still dealt hurt. Believe nothing in the release, everything is a lie to some degree. Also, don't bother responding to this review, Devs. They are usually pointless and nothing gets done. It is more of an insult than anything else.
~ ZeroSyndicate13