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Junkyard Tycoon - Car Business Simulation   
About: Need to run your own Salvage yard business? If you love machines and automobiles, you will love this virtual business release of cars. It is special and extremely entertaining. Junkyard Tycoon is a Simulation release where you run your own garbage garage, buy machines or machine parts, detach machine parts, sell them and create profit. While you slowly create nice business out of junk machine parts, you become a Wrecking yard tycoon.Just hold buying and selling car or car parts. The twist of the release is that you can create profit while selling different machine parts. You can buy Machine, Truck, Motorbike, Boats at scrapyard prices and you will be able to sell automobile parts individually to create nice dollars. It is a great idea to play your business and dollars making skills. Scrapyard Tycoon is the finest time management Simulation release for infinite fun and salvage yard ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Lana Cristina
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Junkyard Tycoon - Car Business Simulation Reviews and Comments:

glitchy release. it was fun when things worked right. first release, should not obtain any concrete. newest release, actually no diamonds. i am not sure i will test a third time. going to hold testing second release. i removed the first release and reinstalled.
~ Preston Eidsmoe
terriblly underdeveloped release. Nothing really interesting in the release outside the proof of idea. A car worth 24k car disappeared after buying it, not the first time to happen, but it literally emptied all my my dollars, so i just quit this buggy release. Dont download. Waste of time
~ Quinn Moore
Can be addicting in the beginning. However, once you reach level 21 and higher, the timers grow exponentially. I'm level 22 and the timer between cars is over 8 mins. I don't have enough time to enjoy the release when it's that high. Meal for thought.
~ Michael Ames
The reason for the one star is because I made a $0.99 buy one time and so far the release has repeated that buy 5 times without my permission. I have contacted the developers and am awaiting a response, once rectified I will change my review to reflect only the release test not my experience with what I hope is just a bug and not some form of scam
~ akocher2112
It is very boring. Please add achievements, newest purchases, everyday missions and any thing that create a challenge to the users. After buying car market, in fact the release ended. I have a lot of dollars and donot do anything!! Please support......
~ Peter Moshrif
Ok so far the only trouble I have is that you wiped me out of all of my progress and started over. Getting better actually quite a several improvements, I like the improvements so far that I have seen. Product performance is increasing it is a lot more smooth than what it was before.
~ Eric Svatik
nice idea but takes far too long to accumulate anything you need to progress, e.g stone etc. far far too long, played hours and hours and still not got what i need for anything. getting bored actually may give up and delete tbh. you also use up your energy too quickly aswel. its rediculous.
~ Kyran Lee
For sometime it was a nice release, but when theres an modernization you lose your progress as well if you change your device you lose everything as well and there is no idea of recovering it. So test this release only if you like wasting your time doing the same thing more than once
~ Krystian S
addictive release with no waste of refilling times. you can obtain bonus energy. hope for newest upgrades and newest buildings. its a very fun release. can test anywhere.would be nice if you do more releases related to this with same kind of graphic.nice job
~ Kia Ayu
BUG; If you have used alot of your energy, when you return it Claims you the x mins and x energy gained back in a popup. Actually if you do not approve the popup by closing the release or tabbing out the energy from your absence will not be added to your session. This needs to be addressed.
~ John Kelliher
I really like this releases better than any releases I even have test be for if you not testing this you need to test it out you will have a nice time with if you wish me to download a nice time testing with the babes to the release is cool too much for your support with the babes are you doing anyway you can see the newest one is going to be out of my dudes house and the another one is the finest for you to be in a nice day at school and I have a dentist appointment at the same time and zone it in my life ever tj
~ A Google user
This release has become UNUSABLE is past 2 weeks!! it was fine (if not a tad slow) to test at first. actually? It won't even load to let me to pick my company! I have an Mobile (Samsung S10) and it is up-to-date with both device and release soft. please fix!!
~ Sonia Gallagher
a nice time aggressor for the most part but has some bugs that need to be patched before I'd suggest it to any fellow users instead of gaining gems from videos it's been rebooting recipients's release release!! Not cool if it's not patched quick who knows maybe it will be removed from google test shop...
~ Willie Wisdom
feedback system doesnt work or far too much hassle to bother posting feedback . release is very slow and quite annoying with waiting for energy amd no means to speed it up . having to stop selling parts to buy machines . unclear release walkthroughs and poorly thought out walkthrough . cute much pointless testing this release. annoying tiny buttons mean miss presses and losing dollars . also cancelling making sometning means you lose everything .at this target deleted the release. lack of content amd very repetitive
~ Martyn Kay
Love this release! Been testing for ages and still addicted. Constant tons of activities, although want that the casino prizes increased with increased turnover as the prizes are so tiny actually compared to how much i buy and sell cars for, its not worth bothering with it anymore.
~ Gareth Hiley
I tried this release on a whim as it seemed interesting but after loading it up many textures were missing, showing only blank boxes. It's hard to describe but the guide just felt dull and uninspired and the release itself instantly tried to distract me with a gambling app the moment I wasn't instantly able to do something.
~ Thomas Arpin
One of the worst releases here. **Do Not Download** Slow. Not sure who would pay $99 for diamonds, but without paying, release is only playable for 5 mins each day. Disgusting that foreign developers think we're this stupid. Would rate 0 if I should, and that would be too generous.
~ Jesiah Mac
love the release. me, my husband and my son all test it. it's addicting fun, and educational in its own idea. nice for nonpaid time, break time, or bathroom time away from the babes lol.. all in all a unbelievable and fun filled release. can't wait for upgrades and see how far the production of this goes.. nice graphics and different things to do keeps you more interested and all the different territories and cars create it more interesting.
~ sumthin girly
cute cool.. only played for a several days so far and the only annoying thing I have to gripe about is the button to close the screen to the crusher is right next to the upgrade button, it's cost me heaps in accidental buys. (on no another screen is it like that.) if that was fixed I'd definitely give it more stars
~ Dan Seddon
Honestly, while I do adopt super is outrageous and some ingame prices are too high, I found progressing In the release quite easy. It is also cute realistic from the entire salvaging parts thing to that one idiot who tries buying an expensive engine for $100 like for the fifth time give me at least $6000 or go away. This release Is also right up my alley, as I salvage electronic devices as a hobby. the largest trouble that really results me is the weird rubber looking guy at the run screen.
~ ThatGameGuy 103
something seems broken. all of a sudden I need welding rods. it claims I have 34 of them, but they don't present up in the storage, can't create them, cant buy them, and they aren't dropping. if this is a trouble please fix. I enjoy the release and have spent true dollars on it. to be broke would be very upsetting
~ Josh Hess
it's a fun time waster , in the beginning. .... further you go it gets slower paced and harder, it is to progress , yes I know that's how releases work .but the recycle center is near useless... it's no support to upgrade bailer machine .. pricing is as if some one is smoking sumthin' true nice ... if you obtain diamonds ( hoard them ) bank is useless and waste of diamonds DO NOT PURCHASE !!!!!!!!! and H. T . Flip!!!!!!! are you supposed to obtain water .. maybe add neighbors you can trade equipment with
~ George L. Flores
Well I've been waiting untill I unlocked the car detailed before I place my review in.. I downloaded this release around 4 months ago, actually the idea is nice, it's quiet challenging but once you obtain up to a decent lvl it's pay to test, as quick as scrap piles run out there's not much you can do, also the zoom ing in and out doesn't work at times unless you hold incredibly still and concentrate, and banners no longer reward after watching them to obtain your nonpaid item/diamond
~ Daniel mcmahon
I gave it a solid 2 hours of continuous test. The release has annoyingly slow progression. 2 hours in and barely made $10,000 and had 2 racks and 2 territories. Trying to buy more territories or racks costs an exorbitant amount of dollars or diamonds. Properties cost upwards of $100k or more, selling parts gets annoying because you go to click sell and the price changes, most of the time for 1/10 the price you intended to sell for. Microtransactions slay this release, very very expensive for tiny return.
~ Steven Peterson
Love testing with my junk. I like the release but, company doesn't care about your correspondences. They just wish your dollars and don't respond to any troubles or troubles. Be forewarned! I'll withdraw this post IF they respond me properly. Stay tuned!
~ A Google user
Played for 3 days, it's clear it pay to victory, Never going to be able to achieve anything in a reasonable time without paying. Product actually opens to front screen and then becomes unresponsive. Disappointing. satisfied I haven't spent anything on it.
~ Nick Hattrick
A great release, kept me busy several weeks but sadly all the joy ended when purchased the dealership. After you buy all the buildings there ...there is no target left for you to continue testing the release. Product worked just fine without havin to pay any true dollars for it...but as I claimed...it had a cute speedy and sudden end of desire to test it.
~ eddy keloo
its quite a nice release really. but no true targets as such. reason for 2 stars is because you cant progress. no idea of getting materials to rebuild the buildings. how can you obtain 5 cement if the cement factory needs 5 cement to rebuild. the equipment needed to rebuild are very scarce. played for a week so far and no cement. 2 wood and 3 stone. need to introduce them more often and have something to work for.
~ Alex Gladdin
Nice release. My only trouble with it is. When you have multiple devices it doesn't let you to use the saved. You gotta run from scratch. Looks like many recipients adopt, i among them. The release is Pay to Test. I understand it costs dollars to create the release and publish. And all.... But clearly the developer has no spine. Will take all the dollars we throw at them.
~ József Zsárik
waiting simulator. worst, most information locked behind pay wall... you need diamond to unblock more ramp and parking, updating those, even worse... you need super status just to add your junk to baller queue, and super status only viable by true dollars... even more worse, if you think premi status are permanent, you wrong. only 2 choice for that, 60 mins and 4000ish mins. it's fine adding iap on your releases, but this is too much for piece of sht like this, know your zone devs.
~ Andreas Adi Nugroho
first of all, this is the very first review of any mobile release ive ever cared enough to post. after the guide i was left with not enough in-release dollars to even buy other vehical and START PLAYING THE GAME. This is the FIRST time ive now cared enough to give a review. I'm a car lady and would love releases like this but only if the makers now cared enough to test testing this release themselves without the benefits of being the maker. This release is an absolute 'no' right actually.
~ Trysta Ruddick
we need a faster idea to obtain energy and diamonds. a nonpaid, fun, easy, simple idea to earn energy and diamonds. Bricks are hard to search and Itd be more needed if I should obtain more like I do with another materials. there is no profile for the recipients that test the release and in my opinion it just feels a tiny unorganized. another than that the release is nice :)
~ Dharma Cumpton
kinda fun, but just like each another ap, its designed to only test smoothly if you use true dollars, want recipients would focus on the customer versus the $ bill, you will search this will create you more successful in the end, glad customers, more customers, and youll create more $. uninstalling actually, and i do not suggest this release to any one due to terrible ethics.
~ Andrew Love
very fun at the begining. does not require you to pay for anything, which is nice and rare. But recently they removed all coming quick informations. meaning once you unblock everything, took me six weeks) there is absolutely no reason to continue testing. perhaps one day they will add something to create it worth testing, but i doubt it. more likely designers will transport to newest projects.
~ A Google user
the cars look like nothing I've ever seen like they've all been made up and the graphics on the machines are worse not better! And whats with the banners how I'm trying yo write a review? Annoying!! I like the release and the newest concept's that has been added, but should you please bring back the better car's and maybe more truck's would be great! Don't wish to test with these graphics that you have for the machine's actually!!!
~ Sharon Halstead
Painful. The wait times are insane, and do not continue while the release is nit running. so if it takes 40 min to dismantle a car, be ready to sit and stare at your device/device for 40 actual mins. It's maddening. Additionally, progression is extremely slow, which is deliberately done to entice you to pay upwards of $30 just to obtain enough materials to continue expanding. or, spend 4 months now staring at your device, while breakong cars down in true time, and often 1 by 1.
~ Ronon
Product is PAY TO PLAY. Very shameful release design. In order to build X you need Y, to obtain Y you need 15 of Z to obtain Z you need 10 of X + Nails. Who in the hell created this? Its single handedly the most idiotic over complicated release ever. Product just sucks. 1 piece of wood takes 1 hour to build +1 saw+1 (diamond)/ tree + the amount you paid/saw. 1 of the 10 equipment required for business is 100 wood = 100 wood +100 diamonds+100 saws+ 100 hours. ☠ steer clear ppl. Devs are DUMB F*CKS. 1 more uninstall
~ Gmas Gspot
Fun release, but selling of parts gotta it take up to 8 min to obtain a half decent offer?. And the fact that you can buy raw materials but have to build your own softwares like the drill, glue gun , wheel spanner, and so on? Is it the stone age? Also the energy takes forever to refill thus making the release unplayable for hours
~ Nico Barnard
Ok, so I've waited enough to properly evaluate release. But after painfull months of testing and developers changing nothing to balance the release, I'm uninstalling ot and rating with 1 star. Insane waiting times. Prices requests are set to diamond only, and there is no idea to gain diamonds reasonably (banner gives 3 diamond and you need at least 100 diamonds). Product becomes pay to test at some target and not worth paying. This should be a nice release, but it is highly unbalanced.
~ zorzdepaloma88
I waited to write the review until I played awhile. All I can claim is WOW!!!! This has to be the finest release I've played in quite awhile. your add watch for rewards system is how it could be done across the industry. Anyone who even mumbles "pay to victory", never even bothered to test the release. I've spent the first two days of my holidays testing and the wife claims I have to obtain off my device lol. Nice job DIV'S. I look forward to your next endever. hold up the visionary lvl work. You Rock.
~ James Askins