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About: Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds that poop dollars! Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and play your skills as legendary action superhero Barry Steakfries. Over 500 million users cant be wrong. Download FREE and run your journey today! FEATURES: * Fly the coolest jetpacks in gaming history * Complete daring missions to boost your rank * Customise your look with ridiculous outfits * Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles * Accumulate coins and create boatloads of dollars * Storm the lab in giant mechs and crazy machines * Equip high-tech gadgets and power-ups * Earn achievements and war it out versus dudes * Play your reflexes with easy one-touch controls *** This release includes optional in-release purchases. You can disable this information in the settings menu of your device. View our policies policies at View ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 83MB Developer: Halfbrick Studios
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Jetpack Joyride Reviews and Comments:

nice release i used to test this release in my windows device at it was cute smooth tho and still it's smooth and fun tho in mobile too .. great release appreciated developers ..
~ Vishal Srivastava
Nice release, this is just 👌👌👌👌 A small tiny trouble is that whenever I watch a video to live or something, I obtain the release... but a tiny bit glitched out? It's nice, hard, and cool looking. If this is apart of the release, nice, but if not, you might need to fix it haha. Oh, and if you wanna see what it looks like then just claim me.
~ The Jack Of All Trades
It was SUPER fun on the first day but then, one day later it would run the release and the caracter would do straight up to the top and I couldn't transport it at all, so I would die quicly. It's a bug you need to fix beacuse it can't be played.
~ Dream Big Princess
Like a entire improvement I played this when it just started and completed the release, but actually he is even more cool with all this updates and newest informations. Nice evolution.
~ Gabriel Pegasus
I like this release so much, but the recipients that are claiming, ahh too much banners blah blah blah can go f themselves because they can just turn off their wi-fi and then boom no more banners so yeah don't create up excuses to give this release a 1 star because this release definitely deserves a 5 star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
~ Mental Clown666
I don't like the newest modernization can you create it to where you should go to the old modernization and come right back to the newest modernization
~ tf2 Rodriguez
To everyone complaining about the adds. it's an offline release where there is no adds. so before you cry about it on here and give this release a one star why don't you think about turning of your internet...
~ TZS icer
You obtain to steal a freaking jetpack. What more is there to claim? Oh, it kills time well too. Only complaint is the banners, I remember the nice old days when the third gadget slot didn't cost anything and you didn't obtain banners after each run. I know this happens to the finest of releases, for if the release gets large the company's gonna need some revenue. But maybe tone it down a bit, like each three or four releases? Heck, I should just turn off my wifi, since this release doesn't require it.
~ B Chiles
Nice release when it finally opens. It takes me 5+ mins of opening and closing the release before it now loads. Call me a psychopath for now spending that much time just to launch it but it's one of the several nice offline releases available when I'm at my wifi-less, time-dead-territory job.
~ Kyle Tansel
What is with the constant banners in your face after every run? This release was nice back in the day and still has potential but trading banners for a revive or banners for S.A.M interferes with the flow of the release.
~ Ghost
I was really loving the release, but it has become so bloated with banners. I allow my babes test the release, but they can't even test more than a round or two before being forced to watch banners they can't close. They end up spending more time watching banners than now getting to test.
~ Jared Van Orman
Definitely one of the finest small releases out there. Had hours of fun, and still came back for more few years later.
~ Frédéric Oughdentz
I played this release years ago and downloaded it again, but one bug that is really frustrating is when there's an banner after a round, the models don't load in. most of them are just squares and constantly changing shapes and parts of another models, this usually happens after the first round and can't test other with proper graphics. and there's usually an banner after the first release which is why I trust they are similar to the trouble, please fix this
~ W.O.L.F SyM Clan
used to be a wonderful release but there is so many banners, i dont have troubles with the banners except there is idea too many
~ Mason Miller
Nice release, I just have one question: Why does it lag each time I accumulate eggs in the Easter meeting? I have tried clearing cache and even got rid of some apps and pictures on my device and it's still laggy? Please support :) Thanks.
~ Emilee Renee
I'm absolutely destroyed from what has happened to this release. This release was so much fun when I played this on my Amazon Kindle, but actually it is overrun with banners, and bonus microtransactions that are so unnecessary that they have absolutely destroyed the fun in this release. And it is unfortunate that greed had to take over this release. If only I should go back to the past.
~ A Person
As someone who played the PS4 ver, obtained literally everything, then did it again when I had to reinstall it...the device ver is SUPER forceful about spending $ or watching banners. I though making a buy would obtain rid of all popup banners, but when I die, I'm still claimed "you can watch __ for a revive!" while I watch the coins I'd otherwise obtain via gamble-rolls fly away since this popup has you wait a REALLY long time. Some solution: Give an option to obtain rid of any and all banner/vid popups.
~ Dzel
im doing my everyday sam challenge and then, boom banner showed up, usually you can click off after 5 second after 5 second theres no "X" sign, i waited for other 30 second, usually the longest banner is 30 second but as i waited the banner still going then when i refresh my release, it back to the home screen. i dont obtain my everyday sam reward, i dont obtain my 6 spin token, i trust i dont my obtain the 1400ish coins and my 48 egg.
~ z ee
I used to test this on my iPod touch back in 2014, it has changed since then, not by much and not for the worse. It still is a fun tiny time aggressor, I especially like the progression aspect and the choice of cosmetic equipment. Do yourself a favor and buy something to obtain rid of the banners, it's the only downside.
~ smooth
its a nice release and its really fun, i purchased the double coins and it was really worth it too, but there is some troubles, for instance i had to redownload the release cause it was lagging really terrible, and after i redownloaded it i had everything except flash(the tiny robot dog) for some reason it showed that u didnt buy it which i did , plz fix
~ Zach Cochran
I played this when I was 7 and I really loved this release. Actually I'm 12 and IT IS STILL ONE OF THE BEST GAMES IN THE STOREE! The only thing that bothers me is that it has so munch things on the home screen, and not all of them are that important at all. But overall this release is still VERY GOOD.
~ Ivan Jomar Borleo
What on world has happened to this release. Used to be a nice time filler. Actually unplayable due to 30 second adds appearing as quick as you run a release. Why would you think that's a nice concept?. How about this as a logical idea. The add starting when you die!. Please fix this stupid trouble. One star for gameplay, could technically be zero, as currently unplayable and no fun whatsoever. Nice ratings based on nostalgic memory's only.
~ Jon Jones
Product cuts off too much. Problems were resolved quick after that 1st post, and have enjoyed testing very much since then. However, last time I played this release the wave rider was part of the parcel, not an item to charge us for if we wish to have fun with it!! Anyway, 5 stars actually so hold up the nice work colleagues!
~ A Google user
This release is really fun and I've been testing since it came out for the ipod idea back when. The major trouble I have with it actually is that there are idea too many banners, along with "you can obtain *blank* powerup for nonpaid if you watch this video" constantly in your face. It ruins the gameplay experience by being too obnoxious.
~ CrazyGecko 1000
adicting! very fun. i am saving up for the piggy jetpack. it shoots coins out of it! what's more cooler than that! getting coins from your own jetpack! highly suggest it ! ! !
~ Mehrnaz Afshar
This is and was an nice release from the beginning, I've been testing since version and stopped about 2 years ago, I got back at it about a week ago and was disappointed to see not a lot of newest jetpacks were added and overall not anything newest (except the DeLorean Time machine (^_-) ) But all aside, Halfbrick made a legendary release and it's here to stay❤️
~ Ian Ter Haar
have played this release off and on for a while. Have played on 4 different devices, 2 devices, PS4 and pc. I really love this release.I really did enjoy the St. Paddy meeting. Here lies my trouble. Everything that I have won and even paid for is gone. After an modernization of googlr release I lost each thing. Why? Why I am startinging over from zero again? My hard earned mony and time went into this. To the developers I ask, Is this something that can be fixed?
~ m f
I love how there's all these recipients going "too many banners waa waa waa" but srsly, just turn off ur wifi. then boom, no banners. trouble solved. nice release, even if some of the equipment is a tiny on the overpriced side, but I suppose it's just so we don't buy everything in like a week and go "welp purchased everything actually I'm bored time to uninstall and search a newest release".
~ DJ_Fishtail
one of the finest releases I've ever played so as the fruit ninja.... the only trouble here is the banners that continuously pops up in the middle of the release and it makes me irritate. I really hate banners serously. I still rate you guys 5 🌟 for a very nice release. 👍👍👍
~ John Emilson Cutamora
This release is nice, but I can't hey the Hippy achievement. I equipped the Rainbow Jetpack and didn't connect any coins and even took few trips but I did not obtain it.
~ KyleTheMan4444
I love how this release has variety of informations and great gameplay. Just one thing: Turkish translation sucks. Lots of errors in texts take some of the joy away for sure. Furthermore, there is no option to pick language. I prefer English but it uses my device's default lang. Another than that this release gave me hours of fun.
~ Mustafa Acar
I'm giving 4 stars because I still love this release. I've been testing it for years and had to restart but I'm at lvl 347 actually so it doesn't matter. But I wanna claim ever since this newest modernization it's been true glitchy and freezing up alot. Also I kinda like the home screen before the modernization and also when I finish a target and my stars are added I like the old idea better.
~ brendan derouchey
This release is a classic, already. Maybe the g.o.a.t. But please, fix the release! After the modernization, the release hold stucking each time i watch an banner to double coins. Sometimes, it stucks even if i do nothing. Also, the Unpaid Ride gadget was downgraded or is bugged, 'cause it hold giving me the Lil' Stomper, no matter if I test a whole release, or restart the release.
~ Gabriel Teixeira
I miss the old ver of this release. Actually, it is idea too simple to obtain machines, powerups, and S. A. M (Severe Arm Machine). Not to mention, NOW with the first several thousand meters, the user goes ridiculous speedy and it's near impossible to dodge obstacles actually. There is also a lot of banners. I miss the older ver of this release.
~ Midnight Vegas
Broken modernization. nice release but the newest modernization messed up the newest missions. newest missions fail to appear after completing the actual 3. need to exit and restart the release for newest missions to present up. very boring doing that. fix and I'll modernization.
~ vj m
the newest player interface isn't working well. the release doesn't have the flow it use to. also there is an add which keeps coming up. this particular add freezes my release every and each time. this means I have to close the app, which therefore erases the progress I had made in the last run. very annoying
~ Belal Ahmed
Hate the newest modernization, it's not player friendly at all. The menu doesn't flow, there are no longer the achievements or if there is who knows where they've place it. Change it back to the idea it was, if it ain't broke don't fix it :/
~ Jess Leamon
I used to love this release, but when I opened the release today, I was negatively surprised! The entire layout has changed! Everything is different and confusing! I used to love to fulfil missions, but actually they have changed it to an ugly star, and I am extremely upset! Such a disgrace to crash such a brilliant release! 😞Pls change back! 🙏🏻
~ C Schmidt
love this release. i have for a long time. my only nitpicks are, it seems me my S.A.M info an hour early each day, and I think the prices on the in release purchases are steep. i did pay for no banners though, that was fully worth it. although I'm not an idiot, i understand you guys must create dollars. still a terrific release, props to the developers
~ Alex Williamson
The release is nice alright, but there are 2 large troubles with the newest modernization: 1) You can't speed up quest completion animations anymore and I don't obtain why 2) At run the vechicle from Freeride gadget is usually Lil Stomper when it used to be random (as per gadet's description) I would like to give it more stars but I'd also like to see those troubles addressed
~ Jarosław Hałas