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Jelly Jump   
About: Tiny jellies need you more than ever before! They hold drowning over and over again. Only you can hold them protected... Jump higher, survive longer and never give up! Accumulate tiny jelly blobs and craft newest jellies out of them. Challenge your dudes in this ambitious release!
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 39MB Developer: Ketchapp
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Jelly Jump Reviews and Comments:

not impossible but it's a nice release if you don't wish any banners! also you might struggle but you will search a idea to beat it!
~ Annmarie Alexander
It's an overall nice release, the characters are adorable , but you often obtain stuck for no reason. Everything else is nice though.
~ A Google user
The only thing i dont like about it is the adds but otherwise its a nice release!!!
~ A Google user
its addictive, idk why recipients dont like it. it is a nice time taker. nice release👍
I love this release and the song is the finest song I ever heard on a release.and ther is no banners i have seen so far
~ stopabul gameing
a fun possible release with exciting informations and a simplil design that dosent obtain complex at all (it needs more modes though)
~ clever piano 3207
I like that its three d and its so addicting but I think that you could have more than different colors and shapes you could have spikes that come out of nowhere that would be awsome.
~ A Google user
Nice release, all you need is like lvls or something else, but really nice graphics and song.
~ Ben Crockford
Honestly it is really fun and when your bored and have nothing better to do like I do right actually I have nothing to do I would suggest downloading it.
~ puppy pops
Product is kinda laggy, needs more added to the release. Has idea too many banners i can't test 2 lvls before getting an banner if you dont care about banners i recemond downloading another wise its a pass
~ HyDro Zay
Absolutely nice release! Ketchapp did an nice job. So addicting and no wifi needed. Two for one time!
~ Gorillaz 101
Nice release. Nice time aggressor lots of fun. love how you can change the volor and shape of the cube.
~ Abigail Rhoades
Nice release, i just want the replay button was closer to where you'd usually have your finger while testing. I.e placed a tiny lower. It's not an trouble, am just lazy 😋
~ Pink plant
Product was so relaxing. Should not stop testing!😍 I calm down each time test. Love the colors and background. Also sound affects are nice.
~ A Google user
This release is so fun and great for way trips and just sitting and home. It's frustrating but keeps you going once you obtain on it.
~ Faith Pierce
Love it not a lot of adds and so much fun but sometimes it's laggy but that should just be my device.
~ Danielle Wiles
the only thing that you can also be used in this correspondence address in the morning and evening and the rest of the year and the rest of my favoured part of the release is to have fun with the newest York castle and state of California
~ Eugene Washington
Love It! it's addictive and really entertains. personally I suggest this at up to 9+
~ Kayleigh Kawaii
I nice time waste release... I test it all the time! The newest characters, this activeness, addictedness. I will test this for my life I had to.
~ Brandon Lee
nice release this release is one of the finest to my liking I will test this release any time to drive my mind out of wandrig each were.
~ Guadalupe Martinez
I love this release it is soooooooooo much it's nice it is the finest release ever its the "Goat" finest of all time I have been testing it since I was 5 and I'm 9.
~ A Google user
Love it. I love being able to beat my dude in this release with my high scores. He claimed me I couldn't obtain 100, and around 20 mins later I was at 103! He was so furious... that's why I love this release. :)
~ Sabrina Doll
Seriously love the graphics. I search the gameplay a bit repetitive but its still a fun release. My high score is only 31 tho...
~ Jeff Thepizza
really hard but yet really fun to test! it takes up my time when i finsh earlynin class i really like this release and i think that you could downlowed it 🙃
~ princesses Coffie
nice release at first takes a while to catch on to know what to do once you catch on becomes simple but becomes a challenge to create it to the highest lvl it will play your skills because its about timing not a simple-going release for some but still have fun testing
~ Gary Hughey
I should literally test on it 24/7 without looking up.. Its such a nice release!!😊 The downside is that the orange raindrop things dont present up that often, and it also shows banners too constantly..I still like it a lot and so I give it a 5/5!!
~ Eunice Lim
Very therapeutic release. The combination of the song, the background and the flubbery jelly soothes my soul. The release test could have a tiny more variation as you obtain further though.
~ Zheng Lai
Horrific. doesn't explain how to test. if just about create jump wobbles and doesn't jump next time so you miss it.
~ A Google user
I love everything about this release the artstyle, the song and the gameplay. I have one concept that i think could be added to the release an option to change the colour scheme instead of having the release pick one at random. Overall i lobe this release
~ Crazy Wolf Guy
I only gave it to because when I test to swipe up it keeps going like so slow and I can't obtain up to the tippy top and then I died sorry
~ A Google user
nice release to pass the time, my highest is 37 but i only installed it today. its not that hard once you obtain used to the jumps.
~ R R
Nice! This release has a nice tone for the ears. Very Nice to Stresg Reliving I am very grateful to be able to download this while others can not.
~ Tooty Fruity
it's a cool release the only banners are when you obtain slime drops. it's really addicting and super fun. I test ever day and it's really hard to not stop testing. it never gets boring for me.
~ Julian Castillo
this release is nice , long years ago i first saw my mom testing this release and then i played. i loved it. with this release i think of my old memories
~ Lumarie Velez
Calming song, different colourful backgrounds and jelly, different shaped jelly, very several adds, but still presenting a challenge. Overall it's a nice release and a nice time aggressor. Highly suggested it!
~ Furry Therian Play96
It's idea to hard I can't obtain past 2 jumps. Plus I obtain an add after each time the release ends. This is an release for Einstein. Worst thing I've ever played.
~ Sandi Eatinger
Fun, time consuming, and needed when you're bored beyond belief for a bit. Gets boring after a while though, so it should use a wider tons of release modes in it? Power-ups, maybe.
~ Biscuit TM
This is a very fun release, but for some recipients you may obtain furious after a while. You can test this release with your dudes, thanks to the multiplayer, or by yourself. You can also unblock newest skins to test with! 😁😁😁😁 I would definitely suggest this release!
~ Caylen Francis
Petty fun!! I've recently installed it, so my highest score is only 11. it's a nice time aggressor, which I really like. It's a tiny hard to control the faster parts, but it's very addictive!!!! I would love some newest upgrades please! (eg. challenges, types of jellies, and more!) Love by Nusi T
~ Nusi T
I've been a long-time user of this release and just reinstalled it on my device and it's still golden! It's such a cool, original concept and the sound results & graphics are oddly pleasing. Of course there are banners because it's a nonpaid release, but they're not overwhelming like in another apps. It's definetly more challenging than what I remember, but it's not unplayable, which is just right because if it was too simple it wouldn't be fun. Ketchapp has usually been one of my favorites. Hold up the nice work 👍
~ The Kiwi