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About: Jail Break : Cops Versus Robbers is one of the most known releases in Blockman Go. In this castle you can test as police or prisoner. when you are a cop: Catch the robbers will obtain bounty and merit. Don't slay prisoners or you'll be thrown in the prison. When you are prisoner: Accumulate Books for Keys or Shovels, you can use them to break out of the jail. Then rob everywhere as you wish! Need to test more interesting releases?Download Blockman Go actually! If you have any feedback and recommendation, please feel nonpaid to contact us at [email protected]
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 67MB Developer: Blockman Multiplayer
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Jail Break : Cops Vs Robbers Reviews and Comments:

i hate da glitch plz plz plz fix it!!! its makin me sooooo mad.rather than that its cool...
~ A Google user
i kept on respawning after a certain amount of time i just constantly teleport to the spawn and also it take time until the results of what you do happen to others or like picking up ebooks and wheb i got to the front of library it appeared in hotbar terrible release
~ Boomboom Pow
your freaking stupid releases create me furious and its fill with hackers you cant even report them and its a scam and the controls are so glichty
~ A Google user
we need more meal we all going to die and create the prison simple for the prisoners to escape
~ A Google user
it is nice each time I test this release I test as a police but actually I was testing as a robber
~ adeem qazi
I'm glitched and stuck as a robber in a wall. what am I supposed to do I cant transport or obtain out..
~ Christian hoisington
It claims i have to modernization when there is no modernization. It is still in christmas ver.
~ Sahil Ahmed
nice you could download this release. But many of the users pick the police hero.
~ Mousumi Bhowmick
So stupid!! Im stuck!!! I cant obtain out of the pillar!!! Im stuck of it near the bank!!! Fix this Stupid Product!!!
~ Kean Curiel
so i was testing as a criminal and i was driving to the bank where i parked my car to a side of the pillar and i got out and i was stuck in the pillar and i cannot test as a criminal any more please fix this trouble
~ roy rolling
im stuck in a turret of prison. plz fill the inside walls there is 2 walls of cobble stone jesus plz go filll that turrets thank you. also i take hurt on this newest modernization.when i run and jump at the same time,-1or2 hitpoint this wont support me respawn at prison. plz obtain me outa here. this is my rich crimminal profile and i lost it. so i can only test a commander. or i can just test egg fights. a release that makes me rage aton. plz g○d k¡|| m3 N0₩ ⊙kA¥¿ if i can edit your map thanks.My name is (Pro_Gaming_Ash)
~ Aaron Wesley
this release is my favoured release of jailbreak but the only trouble is that there needs to be guns for criminals thats it but this release top notch
~ aden game animations
i glitched into the inside of the black building next to the police station with a car but i still like the release.
~ Jose Alfredo Zamora
I love this release but am stuck Please Add a restart so we go back to the zone that is are role Ty ;(
~ Tony Robinson
its really nice but i cant and dudes by searching and when i sent a dude request and it send me dude rquest it didn't save and its only shovel the only weapon of criminals maybe you could add some knives there.
~ Joaquin Adecer
it is not a nice release the cops hold killing you and wont allow you do anything. REALLY GLITCHY. sorry that moment I was furious. but all in all the release is nice plz add more guns
~ pugface games
The release would launch but when I stared to test it will quit on me when. I was testing DONT INSTALL!!!!!!¡
~ claude dertinger
~ Jacquieline Zamora
please add a restart button to slay yourself or add doors to obtain out of the bar because I'm in in the bar
~ Poe Reh
I like the release but please can you place crimanls car and base and helicopters and create it like robolox and create crimanls pickpocket the police esyer and give cubed to recipients subscribed to you please give me 10000 cubes because I subscribed to you
~ A Google user
SOOOOO GOOD IT FANTASTIC INSTAL IT NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU BY TOCHERING YOU WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO INSTAL IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
i like it! ot saves your meal! just two more things! add beds that you can lay on! and give the pepole who Escape 600$! thats it!
~ princess dessy Andrade
Gregory Breeden house hold out of my life and the finest of luck to everyone who came up with a tiny bit of dollars to pay for my family and dudes of mine who have not been evaluated by on the idea, and I am a tiny bit more. we have to be in touch with your dudes and relatives of. oh I am 9 ..........
~ Karen Breeden
It's a nice release but I sometimes obtain stuck in blocks and loose everything and can't obtain out of it like in garage under police station an officer was driving and when I got out I somehow ended up in a car and couldn't obtain out
~ A Google user
well I really like it I have all of ur releases it's cute nice but it's kinda a tiny rip off minecraft so mabye can u create more releases like sky I land just an concept heh it's really fun and u can started off with a lava bucket and and ice block and 3 picss of one food 5 oak saplings changels I speeld that wrong who cares and u have to create blah blah blah blah and y know
~ A Google user
I don't know how they do it, the release is nice, but why does it lag then kick you out? Really though prisoners could create dollars, I'm tired of stealing police cars
~ A Google user
I hate it it usually lags do not test but i still like it I don't know actually I'm confused I thing I would like to change is the gate it goes kabam!! like I die each time when I go near a prisoner it shows sx pictures . thanks for all the another releases!!!!!!!.
~ nicola waaka
So my son comes up to me and wants to download this release. When my son is able to test it. It claims "Please Check Again." I was trying to figure out the trouble. The release wouldn't work. So i quit. It's a waste of time.
~ Nicole Narsing
so furious I got stuck so much THIS NEEDS A RESET THING Hate hate hate it don't down load all ur in for in a bunch of nonsense if u download >:( u need VIP for almost everything I got stuck I uninstalled right after I got stuck I tried everything and I never would suggest this if u don't wish lag glitches getting stuck and being furious with everything!!!!!!! u don't even pay attention to ur ratings look closely everyone(maybe) is talking about LAG GLITCHES AND GETTING STUCK WITH CARS pls fix actually
~ A Google user
I give this four only because it takes very long to load. For me.. Otherwise nice release. If you like a fun online action release, I suggest this release to you. (This is not a automatic robot comment)
~ Charlie Schafer
i was getting furious because all of your releases have a limit to run once i was robbing the bank but it wont allow me run so the parkour was impossible!!!! such a dumb and stupid release if it limits you on running time!
~ Leanne Aquino
i love the release but one thing each single time im being normal trying to search a idea to esape the cops hold on killing me im not doing anything i am at 0 theat they hold on so i exit to see if i can become a cop but its full in roblox if you slay a person and they are not doing anything you are not cop anymore your in jail this drives me crazy so i go in a another release please fix this then i will give it a five star
~ Raquel Rodriguez
There's nice news, and terrible news about this release. The nice news is when it LOGS YOU OUT you hold all the dollars you earned!!!😀😀😀 But the terrible news is that you obtain STUCK IN RANDOM PLACES AND CAN'T GET OUT OR MINE YOUR WAY OUT!!!!👿👿👿
~ A Google user
everyone is complaining about the wall glitch with the car thing, and actually I am one of them to! I got stuck in the bank pillar and I cannot obtain out, actually I lost my criminal profile, so when the police are full I can't test. and is anyone going to belive that I am stuck in the bank pillar, I hold claiming in chat and everyone thinks it's a joke. I would claim that the car is ok because it is very useful for criminals to obtain in territories they can't. create a slay button so we can obtain out of terrible cases.
~ Cherry Reed
1. i got stuck in the bank pillars (a cop killed me so i am nonpaid). 2. actually i am stuck in the bank stairs (and no one can save me). all this happened because i've got out from my car. and im still stuck in the stairs. pls fix this from happening
~ DOMC gaming
This is one of the finest BlockManGo Studios release out there!!!! Its fun, its crazy and also its nice!Actually i just have one thing that i need to ask a favour of to the developers.At the mansion in the release i got out of the police car at the stairs, then i glitched through the stairs and actually im stuck FOREVER! If you can plz test to place like a restart button for your hero to spawn at the zone what your role is in. The release is nice but you just have to add that one thing. Plz respond developers!!!!
~ Asmr Blow
Not glad. I was driving in a car and parked near the bar, (no rhyme intended) when I got out of the car I glitched through the wall of the bar. The bar is a zone where you can't go in OR out so then I started to panic. I tried everything. I can't starve to death. The only idea is if an officer threw grenades at the wall. So if you haven't been following, I LOST MY CRIMINAL ACCOUNT AND CAN'T GET IT BACK!! Fix this wall glitch instantly or I'm moving back to Minecraft.
~ Devon Brook
Yes JAIL brake you look like to come to too join the party JAIL brake ok, and it was nice thanks for your face, but it is a bit late actually I can talk too much of a newest device, but I have been the topic in target, but the finest dude and it is the finest idea to obtain it is my finest w have a bit later okay? I no Titanic is MATT, the finest dude and a half hour before you later on in a half hour before I support you today and a half hour late for the party? if so, and a bit late actually so I'll be there in egg, the
im giving this zero stars because of racism, seriously to be black you must be vip which unfair and racist, i showed this to my sister and she claimed that this release is racist and I could Uninstall it like actually, yet i didnt Uninstall it because i like this release but still why? another peopke could rights to be black without being vip this is unfair.
~ aaliyah callme3332