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About: From the originators of the award master Kingdom Rush trilogy comes the most extraordinary zone odyssey. A true-time, dynamic and deep walkthrough release that will move you to nice and unknown planets. Immersive, engaging gameplay, ridiculously appealing art, and a touch of silly humor. Brave army, mighty mechas and potent aliens await your command to face the finest challenges. Recruit and train the finest heroes in the galaxy, lead them into risky missions versus near impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities. Adapt your walkthrough by changing the role of your units even in the thick of the combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers. Turn the tide of war with bomb strikes, smart mines, help units, towers and a wide range of premium weapons. Armies of robots, crushed starships, huge creatures, unknown races, brave assaults, desper ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
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Iron Marines Reviews and Comments:

very pleasurable experience. ive been waiting a long time for a small RTS like this
~ John Rushing
nice release, just started. but seems to be in depth and well layered. has alot of similarities to all your another favoured releases. hope it stays impressive :)
~ A Google user
I've seen this a lot on here but I just want it was longer. I'm sure you are working on more lvls. hold up the nice work!
~ Brett Mills
I've usually liked iron hide releases. This is very different than kingdom rush but a fun and challenging change.
~ Harold Miller
i love the war sequence and the release runs perfectly spending the dollars is worth it and the graphics and controls are nice ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars for me
~ sleekstingray 84
Very fun at first, becomes boring after a while. Worth the dollars though
~ Noc Cito
I enjoy all of the Ironhide releases. This one is a fun attempt at an RTS. The UI is clean and simple to use. The art is great also.
~ Steve Davidson
Really nice release; nice in-between of turret defense releases like kingdom rush and full RTS releases like command & defeat.
~ Pete Daniel
one star for iaps in a paid release. trading our enjoyment for a tiny more greed. otherwise, it's a nice release. cant claim anything that hasn't been claimed already.
~ Enrique Mondragon
i have finished this nice release. Fully love it! i wish more.
~ Tuan Tuong
Nice release, should do with a bit less microtransactions, considering this isn't nonpaid-to-test
~ Prince Charming
just a nice experience all around. exactly what I wanted in a moble release. All the characters add to the cost of the release. I don't think 30 bucks is too much. It will cost about that for the full experiance.
~ Adam Zed
maaaate 10 stars 100 stars for sure finest release on smart device need more of this pleeeeeeeease create sequels actualy maybe not cause ill end up spending all my dollars got me hookd😂😂😂 na seriously finest release ever and i dont do reviews so this is legit lol. only creative criticism is be nice to transport groups and not have to transport troops individualy like fight craft, starcraft, red alert ect but another then thay love it. 💪🏽🤙
~ Shane Tanoa
Usually loved the kingdom releases. This is a nice take on turret defence very related to strsgey releases like command defeat. Expensive heroes though!
~ Andy Dunn
Nice, not nice! Heroes WAY to expensive. Ironhide like most modern release companies are too greedy and we users are too low and spend too much!
~ Cam Shaft
Cute nice. Can easily be played without a pay wall. Nice for a small release. Not quite as nice as Kingdom Rush, but not far.
~ Lucas Lajeunesse
Fun tiny action walkthrough release. Able to test through without spending any bonus dollars. There is a hero box that's treated more like an expansion than micro transactions. Would be great if I should pick all troops when I wish to transport my whole group though.
~ Fuzzy Carter
There are marines, there is iron, there are aliens, and there are explosions. What more do you need? Test this release.
~ Stephen Joslin
Fun, addictive release. There is a starcraft vibe with the release thats still super special for it to feel different and entertaining. I only want there was a bit more content.
~ Creamed Corn
Cute dang nice for a small arts, finest one I've played anyway. I purchased the superhero bundle and they're cool. I'm not terrible so idgaf, worth the dollars spent.
~ Low Flow
i just install the release and its great but when i bought your mega superhero bundle i obtain an eror message claiming im already own the item but i cant use all superhero only the given 3 superhero, if you support me fixed the trouble i give you 5 star; its turn out to be some delay but thank you for solving the trouble
~ Christian Saputra
i have played all the release of ironhide company(kingdom rush and the others) and i like that they decided to make a release with different release mode and i would like to test other release like this. nice job ironhide.
~ juan camilo salazar canabal
This release is unbelievable. However, I recommend you could add multiplayer mode. This would be nice! Campaigns are nice but it would be better if this becomes an rts release
~ KzS
I love all Ironhide releases, and this one only furthers my love for the company. The release is hard, and it is fun to test. Hold making nice releases, Ironhide!
~ SKCroutons
The release test is decent, however when you pay wall characters and equipment after PAYING for a release... You are greedy and lose respect (stars) for claimed greed.
~ Chris Lozano
This release has the same nice quality I've come to expect from Ironhide, and they usually deliver. It's also a really fun challenge. Actually once again I have to adress the negativity. Some recipients, as usually, seem to be fully incapable of grasping the idea of changing walkthrough or lvl farming, and for some reason, feel like they NEED to buy everything or obtain 1/2 a release. They can't be more wrong. Everything can be beaten without having to pay anything another than base price.
~ Shroomslayer Gaming
The gameplay experience is enjoyable, but I feel like charging 7 dollars is enough for the content, not an bonus 20 for heroes and further microtransactions. Beyond that, awesome production quality does do this release favours.
~ Yang Li Siaw
nice controls for small, gameplay is solid and challenging. IAPs are a bit off putting but I obtain it. A lot of cool Easter eggs and nods to another Sci fi franchises
~ Cam Chapman
A paid release with half the content behind paywalls. (Receive ready fork over a LOT of dollars, 48$ for everything) This isnt a release, its a dollars grab.
~ Kory Frankland
phenomenal walkthrough release! if you've ever played Starcraft, this is as close to it as you'll obtain on small. Truly a nice release that now requires some thought.
~ Piotr Karnas
had my review been deleted? so, second test: GREAT release, BUT with more than 72 Euros ingame Heroes which do a difference in walkthroughs and gameplay, rhis title costs more than AAA title on notebook or consoles. And this I do call greedy.
~ Klaus-Peter Koch
This release should have been really nice, but it trips over its own feet with too many microtransactions for a paid release. Nice hero design and a fun attitude create a difference, but don't exonerate it.
~ Tyler Tracy
Simply Perfection, it is basically a small Starcraft and Kingdom Rush into the future, still it would've been better if you recipients added the encyclopedia, I really like studying my aggressors and comparing them to troops or turrets to better handle the threats they pose or when i'm just bored
Once again, Ironhide delivers. This release is other breath of recent air after what the first Kingdom Rush releases have brought, not only to the category, but the gaming universe itself. All gameplay, fun and classic KR arts. Thanks again, Ironhide.
~ Alexis Martinus
I've been looking for a long time for a nice walkthrough release for mobile and this is as nice as is gets. feels like starcraft for my device. very addictive and makes me almost miss my station when I'm on the train :) which is other gigantic plus- this release work offline.
~ Itay Greenberg
Really cool release, but lacks a couple of informations such as an aggressor and troops enciclopedia. Seems obvious to me, maybe because of Ironhide's Kingdom Rush saga, but it's hard to adjust both updates and troops when you don't know the weaknesses or strengths of every hero unless you memorize when they first present up. Our troops should also use an AI boost as they seem less smart than foes. Challenges were a nice addition to prevent repetitiveness.
~ Emanuel Silva
a decent gsme for the price. but unfortunately falls to the same nonsense of in release purchases. which i should understand if the gsme was nonpaid to test however it is a paid release. all but 3 of the heros are usable unless u spend alot more dollars unlocking every with true dollars. they could unblock via gameplay with the pirchase unlocking faster.. its a greedy dollars grab. but what isnt in the horrible globe of small gaming these days... edit: still my opinion stands. for a paid release it has to much IAP
~ Adam Croxton
I absolutely love this release, from it's great gameplay to the witty references to pop-culture. But after the 2nd Globe, I found it to be lacking in terms of newest content. What I'd love to see in terms of innovation is for there to be a alternative campaign options, due to the fact that I found myself loving the design of the aggressors you face, especially the Raan. I hope that in the future, users can be able to test testing as the Terrible Guy for a change, while still keeping it enjoyable and fun
~ StarFruitz
From the guys behind kingdom rush One of my favoured devs on small. The art & gfx are pretty, nice sound design and some funny dialogue and references to pop culture. It feels intuitive and very polished in both UI and gameplay. It's an RTS turret defense hybrid that just works. Microtransactions are expensive but fully optional and works great without paying a dime. 4/5 as paying super price and offering expensive f2p content is just milking it, but hey that's 2019 for you.
~ Alexander N
If you love Starcraft, then you will love this. Multiple difficulty selections, so don't worry about it being too hard or too simple. But, this release does have microtransactions. Nothing terrible, but you will only obtain the 3 default heroes. Purchasing an bonus superhero can be anywhere from $2-$8, which is idea too much for me. But this release still deserves 5 stars for being an nice RTS that emphasizes all the important aspects of an RTS-Skill, Walkthrough, and not being able to spam the same troops often.
~ Jacob Skarda