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About: Champion of the Grand Prize at the 2015 Japanese Media Arts Festival Ingress transforms the true globe into the landscape for a global release of mystery, intrigue, and contest. Our future is at stake. You gotta pick a side. A mysterious energy has been unearthed by a squad of scientists in Europe. The origin and purpose of this force is unknown, but some researchers trust it is influencing the idea we think. We gotta control it or it will control us. The Enlightened seek to embrace the power that this energy may bestow upon us. The Resistance struggle to defend, and protect whats left of our humanity. Install Ingress and transform your globe. The Globe is the Product Transport through the true globe using your Mobile device and the Ingress release to search and tap sources of this mysterious energy. Acquire objects to aid in your quest, deploy tech to capture zone, ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 43MB Developer: Niantic, Inc.
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Ingress Reviews and Comments:

Better, but still very buggy. Most annoying is that it will take you to mods when you clearly indicated resos, then crashes when you back out. Plenty of another minor hassles. Still not ready for version.
~ Charlie Allen
the newest interface is so d!!! horrible i dont wish to test. cant search portals or even transport the map. screw this.
~ Spear Carrier
Poor downgrade of the original UI. Unable to test in cities with high portal density. I'll quit when NIA switches off 'redacted scanner'.
~ Monouchi
Hate it. The view is terrible, the linking view is horrible and the "flash" of the fields is enough to distract you. I went back to Redacted. Hope it doesn't go away. I wont test Prime if we lose redacted. I hate this newest ver.
~ rayna h
Please stop forcing newest users to use this broken beta at finest release. Allow them pick if they prefer scanner or prime. Don't enforce your incompetency on users. It's fine that you failed to create a better release in 2019 compared to 2012. Sht happens when your owned by... Meh..
~ SouL Prisoner
before i uninstalled the release a while ago it worked fine and is a nice release. But actually that it's become ingress prime it just doesn't seem to wish to work. It won't allow me sign in or do anything, it keeps getting stuck on the loading screen then randomly closing. Please fix this trouble, I really wish to obtain back into testing. Thx
~ John Villafane
Large step backwards. Traded fancy graphics to unintuitively incomplete player interface. Soft often doesn't remain in device memory so speedy reaction to attacks are impossible. Twice as slow as previous ver. Still, nice rating because of the release idea and Niantic's commitment to hold investing in this.
~ Jeroen van Drongelen
first release not too complicated. yet when emailed the listed help correspondence obtain automated response claiming that no one even checks the correspondence. this is not idea to run a release that depends on microtransactions to help it. give us a valid correspondence recipients now monitor not a dozen automatic hoops with no hope of a true person responding.
~ John
Prime is prettier than Redacted, and has slightly better inventory management capabilities than the Original Scanner, but that is where the nice points end. Inclusion of Intel (named Scores on Prime) is a great addition, but I will have to see if this newest modernization is now playable. Glyph hacking has been terrible so far... we will see.
~ Brian Neeley
It's a nice release, give me encourage to walk more lol. Two stars lost because of laggy release - it takes sometimes over 60 seconds to load and after it loads very often becomes unresponsive on my XZ1, so much I have to close it and restart. Fortunately the "old" Scanner still works, not as fancy graphics but at least I can test.
~ Adam Henslok
the graphics are ugly, and the compressed, scrolling gradient used when a field exists is annoying. and when fields are layered over every othe, it makes a painful strobing. Niantic needs to listen to the users. the Redacted graphics are so much better. its obvious that the graphics squad is in love with their work, and couldnt care less about thise of us actuallt trying to test tge release.
~ Cyberwizard Productions
the release is nice! , the release is not very nice.... - its quite massive and slow in operation - takes ages to run - too dark on a bright day - sometimes I obtain errors, and only release restarts supports - release just freezes and doesn't reply to anything - can't recharge portal because I don't have a key even though I have a key - no manage capsule button shows up - release renders portals that don't exist - stops loading portals and feedback on the map - after mod, release renders same equipment twice
~ Marek Rusinowski
the finest release i have ever played in my life. Related to Pokemom Go but better than it. If you already used to test Pokemon Go than this release is a gotta test.The graphics are super nice and the ideas of the release are also niceee.. Once u reach a higher lvl, the release gets more and more interesting. Also the release has an active community. I am Lvl 6(Enl) and enjoy the release a lot. Gotta test this release!!!
~ Jigna Trivedi
Slow, buggy, disappointing. this release takes idea too long to launch. At least a full minute. It's disgusting. Also, the speed lock information will lock you out at times when it shouldn't. I might have to quit testing once the legacy release is disabled. I have the up to date release.
~ Ryan Farnsworth
Not worth testing for the amount of trash talking, harassment, and childish users spouting insulting nonsense in chat mentioning you when you capture one of their portals. There have been stories about recipients being harassed and having their home located and leaked through this release and feeling a possibility of being next is slightly concerning. Absolutely NO report information for abusive users, almost like devs dont care about it. Obvious solution is remove cross-faction chat, no reason for it.
~ Brandon Kummer
Unfortunately I'm going to have adopted with another recipients about this upgrade. interface is terrible at finest. Finding functions like the passcode input and glyph hacking. Also newest map looks great but as another have claimed newest view makes it hard to orientate the newest map. Viewing potals is cool looking with photo of portal in the flame but it does obscure part of the resonators. I've also noticed a glitch where the interface for using power cubes gets stuck on the screen. This release needs support...
~ Chris A
After watching the animated series, I was curious what this Ingress release was and sought for it in the playstore. I think this is a nice release like another map seeking releases I've played before. And a nice idea! Hold up the nice work on this. I might now enjoy testing this one on my freetime! :D
~ Ricielle Tabing
I am frustrated by the fact that I signed in through google, but the release will not allow me access the maps. Please fix. Also, testing with a Samsung note 9, and often have to reboot the device when the release freezes. Edit: this is still the only release that makes me reboot frequently. Fixed the trouble with maps by closing out of ingress entirely and then opening maps. Names on key lockers would create this a 5
~ Ted Shaw
Truly terrible for a tons of reasons. 1. screen presses are often not recognized where the player presses. This is very time consuming and frustrating in portal dense zones. Functions just as poorly as Pokemon Go does trying to pick a specific pokemon out of a crowd. 2. None of the design ideas follow any known standards. Colors are severely muted, and contrast is so weak that you can hardly test during the day. 3. Steals personally identifying stats without gaining player consent. 4. Et.al
~ 404. Not Found
Ingress is an nice interactive release that is honestly a unbelievable experience. Making newest dudes, seeing newest sights, and doing newest things all create for a nice release. Unfortunately, Ingress Prime almost destroyed it for me. After so many years id hype and anticipation the version of Prime was incredibly disappointing for me. I stopped testing for almost a year, and only testing on the redacted scanner is what saved it for me. The only reason I'm still testing is because of scanner redacted.
~ Tallis Diehn
First off: this is the inferior ver of the release (that they disguised as a newest modernization but of course renamed to not lose the nice reviews) this is a buggy mess, prone to crashes and freezes. Second. There's Niantic: they can't be trusted to be clear with meetings. Making paid for meetings meaningless in favor of obscure meetings that can be cheated. They can't be trusted to be fair with their own terms. Known cheaters still test and brag about it. If you test yo victory, you're gonna waste your time.
~ Juan José Flores Sánchez
This modernized ver no longer works "on my device configuration." Possibly because I have a rooted device. That's ok, I was getting bored of testing a release which can't be won and which certain users take idea too seriously and obtain offended when "attacking" their zone. I was using this as something to motivate me to take more walks but actually I have a dog for that so it's fine.
~ Dennis Meizys
the release loadd for a several second and run as expected untill a popup raise claiming 'ingresd is not supported on this device configuration' Running mobile 9, 6gb ram, on a umidigi f1play device. please solve :)
~ Nicho Las
I understand what you're trying to do with the release and think that it's a nice thing, but, Graphics are distorted and unclear. Also, scanner radius is smaller that's making you have to obtain closer to the portals in order to accomplish the same target as the old ver. there's also too much background noise which takes away from the total experience you could go back to the old idea, or else create it so that newer users can still test the redacted scanner ver.
~ John Norman
Old user trying the app again after years. Sadly does not work on my configuration. Hope the release will work again. Hold up the nice work.
~ Daniel Persson
overly complicated and not player friendly. release masters have a desired narritive that they wish to claim and frequently place their thumb on the global score to ensure the storyline works the "right" idea
~ Hasteur
I love this release I have been testing since year 2, it's year 6 or 7 actually so a long time. My only actual complaint is that the icon that represents you is too weak practically right under the menu button this makes accessing some portals hard because it's often right now under the menu and not available unless you test around with the screen a bit to rotate/zoom in or out to create the portal not under the buttons. fix this and you obtain 2 stars back. one for function and one for utility.
~ Remblie Kain
Prime is fully killing my experience. Almost fully useless. I've practically stopped testing because of it.
~ Gary Lown
Just redownloaded Ingress prime after a several months of testing solely with redacted. Still objectively a garbage interface, still a badly place together release overall. Also eats battery like no another release on my device ever should, which basically makes the release unplayable. I'm definitely quitting after the redacted scanner is removed.
~ Braden Carlson
Absolute garbage app. Niantic place their old client out as a newest release and place the newest release here where the old client was so it looks like it has high reviews. Do not bother investing your time or dollars into this release, they have killed it with the Prime client soft. Hosted meetings are also pure dollars-grab. Do not invest.
~ A Google user
Remakes are especially hard, because audiences are often attached to old versions too much and don't like changes. That all aside, this particular makeover is downright terrible since day one and not showing much potential of ever improving.
~ Zdenek Behan
the gameplay concept is ok, but the usage of the scanner is very challenging. It has frozen multiple times when trying to glyph and MA also not simple to complete as the scanner freezes constantly and I have had to re run multiple times. the finished MA takes very long to appear on profile
~ Yvonne Liu
Highly suggest not testing, wasting any dollars or time on Ingress when GPS spoofers dominate the release from their couch, Ingress Ebay resource purchases galore and knowen pedophiles test the release unchecked even when reported with solid evidence over and over.
~ Bitty's Realm
while looking nice is definitely nice, actual function would be better. The scanner has frequent errors leading to any action on the scanner to be negated. I should live with these constant errors but they now consume your equipment. e.g. blasting 5 lvl8 xmp only to obtain an error at the end.. those 5 are gone. these errors persist (sometimes just blank error codes) despite restarting release or restarting your time connection
~ Devil'sTongu3
Buggy, slow, and hard to use. INSTALL "SCANNER REDACTED" INSTEAD! Prime is beta quality at finest. It sometimes decides that my scan-circle shouldn't be centered; gotta restart to fix. Restarts are very slow. UI - It's hard to know what the buttons do, as they are labeled with cryptic symbols instead of text. Hint: Such icons work for daily objects, but not odd things like portal keys and hacking. It's flashy, but lacks the substance in and usability of the Redacted client.
~ Alex H.
while the release and test itself are nice, this prime release is rubbish. it is so slow that you spend so much time waiting for it. reduce the animation and graphic information. we need settings to control this. i would like speedy primary release that i can now test. i have read that the old scanner redacted release will eventually be taken down, i trust when this happens you will lose a lot of users, i will be one of them. pity because i do like the release. vote to hold scanner redacted active and available
~ Chris Breen
I can't comment on how this release was prior, but I guess I am missing out on a lot of informations going by the reviews. But I think my main trouble is that it needs to re-login almost each time I exit the release... which sucks if you are testing and obtain a device call or text... or if you're testing Pokemon Go... damn near impossible to swap between both releases speedy enough to catch something. Kind of forcing recipients to pick one over the another. And I'm on a super device... my RAM could be sufficient.
~ Miguel Rosa
DO NOT PAY IF YOU ARE PRONE TO MIGRAINES OR SEIZURES. The newest layout is poor on the eyes, very inaccessible to recipients with disabilities. The bright flashes and swirling fields need to be addressed. The release itself is nice and the newest layout should be adjusted to if the lag of servers were not so long. In day to day test this is manageable, but in meeting testing, which is what the community claims is one of the finest parts of the release, it's down right maddening.
~ Miss Priss
Horrible! Please hold Scanner Redacted or you'll lose long term users. After a week of trying to obtain used to Prime, I can honestly claim this release is dreadful. It lags and it freezes. When restarting the release after a freeze, it just loads as a blank white screen which means I have to restart my device. I've missed so many fielding opportunities this week. If Prime becomes the only option, I'll quit.
~ Hate Budgies
I have played Ingress for 2 years and enjoy it. I tried Prime, few times, but it lacks compared to Ingress Redacted. The focus seems more about glitz than function. There are some nice informations but not enough to transport me over from 'Scanner Redacted.' When testing with others who use Prime, it is markedly slower and crashes often. The GUI is a bit of a vertigo trigger. It needs to be easy, or customable by the player. If Redacted is sunset, I may be also.
~ John Osborne