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Implosion - Never Lose Hope   
About: Bringing AAA console gaming experience to small devices. Twenty years after the fall of World, the remnants of the Human race are once again faced with extinction. The time has come to justify our existence. A mysterious life form known as the XADA squares off versus humanity's last weapon - the Fight-Mech series III war suit. Informations: Stunning console-quality graphics, first-class voice acting and Hollywood-grade audio production. Full orchestral scores masterfully mixed by Grammy Award master and "The Boss of the Rings" trilogy engineer, John Kurlander. The most intuitive touch player-interface seen on the platform. A vast arsenal of super-tech weaponry at your disposal, upgradable via the streamlined ARK Kernel system. Become the ultimate fusion of Lad and Machine. Ensure the survival of the species. - Unpaid to test target 1-1 to 1-6, unblock all lvls from one ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: Rayark International Limited
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Implosion - Never Lose Hope Reviews and Comments:

purchased the release. too terrible it's not working on my Oneplus 6t.. (mobile 9 pie) each time i run the release it just force close.. seems like the developer's abandon this release what a shame.. c'mon nexon, hope you guys fix it.. it's a pretty release tho we can't test it...
~ Nel Lee
made it through intro. Product has no controls. first target runs and literally no idea to so much as transport your hero. bluetooth controller or touch screen. Product is a fraud and a joke that the devs can create something requiring over a gig of time to download but somehow failed to make controls. it also wants to create and manage device calls. This is a scam and a joke. Only device release since history of smart devices ive ever seen with no controls. Dont waste your time or time. Scam.
~ Eric Salter
Why is it not starting ? It is destroying on Mobile Pie. Please, fix this trouble we all wish to test the release and I am not being able to buy the full ver !!!
~ Sheuli Parial
First when I launch this release it was cute nice but after 5to6 missions,it has to be bought for full ver and this is very disappointing as I claimed release is cute nice but this could not be there.As this release is now of 1.4GB which I feel was wasted .I can't claim how much mad i am after seeing such worst idea of buying the full ver of the release.😤😠😡😤👎
~ Shivansh Rohatgi
nice release, graphics look nice and controlls are responsive. i payed for the full ver on an older device. just recently got a halaxy s9 and after a newest soft modernization the release is unplayable. it crashes each time. please fix
~ Steven White
a very worst release it doesn't runs and makes me mad.It would be nice if there was an option for negative marking.But the graphics is nice. because i have played this release earlier.
~ Ayush Bhaskar
I've played and finished this release and it is by far ome of the finest on Google test. But actually I have an S10 + and it won't even obtain past a black screen. please support. is it outtakes date. I've tried everything
~ Trent Schoen
Only started chapter 2, but I love this release so far. Great UI, nice gameplay, runs nice on my device (Z Test) and works with the moto gamepad too. Probably my favoured release on Mobile. Edit, was wrong, not 100% with the gamepad.
~ Stemnin
i purchased this release a while back. like a years ago. never played it because the device i had at the time was no nice with time zone. i found it in my install apps and was reminded of it so i install it and run testing it and than Claims me i have to buy the full release!?!? i wasted 10 dallors last year and actually ten more? im nice. either fix this or refund me.
~ Miguel Figueroa
Avalon and Crimson. The release runs off demo mode. i purchased the release it keeps me busy when I wish. The release runs off simple, you upgrade the suit it gets more challenging(ive beaten it on hard) BUT theres extras to hold you busy and its not simple!! I got it for small im gonna test it on notebook and maybe a controller will support?? It has destroyed the developers have fixed it, no troubles since the last modernization thanks!!
~ calatan0
Well I still have this release installed on my old device and it works fine. Actually I purchased a newest one and all it do is to ruin whenever I run the release. Not sure if it is a bramd compatability trouble or with Mobile Pie. I'm using Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 btw..
~ Karazu X
Loved this release but actually on newest mobile ver (9) it won't launch, please modernization! (and I'll be glad to modernization my review as well)
~ jon morton
I have no concept why, but when I run the release it instantly shuts down, my device being an Huawei P Smart 2019 has all the specs to run the release and it still doesn't work. I was really forward to testing the release so please create an effort to fix this trouble.
~ João Manero
just downloaded the release and it keeps stopping, returning my device back to the home screen claiming implosion keeps stopping needs this to be addressed asap, played it earlier on my Motorola and was quite smooth actually wonder why I can't in my Samsung a30, needs this to be addressed
~ Austine Edwin
i have a razer device 2 with the Mobile pie modernization and downloaded the release and it wont run it forced closed often i run it and i played it on an non gaming device so i was really disappointed that i cant test the release on an actual gaming device maybe its the release thats out of date, i love to test this release but this bug needs to be fixed, please send an modernization to fix the modernization- never lose hope
~ Jose Ortiz
Destroyed after installing and cant test The release is nice but unable to work on my Newest device. Nova 3i.. Tried many Ideas to restart it and change the display option of the device setting still cant obtain it to work.. This release is nice but no opportunity to run it.. Kindly please support and please Don't give up on this great release that you all have made, paid but dont work quite frustrated but also wanted to help the developer whom this nice release are made.. Please looking to see more.
~ Chen Guanglong Jarrod
Why the release is force close on my device? I'm running the newest Mobile OS which is Pie and my tablet is Nokia 3.1 Plus. Is it because I'm running the newest OS or my specification that doesnt meet the requirement? Please support i really love this release. The release was running smoothly on ny previous device which is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 :)
~ Putu Indira
received a respond to my correspondence from rayark service. reason why cant test release because its not compatible with mobile 9. we just have to wait for them to fix the trouble.
~ julius manila
I liked the release but ever since then I should not test the release for some reason. I would like to test it again so I will voice this to the developers: please fix the release because it would not run when I tried to run it in my Samsung 8 device. Another than that I would test this in my leisure time for nice hours.
~ Josef Tangpuz
Will not connect to google releases to restore cloud saves, so I lost all my progress. Has a several lvl bugs that prevent progress, I had to use other device just to pass a lvl. Periodically deletes local saves which sucks.
~ Bruno Ilave
The release won't launch I tried to download it countless of times. This WAS a great release but I think the destroying trouble can't be fixed since the developers doesn't wish to modernization this nice release. What a waste of nice dollars.
~ delbert mendoza
Finest release I ever played on mobile. I'm not lying. I had been testing it like 2 years ago. This release is really superb and consol quality. But the thing is, please, Don't stop Upgrading the release in regular intervals so that, I (& everybody) can test this release in my upcoming devices. Thanks
~ Rahad Siddiqui
I downloaded the release and tried to launch it, but not even a second later, my device goes back to my home screen with the release claiming "Implosion keeps stopping". Tablet: Samsung Note 8
~ Natsumi Liren
pls fix for BlackShark 2 I use !! It usually occur bug of clash so I can't test :( Before I obtain that tablet ,I test Implosion by iphone 8Plus .But I wanna test it by BlackShark 2 too ,right ? It'll become more recipients wish to enjoy it by BlackShark 2 because of "made in China""Gaming tablet" and"High spec" why don't u create it ? pls ,pls fix its bug ! if u need change nonpaid to charge ,I have ready dollars right actually :) thanks for reading .
~ 有杜昌紀
The release is a nice release to test if you can obtain it to test. I played the release fine on my Oneplus One for years with 7.1. Actually I upgraded to a Huawei Colleague 20 with Mobile 9 Pie and the release crashes not even a second after tapping it. No concept why it happens except it may be an trouble with Pie, my dude' Colleague 10 pro runs it no prob. My only solace is I still have my old device. If they are still upgrading this I hope they fix because I wish to buy the full ver.
~ Simon Foster
no ability to control the user hero whatsoever on LG Stylo 4. nice graphics and seems like it would be a nice release. would give it five stars if only it were now playable. Edit: 0 stars as of right actually if it were possible to rate as such. you apparently need to have an mobile compatible controller just to test a release that has been made strictly for small. add on screen controls and i will consider reinstalling the release, until then it will be uninstalled and remain that idea.
~ John Heslin
I wish to test this release so badly again but since i changed my device to oneplus 6t it is not working....please please please create and modernization for it. it is one of the finest release out there...
~ Shaula Cruz
Downloaded the release and was so excited. Then got disappointed, it keeps on destroying even before it run the release!!! I uninstalled and re-installed, still doing the same. Am I the only one having this trouble? My Tablet is Samsung S9 Plus. I doubt that the trouble is my device. Rayark please fix this!!! P.S. my device is running the newest SWV.
~ Kevin Ronquillo
It's an nice release, I first downloaded it on my old s5 a couple years back. After mid idea through chapter 2 it would ruin each time I opened it, and should never test it again. Actually, the same thing is happening with my s8. What is the reason for this??? I paid for the full release, actually I'm wanting my dollars back
~ Matt C
Nice release, but fix the freaking destroying that started after the newest Mobile modernization(galaxy s8). This is a paid release and it doesn't even run anymore. If this will not obtain fixed I will have to ask for a refund.
~ Piotr S.
purchased the full release, loved each second of it however the newest modernization rolled out on my device and actually it just crashes on startup. would love to be able to test what I paid for. 1 star until this is addressed.
~ Ryan Austin
no controlls the LG Stylo 4 doesn't work with this release, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing, i load in the release and then touch controls dont work, i can only launch the main menu and thats it, cant transport or anything, on the another hand, it does work for my another device's, its a nice release, i just want it would help more devices. its a 5 star release, but getting a 3 for lack of help for more devices
~ Larry Saldana
No matter how many times i've tried to contact the developer, they don't seem to care about upgrading the release or atleast refund the dollars. Its really a dhame to see such a great release going down. please modernization the release ASAP! really disappointed.
~ Jonathan Cormuz
I love the release, purchased the release and suddenly on May 25th the release run destroying the moment I launch it. It just happened, no upgrades, no nothing, one day it just stopped starting! I don't know what's wrong but pls fix it. I love the release too much to see it in this actual state!
~ Mesier7
In the past i was able to change my control's since i dont have a controller for the device. (dont know where to obtain one either) i downloaded the release today and i couldnt transport at all. no dpad like their are usually in most device releases. im quite confused on if i now have to obtain a controller to test implosion or not. but its a nice release. would give higher rating if i should now test without controller 😭
~ Chris Redfield
Well, before I moved to the pixel 3 xl, i had a Galaxy S7 and the release ran nice. Actually it won't even load anymore. For the time i did test, the release was nice for a small release but if they can't hold the release up tobdate for the actual gen ohones then they don't deserve a higher rating
~ Jagged Dagger
each since the last mobile modernization, the release will not test. i test to launch Implosion and all it does is shut the release down. I've loved this release ever since i first found it for the DS and purchased the full release as quick as i found it in the test shop. please fix it, and until then, I'm leaving it at 1 star.
~ Damion WhiseeEnant
hello Rayark. i loved this release and i've been testing it alot on my old device. I purchased a newest one and decided to dowload it again on my newest device (the performance is better) but the release thinks that i'm using a gamepad, yes i can still pick the options in the main menu using my device's screen but when i run the beginning of the release with the guides i couldn't transport the hero and the release thinks i'm still using a gamepad
~ Marc Nagal
I remember when I first found this release. I was suprised by how simple the controls were and how fun the release was. not only that, but the storyline was engaging which I search to be cute rare in small releases, so I decided to pay for the rest of the storyline and missions. A several years later: I got a newest device, I'm looking for releases, and I stumble across this release again. I'm ready to test it again, but apparently Mobile upgrades have made this release unplayable, so I hope that gets fixed quick.
~ Connor Robinson
Nice release! Was very expensive (almost 10 dollars) for it to not work actually. You still have a capability trouble with newest mobile modernization. Crashes after intro screen. Please fix. How many more complaints will be made about the release destroying after the mobile modernization will you need before you fix the trouble?
~ Neil Rojas