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Idle Shop Empire   
About: Launch up your own shopping mall and sell nice products. Optimize your Idle Market Empire! Create your customers glad, accumulate idle dollars and grow your shopping mall! Find newest floors, potent boosters and very very very expensive products that create you become incredibly rich! Improve your shopping mall and increase your idle dollars income. Become the most successful Idle Market Tycoon! Informations: - Manage your own Shopping Mall - Invest in numerous UPGRADES to become rich even faster - Your market earns dollars even if you are OFFLINE (Day and Night!) - MEGA COINS and nice BOOSTERS will increase your sells! - FREE MEGA COINS are waiting for you each 4 hours - Enlarge your Empire and launch up 3 shopping malls - Test for nonpaid (online and offline), no internet connection needed Become the richest and most successful Idle Market Tycoon! Got quest ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 39MB Developer: GAMEBROS Dev. [email protected]
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Idle Shop Empire Reviews and Comments:

it never works when I click the button to watch the video to obtain the Mega Coin. Very Annoying. Otherwise its a nice release.
~ C Anderson
Cool release and all, but the offline mode doesnt give the proper amount for idle dollars. how is it my idle dollars per hour is 91t and I obtain on after 2 hours and I've only earned 3t?
~ Tarzan Andrews
Its a great release to slay time but no matter how many times you upgrade the elevator its still wont go as speedy. All my customer usually has that furious face.
~ Hazel Kay Pascua
I really like this release and it's addictive, fun & simple to test. I suggest this release to all my dudes to test.
~ Reaper Pete
Hi Developer! Please modernization the release because I rated the gameplay 4 star before I did 5 stars on each single one Please modernization it or I have no choice but to delete it. Goodbye Developer!
~ Elmer Pamintuan
the leveling it need to go up faster I have to tap speedy place a button that claims full so when you hit it it lvl up to the full that you can lvl up
~ game master
BEST GAME EVER!!! it gives you a challenge when a customer comes in so you can't have any not in stock. i've got to the 7th floor in mall 1, and this release is so greeeeat!
~ william orellana
got newest device, and I saved progress on old device and can't continue on newest device. I recommend everyone delete any release from this fraudulent company
~ Ryan Hawkins
This release has nice graphics and is easy to test. It's a nice time aggressor. If you have any newest or a year or two old device it runs fine.
~ Alex Barnard
Fun release. Highly disappointed I don't earn dollars when I don't have the release launch. If this were to change, I'd give a higher rating.
~ Sierra Morris
I loved it ! :-) it was so nice and simple but if you delete the coins in modernization I would love it soooooo much. Love release. H.
~ H. Soleimani
very fun release. You have the opportunity to watch banners so that you can obtain super equipment without paying any dollars if you pick. definitely some walkthrough involved.
~ Barbara Weber
Nice concept. Love the release. I hate how slow the delivery guy is. It takes up sooo much time and dollars to obtain him faster.
~ jasmine king
it would be a much better release if the updates for the elevator took off more that 10ms, or increased the speed of the elevator.
~ big idiot
I had no clue what was going on. All I saw was lots of black blocks everywhere on my screen. I didn't know how much dollars I had because there were tiny white blocks. There was no guide and I was really confused.
~ CuteEnderGirl_01
I like the release, as it's an alright release to pass the time at work, but there is a bug with the "dollars joker." It doesn't give the happiness or dollars multiplayer, and has stolen 6 coins from me.
~ Jordan Hinojosa
Awsome ,but it would be nice if you have something like stats in release what number levels are full for exmp what is highests stock size, and what after those 3 building happens etc, and it shouldnt be so dead when you leave release thanks
~ Djenana Jusic
The release itself is nice. However the save function doesnt work so I lose all my progress even if I deliberately saved it i still wouldn't be able to load it. Its a shame because I enjoyed the gameplay
~ Melissa Joines
I loved the release, it was fun. But then it started giving me banners with the release CLOSED using DATA... Sorry. I don't have alot of time as it is with the whole family testing pogo (pokemon go).
~ Emily Fleming
Highly addictive... yet kinda rushes the user to click and click ever so faster. But of course one would expect that since it IS an Idle/Clicker release... haha. Well download it and give it a go, the characters are funny to watch as they turn Cuckoo and reddish and frustrated like the slow clickers like myself. 🤣🤣🤣 Really nice clean fun. Danke developers.
~ A Google user
i like it... but i testing for so long my trouble is it will ruin the release test in the 3rd mall.. please fix need more modernization.
~ fredrich auman
this release is alright itsbalittle better then the another ilde releases .this release goes faster then the others. im going to test to last alittle longer on this release to see how the gane works
~ Sandra Duaz
loving the release quite speedy to upgrade i would have given 5 stars but unfortunately only giving three as i paid £4.99 for 30 gold and i didnt obtain them am currently waiting for a respond to the correspondence i sent to see how this can be resolved and is there any chance you should change the speed to upgrade for example have the option to keep the button or add a upgrade multiplier
~ kizzkenny productions
so far I am injoyiing the release, but haven't played long enough to rate higher. As I test more I'll be able rate it better.
~ Richard Williams
I was loving the release but it continually claims it's not connected to the internet which its bull...as I can connect to thw fb page but I can't obtain any of the boosts or premium. Not impressed. Such a shame.
~ Danni Ulph
It is very fun and reduces stress. Very nice and the finest part is that it is offline. Everywhere you go you will usually have a practical offline release.😁 HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
~ A Google user
great tiny release for what it is but updates should be a bit cheaper. Would also be great if elevator would transport quicker. Product should also use a several newest buildings because I already have all three buildings built to lvl 20 on all three buildings,
~ Joseph Moore
A really addicting release, but when the timer is up, shows 0 super dollars to complete, and i click it, it takes my super currency. Support please.
~ Billy Burgess
what is a nice song but I mean it's nice releases but it could be a tiny bit better on the call like above and maybe that's why the simplest wish to obtain
~ Erika Kirk
it was awsome! it has hard decisions, but it was still nice it needs to add more malls tho. there is only three large malls. by the idea i am not Tre Mowery i am his brother Dey Mowery.
~ A Google user
The prices on the inventory could go up as the floors do. The first floor can cost as much as the third floor I realize that you gotta have enough of the lower floors, but still one aspect that fails in my opinion, otherwise it will be a time aggressor for awhile.
~ A Google user
Interesting gameplay, not sure what the guy with the green face is. Not sure if he is a zombie or a somebody who is sick. Great turret design, another releases the graphics are too primary. Like 1990's primary. Another than that, I love it! Thanks again for your help.
~ Lars Cox
Was cute addicted at first, but then got bored, progress slows too quickly, completed first turret to the top, but updates are so expensive you just ending up coming in briefly each several hours. Also once a product is complete and you click the skip it idea too frequently skips to other page.
~ Barry Watts
I had a nice amount of progress within the first mall. then I logged on and had my dollars that I had before but only the first floor. I had 12 floors before the release got rid of them on me. it's kinda a release aggressor to see all your progress disappear when you log on. I enjoy the release idea though but it needs to hold everyones progress saved.
~ Matthew Shiell
Idea too simple to spend super currency by tapping too quickly to upgrade products. Wasted all of mine and not interested in getting more if it is just going to end up wasted, too. There could be a check on whether someone now wants to spend it, or (probably and now) a idea to buy more than one upgrade at a time so that it eliminates the need to spam the upgrade button to launch with.
~ Lyss Wa
Remove idle tap, create ordinary shopping mall, same as is withiut excessive tapping. Not nice release for arthritic users. Also because not many releases in this turret kind format. Please change.
~ A Google user
Nice release, a nice time aggressor, but when you're offline it doesn't calculate your dollars correctly. It gives you idea less than you're supposed to have. Also when you upgrade the elevator it only moves down 10 ms which is a waste of dollars. if that's fixed in the modernization then I'll give it 5 stars.
~ Jessica Blair
Ultimately uninstalled due to bugs in the idle multipliers. The multipliers don't work consistently when you obtain in to the higher floors of all 3 malls which can be a bummer when you obtain excited to check in on your peeps. Otherwise a cool idle release. Also, the upgrade is so random, you're trying to upgrade the time in line and the amounts of dollars it takes for that can give you a several milliseconds to a several Hu drwths of a milliseconds just because but you're still paying high dollars for that.
~ A Google user
This is a nice release and one of my favourites but once you've maxed the 3 shopping malls, its cute much over. It would be nice if it had a newest set in a newest castle or something to carry on the release. As it is there is no target me keeping it actually as all I can do is increase storage and that is cute boring and pointless when there is nothing else to upgrade or buy
~ Stefanie C
the finest release I have ever played. nice time aggressor and is now really boring. but if your like me, I am addicted to boring releases, so I like it. it shows how you will create dollars in a cartoon idea and if you are out of stock, they will obtain sad and furious. this is a nice release. i would really recomend it to anyone like me. i am not going into detail about me lol. but, it is the finest release I have ever downloaded. I AVSOLUTLEY LOVE IT HI
~ _Life with Jayla_