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About: "Mobile Excellence Product" of Google Test. Test with 30 million global users! Join millions of another users around the globe and run your travel from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to war the forces of darkness! GAME FEATURES: IDLE System Set your heroes training while youre away. When you return to your device, they will be stronger, gained newest abilities, and ready for war. Grow & Train a potent team without all the grinding! Evolving Walkthrough More than 200 Heroes in different factions with specific skills. Summon your Heroes, TRAIN them to become potent heroes, or convert them into Spirit material for EVOLVING. Forge magical gears, and outfit your fighters for win! TONS of Content With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests, mysterious turrets, arena, gild, much fun to enjoy! GUILD Fights ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: DHGAMES
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Developer: We like games [email protected]

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Idle Heroes Reviews and Comments:

decent gameplay. almost each meeting they do you cant even participate, much less succeed in, without buying something. if you wish to drop a lot of dollars it's probably fun. if you're a nonpaid to test user this release basically laughs at you for testing it.
~ john warner
why does it claims failed to obtain an available gateway server, please check your internet connection, even though the internet is working perfectly, what should be the trouble? (btw i havent played the release once because of that)
~ Bryan Paz
Very fun, lots of heroes, quests, meetings, and a nice deal of walkthrough. For a nonpaid to test release, non-payers aren't at a gigantic disadvantage to the target of being unplayable or unfun; I've found changing my squad, placement, and gear can create a gigantic difference. All in all, highly suggested.
~ Diana Tofil
in the first month the everyday check in gives the user alot of gems, but after the first month it gives a much smaller amount. The VIP information feels alot more unfair than another membership informations in another releases because the avantage it offers is HUGE nonpaid gems, more gold, more spirit, more resources, more superhero slots etc... (other pay2win release) Also once you go far into the release you see alot of the same heroes simply because they are incredibly powerful and makes another troops obsolete.
~ Little Bean
This release was fun until you screwed it up with BT V2.0. The chests are a rip off to launch. Really, 6000 tokens to launch a chest of 900 chaos stones. I should obtain 2000 stones for the same price in the old shop. Fix what you broke and I'll change my rating.
~ Marcus Winter
True review: Played the release for as long as it has been out. The release is very PAY-TO-WIN. Literally everything in their "cool-meetings" requires you pulling out your credit card. The users end up leaving and you're forced to test with brand newest users (who also leave). Product needs a lot of work. I would not suggest for someone who wants to invest a lot of time into a release.
~ Spencer Burton
I really like this release lots of fights ,raids, you obtain to watch your superhero's do war or you can pick to skip fights..only want it wasn't so hard to upgrade my superhero's and that in campaign fights didn't stop you when you obtain so far overall I enjoy testing...thank you Shane page..
~ Dawg Trip
Very nice release. Simple to lvl up and gather equipment. The release is very generous with Gems and usually has newest challenges to do. The only thing I hate about this release is the poor banners for it I see everywhere. otherwise the actual release is nice.
I do not remember my password an the correspondence available does no work, I would really enjoy having my profile back. thank you an I'll give you 5 stars again because I do love this release but I place a lot of time and enough into it and the fact I can't access it.
~ Sydney Rowe Your Boat
it's an IDLE release , its simple to learn (making it simple to love) and has a speedy guide which explains everything simply and quickly. Just as much of a grind to lvl but it feels like there is more equipment to do so it doesnt feel like such tedious grinding.
~ cody clifford
I test idle heroes a while ago and I buy the lvl 24 box cost 93 pesos and I buy it and I obtain nothing but its paid already. I need my refund because i purchased it then i received nothing? I have a proof I load on world 120 pesos then i pay 104 then i have proof that the balance left is 14 but when I log in the release I received nothing but may balance is already deducted. Pls fix this thank you.
~ Drei Guanzon
It restarted my release and I've lost all my progress, I've never had to logg in before so I don't know my password. was really invested in the release, but it's currently buggy so bye for actually
~ Reann Leith
The release is made well in terms of activities and technical side BUT... It's spiked with mtx to the brim, tempting you at each step! There are pvp elements and as such it is p2w at its core. Prices are insane as well. On the flip side there are no banners whatsoever. I boil when I see p2w and mtx hence only 2 ⭐.
~ tyraelpl
release progression is a tiny steep. i think the first day i advanced 30 lvls at once, the next other 10-15 at least and then u hit the brakes and it becomes much slower. in that process heroes that are 1star-to-3stars become obsolete from day 4 into the release. u could spread out the difficulty so that the user uses those heroes for at least a several weeks
~ Samura1gamer
Scam. Tried to buy novice emergency box billing it on my device claims payment unsuccessful. Tried using debit card same effects. Tried it a couple of times billing it on my device again thinking there was just an error. When I checked my debit card it was billed even though it sayd unsuccessful. Actually I'm scared it will also reflect on my devices billing statement. Tried online release help but no respond
~ Marjorie Agapito
There is a lot of gameplay at the nonpaid to test tier, I'd go as far as to claim the release is now very generous. Progress is very slow and there is a lot of luck involved. It's really just about trying to draw better heroes, that's the release. If you wish to slowly plod through a release for about 30mins per day for months on end, then you should do a lot worse. I'd never claim that it gets exciting.
~ Brian Tyler
spent 25$ dollars and progressed really speedy after hoarding my resources for meetings. spent everything i had on three meetings and got from a 4-5 star squad to almost all 6-8 star squad. 10/10 will hoard resources for 2 months and spend all of it in 2 days. i havent spent dollars since the 25$ for vip benefits, i have been testing for at least 5 months. fun release but you need the patience to not use your resources needlessly.
~ Non-Hator Tator-Tot
Over a hundred heroes and at any given time only 3 are relevant or OP so you will see everybody with the same squads. It can be fun at first but it gets really grindy and hard true speedy. We hold asking for balance in the release but devs just pumped out some OP broken cheese heroe screwing everybody over. Final solution, dont test the release, dont waste time. Btw the banners you have seen for the release are extremely misleading, like blatant false advertising.
~ Rafael Roca Gallardo
Finest comment - Save you time; I have spent 8 months actually testing daily. Spent substantial amount of dollars to reach almost VIP6, and cannot compete with the users who have spent more. I have watched guilds come and go, nonpaid to test users or weak spenders quit in the first 3 months. Im the last guy i recognise on my server within my level bracket.. Devs can't, won't or dont understand balancing of heroes. Im still testing out of habit, nothing more. Rename release, Idle Valkyries.
~ Todd Marthick
Two things would create this release much better. 1. When updating heroes, have an auto tap function, it's annoying trying to lvl up a superhero having to tap over a hundred times and 2. When updating artifacts, let us to partway upgrade, it's ridiculous since I have lots of artifacts but in tiny numbers, but can't use them at all.
~ Penda Muff
dont bother if u dont wanna pay, better releases for less or no dollars. Spent in 1 month over 100$, which is rare. i thought its a nice release, it still is. but u wont obtain far, release progress very slow, even when u pay. spent the dollars so i should do a meeting. i was almost able to finish a quest for the meeting, but that meeting reseted without counting my reward, large noGo. Help wasnt a support, they claimed i had to click a button to finish the quest, what release mechanic is this. that thing was done and finshed
~ Okan Sari
don't obtain me wrong I test this release everyday only because I've played for so long but it seems the devs of any nonpaid release on any system tend to destroy there release by not listening to the users by instead trying to change equipment in a idea to create dollars. unfortunately I'm going to hold testing but for anybody who's newest I don't suggest this release unless you wish to spend hundreds of dollars monthly, my rating is a 2 because the devs take forever to implement something into the release and don't listen.
~ Amanda Oslowski
About 90% of the release is purchases and they're all ridiculous in price. A "vip" system that takes £20k of purchases to obtain to the top tier(so I've read) . The release is pure greed, nearly everything you click on is purchases. It's disgusting. I've near seen anything like it, on such a gigantic scale. Just wow.
~ Roy Maver
The release is purely and basically pay to victory. No f2p users out there can succeed in pvp mode of this release without now spending variety of dollars. This release is nice but the devs could not only focus on getting revenues but they could create it a well balanced release that even f2p can enjoy. I'm sure they will obtain more downloads if they'll only listen. And one more thing, the price of ingame equipment are super duper expensive. This release just sucks. Don't install it. I already warned you.
~ Henry Payad
Originally gave it 5 stars, lowered it to 2. Its fun at first, but quickly grows old. Nothing is explained, you have to figure it out for yourself. The synthesize function you see in the banners is misleading. It is not something you can really do in the release. I've been testing for a several weeks, and hit a wall. I can't progress further till I obtain stronger heroes, but there's no idea to obtain stronger heroes, another then buying them with true dollars.
~ Mathew Palzewicz
At first, it was fun to test this release then after a several days, I got stuck or release gets boring when you're on lvl 60+. I hate the fact that this type of release is the paid users only who can defeat this release. I tried to buy 13 Heroic Summon Scrolls and all I got was 13, 3 Star heroes, it's like there's 1% chance to obtain a 5 Star superhero.
~ Nath
The banners are so misleading. Some of them create the release look like a first person shooter of turret defense release. The in release purchases are so overpriced it makes it obvious that the release is pay to victory. The release mechanics in the banners are very very different from the true release. The servers hold on merging because lots of users are quitting. Would rate one star if i should.
~ Genevieve Galdones
Played ages ago and uninstalled as it got very boring over time (pitfall of virtually each idle release) and the in release banners just got idea out if hand. Actually ive reinstalled just to write this review. Whomever you had doing your own release banners has fully botched primary grade 2 sentence structure. Territories where there shouldn't be, none where there could, misspelled words. Its just half arsed and shows how casually you take your dev/marketing and focus on banners/profits instead
~ Null Value
It's only 4 star because you need ALOT of patience(which I don't have much of lol). A nice walkthrough to run with is expanding your superhero inventory with gems, keeping gear on only 6 heroes at all times, and investing in tech in the gild. I don't like having the campaign stages limited to your personal lvl to unblock, another than that it's a nice release to test if you have too tiny time available to test releases because of work and true life troubles. No storyline to speak of but fun nonetheless.
~ Derek Stone
Getting a nice superhero is unimaginably hard. The release offers you to buy 1 copy of a nice superhero for 100$. But guess what, to lvl up the superhero, you need to obtain 7 copies of the same superhero. Basically for 100$ you can progress by a very LITTLE step. You can obtain 2+ AAA releases for that type of dollars, but here you obtain basically nothing. It's so greedy from the DEV. Dont waste your dollars here. You can enjoy them 1000x better elsewhere.
~ abo bonabo
Wonderful, it's the finest Idle Product I ever played, the heroes are special, the graphics are nice, simple to navigate, the overall gameplay is nice, I suggest this release to everyone because it's like Arena of Valor with the chat, but still it's own release with the gameplay. I create clans for me and my dudes all over releases, I'm glad this one would allow me do so as well.
this release is pay to test all the idea. i have spent alittle in comparison to most of the usuals you see on this release. takes forever to obtain light and dark heroes. The premium heroes"elite" You will not obtain unless you save alot of diamonds over time and obtain in on the meetings. At first i was eager to test it and then saw how they dont just give. you have to test it to search out. nice release to pass the time.
~ Jp M
True Review: This is a Idle PayToPlay if you wish speedy progression, but if your like me and work a lot it's a nice time aggressor and extremely Freemium, offers everyday quests, lots of nonpaid prizes, and plenty of content to hold yourself busy. I personally love the release. It gets quiet and dead from time to time, but I just hold progressing further and actually I'm among some of the stronger users finally. Still got a ideas to go though.
~ Joshua Dixon
Product is fun to test, but the in-release purchases are idea too expensive compared to another releases. F2P users doesn't obtain very far and progess is very slow,... unless you pay. I understand the company needs to create create dollars, but when you have users shouting online about this release being purely "pay-to-victory" and "greedy developers", then the objectivity of this release is off and eventually users will obtain bored and drop off. Perhaps the developers can consider "adjusting" the in-release purchases.
~ Joseph Chang
VERY clearly a pay-to-progress kind of release. False ad. It'll take you like a day to obtain your first 50 lvls, then a month to obtain the next 50. You'll only obtain nice heroes if you test for a year, or pay dollars. The box pricing is very steep for what you obtain. SO much unbalance in the heroes... And what's with all the "cool meetings" just being in release purchases? I guess buying some box from the dev is an "meeting"? Ok. Lol. Should be a nice release if it didn't feel so greedy!
~ Tim H
I was banned over a refund for a information that I received zero gain for because of not testing for a while. customer service ignores my correspondences fully as well. Very unprofessional of them to ignore their customers that pay dollars into the release... pissed about losing all the dollars I place into the release over stingy behavior....
~ Zach6 Noseff2
Wonderful ripoff. Thanks for informing me that you were going to change the system rendering all my brave badges useless. I had been saving them to buy heroes and actually they're garbage, like this release. I'm so mad and upset, I don't really enjoy testing anymore. Thanks for destroying the release for me.
~ yru so
Nice release of its category. Requires not so much effort to test, as it is an idle RPG release, but instead you need some walkthroughs to test well and progress steadily. The release also improves a lot through its upgrades, and really worth a test for those seeking for a release that can be played when you are often busy.
~ Loc Quan
Been testing this for some time actually nearly a year, and can honestly claim I'm still enjoying it plenty of different quest and challenges to do every day and the regular upgrades with newest meetings and characters keeps the release recent and exciting. Though there is an obvious pay to test element as with most small releases it isn't essential and you can comfortably test the release without paying if you chose to.
~ ecc012
the release type of sucks you in the first couple months but by month 6 most have quit (because it's an terrible release) so they merge servers. they go from thousands of users to hundreds to tens then merge to obtain it back to hundreds but by then it's just all the recipients going full p2w or idle and the server goes dead. so it's fun if you're looking to test socially for a couple months then quit, otherwise it's a dollars grab where you pay consistently forever or you fall out. 2019update: nothing changed
~ Amanda Zive