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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom   
About: Become the king and master of a true medieval castle! Approve newest topics, assign them to their duties, train and protect your lads and girls! Defy your rivals and laws of physics as you build and upgrade your fortress! Your pudgy fighters look nice in their shining armor! Nourish and train your units, and theyll crush the armies of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, place the Abyss Boss back in his zone, and also burn down a couple of aggressors castles! All day long your scribes scratch their heads with quills, treasurers spill coins on the floor and blacksmiths drop anvils on their feet for the sake of your prosperity! Prepare real experts, become wealthy and influential! Build a dating room and watch your topics have babes wholl quick grow up and serve you too! Assume command, my king! Here are some of the opportunities you obtain in the release: - Storyline-driven campai ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: My.com B.V.
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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Reviews and Comments:

As with everyone else theres an error that wont allow me test. Started this afternoon. Beyond that this is a pay to victory release with very clear false advertising.
~ Samuel Icanberry
Challenging and fun, with a lot of different achievements to create. It's definitely not a one-note release. You're able to advance at a nice pace - not too simple and speedy, not too hard and slow. Plenty of nice things to spend dollars on, but you don't have to to obtain ahead.
~ Kelli Goldin
worst pay to test I've ever downloaded. I liked the release so I spent 10 bucks on super and some gear and I still cant obtain anywhere. the only idea to obtain ahead is by just throwing dollars at this stupid release.. 100%regret downloading
~ Brad Ameen
click bait!!!!!! This is not a release about breeding and making a village, its about building an units! I am just really sad that the release is not like the banner. 😖😓 So yeah, this release is click bait.
~ GachaKayKay567
first of all I like the release my trouble is that participating in championships with recipients 100000 higher than you and in some topics 200000 is ridiculous, and in my Map I search it really annoying better I press spend 15000 meal to change foe ... and I obtain a harder person to war.. thats Also a Rip !...
~ Charlie Joy
I just made a buy for the summer meeting. Don't do it! I purchased the totem and all I got was the cards! No diamonds, no super status, no goblin assistant. I just threw 10 dollars away! So mad.
~ Lane Gartman
Stupid release. It's not able to balance the users in championships. While you have 100k, foes are 200k. When you become 200k, foes are 400k. Finally I reached 300k, actually foes are 600k. It seems that stupidity is forever.
~ Fatih Yıldız
please fix the match making in the arena, my fighter group power is around 400,000 and I'm getting placed with recipients who are between 700,000 and 1,100,000. I'm using tickets just to be placed as an simple victory for everyone in every championship and all the recipients placed on the map are double my power lvl which makes zero sense, automatic loses across the board? no thanks
~ Paul Reyna
Not sure how it works as far as matching up in championships but it's sad that I'm usually facing foes 2 & 3 times my power lvl. would be great if I should come close to competing.... Fix this part of the release, please!
~ Corey Warrick
i was having quite a bit of fun testing, but i can no longer login. i hold getting "unknown release error has occured," (1.1.0), so i guess my gaming here is done
~ Jo Al
if any of u are here by watching an banner than plzzzz go back. do not install this. its not balanced. i am trying to upgrade my units but never they give me a nice equipment. i mean even the Legendary equipments are useless.crafting is only a weast of resources. they never allow a weak level user war a user of his level. if ur power is 10k than the user. next to u will be 100k or 200k.and when i upgraded to 200k i am fighting users with 800k power. never won a war in championship 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
~ Mini Youtube
Hello. Making a temporary review. im currently experiencing release error: 2.3.3 sparrow. love this release tho i hope this can be fixed. allow me know if this can be fixed on my end
~ Jep Nonat
Pls read my recommendation, I would really like to give this a 5 star rating as I really do like it. I trust I paid like about 300-400 usd or more because of release meetings. the trouble is sometimes the banners don't load properly and the release really heats up your device. Specially during DP and regular attacks, and the war scenes eats up too much time. I would like to create a recommendation can we have an immediate effects scenario for the fights? for all war modes it save a lot of time and battery power.
~ raymond charles Patriarca
Would of been higher but, my characters are lvl 40 and the only gear I can seem to obtain to upgrade on my actual gear is lvl 60+ gear???, why not have equipment in the stores I can now use for my lvl of characters?, so might be time to uninstall.
~ Ash Davidson
obtain ready to waste your time for absolutely nothing. its severely uneven. arena is a joke. dungeon is a bigger joke. by the time you're almost to your target, it resets. you'd have to test 8 hours straight to obtain anywhere and the resource production is too slow to create that possible. and how are users completing the meetings in less than a day? seriously? I can see a lawsuit in their future from the idea its setup.
~ harvey waterstraw
when i tried to buy the lucky totem my card was declined for some reason but I'm still getting mssgs grom bank that around 5 dollars have been deducted 3 times from my profile! on what basis are you guys deducting dollars from my card??? i wish refund as my dollars got wasted and i recieved nothing in return
~ Amna Qamar
Was enjoying the release until yesterday when I noticed no resources (gold, mana, meal, wood, metal) are being generated anymore. Not sure what happened here but there is no target to it all unless it generates resources. Fix it.
~ Robert Madsen
i would give 5 stars but since dungeons came into test the lag on the release is poor. You cannot use the banner rewards without it destroying and the release usually needs to obtain shut down at least twice a month for maintenance. Was nice fun but actually its just getting annoying.
~ Jared H
Very much a pay to victory release. The meetings ran within the release do not drop rewards unless you buy diamonds/chests/cards. The random drop rate was so terrible (nothing after a full day of testing) that I thought there was a glitch. I contacted customer help who brushed me aside with snide remarks.
~ 77feyonx
SOooo... whats wrong with the release at first i wad testing the release then an error was sent after the error was sent i have not been able to test the release i uninstalled and reinstalled few times a day actually IS THE GAME BROKEN WHATS WRONG? i would love to obtain a chance to completely enjoy but if it cant obtain it out in release whats the use can you guys support me ? thank you in advance once trouble is fixed ill fix rating
~ IV I
the release idea is nice, nice graphics, and the fact of make their own kingdom is nice... but... its a ****ing pay to victory, in each corner they r asking you about diamonds, for nonpaid users its slow, quiet and boring release, u r usually waiting hours!! HOURS just for a stupid lad or adult obtain trained, this is ridiculus, WE just wanna have some fun and we have to wait days entirely just for a room... my time is worth 25-30us/hour... does it worthy it? dont think so. deleting...
~ don Alej
be ware of the kind of business this company makes they do not care about their costumers, just their dollars. all is well until something happens and then all they claim is "i'm sorry there is nothing we can do" my sugestion is if you wish to test, do it, but don't spend a dime in it
~ Nuno Palma
Its a cool release but def requires too much to advance. One minute you can modernization a room but the next other room needs to modernization before you can upgrade that same room... its so much to the target its confusing. oh, and dont obtain me started on how much things cost to upgrade. losing interest speedy...
~ Tiff Demps
Im a regular user. Castle lvl 32. But the balance between combatants and ranks.. well. There is none. Im either being matched with users 500k HIGHER than me, or being beaten by users 500k LOWER. With less ammo/armour/relics etc. It makes absolutely ZERO sense to me. If I cant victory either idea... then can you explain the target to me ? Extremely frustrating abd makes no sense.
~ Marianne
The championship match mechanic, I trust is fully outrageous. No matter how powerful you are there usually going to be 7-8 users stronger than you in the championship. I don't like that. I trust some of them are CHEATERS.
~ Michael Cuthbert
~•"Product error (2.3.3.pelikan_47246)"•~ ~● HELP ●~ When I opened my release and loaded my castle, the release usually claims "Product error (2.3.3.pelikan_47246)" Please restart the release. I restarted my release. I reinstalled my release. I even tried to restart my device but it didn't work.
~ Fiona Gabrielle De Mata
very unfair match ups ,even if you have thousands of dollars to throw at this release you will still not be able to obtain wins ,nice graphics fun to test but gets very frustrateing knowing that you have to spend a ton of dollars to obtain nice equipment and yet them equipment dont create much of a difference ,if.you test this release DONT SPEND true dollars it is pointless as it will not support you victory
~ Michael Kuehn
I really like this release, but I do have concerns, especially in the Arena mode. Can you guys fix the Gang power of my aggressors, like I mean in the past ver which is 1.10, my aggressors in Arena just have the same Gang power as me, and the only difference of others were 10k only, actually is so OP, because the aggressors I have right actually have 200k Gang power difference on me. (Currently TR7). Please fix this trouble and I will give you guys 5 stars. please hear my small voice. God bless!
~ Ile Nathaniel Flores
most boring release ever. please do not waste time on this release it is horrible so many banners that are deceiving and I would call this release false advertising in a nutshell. developers are so desperate for your dollars they create up bogus banners that aren't in release to obtain recipients to download it and spend hard earned dollars to test to test as advertised. I for one am starting a class action lawsuit versus the release developers. please check in Google frequently because the feedback will let recipients to sign up.
~ Aaron De
I have been testing for six months actually and I am at lvl 8 throne room (I took a 1 month break). I have enjoyed almost all of the gameplay I have gotten out of this release except for a several things. The infamous algorithms. Why the hell am I, a lvl 29 at 444k power getting attacked and pinned up versus recipients who range from 500k - 1.5mil power? Wether that's getting attacked, castles that present up on my map to attack and even in the arena. It's ridiculous and occasionally has held me back.
~ ItsMax
The release is nice and super simple to test. If recipients enjoy testing releases where they have to slowly build up their characters, then I would highly suggest it.
~ Layla Brzezinski
love the release in principle, & it's one of the several I'm ready to create a several IAP's, but loses stars for a couple of reasons: 1) PvP really needs some attention. Foes on the map are either far too low, making attacking them pointless, or so much more potent it'd be suicide to attack. the championship is worse, I rarely search more than one foe I can realistically tackle. 2) loses server connection all the time, and getting worse. Fix these troubles and I'll hold spending.
~ stuart adams
Product is a HUSTLE. No matter how much dollars you spend, it will never be enough. No matter how much you progress, you will usually be overmatched by foes with double or triple your total power. NOT what was expected, based on a misleading banner. I watched a(false) banner with a hero jumping out of plane with a parachute, and entering the castle with a gun... with a pick your own journey theme. I bought the super subcription, 2 months in a row, and no,it was not worth it. Product Deleted!
~ Lee O. Knight
MONEY PIT. This release is designed to require you pay out the nose to be competitive. All of the finest informations (dungeon, gem bay, arena) basically require you to buy diamonds to be potent enough to compete. Most of the meetings are purely random luck, very several let you to work your idea up to getting the meeting equipment with effort or even diamonds. You can buy a geap of diamonds and they do not go very far and you still obtain screwed by the random chance aspect. Very frustrating and poorly designed.
~ J Lindsay
I really like this release. It's nice, polished, amusing, and simple to understand, yet has enough complexity to be interesting. Almost a great 5. I want release ratings were a 10 scale. Most nice releases would obtain a 7 or 8 from me. Hustle Castle would be a 9. I would reserve 10's for nice releases like Baldur's Gate. Contain some 1st person journey and I would give this release a 5.
~ Shane Gilson
This release is both addictive, and corrupt. and the recipients behind the release, are as greedy as it gets. Iv raised MANY tickets to NO avail. They seem to intentionally avoid giving useful answers, or offering any true support at all. the release is VERY falsely advertised, and have made it clear to me, that they only care about the customers dollars, and NOT their experience. I've spent more dollars already than on most console releases, and they just hold trying to con me out of more. DONT GET TRAPPED IN THIS!
~ Rogue Creations
RESOURCES full and MAXED OUT CASTLE MAXED OUT. Lvl 47. Have nothing to spend resources on. Actually what ? Arean Championship not worth the time. Read the terrible reviews and see the idea the release and developers are heading. Newest modernization removed everyday quest rewards. Has become tedious laborious And Very slow to advance. Has become buggy slow with crashes or becomes unresponsive. Keeping the release only because of the time ( since release version) and dollars spent trying to obtain this far. PLAY THE GAME FOR FREE DO NOT GET SUCKERED INTO PAY TO ADVANCE. Subscription no longer worth the cost. ADDICTIVE LIKE GAMBLING.it will cost you £100s if not a lot more. It has me.
~ A Google user
**PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE WHERE ADS DO NOT PLAY DURING PHONE CALL** A wonderful release like to Fallout Shelter except better, there are PVP fights as well as Clans to join. Only downside is the release becomes a bit redundant, each day doing the same process until out of apples, only to do it again later. Please focus on adding more castle meetings and possibly other class?? A tank against dps fighter class perhaps with the ability to focus more on health or hurt. Regardless it is still an nice release.
~ King Stu
1. Championships are not nice there is no grouping so as a lower lvl you end up losing each time. 2. there could be a idea to control who hits who during the fights. Also the developers fo not see a trouble talking 30+ mins to obtain into a championship, they claimed me it fits within the parameters of the releases mechanics. but before i leveled a several things it too under minute almost often. but actually i can't even obtain into the release it loads then i obtain this error Product error 2.3.3 baklan_2978713
~ Do it for PaPa
Each time I test to war in the dark portal the release freezes and loses connection. This is a gigantic because I can BARELY obtain through any lvls because when the release disconnects the match is counted as a loss. This happens when fighting another users and during invasions as well. It's a waste of resources, magic powers, etc. Don't obtain me started on the pay to victory. This release is trash.
~ Jalen Foster