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About: We're the Official release for Shark Week, live each week like it's Shark Week! Take control of a very Hungry Shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage! Survive as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your idea! Search underwater worlds filled with delightful and exotic monsters! Accumulate and evolve iconic sharks like the Nice White, Hammerhead and Megalodon! In this action-packed aquatic journey: Unblock more than a dozen special sharks and another fintastic monsters Search nonpaid-roaming worlds both above and below the waves Enjoy jawsome 3D graphics and sound results Find and devour mysterious monsters of the deep Recruit Baby Sharks to boost your predatory powers Equip nice accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats! Search and accumulate sunken Gift Objects Sink your teeth into loads of challenging missions Activate Gold Rush to ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
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Hungry Shark Evolution Reviews and Comments:

Horrible! it restarted my progress I got Megalodon today then I launch the release and I got restarted I gave it 2 stars because it was a nice release until... ;( 😠☹️
~ Alex Walker
Nice release, but there's this glitch that whenever i obtain coins from my last round and dont spend they jussr go away after the next round. It's really annoying 😡 and I hooe you can fix it.
nice not too many ads, well worth spending 1.99 to obtain rid of them fully though & getting a several gems. A release anyone can test!
~ Sam Barnard
nice now because u can eat a premium shark to and gold it is much more better than hungry shark globe most of all why i pick 4 stars is so fun and quarter not fun and the worst thing that the dollars is so hard to obtain there is no mega rush but the nice thing is hungry shark evolution is so nice and a plesiosaurus wow now create a other globe portal to obtain gooder and i will pick 5 stars i promise sir fgsoft.... i did i will pick 6 stars
~ Caleb Travis Genove Endaya
My favored release EVER !! There are a lot of challenges which keeps you engrossed !! Nice controls , terrible graphics , and nice gameplay !!!
~ Ubuntu Light
What started out as a fun release suddenly became very irritating as quick as it got to the tiger shark. 4 tanks,being ambushed by stinging jellyfish, and killed off immediately from a bigger fish all at once.. obtain true. I really love how my tiger shark is still being bombed as its coming out of the dead phase. Yes I would def claim this release needs work.
~ Marilyn Westfall
Really nice and I like that there are newest sharks so this release is not boring because it used to be with only the megaladon as the last shark. I would really enjoy a app like eat a certain amount of fish in a certain amount of mins.
~ Homie Wolf
The map icon still missing after the newest modernization. Contacted help they are working on it. It would be a 5-star release otherwise.
~ Fernando Márquez
I want I should give a lower score. These crab bosses are not fairly made. The 1st boss takes 4 hits to slay and the next 5 and the 3rd boss 6 the 4th one with my 4th shark takes 13 hits and I spend gems on boosts specifically for this boss and nothing ever happens... It's other in release scheme to obtain you to buy gems. Putty the developers don't have any decency and never respond our troubles
~ leroy richardson
THIS IS FUN!!! You can conquer the aggressor shark and click the screen to boost!!! :) Live a Comment and 5 Stars this release because is Nice! and "IS DINNER TIME!"
~ Ann Nathalie Pineda
love this release btw create the meaglodon sorry if i spelt that wrong but create it stronger do you know that that beast is capable of its jaw is as large as 2 or 3 recipients i saw how gigantic he was and when i was testing as him i saw that he was idea bigger then that magma shark and the large daddy shark AND mr snappy and dont create him smaller ok just create him stronger ok
~ Danielle Pena
this reminds me of is getting attacked by a shark isn't it this is my favoured release I've been testing it since I was 8 years old actually I'm 10 and this is the finest release I hope you all didn't load it to if it gives you more memories if you ever got attacked by shark and my favoured one is who are the sharks eat recipients because you obtain so much dollars on it and I don't like it when you die
~ Carrie Leeer
I really loved this release if my cp just didnt obtain broke 😡 i still have my pyro shark but its ok im testing it on device its so cool anyway im on my fav shark actually megalodon and then the live meetings were so cool!i won nancy. the gold medal and some large coins and some large gems!btw i defeated black giant noob crab when i was a mako shark lol
The release is okay since I have played it before but i think it has gotten idea harder. the stronger aggressors spawn much earlier actually. Also banners disable my sound and I hate it fix this pls.
~ Kaen
horrible cloud saving. doesnt work often, and sometimes instead of uploading it loses your progress. many releases out there don't have an trouble, a surprise this release does.
~ Ding Yang LIm
The finest release i have played ever and it also gives me back memories when i was a babe i used to be better than ever. and the finest for terrible or weak end devices (if you dont have a terrible device go check out "Hungry Shark Globe")
~ Smitherten
its other s.h.i.t. sandwich release. cant derive any fun, or pleasure, but yes 2 stars for magnificent graphics. more pointless strivings in cyber globe to achíęve nothing in return for each visit. would this release throw me a dry bone if i buy the developers a true house to go with the true dollars they already have súçķėd off all the sorrowful users?
~ CoffeeN Donut
the release is nice i test it all the time the only reason im not giving it five stars is because certain equipment are not appearing in the market such as blood bath i dont know if its because of what i set the age to or i have to obtain a later shark another than that the release is my favoured
~ a f*cking toaster
The believe came back!!!! 👍👍👍😍😍😍. I tried restarting my device. After that the entire thing changed. I was able to launch the main menu where test and evolve are contained. It made me so glad 💖💖💖. Sorry, for my terrible review. As l claimed l would change my review. So, your release deserves 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, nothing less than that. You all are usually one of my favoured gaming studio of all time. Actually the entire release is running fine, just sound is turning off after every run. Can you fix it?
~ Ayush Sarkar
variety of nostalgia and fun(this isn't one of those "I'm the originator so I'ma rate 5 stars so they will obtain it")though it would be cool if you should add a online multiplayer information
~ Jake Blanchette
I love this release soooooo much!!! Thank you for making this release. I was now thinking to ask if you should be able to add a giant squid into the release(the kraken).
~ savvas touma
Love this release! Nice graphics.Evolution of the sharks is challenging but not impossible. Simple to earn the gems required for purchases w/o having to buy them. Ubisoft is at the top of the gaming mountain!
~ Breaking Crypto
guys at Ubisoft, I've played this release before on an iPad but I like it better on here because it's JUST SO FLUENT!!!! Ain't complainin' either. Also, these enviroments are so legit beutiful. I mean, I played it on my iPad but never realized how nice these backgrounds look. Y'all might wanna tweak the fluidity of Hungry Dragon like this one. Also, should y'all please bring back Sandstorm: Pirate Fights? I really enjoyed it personally
~ Marcus Blackwell
nice release.. i like this release. because we never know what will happen if we go deeper in the sea. i found so many cool monsters, and this create me feel addicted to usually test this release at least 2 times a day
~ Lilyana Lee
A fun release! Love it. It 's graphics are so nice, and a nice timekiller! Recommendation is a holidays meeting where a tiny reward is given through how many times you've played. Although, nice release :3
~ Naomi Ramos
This is Just Stupid. It's Too simple. the Time you use each Shark is just too Short. And It Runs to obtain Unfair When you Hit The Tiger Shark. And also When a banner Pops up The audio turn's off. But the Nice Things are How Nice You Kind. It's Just Like a College Student.
~ Tom P
love it ! I definitely am not a hudge video release woman, but I love this release been testing on my spare time for moment n usually almost makes me feel young again ! I love IT N ITS CHALLENGES , usually creates more under water life! The only thing bothering me lately is it keeps claiming me to modernization I have 48 hours left and I goto updaten all it claims is launch, therefore I know I have so why is it still claiming me to modernization or I won't have the latest worlds ect....? anyone can support allow ,me know
~ Mary Mulhern
hi chief. should you support me to load my old profile, i really confused how to load it. there is no option to sign in with google test. support me please. I've gotten large daddy, it's a pity if the profile can't continue. so please support me FGOL. and btw I've saved it to the google test cloud.
~ Yesyurun Lubis
its cute cool can u add newest sharks each month and add a shark war evey 45 mins in the release and has the join sign on the top of the screen but any ideas this release is nice!!! five stars if u are looking for a release and checking the coments to see if its nice it is obtain this release its the finest
~ goku_black25 super gamer
Before i download the release actually, i used to have no banners execpt if you press break the sharknata or revive.But, you.Ubisoft just totaly maee the release worst by makin' players watch banner often.Dude! Stop this friking madness ASAP actually! Also,for newest users.Be paitient cuz surviving with your in this release is a quite tough challange from the release's version in 2013 and im also an old user :)
~ warren_playzz
I bought a map and it won't present. I reinstalled the release and purchased it again but it's still not there. And after the reinstallation I couldn't log back to my accout (Cloud nor Test Products) so my entire progress is gone. And there are more troubles but recipients talked about them here so I won't repeat it.
~ Nasty Toodles
This release is a masterpiece. It is so fun and simple to create progress! Straight controls, pretty visuals and a challenging gameplay. It's also playable offline which is awesome because you can test anytime and anywhere you wish. Edit; I have troubles with warping button testing as Nessie. It disappears after showing the map and never appears again unless I teleport to another territories(titanic or Hawaii island) Please fix this trouble.
~ Necromaniac
Played this release for a couple of weeks actually but everything seems so stacked towards the paying user and all the purchases are ludicrously expensive! Furthermore I don't know whether this is a glitch in the release (probably not to create you buy equipment) but after surviving for 5 mins or so it's like the plug has been pulled on your health and it drops so speedy that even in a completely populated zone its hard to survive and moving to and from zones becomes a stupidly simple idea to die... Uninstalling
~ Lenny88236
i love this release i would give it 5 stars but the release glitches. i have got 2 maps the primary map & the treasure map & no map is shown in the corner which i want would work since i spent over 100+ gems on the map & its not even showing up, also for when i use a premium sharks sometimes it shoots me out the water to a zone i cant obtain back into water at making me die. these glitches & troubles are very annoying since this is a very nice release and it can create testing this release frustrating plz fix❤
~ carmel love club
A fun humorous release. But there's two troubles they need to fix, whenever an banner plays it shuts off the sound also there's audio crackle over Wi-Fi ever since upgraded Mobile ver 8 to 9. I would give a higher score but until they fix this my score will remain the same.
~ Mark Kikkert
This release stole my dollars. I paid $5 for gems, didn't obtain them. I contacted help, they asked me to wait. I clicked the feedback for bonus help and was brought to a broken internet page. Great job Ubisoft. Guess I'll uninstall.
~ Robert Mattei
nice release, the stupid sea lions are crazy though, I have died more times from them than from anything else. giving it a weak score because each single banner is 30 seconds long which is ridiculous especially when it's a freemium release so you also have in release purchases PLUS 100s of 30 second banners almost often you die!
~ Rhiannon Hardy
unlike all the another comments, i gave it 4 stars for a reason, (i'm not a hater i love this release since 2015), back in the nice ol days they're was less banners in the release but actually theres soooo many banners that when i ended a release and the banner there ends the song turns off, is that a glitch? pls fix it FGOL, But although still loved the release and ignored the banners but still wish them to go out, i dont wanna test small legends damn ubisoft!
~ Random Stuff
Fun release with cancerous release mechanics. Really fun until your shark fails to eat something due to terrible release design and poor informations, but not to worry, you can hold testing... if you pay. Otherwise prepare to do it again and again, grinding obnoxiously repetitive gameplay to hopefully one day unblock a newest shark that somehow feels only slightly better. And sure you can earn gems without paying, you can earn a several gems a week with diligent gameplay! Too terrible everything cost more than 50
~ Damien Pulscher
i love the release mostly but there are glitches in it. like some days i can't search a single green gem. or how they slay me off after 23 mins when my target is 45 and it's literally impossible. newest maps would be great also. the same map gets old. modernization: i have lowered my rating on this release because it tools. I'm using Nessie and the morph thing stops working all together after using it in a portal. I have also been testing this release almost daily for 2 years and have only collected 900 gems once
~ Suellen Henson