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About: Hoplite is a turn-based walkthrough release focusing on tactical movement around tiny maps. Challenging gameplay Hoplite aims to create you think before you act. Each transport counts! Create strategical choices to upgrade your abilities. Procedurally generated lvls give a newest experience each test. Leaderboard and achievements through Google Test - This is optional. Don't log in when prompted if you don't wish to use it! Additional A one time buy, granting super informations across multiple devices* (using Google Test). Venture deeper, earn achievements, unblock bonus choices and access challenge mode. * Please note: In-Soft purchases are not available immediately on devices they were not bought from. You will need to wait a several hours or clear Google Test's cache on the second device.
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Magma Fortress
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Hoplite Reviews and Comments:

Suddenly started lagging a bunch
~ Paul Hoffman
Almost a puzzler bur not in a nice idea
~ Stephens Summerlin
Please create it family shareable so my wife can test
~ Chris Adhisurya
Nice release with walkthrough building, nice art style and aggressors.
~ Dre Wolfshire
Product breaks with aggressors on islands. There's never enough energy to jump back
~ Bernard Mundell
Nice time waster that doesnt need time or wifi.
~ Espen L.
nice fun tiny release. only complaint is i wish more of it
~ Matt Weatherston
finest release to ever have been on my Mobile
~ Simon Stålhandske
Nice tactical release. Quite short though if not buying the super
~ Marios Katsigiannis
fun release but with finished speedy and not paying for super.
~ chris elliott
They wish you to buy super after lvl16. You can run over and hold your perks but not all of them work:/
~ Nathan Wolf
It's a technical movement release like the chess release.
~ doumo ookini
This is a very easy release to learn, simple to test, and marvelous!
~ Deniz Kocatürk
Got 102 score on golden fleece. only 16floors tho without paying is a short smash.
~ Drake Lucas
Nice release, but beat the nonpaid portion in an hour or so.
~ John White
very tight design. there are few minor changes i want were made, but overall very great.
~ Josh Wolfe
Fun release. Chess meets Zelda. Think strategically. Nice replay value.
~ Roger P Seekell
Great tiny release. One small trouble, in super mode when you obtain sweeping bash on the first turn it doesn't apply.
~ Thomas Helps
Its a fun release, but the lack of content gained from buying the super upgrade is seriously disappointing
~ Alex Madden
Classic turn based strategic roguelike. Nice thinking release. Strongly suggest them.
~ John Pienta
Wonderful tactical depth, nice replayability, generous demo, offline, no banners... this release is worth twice the price. I cannot suggest it enough.
~ Chris Camp
Enjoyed the nonpaid release, and cannot victory a single one of the super challenges. Bit disappointed.
~ Martin E
Really fun puzzle release. The gameplay is simple to learn, hard to master, and feels recent on each dungeon dive!
~ Chris Barden
nice tiny moblie release. rouge like gameplay is acsessible without sacrificing depth. highly recomend.
~ Keith Wareham
the release is fun but i have a trouble. the deep lunge doesnt work. i dont know why, i just lunge to an aggressor behind other one and it doesnt slay both of them
~ El Borutiño
fun release, enjoying the modernization! After having this release for a several years, Ib purchased super. it was worth it and had made the release even more fun.
~ Liz Fulton
Finest walkthrough release I've played in a long time, however without paying for super it feels very limiting.
~ kenny gifford
the release is really nice, but when i turn off my device, and turn it on again the release becomes glitchy, and softlocks
~ Ubuntu Linux 2
Storyline mode of nonpaid ver is wonderful. The updates for super aren't worth it. I loved the main story even with its simplicity, because it's procedural. The stages you unblock with paid aren't.
~ Vox Xov
surprisingly nice release a bit like chess. love the easy fun combat and hope developers will add more to release or create more releases. would pay up to ten dollars potentially more for other release likd this preferably with more environment s and aggressors
~ Cody Hanes
This release is one of my favoured time sinks... It was a tiny frustrating at first, but once I got the hang of the mechanics, it became a lot of fun. The achievements and challenges also feel very rewarding.
~ Joshua Miller
Have to adopt with another reviewers that super is a bit odd. Feels like the nonpaid ver lvls could be the full release and super lvls could be the demo...
~ Christopher Pearce
Very important to know that once you unblock the super lvls THERE ARE NO MORE ALTARS TO GAIN SKILLS AT. I suppose i should have missed some stats somewhere, but this was a surprise. You obtain one heart per lvl and that's it from then on. Great simple release to pick up and test each so often though!
~ Paul Blay
thrilling, adrenaline inducing action sequences related to killer's creed or prince of persia (once you figure out the release test... lol) super fun! walkthrough and mental challenge, great atmosphere, very special... it's like chess but with cool graphics... you'll also obtain some action once you figure out triple kills or more... only thing frustrating at first was i didn't understand when I'd slay, and when not. but i drew all the scenarios on a piece of paper, and actually I'm a pro lol
~ Oliver Siegel
Love the roguelike gameplay of the Quest mode. Purchased super to test deeper but there's no progression passed level16? That's a brain dead decision colleague, sorry. Challenges are fun apps but I didn't wish to buy super for apps. Unless we obtain deeper progression in the rougelike portion of the release, I feel honestly scammed.
~ Daniel Burton
Hoplite is brilliantly refined and addictively fun. The fundamental mechanisms are easy to learn but become progressively modified throughout every crawl. The standard experience offers plenty of interest, but the super expansion really shines: going for the Demon Partisan achievement forced me to fully change my test style - and then going for Speed Run made me fully change again. No banners, nice fun, highly suggested. Thanks!
~ Colin Jaquiery
Not terrible for the 16 lvls you can test, but after that it's the 3.99 CAD if you wish to test the rest of the release, would still suggest though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
~ Blueguy R
A wonderful single user walkthrough release. Rare to see such a fun, innovative release with straightforward monetisation that doesn't test to keep you ransom with wait timers and ridiculous difficulty curves. Would love to see bonus achievements and abilities added as I've actually finished all the achievements in the release and loved each single one!
~ George Siddens
this is a release that I could have loved, but ended up hating because it was accidentally chess in disguise because of the idea that lunges and jumps are inconsistent about hitting aggressors - the grenaide lad is prime example. jumps would be better conveyed by the number of jumps available instead of jump energy. if the engine highlighted squares and which would harm anatomy and which would effects in hurt or Crossfire, related to chess, that would go a long idea
~ rebecca eriksen
awesome turn-based tactical board release where the target is to advance to the opposite end of a hexagonal-grid map while under threat of being killed by creatures and monsters which have special abilities, where upgraded abilities are incorporated with every passing turn, along with the quantity of threatening creatures. plays type of like a mix between chess (assymetrical movement of pieces for advantage) and xcom with only a single super soldier which gets upgraded over time.
~ Benet Tribble